The 19 Best Golf Simulators of 2024: Reviews And Buyer Guide

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Key Takeaways

This detailed guide is the outcome of extensive testing by many experienced golfers and tech enthusiasts.
In the end, Foresight Sports Sim-in-a-Box Birdie Plus was our top all-rounder, followed by systems from Skytrak, Flightscope, Trugolf, and Optishot. Also, all the other premium setups were outranked by the excellent HD Golf simulator.
If your budget is anywhere between 1,000 and 70,000+ dollars, you will undoubtedly find a golf simulator on this list. Make sure you scroll down for all the details.

Golf enthusiasts everywhere dream of having access to a golf simulator, but with so many options on the market, how do you determine which simulator is right for your needs and budget?

This guide breaks down the key components of high-quality simulators and provides recommendations across a range of price points. Our top picks range from professional-grade simulator rooms to basic systems for your backyard (and everything in between); we will cover critical factors such as tracking sensors, display screens, software capability, and additional accessories.

You’ll be equipped to select a simulator that aligns with your goals and needs, be it compact outdoor setups or immersive indoor suites. You’ll gain knowledge to invest in technology that takes your virtual golf experience to a whole new level.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Golf Simulator Picks: Detailed Reviews

Each simulator works differently [1] and is unique in the choice of materials used and the features it offers. Therefore, consider reading the following list of top-rated systems before you make your investment.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Foresight Sports Sim-In-A-Box: Birdie Plus Golf Simulator Package – Best Balance of Quality & Value

    foresight sports sim in a box birdie plus package

    The Foresight Sports Sim-in-a-Box Birdie Plus Package provides an excellent indoor golf simulation experience. With the high-performance GC3 launch monitor and complete simulator setup included, you get a high-quality, all-Foresight virtual system to practice indoors.

    The GC3 monitors club and ball data precisely using three precision cameras, while the simulator frame, impact screen, projector, and other components immerse you in realistic golf simulations.

    This package delivers unmatched accuracy and reliability as expected from Foresight Sports. The GC3 is the world’s first triscopic high-speed launch monitor, tracking comprehensive ball and club metrics.

    The included simulator components, such as the gaming PC and frame, the turf strip and the extra impact screen, enable highly realistic simulations. With the ability to take your game from the simulator to the driving range thanks to the GC3’s portability, this is a well-rounded package for golfers wanting to perfect their skills or simply enjoy virtual rounds.


    • Very accurate launch monitor.
    • The monitor can be used indoors and outdoors with long battery life.
    • All the necessary data is monitored and provided.
    • Very beautiful and realistic graphics (4K graphics, wide-angle display).
    • Gaming PC included with software pre-installed for peace of mind.
    • Extra hitting screen provided.
    • High-quality system with great value


    • The package requires a large space. Not suited for small spaces.

    As you would expect from a company like Foresight Sports, they deliver a high-quality setup that includes everything you need to enjoy indoor golf sessions alone or with your friends and family members. You can even play online rounds with people from all over the world.

    We highly recommend the Foresight Sports Sim-in-a-Box Birdie Plus Package as one of the top options for residential golf, especially for its price. It does offer great value for the money. You certainly get much more than what you pay for!

    Trugolf Apogee SIG12 Golf Simulator Package – Best Premium Enclosure

    trugolf apogee sig12 golf simulator package

    Continuing with our handpicked selections for the best golf simulators is the TruGolf APOGEE SIG12 Golf Simulator Package. This premium bundle has everything you need for a fantastic indoor golf experience.

    The star of the show is the APOGEE launch monitor, TruGolf’s newest system that captures comprehensive data on your swing and ball flight using advanced stereoscopic cameras and algorithms. Unlike other monitors, it doesn’t require special marked balls or clubs. You get ultra-precise metrics on ball speed, spin, launch angle, club speed and more. It even provides real-time visual feedback on your shots with no lag, so you can immediately see the result of each swing.

    Paired with the premium SIG12 enclosure and a high-end Panasonic projector, you get gorgeous realistic visuals that make you feel like you’re playing on an actual course. The SIG12’s durable, tight-knit polyester screen withstands even your hardest drives, while integrated foam padding protects the screen itself. Side netting prevents stray balls from escaping the enclosure.

    With 97 courses, ranges and training games from the included E6 Connect software, you’ll never get bored in your practice sessions. The software also tracks all your stats so you can monitor your improvement over time.

    When it comes to full-swing practice, you have several high-quality mat options to match your preference. Surround the mat with the SIG12’s artificial turf inserts, and you have an integrated space to chip and putt as well.


    • Great looking and performing launch monitor
    • Excellent sim enclosure
    • Clean-looking setup with monitor and projector ceiling-mounted
    • Excellent simulation software & plenty of playable courses (97+)
    • Multiple hitting mat options


    • Pretty expensive
    • Larger footprint, requiring more space

    The Trugolf APOGEE SIG12 system is the perfect combination of a technologically advanced launch monitor embedding the latest technologies and one of the best golf simulator enclosures ever manufactured. 

    During our tests, we were astonished by the power and performance of Trugolf’s Apogee launch monitor, and we couldn’t get enough of the whole virtual experience. 

    If you can afford this package, jump on it. I promise you won’t regret it!

    Uneekor EYE MINI Perfectbay Golf Simulator Package – Uneekor’s Know-How in a Portable Monitor

    uneekor eye mini perfectbay golf simulator package

    The Uneekor EYE MINI PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package is an excellent system that includes everything you need to set up your own golf simulator at home or in your office. It is built around Uneekor’s EYE Mini launch monitor, which is their first attempt into the portable photometric devices market.

    The Uneekor EYE MINI provides accurate and reliable club and ball data. The Uneekor Refine software also allows you to analyze your shots and improve your game using all the metrics gathered by the monitor. You can upgrade to the Refine+ to enjoy additional features, game modes and virtual courses.

    Additionally, the PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure creates an immersive experience and provides safety by catching any shots that miss or bounce off the screen.

    Compared to other top-of-the-line golf simulators, the Uneekor EYE MINI PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package is a great value. It includes premium-quality materials, such as the three-layered impact-resistant polyester screen, and powerful software.

    Of course, no product is perfect, and there are a few drawbacks to consider with this golf simulator package. For example, the Uneekor EYE MINI is region-locked, so it can only be used in the US and Canada. It’s not too big of a deal for us (U.S. residents), but for players from other parts of the world, this may be an issue.


    • High-quality golf impact screen enclosed in a perfectly sized golf bay
    • Uneekor EYE MINI launch monitor provides accurate and reliable club and ball data
    • Uneekor Refine software offers many powerful tools to improve your game
    • The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure is one of the best in the market
    • Great value compared to other top-of-the-line golf simulators


    • Uneekor EYE MINI is region-locked and can only be used in the US and Canada

    Overall, the Uneekor EYE MINI PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package is a fantastic investment for golfers looking to improve their game and enjoy an authentic virtual golf experience. 

    With its high-quality materials, powerful software, and immersive screen enclosure, this package offers great value and is sure to impress even the most discerning golfers. What I love most about this package is how easy it is to set up and use, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced golfers alike.

    We can confidently say that Uneekor’s venture into portable photometric launch monitors is officially a success!

    Foresight Sports GCQuad Retractable Golf Simulator Package – Best Quad-Camera Photometric System

    foresight sports gcquad retractable golf simulator package (1)

    Transform any indoor space into a state-of-the-art golf simulator with the Foresight Sports GCQuad Retractable Golf Simulator Package. Equipped with Foresight’s patented quad camera launch monitor technology, this system delivers unparalleled accuracy for analyzing every facet of your golf game.

    With a simple push of a button, the screen can be easily retracted (and the hitting mat stored away), allowing you to reclaim the space and return the room to its original form. This is particularly useful during summer or when the simulator is not in use. The flexibility offered by the retractable design is a game-changer for those with limited space.

    The Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator is a powerhouse when it comes to shot data measurement. It provides a wide range of data, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, clubhead speed, smash factor, carry distance, total distance, shot shape, and more. This comprehensive data analysis allows you to better understand your swing and make informed adjustments to improve your game. Getting the optional clubhead measurement and Putting Analysis addons grants you access to even more metrics (but that will cost you!)

    The package also includes a 1080p Short Throw Projector and Ceiling Mount, ensuring that you have a high-quality visual experience. The choice of premium golf hitting mat and landing pad turf surface adds to the realism and durability of the setup. With the SwingShield Floor Enclosure for the projector, you can enjoy your golfing sessions without any distractions.


    • Extremely accurate tour-level launch monitor
    • Retractable hitting bay for space optimization.
    • Comprehensive shot data measurement for accurate analysis.
    • High-quality components for an immersive experience.
    • Choice of premium hitting mat and landing pad turf surface.
    • Convenient and easy storage when not in use.


    • Additional costs for software options the Club Analysis + Putting Analysis can make the package out of budget for many players.

    Foresight Sports’ GCQuad Retractable Golf Simulator Package offers a perfect balance between space optimization and tour-level performance. Invest in this simulator package and experience the joy of golf simulation without sacrificing your valuable space.

    Flightscope X3 SIG 8 Golf Simulator Package – Highest Number of Metrics

    flightscope x3 sig8 golf simulator package

    If you’re looking for a high-end golf simulator package with a huge number of tracked data, the FlightScope X3 SIG8 Golf Simulator Package from the Indoor Golf Shop is definitely worth considering.

    One of the key components of this package is the FlightScope X3 launch monitor, which is known for its accuracy and reliability. This launch monitor is capable of tracking over 50 different metrics and offers short-game analysis, making it a great tool for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, the SIG8 golf simulator enclosure is engineered to provide great image quality, longevity, minimal bounce back, and noise reduction.

    The FlightScope X3 SIG8 system is one of the higher-priced systems, but it offers outstanding performance, mainly thanks to the use of Fusion Tracking technology, combining radar and camera tracking to obtain the most accurate data possible. The X3 is indeed one of the most accurate systems we have ever got to test! It offers performance comparable to that of other big names like Trackman, FS GCQuad, etc.

    The Indoor Golf Shop offers a range of high-quality golf mats to choose from, including the Fairway Series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat and the SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat. You can also opt for the SIG8 sim flooring and enjoy the most immersive setup possible.


    • Premium-quality FlightScope X3 launch monitor
    • Fusion Tracking technology doing its magic
    • More than enough data provided for full swings and short game (putting & chipping)
    • SIG8 golf simulator enclosure offers great image quality and noise reduction
    • Smaller-size enclosure with great performance and durability
    • Plenty of game improvement features and game modes


    • Very expensive

    Overall, the FlightScope X3 SIG8 Golf Simulator Package is an excellent choice for anyone looking to set up a high-quality simulator anywhere. The FlightScope X3 launch monitor and SIG8 golf simulator enclosure are both premium components.

    What I love the most about this package is the fact that it offers such high-quality performance in a smaller size, allowing it to fit into most available spaces.

    Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Simulator Package – Excellent Practice System

    bushnell launch pro home golf simulator package

    This simulator package offers a launch monitor similar to the Foresight Sports GC3 (found in the Foresight Sports Sim-In-A-Box: Birdie Plus package) in terms of hardware components but at a much lower price point. 

    As a result, you can expect the same level of accuracy and metrics from this package. The company managed to lower the price by offering more flexible software plans. 

    Out of the box, the launch monitor doesn’t include any simulation software, and you get the freedom to choose the software plan that better suits your needs (or even not buy any if you only want to use the device on the course or range).

    However, this specific package does include a 1-year subscription to the FSX Pro Basic as well as a free one-month trial of the Gold plan (which will cost $699/month if you want to keep using the Gold subscription – You may also make a one-time payment of 3,499 dollars for the unlocked software). 

    You also get the Net Return Pro V2 Golf Net and Pro Turf. These are excellent for indoor and outdoor use and are both upgradable to larger options.

    However, the package is intended for those looking for a training package that provides the metrics of the shots without requiring simulation and a projector (due to the absence of any options to include a screen and projector).


    • Great performance for an affordable price
    • Highly portable package
    • Can be used indoors and out
    • Plenty of upgradability options
    • The user can choose which software plan- if any- to get


    • Pure training package – no projector/ screen combo.

    The Bushnell Launch Pro Package is a great option for anyone only interested in metrics and accuracy. It is also an excellent choice for professional instructors and club fitters. It can be hooked to your IOS device (via FSX Pro) or PC (FSX 2020) and provide all the numbers you need to improve your game.

    Get GC3 level of accuracy and performance for much less money!

    SkyTrak Plus Flex Space Golf Simulator Package – Best Value Retractable System

    skytrak plus flex space golf simulator package

    The SkyTrak+ Flex Space Golf Simulator Package delivers unmatched versatility. With its retractable screen and modular design, you can easily convert any room into a golf practice area within minutes.

    At the core of this package is the SkyTrak+ launch monitor, which uses dual Doppler radar to precisely track club and ball data without the need for stickers or markings. With both indoor and outdoor functionality, you can practice rain or shine. The included Play & Improve software unlocks simulator capabilities with photorealistic course play on legendary tracks like Torrey Pines and Banff Springs.

    Setting up the retractable HomeCourse Pro screen is a cinch with the included wireless remote and ceiling mount. At 180 inches wide, it provides ample space to visualize courses in full HD clarity. The protective case shields your SkyTrak+ from errant shots off the included hitting mat, which replicates natural turf.

    Overall, this simulator package is also great for limited spaces. Turn any space into a golf simulator at the click of a button, then stow it away when finished. With excellent swing analysis and simulator play, it provides the ideal training ground to sharpen your skills.


    • Dual Doppler radar accurately tracks shots
    • Play legendary courses with simulator software
    • Excellent value for the money
    • Easy to install and use.
    • Screen easy to deploy and retract.
    • Realistic turf mat simulates natural hits
    • Can fit in most spaces.


    • Additional costs for higher ceiling mounting

    If you want a versatile, tour-caliber simulator without going bankrupt, the SkyTrak+ Flex Space Package is a clear winner. With excellent performance packed into a modular design, you get a cutting-edge simulator that works on your schedule and transforms any room into a golf space.

    SkyTrak Plus Golf Simulator Training Package – Another Great Practice System

    skytrak plus training golf simulator package

    The SkyTrak Plus Training Golf Simulator Package is a complete training system that provides everything you need to improve your game both indoors and outdoors.

    The star of the package is the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, a dual Doppler radar system that accurately tracks both ball and club data without requiring any stickers or markings. The included protective case ensures your SkyTrak Plus stays safe from errant shots. You’ll also get the Play & Improve software with simulations of renowned courses from around the world.

    To catch your shots, the package includes SigPro’s well-constructed net and side barriers. The net’s quiet ball catch allows fluid, uninhibited swings. You can choose from three quality hitting mat options to complete your simulator’s hitting surface.

    During my testing, I appreciated the SkyTrak Plus system’s versatility. It functions beautifully both indoors and outdoors. The software unlocks games, challenges, and performance analysis to augment your practice. Accuracy was excellent, too.


    • Accurate ball and club tracking
    • Indoor and outdoor functionality
    • Quality net system and mat options
    • Intuitive performance analysis
    • Renowned course simulations


    • Limited mat size options

    This training system provides comprehensive performance metrics tailored to help lower scores. While an investment, it delivers an exceptional experience. We highly recommend the Skytrak+ Training Setup if your focus is accuracy and game improvement.

    FlightScope Mevo+ Training Golf Simulator Package – The Best Skytrak Alternative

    flightscope mevo+ training package

    The FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package provides an affordable yet comprehensive golf simulator optimized for game improvement. With radar Doppler tracking and E6 simulation software, the Mevo+ captures accurate shot data to build a complete profile of your golf game.

    The portability and rechargeable battery of the Mevo+ launch monitor frees you to practice anywhere – indoor, outdoor, on the range or on course. Real-time feedback and metrics like club speed, ball speed, launch angle, backspin, etc. give you the input to diagnose swing flaws and track improvement over time. Video analysis overlays further enhance the learning experience.

    With 10 simulated courses and 20 practice ranges, the included E6 Connect software realistically simulates playing on beautiful courses. The Mevo+ connects to your iPad or PC to display vibrant graphic renderings of each hole with precise ball flight physics. The software also lets you save, upload and share your practice sessions.

    The package thoughtfully includes a hitting net, turf pad, and your choice of mat to create an authentic practice setting. Side barrier netting helps keep errant shots contained. The materials are durable yet designed for quick and simple setup.


    • Accurate Doppler data on full shot metrics
    • Portable functionality for indoor/outdoor use
    • E6 software with 10 courses, 20 practice ranges
    • Detailed swing analysis and tracking
    • Realistic and adjustable practice environment


    • Limited number of courses out of the box.

    With its smart sensor technology, realistic simulation and quality practice gear, the FlightScope Mevo+ Training Package provides an excellent value golf simulator to help improve your game.

    Uneekor EYE XO/ EYE XO2 Perfectbay Golf Simulator Packages – Best Overhead Package With Great Value

    uneekor eye xo eye xo2 perfectbay golf simulator package

    With the Uneekor EYE XO/EYE XO2 PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package, You get to choose between the original EYE XO launch monitor or its newer upgrade- the EYE XO2. Everything else is the same!

    Out of the box, you get access to Uneekor’s Refine Software, one of the best in business, especially for game improvement purposes. You may also upgrade to the Refine+ for more modes and software features. The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure helps make the entire experience more comfortable, fun and immersive.

    Uneekor’s EYE XO and EYE XO2 overhead launch monitors use high-speed cameras to track any metrics you may need with pinpoint accuracy. The EYE XO2 uses three cameras and provides a hitting zone twice the size of the original EYE XO (using two cameras for tracking). Both launch monitors also feature Uneekor’s patented non-marked ball technology with photometric camera-based technology, allowing players to capture a full range of precision data with the ball of their choice.

    The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure is designed to create the most authentic golf simulation experience possible. The enclosure shades the screen on both sides and the top for the brightest image possible, and the 5ft depth provides safety by catching any shots that miss or bounce off the screen, which is also extremely durable and optimized for 4:3 or 16:9 projection.

    You can also choose from a variety of golf mats, including the Fiberbuilt Golf Studio Mats and the Center-Hitting Combo Mat. As for projectors, the package includes a range of Optoma projectors, with all models featuring 4000+ Lumens for a crisp and clear image.


    • The Uneekor EYE XO & EYE XO2 provide extremely accurate and precise data (with the newer version being a tad more precise)
    • The PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure creates an authentic golf simulation experience
    • A range of golf mats and projectors are available to choose from, allowing customers to tailor the package to their needs


    • The installation process can be complex and may require professional assistance

    Overall, the Uneekor EYE XO/EYE XO2 PerfectBay Golf Simulator Packages are an excellent choice for customers looking for an authentic and immersive virtual experience. 

    With accurate launch monitor data and realistic graphics, this package provides a truly immersive golf simulation experience. While the price tag may be (relatively) steep, the investment is worth it for serious golfers looking to improve their game. 

    I personally loved the range of customization options available, allowing you to customize the package to your needs and preferences.

    HD Golf Simulator – Ultimate Entertainment Package – Best Premium Option

    hd golf simulator ultimate entertainment package (1)

    The HD Golf Simulator provides the most realistic and immersive golf simulation experience available today. With its proprietary 3D modeling technology using satellite imagery and geographical data, HD Golf has recreated some of the world’s most prestigious courses in stunning detail. When you step up to hit a tee shot on Pebble Beach using the HD Golf simulator, you’ll feel like you’re actually there.

    One of the key advantages of the HD Golf simulator is the multi-camera tracking system that accurately captures all the key parameters of your golf swing, from clubhead speed to launch angle. This not only enables true-to-life ball flight, but also provides comprehensive swing analysis data to help improve your game. The simulator includes useful club-fitting features as well, perfect for perfecting your equipment.

    The HD Golf software is not just limited to golf – it supports up to 11 different sports in both single and multiplayer modes. You can also use the simulator as a theater system, making this a versatile entertainment hub for the whole family.

    Once you place your order, the experienced HD Golf installation team handles the entire setup process from start to finish. They’ll professionally install the hitting screens, turf, cameras, projector, and software to get your simulator up and running. Ongoing customer service and regular content updates are included to maximize the value of your investment.


    • Stunning realism recreating famous courses using proprietary 3D modeling
    • Accurate swing tracking technology
    • Comprehensive club fitting capabilities
    • Supports 11 sports with multiplayer options
    • Full installation and ongoing customer service included


    • Very expensive, pricing it out of reach for most golfers
    • Large space required for installation

    For golf enthusiasts who want the absolute best golf simulator available, the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package delivers an unparalleled virtual golf experience. The combination of realism, accuracy, versatility, service, and support make this simulator stand head and shoulders above any other option for those serious about improving their game.

    While the staggering price tag places it firmly in the luxury category, serious golfers who can afford it will find it to be worth every penny.

    TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator Package – Best Plug & Play System

    trugolf vista 10 golf simulator

    The TruGolf Vista 10 offers an impressively realistic simulation experience in a portable and easy-to-set-up package. With its high-definition graphics and TruTrack2 swing tracking technology, you’ll get comprehensive feedback and analysis on every shot just like you would with a more expensive commercial simulator.

    The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame and premium hitting mat can be set up and taken down with ease, making the Vista 10 perfect for use in spaces with limited permanent room for a simulator. Also, the vivid visuals and overall immersive experience make you feel like you are playing at famous courses like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews when using the simulator.

    The E6 Connect software includes a great practice mode with pro tips and tutorials to help you improve different parts of your game. With the annual subscription, you get access to 27 different worldwide courses to play anytime with full control over the time of day, wind and other conditions. The simulator accommodates up to 8 players for fun multiplayer games as well.


    • Realistic graphics and accurate swing tracking
    • Portable and easy to assemble
    • E6 software with tutorials and 27 courses
    • Multiplayer capacity of up to 8 players


    • The basic package lacks side nets and walls

    For golfers wanting the experience of a full-scale commercial simulator with professional swing analysis in a more affordable and portable package, the TruGolf Vista 10 is an excellent choice. The overall combination of graphics, swing feedback, course options, multiplayer modes, and portable convenience make this a great simulator model for any type of use (home or business).

    TrackMan 4 Golf Simulator – The Industry’s Accuracy Benchmark

    trackman 4 golf simulator

    The Trackman Simulator provides golfers of all levels with an immersive and instructive indoor golf experience. Powered by the Trackman 4 launch monitor, it delivers uncompromising accuracy and detail on every shot. Dual radar technology precisely tracks club and ball data including swing speed, launch angle, spin rates, and carry distance. This wealth of instant feedback helps you diagnose weaknesses and perfect your game.

    With the simulator, you can play over 160 faithfully recreated championship courses from around the world. The software renders topography hazards, and visuals in vivid detail for a true-to-life virtual golf outing. While novice golfers can enjoy skill challenges and games, the Trackman simulator also enables tournament-level practice and training.

    The accompanying mobile app lets you review stats and swing history to track progress over time.


    • Accurate dual radar tracking of all shot data
    • Library of 160+ photorealistic courses to play
    • Ideal for golfers of all skill levels
    • Comprehensive swing analysis and feedback
    • Portable setup for both home and business use


    • Expensive initial investment
    • Requires technical setup and configuration

    With unmatched accuracy and analytics, the Trackman Simulator is the premier choice for serious golfers wanting to improve their game using the latest technologies. The level of detail and customization provides an unparalleled training experience not found in recreational systems. For both professionals and amateurs seeking a high-performance virtual golf simulator, the Trackman stands in a class of its own.

    Full Swing Pro Golf Simulator – Tiger Woods’ Endorsed Brand

    full swing golf sim

    Full swing is another leader in the market of high-end simulation systems. It uses the latest and greatest technologies to create some of the world’s top products in terms of quality, visuals, accuracy, etc.

    As a result, Full Swing’s simulators are all top-of-the-line premium systems that are priced accordingly. Very few can afford a Full Swing simulator, most of whom will be business owners who see the spent amount of money as a necessary investment to expand their business and use state-of-the-art golf technology as a means of entertainment for their most demanding clientele.

    Full swing offers 11 different games, including nine-hole courses, 18 holes, a full-length driving range, a putting practice area, a chipping practice area, and many others. All these games come with customizable options so that each user gets exactly what they want out of their virtual experience.

    Even if you’ve never played any type of golf before, there’s nothing stopping you from trying out the full swing simulator. With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Full Swing knows how to ensure that users get the most out of their time spent practicing.

    Full Swing’s Golf Academy is yet another great option available online. It provides users with access to various resources related to golf training.

    These include videos, articles, tips, tutorials, and much more. The academy was created as a way to help people improve their skills while having fun doing it.


    • Renowned leader in high-end simulation systems.
    • Uses cutting-edge technology for superior quality.
    • Offers 11 customizable games for varied play.
    • Access to resources through an online golf academy.
    • Pro Series simulator preferred by Tiger Woods.


    • Premium systems with a high price point.

    Full Swing’s lineup of products includes three main types of simulators:

    The Pro Series simulator is intended for professionals seeking the most accurate data to always be on top. This one is preferred by many pro golfers, including Tiger Woods.

    The Sports Series package is the exclusive simulator for the Golf Channel [2]. It is a camera-based system that uses Full Swing’s dual-tracking system for the most accurate readings. It is available in two variants to fit almost any space: the Standard version and the widescreen.

    The Virtual Green simulator is Full Swing’s most expensive option starting at a whopping 70,000 dollar price tag. It uses patented underground actuator technology capable of shifting the ground and changing slope and undulation; the goal is to mimic many challenging putting situations.

    The virtual green is available in both square and curved shapes, and data can be directly projected on the green to help you perfect your putts.

    SkyTrak Plus Bronze Golf Simulator Package – Best Versatility

    skytrak plus bronze golf simulator

    With the SkyTrak Plus Bronze package, you get components that you can use indoors and outdoors. This simulator features SkyTrak’s latest dual Doppler radar system to accurately track your club and ball data. The included net and barrier ensure you have plenty of room to take full swings. With the Play and Improve software subscription, you get access to over 35 iconic courses to simulate play. The portability of the short throw projector and shield means you can easily set up and stow your simulator anytime.

    You get real-time visual feedback and data on all your shots. Practice every type of shot imaginable from any lie with the extensive course selection. The SkyTrak software even provides a built-in shot optimizer to analyze your swing. While outdoor use is possible, the Bronze package really shines as an indoor simulator. Simply unroll your mat, set up the net and projector, and you’ve got a professional-grade simulator ready to help improve your game. The simulator also integrates with top software like TGC2019, E6 Connect and Creative Golf for even more versatility.

    With a price tag of $6849, this complete simulator package is quite affordable for its features. The SkyTrak + device itself offers excellent accuracy in ball and club tracking. For under $10,000, you get everything needed for both training and simulated play. The portability adds convenience for quick setup and storage.


    • Accurate Doppler tracking
    • Built-in swing analysis
    • Portable setup
    • Affordable pricing
    • Integrates 3rd party software


    • Additional software purchases needed for more courses

    The Skytrack Plus Bronze Package is an excellent affordable package. It offers excellent value and quality for the price. We highly recommend it for anyone with budget limitations wishing to fully enjoy the Skytrak experience, both indoors and out!

    Trugolf Multisport Interactive Sports Camera – Best Multisport Addon

    trugolf multisport interactive sport camera

    Trugolf’s Multisport Add-On transforms any existing golf simulator into a multi-sports arcade. The standalone tracking camera simply mounts to your structure and connects to your computer via USB to unlock interactive games. With auto-calibration, set up takes minutes.

    Multisport’s E6 Connect camera accurately tracks various balls and equipment. You can now enjoy multiplayer soccer, hockey, baseball, and more without compromising your golf performance. The system accommodates up to 8 players simultaneously across difficulty settings for all ages. This add-on diversifies any simulator for family entertainment.

    The included Breakaway Soccer impresses with penalty kick and passing modes. Slap Shot Hockey offers goalie and target practice. Rally Baseball features pitch voice activation. Foot Golf lets you kick on virtual courses. Disc Golf takes you on the links in a new way. Zombie Dodgeball and Western Shooting supply thrills across three difficulty levels.


    • Standalone device works with existing structures
    • Fun interactive sports simulations
    • Good for golfers and non-golfers
    • Multiplayer games up to 8 people
    • Auto-calibration for quick setup


    • Requires computer and specs to run
    • E6 Connect license sold separately
    • More hardware purchases may be needed

    For golf simulator owners, Trugolf’s Multisport Add-On opens an arcade of sports and entertainment. The versatile tracking camera integrates easily with minimal investment. While an E6 Connect license must be purchased separately, the system easily transforms any structure into a dynamic simulator the whole family can enjoy.

    Just remember that it requires, at minimum, a computer with an Intel I5 processor (or equivalent), 8 GB of RAM, an Nvidia GTX 1070 (or equivalent) graphics card, Windows 10, and a stable Internet connection for the simulation to run smoothly; of course, the more powerful, the better!

    For those looking to engage in various other sports with your simulator, you might as well check the golf simulators with multi-sports capabilities.

    Garmin Approach R10 Premium Golf Simulator Package – Best Value

    garmin approach r10 premium golf sim

    The Garmin Approach R10 Premium package uses one of the smallest (but reliable) golf launch monitors ever created. 

    The R10 uses Doppler radar technology to track the ball and club and provide valuable metrics without any kind of marking (as long as your golf simulator room meets the minimum 15-foot depth).

    With a subscription to the Garmin Golf app, you get access to a whopping 42,000 virtual golf courses, playable both in single and multiplayer modes. You can also access 6 playable courses and 17 practice ranges through the included E6 Connect software (IOS only). 

    The built-in battery keeps the device running for up to 10 hours of continuous use; you can take it to the actual course or driving range and get those crucial numbers to help you be a better golfer. 

    The R10 can use your smartphone’s camera to record videos and save them to your Garmin account (with data overlay). The included phone mount easily attaches to your bag and lets you interact with the app through audible feedback.

    The setup comes with the Net Return Pro Golf Turf, upgradable to larger options from Fiberbuilt. The included 8′ frame is also upgradeable to 10′ and 12′ options for a more immersive and realistic experience.

    Depending on your budget, you can also choose between 1080P and 4K projectors, both from Optoma. However, we recommend going for the 4K option (and the 12′ frame) because of the huge visual upgrade it offers.


    • Very affordable package
    • Excellent performance
    • Multiple upgrade options (as usual from Top Shelf Golf)
    • Very long battery life, allowing you to use the monitor indoors and out
    • Over 14 data points tracked with pinpoint accuracy


    • None we could think of

    The Garmin Approach R10 Premium is an excellent package that combines accuracy, affordability and realism. 

    Out of the box, the entire system is excellent, with sturdy components to ensure longevity. You still get multiple upgrade options to enhance the experience even further., and that’s something we really love. 

    The system is still reasonably priced, even after including all the bells and whistles, and that’s why We highly recommend it!

    OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box Golf Simulator – Best Budget Simulator

    OptiShot Golf In A Box 2 Simulator Package Review

    The OptiShot 2 is one of the best affordable options for under $1000, capable of tracking the club as you swing using the improved sensor technology. It also comes with effective infrared sensors of 48 MHz. These are specially designed to capture the clubhead’s position throughout the impact.

    Compared to the other models, this one won’t give the data on the Trackman level since it tracks only the club and not the ball. So, you don’t have to worry about which ball you use; even if you do not use a ball, it will still work perfectly and measure the data. You can also use a foam ball, which is safer for indoor practice compared to real golf balls.

    The simulator offers the necessary swing data to enhance your swing performance, including face impact angle, clubhead speed, swing path reading, face area contact, tempo, distance, and shot shape.

    The OptiShot 2 simulation package is fully pre-loaded with 15 standard courses. You can connect the system directly to your PC using a USB cable, as wireless options are not available.

    OptiShot analyses the alignment, club head position, path, and speed as you make each swing. It is also capable of calculating the direction, ball flight, final position, and distance.

    Check out our in-depth Optishot 2 review for more details.


    • Compatible with both foam and real golf balls.
    • Does not require any special placement for lefties and righties.
    • Available at an affordable price range.
    • Durable and easier to install.


    • Must place it inside a special golf mat to keep it flat.
    • Additional lighting is needed.

    Without creating a dent in your wallet, you can enjoy a great game using this system. It also serves as an excellent gift for golf lovers. Although this system is not a complete replacement for the real golf experience or driving range, it helps you practice and enhance your skills.

    SwingLogic SLX Microsim – Best Affordable Sensor-Based System

    swinglogic slx

    Do you need a practice simulator that fits perfectly in your car trunk? One that you can take with you during your (frequent) road trips? If so, Swinglogic has you covered!

    The SLX Microsim is a portable golf simulator that easily connects to your computer, Android or IOS device to provide simulations of your shots. 

    The included lightweight swing stick has the Microsim attachment to track your swing and give feedback. It can even be attached to your real clubs for more realistic practice sessions. 

    The device is compatible with the E6 Connect software, meaning the processed output can reach up to 4K resolutions. 

    You get to try 5 virtual courses through the software for 6 months, after which you will need to purchase a subscription plan to continue enjoying it. 

    The response times of the simulation (under 1/10th of a second) are mind-blowing; there is almost no delay between the swing and display of the simulated shots!


    • Very affordable
    • Acceptable performance – Excellent value
    • Highly portable and transportable sim
    • Compatible with E6 Connect
    • Incredible processing times
    • Includes a swing stick, but can also be used with real clubs


    • Sometimes, the device doesn’t easily connect to IOS devices

    If you are frequently on the road and need something to take with you wherever you go, this is an excellent option. Use it indoors, outdoors, at home, in the office, etc.

    Compatibility with E6 Connect, one of the best simulation software today, is an excellent addition, and the possibility to use the Microsim with real golf clubs is the cherry on top. 

    Nothing beats the portability and affordability of the SwingLogic SLX Microsim, and those are the device’s major selling points that earned it an excellent customer rating.

    Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider When Buying A Golf Simulator

    As golf simulators provide various features, it can be hard to determine what you should look for before making your decision.

    Some people want the top choice and don’t mind paying for it, while others prefer a bargain. Still, others just want a basic system that will be good enough to play a round or two a week.

    You should consider numerous factors before you choose your simulator. Here are some aspects you must note down:


    It is not fun to spend quite a bit on a cheap simulator, only to discover that it is not what you expected. You should purchase a product from a reputable brand.

    Choose one with sturdy construction and durable electronic devices.

    Technology and Features

    In addition to quality, the price of any simulator is defined by what types of technology (ies) it uses and the features it provides.

    A pricier high-end system will provide good quality components and more features like a launch monitor or any other tracking system to record the data of your shots, a hitting mat and a display screen, a projector, and good simulator software to simulate golf games. Those are the most basic components that every simulator needs to provide an enjoyable golf experience.

    Also, as we have mentioned earlier, an I.R technology simulator will be cheaper than a Photometric one, but it has limitations that would make the latter more tempting despite the higher price tag. 

    Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the software and the types of services it provides can differ. Some offer online coaching sessions for their customers; others include multiplayer features that allow players from different locations to compete virtually.


    Having a simulator in your garage or basement is great. However, what happens if you want to move it during vacation or simply outside to enjoy some sunlight?

    Some of the models we reviewed here have portable units, making them more convenient for practicing anywhere simply by moving them to a convenient location. 

    Ease of Setup

    Setting up the system should be relaxing, not a chore.

    The setup process can vary depending on the model. It is usually recommended to have a helper, but it is possible to do it by yourself.

    Before purchasing any simulator, ensure it has the correct setup procedures and accessories for your needs.

    Most can be set up quickly, while others might require a professional installation that the company may offer. Make sure to go through the simulator setup process before you make the final decision.


    Before investing, check the efficiency of the launch monitor. Models that provide accurate performance stats help you improve your skills and advance to the next level.

    It should be accurate enough to simulate the actual course under any condition and provide reliable readings and data.

    Radar and photometric systems are more accurate than infrared, with radar being superior outdoors and photometry providing excellent indoor performance. Higher-end systems even combine more than one technology to maximize their accuracy levels; examples include Trackman, Flightscope X3, Foresight Sports GCQuad, Uneekor’s systems, etc.

    Your Budget

    When choosing a simulator, the price will likely be the first thing to look at, and for a good reason. You don’t want to drop $10,000 or more on a unit that will not give you a quality experience. There are different factors to consider when it comes to pricing.

    A good unit can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to as much as your first car. If you are an experienced golfer, this is not necessarily a problem. However, if you are a beginner looking to improve your game or simply looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, the budget is important.

    Set a specific budget and check which systems fit in that budget.

    Your Room Size

    One of the crucial factors in deciding which system to buy is the size of your dedicated space.

    The dimensions of the available space will determine the size of the indoor package you can buy. You need to know the dimensions of the room and the system to determine whether you have enough space to swing comfortably and to accommodate any other equipment. Whether you want to use your simulator outdoors or indoors, your space should be able to easily accommodate your system. Check out our complete indoor simulation room size and space guide to learn everything you need to know about the topic.

    playing golf on a golf simulator

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is some conflicting information about golf simulators and what you can expect from them. This is why we have put together this FAQ’s section to answer all your questions and help you make the best decision possible.

    Will I Need To Buy Anything Else With These Golf Simulator Packages?

    Nope; usually, these packages contain everything you need, and nothing more is required.

    Companies like Shop Indoor Golf and Rain Or Shine Golf have an unbiased knowledge of the top available products with many brands to choose from, which will help you save money, effort, and precious time over buying everything separately by bundling everything into one package.

    Although these packages usually do not include installation services, they come with detailed installation instructions and are easily assembled.

    They also offer full after-sales support via phone and email to guide buyers through the process.

    Can You Putt On A Golf Simulator Setup?

    Putting into a simulator screen is not easy and takes some adjustment time for the player to get used to it.

    This is mainly due to the lack of field depth perception and the inability to feel the ground (including slope or undulations) under the feet. 

    It is a challenging task at first, but with constant practice, you realize that the readings are quite accurate (once you get used to the whole situation).

    Can I Play Actual Golf Courses On My Golf Simulator?

    The answer is yes! Lately, most systems have been upgraded to include some of the most popular courses in the world. This is a game-changer for the whole industry. Now you can enjoy the top courses in the world, all year round without having to travel.

    What Simulator Do Pros Use (Besides Trackman)?

    Many pros recommend Foresight Sports, especially in terms of teaching and instruction. Top instructors like Butch Harmon and Martin Hall call the GC2 a must-have for those serious about becoming better.

    Full Swing Golf has become a tour favorite. Many PGA pros like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth also use an indoor build valued at more than $50,000.
    HD Golf is another premium sim favored by many pro golfers, including Bubba Watson, Fred Couples, Steve Stricker, etc.

    Golfzon is used by big names like Kevin Na and Matt Kuchar, and has David Leadbetter as the ambassador for the brand.

    However, Trackman sits at the top as the leading choice for pros. Dustin Johnson, Francesco Molinari, Justin Rose, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Jason Day, and Sergio Garcia, among many others, use Trackman.

    What’s The Minimum Space Needed For An Indoor Golf Simulator?

    Usually, a simulation system will take up just about as much room as swinging your longest club; most require minimum dimensions of 10′ wide x 10′ long x 8.5′ high.
    With a slightly shorter ceiling, you may be able to play with an 8′ x 8′ setup if you don’t mind feeling uncomfortable. Although, it is recommended that you have at least 10′ of height.

    Experts suggest that the room depth must be at least 12 feet. Even if you have enough space to make a full swing, the net also needs space, so you’ll need an extra 1′-2′ between your screen/net and the wall.

    Can You Use A Golf Simulator Outdoors?

    While most simulators are primarily designed for indoor use, some can be used outdoors with a protective enclosure. Many of the top golf simulators are portable and lightweight, making them perfect for taking outside as long as they are perfectly protected.

    What Are The Most Important Features To Look For In A Golf Simulator?

    The most critical features to look for in a golf simulator are accuracy, ease of use, reliability, and course selection. Accuracy is essential to ensure your swing analysis is precise, and the shot data is reliable.
    Ease of use is important because you don’t want to waste time setting up or configuring the system. A good system is user-friendly and does not take long to get up and running.
    Reliability is also essential; a good simulator is built using quality materials and comes with excellent after-sales support.
    Lastly, course selection is critical; the more courses a simulator offers, the more versatile it is.

    Should I Buy Or Build My Own DIY Golf Simulator?

    Some golfers (including myself) say that it’s better to go the do-it-yourself way, while others believe that it’s better to buy a complete system that will be ready to go right out of the box.

    While those packages are sold as a whole unit that includes all the individual necessary parts, building a simulation system is a cool but pretty big DIY project. Customizing your setup enables you to choose the appropriate size, shape, features, and colors at a fair price.

    However, building your own system will take time and effort and can be challenging if you are not an enthusiastic DIY person.

    If you buy a ready-made package, you don’t have to worry about any other details. You will then just focus on the fun part: playing golf.

    What’s The Best Golf Simulator Package I Can Get For Under $1000?

    The OptiShot 2 is one great simulator for such a low budget. It supports most of the features that are available in pricier models. It is easier to install and take down from your training room.

    Additionally, it has software that enables you to practice at 15 well-known courses using vivid 3D simulated driving ranges. You can connect the unit to your computer and display it on a larger screen or projector for a better experience.

    There is also the possibility of building your own DIY system for under 1000 dollars. You will get the opportunity to choose every individual component that goes into your setup and include any favorites that are within budget. If you love to build stuff yourself, then a DIY route will be a better option to build a simulator for cheap.

    Final Thoughts

    In this article, we have tested and reviewed a wide range of the world’s top simulators that you can buy today; keep in mind factors like space, budget, usage intentions (indoors vs outdoors), etc.

    In the end, we provided a list of the best simulators available for purchase today, with price tags ranging between as low as $500 and as high as $70,00+.

    We believe that we made your task easier; all you have to do now is to make a list of your needs, preferences and budget to choose accordingly. Now, it’s time to make your pick.

    Please, feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments section below or contact us via email if you still have any questions.

    Happy golfing!


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