The 11 Best Commercial Golf Simulators of 2024 – Reviews & Guide

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Key Takeaways

The HD Golf Ultimate Training Package is our top pick for the Best Commercial Golf Simulator. It offers stunning visuals, accurate readings, and up-to-date software and course library. The system is packed with features, including a pressure-sensitive hitting mat that provides data about balance, tempo, and weight transfer. The HD Golf Ultimate Training Package is the perfect choice for businesses that want to offer their customers the best possible golf simulation experience.

If you own a restaurant, a bar, a resort, an indoor golf center, or a hotel, investing in a commercial setup will help your business grow.

Also, golf professionals, coaches, shops, and club fitters usually opt for such systems thanks to the great accuracy and quality they provide.

Golf clubs and courses also benefit from having golf sims around, especially off-season, when they can keep receiving and entertaining their members, even during the cold days of winter.

In this article, we will go through a list of the best commercial golf simulators for business use. It’s the result of extensive research and testing by our team of testers.

These are the best that any business owner can choose to upgrade their business and potentially attract more customers or members. They also fit a wide range of budgets.

Keep reading to know more about the utility of commercial setups.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Top Picks For Golf Simulators For Commercial And Business Use

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Our Top Pick: HD Golf’s Packages

    hd golf sim

    High Definition Golf (HD Golf) is a Canadian company that was founded back in 2002; it is a state-of-the-art golf simulator manufacturer that has brought a lot of innovation to the world of virtual golf, and that’s what we love about them: Innovation.

    During our testing, the whole team was mesmerized by the quality of this setup and the number of features it provides.

    The company offers two main high-end systems: the HD Golf Ultimate Training Package and the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package. Both options are exclusively available at Shop Indoor Golf.

    First off, the main differences between the two packages are in the provided software features and sound systems:

    The Ultimate Entertainment Package offers a multi-sport simulation system, meaning that you can play simulations of 11 different sports (including golf), while the Training Package is limited to golf simulation.

    In addition, the Entertainment package comes with a Sony surround sound system, whereas the Training package has a stereo sound system (by Sony). The surround system can help with the realism and immersiveness of the virtual experience.

    The simulation software provides ample data about your swing thanks to the use of a photometric system based on high-speed cameras. All the details of your golf game are tracked and displayed to help you improve.

    Moreover, the HD Golf packages are the only systems that provide data about balance, tempo, and weight transfer thanks to the use of their innovative pressure-sensitive hitting mat. These data points are especially useful for professional coaches and club fitters. The provided metrics are some of the most accurate out there.

    Another innovation brought by HD Golf is the simulation itself. In fact, HD Golf develops its own, in-house software that provides an unparalleled level of realism.

    They provide advanced 3D models of the world’s most renowned and famous courses by combining satellite data, high-resolution digital images, and geophysical data.

    The result is that you can play courses like Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines, Bethpage Black, the St. Andrews Old Course, and many others in stunning 4K graphical quality.

    Also, the software provides a 3D driving range, online play, competitions, fitting features, powerful video analysis, editing tools, etc. 

    The system’s enclosure is designed to fit into different spaces. You can choose the hitting screen from three different sizes (based on the available space). There is a wide display 16:10 screen, a (squarish) 4:3 option (for smaller spaces), and a third curved screen to make the realistic experience even more immersive. 

    What’s included:

    • 16:10 Flat Standard System / 10ft H x 15ft 6in W x 19ft L. (4:3 for the Training package)
    • Area Golf Turf in Green Turf (16ft x 22ft 6in) & Stance Mat
    • Viewing and Hitting System Frame/Screen
    • Computer Vision  golf Ball and Club Tracking System
    • Precision Spin Measurement Data Module
    • HP Computer Business Workstation
    • Sony Laser Projector Upgrade & Mounting Bracket
    • 22in Wideview LCD Touchscreen Monitor
    • Surround Sound Package Upgrade / Stereo system for the Training Package.
    • HD Golf Software Package (Deluxe Package – All Courses)
    • HD Multi-Sport Software Package (ALL Sports) Only for the Ultimate Entertainment package.
    • Multi-Sport Shooting and Hunting Accessory Package (Ultimate Entertainment).
    • Rear Stereoscopic Cameras With Mount/Lens
    • Drapery, Baffle, and Ceiling Track System
    • Power Bar, Cables, Components, A/V Cabinet
    • Free Delivery & Installation


    • A lot of innovation and creativity
    • Extremely accurate readings
    • Stunning visual quality
    • Perfect for business use
    • The software and hardware components include everything you may need. 
    • Constantly growing and updated course library


    • Inaccessible for most middle and small businesses.
    • Requires a lot of space for installation

    The HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package and its little brother, the Ultimate Training Package offer some of the best and most realistic virtual experiences to date. They are excellent in terms of graphics, accuracy, realism, etc.

    If you can afford one of these packages for your business, be sure that they are worth every penny you spend. The only question you may ask yourself is which one to get.

    If your clientele is mainly interested in golf (like in a golf club, shop, etc.), then opting for the Training Package (and saving a lot of money) will be your best option.

    On the other hand, if you have a more diversified clientele, then getting the Entertainment package will help you keep them all satisfied thanks to the multi-sport simulation. 

    If you still need more convincing, you will be happy to know that the HD Golf sims are supported by some of the most famous pro golfers like Bryson DeChambeau, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott, Zach Johnson, Fred Couples, Tommy Fleetwood, Louis Oosthuizen, Steve Stricker, etc.

    Trugolf Vista 12

    trugolf vista 12

    Usually, in any kind of simulator review, the Trugolf Vista series of packages are described as fairly pricey models. However, in our selection of commercial simulators, the Vista 12 falls right in the middle of the price range (below 30K dollars).

    The Trugolf Vista 12 is a plug-and-play system that is easy to install and use and offers a decent degree of portability.

    The package sports the biggest enclosure and screen in the whole vista series and uses a cutting-edge tension system, enhanced golf swing analysis capabilities, and high-definition image quality to provide a very immersive experience. 

    Trugolf’s own E6 connect simulator software is a famous software that doesn’t need any introduction. It provides some excellent features and stunning visual quality.

    You get a 1-year basic subscription to the E6 and enjoy a 27-course library playable both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

    This is a reputable brand that is commonly purchased by pro shops, restaurants, bars, country clubs, etc.

    The all-in-one Trutrack 2 tracking system uses two rows of optical sensors that are integrated into the golf mat to provide metrics of your shots. This improves the aesthetics of the package and provides very accurate data.

    There are two main variants of the Vista 12: a basic and a pro model. The Pro model includes everything provided by the base model, in addition to a full HD (1080P) projector, an extended E6 Connect subscription (2 years), 42 virtual courses in total, and a Trugolf Level 2 computer, among other things. The Pro model costs around an additional 5,000 dollars.

    What’s Included In The Vista 12 Base Model:

    • Complete Frame/Enclosure
    • Premium Fairway Mat System
    • Dimensions: 4’L x 9’W
    • Mat Thickness: 3.5″
    • TruGolf Level (1) Computer
    • HD 720p Projector
    • 16:10 Aspect Ratio
    • 165″ Impact Screen
    • 21″ Touchscreen Display
    • TruTrack2 Tracking System
    • Overhead Light Bar
    • E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year
    • 27 Golf Course Library
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    • Vista 12 User Manual

    What’s Included In The Vista 12 Pro Model:

    • Everything in the Base model
    • TruGolf Level (2) Computer
    • HD 1080p Projector
    • Wide Screen Projector Box
    • Portable Audio Speaker
    • Side Nets
    • Side Walls
    • 1-Year Limited Warranty
    • E6 Connect Subscription Expanded (2) Years
    • 42 Golf Course Library
    • Vista 12 User Manual


    • Huge enclosure and screen
    • Easy to set up and use
    • The E6 Connect software provides a lot of features and a great graphical quality
    • The Trutrack 2 system is truly unique
    • Included computer to run the simulation


    • Nothing we could think of.

    The Trugolf Vista 12 is a beast that will surprise you with the size of its screen and enclosure as well as with the features provided by its simulation software.

    The additions brought by the pro version of the system, and despite costing 5,000 dollars, will surely make a difference, as they help with the aesthetics and performance of the package. They will make the system look better and safer (thanks to the netting), and the image quality will also be improved a lot from the switch to a 1080P projector. 

    This is a great golf simulator for small and mid-sized businesses thanks to the great value it provides.

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12

    foresight sports gchawk sig12

    This is another system that includes an overhead launch monitor: the ForeSight Sports GCHawk, coupled with Shop Indoor Golf’s SIG12 enclosure.

    Foresight Sports is a famous high-end golf equipment manufacturer that has made some very popular launch monitors, including the Foresight Sports GC3, GCQuad, and the GCHawk.

    The fact that the GCHawk is mounted on the ceiling makes it a very good system for commercial use. Also, it uses a combination of high-speed cameras and infrared sensors to track your shots and provide accurate data.

    The GCHawk is considered by many to be the world’s most advanced launch monitor. It is powerful enough to support golf simulation as well as other sports such as soccer. Again, multisport simulation is a good addition that will attract more customers.

    The package comes with FSX2020 software, which allows for 5 virtual courses to be played and a plethora of additional features. Getting an extended subscription unlocks more playable courses, challenges and game modes.

    It’s also possible to make separate purchases of FSX Play, E6 CONNECT, and Creative Golf 3D for a different virtual experience. 

    The package also offers the possibility to buy add-ons and improve the experience.

    First, you can get the Club Head Analysis Add-On that enables additional metrics to be tracked, including loft & impact, smash factor, lie & face angle at impact, angle of attack, etc.

    Second is the Soccer Multisport support, which allows you to enjoy the simulation of soccer games and provide readings of critical data. Both addons are activated via software and don’t require any additional hardware.

    The SIG12 enclosure is huge, and will keep customers entertained; but if you want to make things more aesthetically appealing, we advise you to upgrade to the SIGPro flooring, which offers a hitting strip with dedicated areas for short play (to practice putting and chipping).

    What’s included

    • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure
    • Side Barrier Netting
    • Landing Pad Turf
    • Choice of Golf Mat
    • Panasonic VMZ50U Golf Simulator Projector
    • Ceiling Mount
    • 15′ HDMI Cable
    • Foresight GCHawk Launch Monitor
    • Power supply cord & block
    • Remote control
    • 30′ Ethernet Cable, 15′ USB Cable type C
    • 5″ hand grip, 2 rubber tee kits
    • Alignment wand
    • 2 different ceiling mounts
    • FSX 2020 Software
    • Optional: Club Head Measurement Add-on, Soccer Multisport
    • Optional: SIG12 Golf Simulator Flooring


    • Advanced launch monitor with extremely accurate readings.
    • You can choose the simulation software from multiple options.
    • SIGPRO flooring can be a customer magnet
    • Plenty of software features
    • Good quality components overall
    • Breath-taking image quality and visuals (showcased by the excellent 1080P projector)


    • With all addons and options included, the price may start to be inaccessible for some business owners (at almost 35K dollars).

    As you would expect from a company like Foresight Sports, the GCHawk SIG12 package is packed with high-end hardware and software components that offer one of the best possible virtual golf experiences ever.

    The combination of different tracking technologies allows for pinpoint accuracy, and the included hardware components all work flawlessly to bring out the best of the simulation software (in terms of graphics, realism, accuracy, etc.).

    We highly recommend the Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 as a commercial simulator despite its final price. The features and benefits you get in return make it a true winning investment.

    Uneekor EYE XO2 Swingbay Golf Simulator

    uneekor eye xo2 swingbay (1)

    The Uneekor EYE XO2 SwingBay transforms any space into an elite golf simulation studio. With its tri-camera launch monitor, durable hitting bay, realistic SwingTurf, and immersive software, it delivers unmatched performance for serious golfers.

    The overhead EYE XO2 accurately tracks your club and ball data through impact without markings, while the aluminum-framed SwingBay enclosure withstands high-speed shots. You’ll hone your skills on SwingTurf mats that mimic actual course lies and textures. Multiplayer, training tools and famous course environments create an entertaining, high-tech practice facility.

    You’ll feel transported onto legendary fairways with the high-definition projector and graphics. The simulator software quantifies your spin, launch angle, shot shape, etc. When considering the best commercial simulators, the EYE XO2’s combination of leading ball physics, robust construction and premium training content makes it a prime option.


    • Precise launch monitor analytics
    • Realistic mats match course conditions
    • Durable enclosure built for heavy use
    • Immersive software with top global courses 
    • Detailed metrics to track improvement


    • Higher starting cost than some competitors
    • Permanent installation needs adequate space

    For simulation facilities wanting the best technology and elite simulation, the Uneekor EYE XO2 SwingBay delivers. Get ready to wow members with multi-player contests, tournaments, lessons, and more. Data-driven features help measure and improve performance so you can track progress. This smart investment will keep your golfers engaged year-round.

    TruGolf APOGEE SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

    TruGolf APOGEE SIG10

    Next on our radar of premier commercial golf simulators is the TruGolf APOGEE SIG10. This bestselling package pairs TruGolf’s newest launch monitor with a premium SIG10 enclosure for a full-screen simulation experience. With its stereoscopic cameras providing real-time club and ball data, the APOGEE SIG10 has everything to elevate your skills.

    The ultra-high-speed APOGEE launch monitor utilizes advanced imaging to capture comprehensive shot metrics without markings. You’ll swing confidently within the aluminum framed SIG10 enclosure, built to withstand even the hardest hits. Authentic turf mats mimic actual course textures and lies to work on all aspects of your game. 

    With its integrated training games, world-famous 27-course E6 software, and multiplayer modes, this smart system entertains while developing your abilities. You’ll get real-time feedback on crucial aspects of your game including speeds, spin rates, shot shaping, and more while feeling transported onto legendary fairways with superb graphics.

    Considering its mid-range premium price tag of around $17,400, the APOGEE SIG10 delivers tremendous value through premium construction paired with high-end training content.


    • Accurate ball and club data
    • Realistic mats match course conditions
    • High-quality and durable enclosure built for heavy use
    • Entertaining games to improve skills
    • Famous course environments
    • Adequately priced and provides high value for money


    • Nothing we could think of

    With its blend of leading ball physics, durable build, and multiplayer training tools, the Trugolf APOGEE SIG10 clearly emerges as a great commercial simulation option. If you can pair it with the SIGPro Golf Simulator Flooring (optional upgrade), you will make the entire setup more comfortable and aesthetically appealing and attractive to your customers.

    Uneekor EYE XO SIG12 Package

    uneekor eye xo sig12

    The Uneekor Eye XO SIG12 package uses one of the most technologically advanced overhead launch monitors coupled with Shop Indoor Golf’s massive enclosure: the SIG12.

    Read Also: Difference Between a Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

    This system is perfect for commercial use because it uses a ceiling-mounted monitor; as a result, it is safer from any potential accidents and can accommodate both right and left-handed players.

    The Eye XO is Uneekor’s top-of-the-line monitor capable of accurate tracking of numerous data points such as ball speed, club speed, club path, launch angle, etc.

    Compared to its predecessor, the Uneekor QED (that we will review later on), the Eye XO brings its share of innovation and provides more metrics and an improved overall experience. One major upgrade is that the Eye XO doesn’t require marked balls for the tracking to be extremely accurate.

    Software-wise, the Uneekor Eye XO SIG12 comes with an interesting suite of software including a lot of advanced features.

    You can opt for the basic Eye XO View software with plenty of swing analysis tools and video capture and editing capabilities, among other things.

    The Eye XO View Plus adds multiplayer support for up to 6 players on 5 different virtual courses, a short game training module, and a variety of driving ranges to practice on.

    The View Plus Succeed software includes everything, in addition to a total of 20 courses playable in single or multiplayer modes. 

    The Eye XO is also compatible with all major golf simulator software. You can bundle the package with the Golf Club 2019 software and enjoy a huge number of courses and additional features with realistic and immersive graphics.

    The SIG12 enclosure offers the choice of the hitting mat between the Fairway Series 5’x5′  with its real feel, the SIGPRO 4’x7′ (easier on the joints), or SIGPRO 4’x10′ for a more centered aim. 

    Still, if you want the best-looking flooring and enclosure, we highly recommend going for the SIG12 Simulator Flooring with a hitting strip surrounded by chipping and putting areas and cups. Aesthetically, this enclosure will take your setup (and business) to another new level.

    What’s included:

    • Landing Pad Turf
    • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat
    • Panasonic VMZ50U Golf Simulator Projector 
    • Ceiling Mount
    • 15’L HDMI Cable
    • Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor
    • EYE XO Ceiling Mount
    • Choice of Simulation Software
    • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure
    • Side Barrier Netting


    • Competitively priced, compared to other models 
    • Extremely accurate photometric technology
    • Superb simulation software (with the View being a bit superior to TGC2019 in terms of graphics)
    • Powerful hardware
    • Huge enclosure and screen
    • No need for marked golf balls.


    • Takes quite some time to set up

    The EYE XO SIG12 Simulator Package is an excellent system based on Korean technology for the software, and one of the best Golf enclosures made in the USA.

    The end result is a very good combination that provides a very good package that will serve very well as a commercial setup. 

    For commercial use, we recommend choosing TGC2019 and the SIG12 Simulator Flooring, which can attract many more customers to enjoy the huge number of available courses (150,000+). 

    The icing on the cake is, even with all the bells and whistles, the Eye XO SIG12 is still competitively priced (at around 22.5K dollars), compared to other systems.

    It will surely be a good addition to give a little boost to your business.

    Trugolf Vista 10

    trugolf vista 10 golf simulator (2)

    If you love the Vista 12 system that we reviewed earlier, but think the price is a tad too high for your budget, then Trugolf has another more affordable option for you: The Trugolf Vista 10.

    You will get most of the hardware and software components and features of the Vista 12, albeit with a smaller enclosure and a price tag that is almost 25% lower (when comparing the Pro version of the two systems).

    Despite sporting a tad less imposing enclosure than its bigger sibling, the Vista 10 will still make a very good commercial sim. It is based on the same Trutrack 2 tracking system, the in-house E6 connect software with 27 playable courses, a very large screen and enclosureimmersive and realistic graphics, and accurate readings

    The E6 software (with the excellent tracking system) helps measure numerous data, including carry distance, launch angle, club and ball speed, ball flight, club path, clubface angle, etc. You get all the necessary metrics that you may need to improve. 

    The included light bar assists in projecting the lights towards the player, to improve the projected image quality. The premium fairway hitting mat in this package is 3.5″ thick, 9′ wide and 4′ long.

    The frame consists of lightweight aluminum that is easy to assemble and dismantle. As a result, the whole system is lightweight and portable, meaning you can set it up wherever you want to, and you can move it around whenever you feel like it.

    What’s included

    • Complete Frame/Enclosure.
    • Premium Fairway Golf Mat System of Thickness: 3.5″.
    • A-frame for the whole screen.
    • 136″ Impact Screen.
    • Overhead Light Bar.
    • TruGolf Level (1) Computer / Level 2 computer for the Pro.
    • HD 720p Projector.
    • 4:3 Aspect Ratio.
    • TruTrack2 Tracking System.
    • 21″ Touchscreen Display.
    • E6 Connect Subscription Basic (1) Year / 2 years for the Pro version
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty.
    • 27 Golf Course Library.
    • Vista 10 User Manual.


    • Easy to set up and use.
    • Even if it is smaller than the Vista 12, the enclosure is still huge
    • Excellent quality and accuracy
    • Plenty of software features
    • Multiplayer modes available


    • May have issues with beginners. Sometimes, It doesn’t accurately track muffs and fat shots. Something we think will surely be addressed with future updates.
    • No 1080P projector, even with the pro version.

    The Trugolf Vista 10 package is an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts. Also, the sheer size, quality, and performance of the setup make it a perfect choice for commercial use. It will be perfect for installing in any type of business to provide entertainment for your customers.

    The golden rule for any successful business is “happy, satisfied customers”.  So, if you choose it, the Vista 10 Trugolf simulator will be a great addition to help your business flourish.

    This is a great alternative to the Vista 12, especially if you want to invest the price difference in additional gadgets to attract more customers.

    Uneekor QED PerfectBay Package

    uneekor qed perfectbay

    Let’s now keep talking about cheaper alternatives for packages we reviewed earlier. This time with Uneekor’s more budget-friendly QED launch monitor, paired with Top Shelf Golf’s PerfectBay enclosure.

    The QED offers almost all the features of its pricier sibling, the Eye XO, but costs around 4,000 dollars less.

    It’s true that the Eye XO is Uneekor’s premium launch monitor that can compete with the industry’s top dogs like Foresight Sports or Trackman, and that’s why it’s packed with features and is capable of tracking more metrics than its little sibling.

    Also, the QED requires specially marked balls to do the tracking, while the Eye XO doesn’t.

    However, a price difference of almost 40% between the two makes the QED a tempting alternative. Rest assured, though, because the differences we mentioned are the main differences; for almost everything else, the two systems are practically the same (in terms of accuracy and performance).

    The Uneekor QED PerfectBay comes with the basic Ignite software; and as with the Eye XO, the software can be upgraded to the Refine package for $1,000 or the Succeed Package for another $2000.

    You can even opt for a third-party simulation software; in this case, you can choose between different subscription options for the E6 Connect software (ranging between 2,500 and 3,100 dollars), or go with a lifetime subscription of the TGC2019 software (which, we believe, offers the best value).

    The PerfectBay enclosure includes the basic screen and enclosure, with the Net Return Pro Golf Turf (6’x10′). We like the possibility to upgrade almost all the components in this package. You can upgrade to the PerfectBay Plus or the PerfectBay Wide to have an even larger screen and enclosure

    Additionally, you may opt for the 7’x4′ Fiberbuilt Single Hitting Mat or the 9’x4′ Fiberbuilt Center-Hitting Mat, with the latter being a more suitable choice for a commercial setup since it will suit both left and right handed use.

    What’s included:

    • Uneekor QED overhead golf launch monitor
    • Uneekor Ignite Software (upgradable to the Refine or Succeed)
    • PerfectBay Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure with Side Nets (Upgradable to the Plus or Wide variants)
    • The Net Return Pro Turf (Optionally upgradeable)
    • Choice of the projector: Optoma EH412ST (+1,149 dollars) or ZH406ST (+1,949 dollars).
    • Optional projector ceiling mounts or ground protective case.


    • Very good quality
    • More budget-friendly setup, compared to the Eye XO
    • Excellent performance and visual quality.
    • Multiple personalization options; almost everything is upgradable
    • Huge enclosure and screen; perfect for business use.
    • The compromises intended to lower costs do not affect the overall experience much.


    • Only marked golf balls can be tracked by the QED launch monitor (Not a huge deal, if you ask me).

    The Uneekor QED PerfectBay sim package is really interesting. There is no doubt the setup will be perfect as a commercial package, even though it’s slightly inferior to Uneekor’s high-end option — the Eye XO. However, the setup provides an extremely enjoyable and immersive experience.

    The QED launch monitor is also available with different enclosures, such as Shop Indoor Golf’s SIG12 enclosure, Or Rain Or Shine Golf’s SwingBay enclosure.

    All packages are based on the same QED launch monitor and software and are all suitable for commercial use. Still, we love the degree of upgradability and personalization options provided by Top Shelf Golf.

    Full Swing Golf Simulator Packages

    full swing golf simulators pro series

    Full Swing is another leader in the market of high-end golf simulation packages. It uses the latest and greatest technologies to create some of the world’s best golf simulators in terms of quality, visuals, and accuracy.

    With over 20 years of experience under its belt, Full Swing knows how to ensure that users get the most out of their time spent practicing.

    Software-wise, Full swing offers 11 different game modes, including nine-hole courses, 18 holes, a full-length driving range, a putting practice area, a chipping practice facility, and many others. All these games come with customizable options so that each user gets exactly what they want out of their experience.

    Full swing’s Golf Academy is yet another great option available online. It provides users with access to various resources related to golf training.

    These include videos, articles, tips, tutorials, and much more. The academy was created as a way to help people improve their skills while having fun doing it.

    Make sure you check out Full Swing’s products before you decide which premium package to opt for.

    Full swing’s proprietary technology of the world’s most advanced (and probably most accurate) high-speed cameras that are used to provide all the necessary metrics you need to improve: the Linescan cameras work with the ION3 high-speed camera to track the ball mid-flight before it even hits the screen. This is what helps FullSwing build some of the most sophisticated packages to date. Their lineup of products includes three main types of simulators:

    The Pro Series simulator (starting at 55,000 dollars) is intended for professionals seeking the most accurate data to always be on top. This one is preferred by many pro golfers, including Tiger Woods, Brandt Snedeker, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Jim Furyk, and Padraig Harrington.

    The Sports Series package (starting at 45,000 dollars) is the exclusive simulator for the Golf Channel [2] and is licensed by the PGA Tour. It is a camera-based system that uses Full Swing’s dual-tracking system for the most accurate readings.

    It is available in two variants to fit almost any space: the Standard version and the widescreen.

    The Virtual Green simulator is Full Swing’s most expensive option starting at a whopping 70,000 dollar price tag. It uses patented underground actuators technology capable of shifting the ground and changing slope and undulation; the goal is to mimic many challenging putting situations.

    The virtual green is available in both square and curved shapes, and data can be directly projected on the green to help you perfect your putts.


    • Over 60 different configurations and combinations of components are available.
    • Favored by the golf living legend himself: Tiger Woods for a reason
    • Full Swing took photometric technology to a whole new level.
    • The ION3 and LineScan cameras are truly technological wonders
    • Innovative and exclusive technology that other manufacturers can hardly compete with
    • The best possible quality in both hardware and software components


    • Nothing we could think of, except the exorbitant prices.

    Full Swing’s products are all top-of-the-line premium packages that are priced accordingly. Very few can afford a Full Swing simulator, most of whom will be business owners that see the amount of money spent as a necessary investment to expand their business and use state-of-the-art technology as a means of entertainment for their most demanding clientele.

    With that said, the Full Swing systems will be a winning investment, if you can afford them. They will be a great addition to your business.

    Golfzon Premium Golf Simulators

    golfzon premium golf simulators

    Golfzon is another big player when it comes to creating premium-quality golf simulator packages. The company has developed many proprietary technologies to back up its high-end products.

    As a result, they have an excellent reputation among professional players as well as amateurs. That’s why their packages were considered the best simulators in the world four times in a row by Golf Digest.

    Their product line includes everything from portable systems to large commercial units. All of them come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which makes sure that every shot is recorded and analyzed by the computer.

    For example, GolfZon’s systems employ dual high-speed cameras that can be mounted on the ceiling (or the floor) to track all the details of your swings. They use the Two Vision high-speed cameras for their high-end systems like the Two Vision, and the T1 and T2 cameras in other, cheaper models such as the Vision packages (which are still very expensive).

    The in-house software (Vision) allows you to play a huge library with over 200 courses in mesmerizing visual quality and unparalleled realism.

    The experience is even more immersive thanks to the use of a 24-position moving swing plate that mimics the conditions of the course and sidehill/downhill lies.

    Additionally, the multi-surface hitting mat recreates the actual course contours (Bunkers, roughs, fairway). 

    Furthermore, your game statistics can be uploaded online at any time. You can also download score sheets directly onto your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth connectivity.

    Another great thing about this brand is that they offer free training videos and tutorials to help you get started right away.

    Additionally, Golfzon worked in partnership with David Leadbetter, one of the world’s most esteemed golf instructors, to support the Golfzon Leadbetter academy.

    The academy has now expanded into more than 15 countries and today provides more than 100,000 golf lessons per year.


    • Systems accommodate both right and left-handed players with two hitting areas
    • Realistic simulation of fairway, rough, and bunkers with three distinct sections
    • Extensive course library with over 200 options modeled from real courses worldwide
    • Simulation adjusted to different lies and conditions for an authentic experience
    • Accurate recreation of slopes and breaks when putting
    • Challenging and realistic chipping simulation
    • Overall extremely realistic and engaging golf simulation


    • Expensive premium golf simulators, likely cost prohibitive for most casual golfers
    • A lot of space for setup is required

    So, whether you need a simple system for home use or something bigger for business purposes, there should be no problem finding what you need. GolfZon offers packages for a wide range of budgets, and we encourage you to consider them for the amount of technological advancement included in those setups.

    However, you should be aware that the GolfZon systems are very expensive. In fact, their cheapest, most basic model – the GDR Standard – has a starting price of around $29,000 and up.

    Make sure you can afford the investment because if you can, it will be totally worth it and you will get to enjoy the latest and greatest in golf simulator technology.

    To know more about all the available sim packages and their newest technologies, we invite you to visit GolfZon’s official web page.

    Skytrak Plus Golf Simulator Studio Pro Package

    The SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Studio Pro Package provides an immersive and ultra-realistic golf simulation experience, suitable for home and business use. I was really impressed with the performance and versatility of this great and affordable system (compared to other commercial systems).

    The new and upgraded SkyTrak+ launch monitor combines photometric and Doppler radar technologies to accurately track all your shot data including ball speed, launch angle, backspin, and sidespin. It pairs seamlessly with the included simulator software to render photorealistic course visuals on the durable impact screen. I felt fully transported to some of my favorite championship courses thanks to the incredibly realistic graphics and smooth swing animations.

    The sturdy steel enclosure ensures your shots stay safely contained while the 5×5 hitting mat mimics the feel of real turf. The adjustable Optoma GT1080 projector delivers sharp, vivid visuals even in ample ambient light. The simulator software features games, challenges and skill-building challenges to analyze and improve your technique.

    After testing this system extensively, I can confidently say it’s an excellent commercial golf simulator, especially if you are a startup or small business unable to invest a lot of money in your system(s). The accurate ball-tracking and ultra-realistic course visuals are extremely impressive. You’ll enjoy endless hours of highly engaging simulated golf.


    • Accurate launch monitor tracking
    • Photorealistic course graphics
    • Study swing path and ball flight
    • Hit off a realistic turf mat
    • Fully enclosed hitting area
    • Extensive game and skill improvement game modes


    • May need further investment in a projector ceiling mount and a launch monitor protective case to protect the components

    Overall, this is a great value golf simulator system that provides an amazingly realistic and multifaceted virtual golf experience. If you want to keep your customers happy without going bankrupt, this SkyTrak+ bundle is easily one of the best options on the market.

    We do recommend this system for business owners who can’t spend too much on a simulator.

    Buyer Guide: Things To Consider When Choosing A Simulator For Business Use

    Now, you might be asking yourself the following question: What distinguishes commercial sims from regular golf simulators?

    The answer is that they are actually the same in terms of the number of essential components they include and the way they work.

    However, there are certain features (maybe even requirements) that a sim package must meet to be suitable for business use.

    To put it differently, all commercial sims can be used at home (if you have the required space and money), but NOT all indoor golf sims can be used for business.

    Let’s now go through some of the most important factors you need to consider.

    Size & Space

    golf sim dimension

    Generally, size is an essential factor in golf simulators that you need to keep in mind before you start looking for a system for your business use.

    You should have a clear idea of the dimensions of the space where you intend to set up the package in terms of width, length, and height. You do not want to have any bad surprises after you actually purchase a specific setup.

    What you need to do is compare your available space to the minimum space requirements of packages that catch your attention.

    Depending on the product, the manufacturer, and the technology, the system may require up to 20 feet in depth and more than 14 feet in all other directions. 

    As a general rule, commercial sims are usually very large units that require a lot of space. Still, you should ensure your space meets the recommended requirements and preferably exceeds them.

    That’s because you will expect groups of friends or family members to play together. As a result, they need additional rows of seats and tables to rest and maybe enjoy a drink or chat while waiting for their turns. You may even add a dedicated practice area (a second hitting mat and flooring) that they can use while doing so.

    In a nutshell, we recommend dedicating as much space as possible to your commercial setup. You don’t want your customers to feel crowded, do you?


    5 star review

    You need to purchase the best possible quality system that you can afford. Your commercial simulator is expected to be used (sometimes abused) by tens or even hundreds of people daily. A good quality sim will be able to withstand all the hardships and won’t require maintenance too often; it will also be very durable, which will make it a profitable investment. 

    Moreover, a quality simulator will be more accurate and provide more precise readings and data of your shots. That’s because it uses the latest technologies and tracking devices to provide the best possible experience.

    Also, good quality packages include larger screens with better image quality. The simulation software usually contains more features and better simulation, making the whole experience much more immersive, realistic and attractive for your customers.

    Also, customers will be more willing to pay higher prices (with hourly rates sometimes going beyond 80 dollars) if they know that they are using a high-end system. This will help you make a return on investment much faster.

    Ground Vs. Ceiling Tracking

    From the start, we will be clear about this: We highly recommend going ceiling-mounted for many reasons.

    First, you will be receiving customers with different skill levels. Some will be highly-skilled golfers, while others will be complete beginners. Accidents may (and probably will) happen, like the player missing a shot that goes rogue and hits the projector or the launch monitor. Maybe the player fails to swing correctly and ends up hitting the monitor positioned on the ground.

    fs gchawk

    By mounting the components on the ceiling, you don’t totally eliminate the risk of accidents and damage to your hardware, but you keep it minimal. That’s why we always recommend overhead launch monitors like the Foresight Sports GCHawk and the Uneekor Eye XO or QED instead of floor-mounted units such as Skytrak or the GC3/GCQuad because they are at a higher risk of accidents and damage.

    In the end, the best piece of advice we can provide is, regardless of the mount type you end up choosing, make sure you provide the best possible protection for your precious items.

    You can do so by using protective enclosures that are available for both projectors and launch monitors.

    Another huge benefit provided by overhead launch monitors is that they don’t require any handling once they are mounted. They support both lefties and righties without any interference or repositioning.

    If you’re unsure of which launch monitor to go with, we’ve reviewed the top launch monitors in the market today.


    commercial golf sims budgeting

    Not all businesses are able to invest 30K dollars or more on a commercial golf simulator. Luckily, there are many options that are more reasonably priced and offer a decent virtual golf experience.

    However, you need to be aware that the less you pay, the less you get in quality, features, components, etc. That’s why we encourage you to specify the highest budget that you can spend and compare the packages you can afford to choose the one that provides the most features. 

    We tried to provide simulators that fit into a wide range of budgets and that different businesses can afford and use.

    The best thing is that you don’t have to pay the whole price of your chosen package at once. Shop Indoor Golf, Rain Or Shine Golf, and Top Shelf Golf all offer interesting financing options that you can check out in the links below:

    Financing options at Shop Indoor Golf.

    Financing options at Rain or Shine Golf.

    Financing options at Top Shelf Golf


    Almost all the big players in the world of golf simulators have their own simulation software that can be used with their packages as well as with other manufacturers’ systems. That’s why you need to know exactly what you want from the software.

    First, you want software that provides as many useful features as possible, such as virtual practice ranges, skills challenges, tournaments, multiplayer and online features, club fitting, etc. The more you get out of the software, the better.

    the golf club 2019

    In terms of the sheer number of available courses, We believe nothing beats the Golf Club 2019 (TGC2019). This software offers the possibility to play on a huge course library, mainly thanks to the course-building feature.

    Most of the included courses are player-designed, but they undergo a player-rating system, so you will be able to use only the good ones.

    If we focus more on the graphics and visual quality of the simulation, then HD Golf’s software will be a clear winner, as their software uses the latest technologies to create the most life-like and realistic 3D models of the world’s famous golf courses. 

    Also, Skytrak offers more affordable software that can be purchased in one of three different plans: Basic, Game Improvement and Play & Improve. 

    There are other software options that offer a very good visual experience; these include Uneekor’s View and Refine software, the E6 Connect software by Trugolf, Foresight Sports’ FSX 2020, etc.

    Other good simulation software include Creative Golf 3D, Awesome Golf, GSPro, WGT Golf, etc.

    Our recommendation is that if you have a specific simulation software in mind, make sure you contact customer support to check compatibility with your chosen package. Most probably, it will be compatible, but it’s always better to check beforehand to be on the safe side.


    This is probably the least concern for any business planning to invest in a commercial golf simulator. Most will just install the package in a dedicated space without the need to constantly move it around.

    There are, however, a few situations in which portability is a potential concern; for instance, a restaurant or bar may need to periodically move their setups for one reason or another.

    A system like HD Golf’s packages is not intended to be portable, especially with its gigantic screen and enclosure; but Trugolf’s systems, especially the Vista 8 (with its smaller screen), can easily be mounted and disassembled, making it a more portable option.

    So, before you buy a specific model for your business, ask yourself whether you will need to move it around frequently or just install it and never move it again; after that, choose accordingly.

    Final Thoughts

    Our journey in the world of commercial golf simulators has come to an end. In this article, we tried to provide the best possible systems that can be used in businesses.

    The benefits of commercial sims are numerous, and that’s why more and more business owners opt for simulator packages to keep their customers happy, grow the business and potentially attract new customers.

    If you are interested in starting your own golf simulator business, be sure to check out our guide on the steps to start and grow a golf simulator business.

    If you still have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us; We will be happy to hear from you and assist you whenever we can.


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