The 10 Best Golf Simulators For Left and Right-Handed Use

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Key Takeaways

The Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 is the best golf simulator for left and right-handed use because it offers a seamless hand switching experience. The GCHawk launch monitor is mounted overhead, so players can hit shots from either side of the simulator without having to reposition the monitor. The SIG12 enclosure is also large enough to accommodate both left-handed and right-handed golfers.

Having golf partners and buddies is awesome, and owning a golf simulator to enjoy as a group is even better!

But what if one of the players in the group uses their left hand while the others are righties? What if one (or many) of you prefer hand-switching during the same game?

Just imagine having to move the launch monitor around each time a player switches hands or two players with different hand preferences alternate; that would drive me crazy!

In this article, We will list the best golf simulators for left and right-handed use, thoroughly tested and reviewed. These will be a much more convenient choice, as they usually don’t need any placement shift once installed. We will help you find the best simulator package based on many factors, such as budget, space, tracking system, etc.

Read through the article to pick your favorite system!

A Note On the Reviewed Packages

As you may notice, our list of packages includes systems with overhead launch monitors as well as portable Radar units. Both types will work perfectly for right and left-handed golfers without the need to modify the position of the components. 

However, for that same purpose, we do have a slight preference for photometric overhead systems because they are attached to the ceiling, which keeps them safe from any mishits or accidents. 

On the other hand, Doppler Radar units are very portable and can be taken to the range or course.

The problem is when they are used indoors; when there is a large number of players, there is a chance that someone may accidentally stumble on the unit and cause damage or even injury (or both in a worst-case scenario). 

Unless a protective case is used for the Doppler unit indoors, we prefer the overhead options for extra peace of mind.

Please also bear in mind that some extremely popular packages, such as those with Skytrak, GCQuad, GC3, Bushnell Launch Pro, etc. won’t be included in our list for a simple reason: They are portable photometric systems, meaning that they need to be facing the player at tee point to track the ball/club accurately; as a result, they need to be constantly repositioned if one or more golfers in the bunch switch hands. 

Doppler Radar systems, such as Trackman, Flightscope, Full Swing, etc. will work perfectly for left/right-hand switching. These are usually placed behind the player and tee point (around 6 feet min.) to work flawlessly. They, too, can track shots from the same position regardless of whether the player is a righty or lefty.

More details on these things later…

On the other hand, overhead systems like Uneekor’s Eye XO or QED, and Foresight SPorts’ GCHawk are mounted to the ceiling and can track data from both right and left-handed players.

In a Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks.


Best Golf Simulators for Left and Right-Handed Golfers – Detailed Reviews

Let’s now go through our list of systems that require a one-time setup and can accommodate righties and lefties without you touching any components.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12

    Topping our list is a high-end package that combines the best that two great companies have to offer: Foresight Sports’ GCHawk launch monitor and Shop Indoor Golf’s premium SIG12 enclosure and screen.

    The SIG12 is a massive enclosure that measures 9’4″H x 12’2″W x 5′ D (we suggest having more space to accommodate it without issues).

    It has a large screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning your high-quality HD content will be able to fill 100% of the screen, which translates into a more realistic and immersive experience. The blacked walls of the enclosure will help the image pop out more.

    The enclosure is made of top-quality materials such as powder-coated steel frames and tight-knit polyester for the screen and netting, making this a very durable enclosure. The impact screen will withstand your fastest shots of up to 250 MPH.

    The enclosure comes with a standard Fairway series (5’x5′) hitting mat, but since we are dealing with right and left-hand accommodation, we recommend upgrading to the SIGPro Softy Double-Sided mat (4’x10′) or even the SIG12 simulator flooring that covers the whole playing area (but will cost a lot of money – around 4,000 dollars).

    gchawk launch monitor close up
    GCHawk Launch Monitor. Source

    The GCHawk is one of Foresight Sports’ most advanced launch monitors; its performance is on par with the top-of-the-line GCQuad. In fact, the two share the same quadraphonic configuration with four ultra-high-speed cameras working together to track your ball and club and provide instant feedback with outstanding accuracy.

    If you choose to get the Clubhead Analysis Addon (+ 4,000 dollars), you will get additional data about the angle of attack, loft at impact, face and lie angles at impact, impact location (on the face), smash factor, and club head speed. You will get more than enough data to take your game to the next level.

    The package comes with the FSX2020 software, with five playable virtual courses, a virtual driving range, club fitting, online play, and many challenges and game modes.

    What’s included

    • GCHawk monitor
    • Alignment wand
    • 2 ceiling mounts (for the monitor)
    • FSX 2020 Software
    • 30′ Ethernet Cable
    • 15′ USB Cable type C
    • 5″ hand grip
    • 2 rubber tee kits
    • Power supply cord & block
    • Remote control
    • Panasonic VMZ50U Projector, ceiling mount & 15′ HDMI cable
    • Landing Pad Turf
    • Choice of Golf Mat
    • SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure
    • Side Barrier Netting
    • Optional upgrades: Clubhead addon, SIG12 Flooring, Soccer Multisport.


    • Same performance as the GCQuad with an overhead installation
    • Beautiful design (both the launch monitor and the enclosure)
    • Premium components & materials = extended durability
    • Pinpoint accuracy
    • Plenty of game modes and features
    • Beautiful graphics


    • Expect to pay a lot of money, especially with all the bells and whistles
    • For the price, we’d expect more playable courses to be included.

    The Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 is a premium system that integrates premium components for the best possible results. It provides a very enjoyable and realistic experience thanks to the cutting-edge technology that helped build this masterpiece.

    The exorbitant price tag is probably the only downside of this amazing package, so if you want a more budget-friendly option or need a smaller enclosure (with the same monitor), we suggest having a look at the GCHawk Bronze, the GCHawk Flex Space and GCHawk SIG8 packages.

    These provide size and retractability options to choose from, but the price variation is still minimal because they all use the same pricey launch monitor.

    Just remember to choose the double-sided mat option or the SIG12 Simulator Flooring if you decide to buy this simulator to accommodate seamless hand switching (which is the main reason this article was written in the first place).

    Best Hand Switching Accommodation

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12 complete golf simulator setup indoors

    Foresight Sports GCHawk SIG12

    A premium system that integrates premium components for the best possible results. The cutting-edge technology helped build this masterpiece to achieve a realistic experience.

    Uneekor EYE XO Swingbay Simulator

    Next on our list is the Korean brand that made a name for itself in a very short time by providing overhead launch monitors that offer excellent value for the money, accurate data, and immersive graphics. 

    The EYE XO monitor is an improvement over its predecessor in terms of simulation software as well as tracking technology; the EYE XO can track non-marked golf balls, which is not the case with the QED.

    The system uses a dual-camera photometric system to provide accurate readings and data of your ball and club. 

    You can measure things like clubhead and ball speed, smash factor, club loft and lie angles, side and total spin, spin axis, etc.

    In addition, if you use an additional camera like this one, you’ll be able to have your own golf studio. The Club & Swing Optix software will help you further analyze your shots and see exactly what you do right or wrong.

    The Power U Cloud Service allows players to share and compare their data with others around the globe.

    uneekor eye xo
    Uneekor EYE XO. Source

    The EYE XO comes with the basic View software that provides a driving range, the Uneekor Optix, fitting software and a slow-motion analysis tool.

    If you want to play virtual courses, you’ll need to upgrade to the View+ or the View+ Refine software solutions.

    However, for the best value, we recommend sticking to the software package included with this system – the View + TGC2019 (and getting permanent access to the latter).

    If you have some more money to spend, you can include a powerful gaming laptop and stand to run your software optimally.

    The Swingbay Enclosure has blacked walls to improve the quality of the projected image and provide the best possible clarity and colors. It is made of military-grade materials to stop your fastest shots for a long time to come.

    The provided Swing Turf hitting mat offers a real life -like feel to make you feel like using the real thing.

    Since we’re at it, we advise you to choose the 4’x9′ variant of the mat for a centered aim and better accommodation for left and right-hand use and switching. 

    The absolute minimum required space for this package is 8’H x 10′ 6″W x 16’D and the recommended dimensions for more comfort are 9’H x 12’W x 16’D; still, the larger the space, the better!

    What’s included

    • Uneekor EYEXO launch monitor
    • Swingbay golf enclosure & impact screen
    • Uneekor View & TGC2019 (included with this specific package)
    • Choice of mat size (we agreed the 4’x9′ is the one to go for)
    • 2x landing pad turf (5’x10’7″)
    • Projector floor enclosure (SwingShield); you can still choose a ceiling mount and save some bucks
    • 25-foot HDMI cable
    • 1080P short-throw projector (Optoma)
    • Ball tray & Birtees
    • Optional components: Gaming laptop, stand, sleeve, and mouse pad.


    • Perfect golf simulator studio
    • Accurate readings
    • Good software bundle
    • No need to mark the balls you use
    • All the features you may need are there


    • The setup instructions can be improved

    The Uneeekor EYE XO Swingbay Package is a very good system with a performance close to that of our number one pick, but for a lot less money.

    It is a complete package to build your own golf studio and enjoy a very good and realistic experience. If you like this package but are constrained by its price, which we find balanced by the way (not too expensive, but not cheap either), you can always opt for its little brother – the Uneekor QED PerfectBay Package – and save a considerable amount of money.

    Also Great for Hand Switching

    uneeekor eye xo swingbay package

    Uneekor EYE XO Swingbay Simulator

    A very good system with a performance close to that of our number one pick, but for a lot less money. It is a complete package to build your golf studio and enjoy a very good and realistic experience.

    Trugolf Apogee SIG10

    The Trugolf Apogee SIG10 comes with Trugolf’s recently launched overhead monitor- the Apogee- paired with a high-quality enclosure from Shop Indoor Golf.

    The Apogee uses a proprietary stereoscopic system to track your club and ball data. It employs Trugolf’s Instant Impact imaging algorithm, which is as accurate as the previous technology generation -the Trutrack 2- but has the advantage of processing the data faster thanks to the upgraded hardware and software components.

    As a result, you will have your shots processed and displayed on the screen without lag or delay after impact. The large screen of the SIG10 coupled with the 5000-lumen Panasonic projector ensure image quality is mind-blowing, making the entire experience extremely immersive and realistic.

    The included software – Trugolf’s E6 Connect- brings its share of graphic fidelity, as it is one of the most graphically impressive golf simulations today. You’ll get to play 27 world-famous courses and a one-year subscription to the E6 extended plan, allowing you to benefit from additional courses, game modes, practice ranges, challenges, etc.

    Apogee launch monitor with hand placing ball under laser tracking system

    For more convenience, the Apogee uses laser marking to show exactly where to position the ball on the hitting mat before impact for optimal tracking and accuracy.

    The SIG10 is a premium enclosure made of high-quality components that make it sturdy and durable. It can withstand thousands of shots of up to 250 MPH speeds without problems.

    The Fairway series golf mat (5′ x 5′) offers excellent feel and comfort, and you have the option to upgrade to the SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ or SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 10′. However, we highly recommend the SIG12 flooring for a cleaner-looking setup and seamless hand-switching ability, if it’s within your budget.

    What’s included

    • Trugolf Apogee launch monitor, mounting hardware & accessories
    • 1080P ST Panasonic projector & cables
    • SIG10 enclosure & screen
    • Choice of hitting mat
    • 1-year license to E6 extended subscription


    • Lightning-fast tracking and data processing
    • Laser marking for optimal ball positioning
    • Very accurate readings of the club and ball data
    • Cleaner setup with the overhead mount
    • Good software bundle with plenty of courses to enjoy out of the box


    • Not the cheapest package out there

    The Trugolf Apogee SIG10 package is an excellent system that offers a great virtual golf experience and plenty of game modes to enjoy in mesmerizing visual quality.

    It uses premium components to achieve the best simulation possible, and that shows on the package’s price. It will cost you anywhere between $17,355 and as high as $21,155, depending on which hitting mat you opt for.

    Still, we believe that this is a package that golf enthusiasts or even professionals will enjoy and use to improve their game. Highly recommended.

    Best accuracy for both hands

    Trugolf Apogee SIG10 in a room

    Trugolf Apogee SIG10

    The Trugolf Apogee SIG10 package is an excellent system that offers a great virtual golf experience and plenty of game modes to enjoy in mesmerizing visual quality.

    Trugolf Vista 12 Simulator Package

    Trugolf’s Vista series of golf sims can be used as business systems or indoor simulators to enjoy virtual golf in the comfort of your home.

    The Vista 12 package is the largest of the series with a massive enclosure and a widescreen that make for one of the best virtual experiences possible.

    Software-wise, you get a 1-year basic subscription to the in-house E6 Connect, with a 27-course library containing the most prestigious courses worldwide like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst No. 8, Auburn Grand National, Aviara, etc.

    If you opt for the expanded plan of the E6 Connect, you get access to another additional unique 12 courses each year (in addition to the 27 already included). 

    The Trutrack 2 detection system is integrated into the hitting mat and is suitable for both righties and lefties. It can track various ball and club metrics such as spin, clubhead speed, launch angle, distance, deviation, clubface and launch angles, etc.

    Screenshot of the E6 connect simulation software
    E6 Connect Simulation Software

    The E6 Connect includes interesting features like in-game practice modes, 8-player simultaneous multiplayer, five tee box options, Boost Settings (for beginners), and various time of the day conditions. The tracking is quite accurate and will help you improve your game really fast. 

    The Vista 12 enclosure measures exactly 12′ W x 14.9′ D x 8.8′ H, with a diagonal screen size of 168″ and a 21″ touchscreen display.

    The minimum space to set up the system is 15′ W x 20′ D x 10′ H; however, it’s always advisable to have more space than the absolute minimum.  

    trugolf vista 12 base model
    TruGolf Vista 12 Base Model. Source

    The Vista 12 package is available in two variants: the basic and the pro models. The basic model comes with a 720P HD projector and all the software and hardware components we mentioned earlier.

    With the pro model, you get an extended library of 39 courses (with a two-year subscription), a 1080P FHD projector, a more powerful level 2 computer to run the software (as opposed to the basic level 1 computer), side walls and nets, and a portable audio system.

    Both models come with a 3.5″ thick premium Fairway Mat System (4’L x 9’W) capable of accommodating hand switching without issues.

    Despite the huge size of the Vista 12, it is still lightweight and allows for a great deal of portability.  

    What’s included

    • Complete Vista 12 enclosure
    •  Premium Fairway hitting mat
    • Level 1 computer (Level 2 for the pro model)
    • Overhead light bar
    • Trutrack 2 system
    • 720P projector (1080P for the pro)
    • Impact screen & Touchscreen display
    • 1 year Basic subscription to E6 Connect (Extended 2-year subscription for the pro)
    • 1 year warranty
    • Audio system, side nets & walls, widescreen projector box (only with the pro model)


    • Massive system with huge enclosure and screen
    • Lightweight and easy to install despite its size
    • Tracking system built into the mat
    • More than enough courses & interesting features for both models
    • Looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is (great value for the money)


    • The duration of stats display on the screen is a tad too short for my taste. It would have been better to have an option to modify it in the settings.

    The Trugolf Vista 12 System is a behemoth of a simulator. It looks and feels like a professional system and provides a lot of practice and fun while playing.

    You get a large library of courses regardless of the model you get, which is a plus in our opinion. The extended plan of the E6 Connect was lately modified to offer 12 fresh courses each year (with each payment), which we believe is a good thing because it adds some variation to your practice sessions and avoids the boredom of having to play the same courses all the time.

    Some will like the new system, others will hate it; we simply love it! If you have space or budget limitations, the Vista 12’s little siblings will provide a lot of fun with a much lower price tag.

    Make sure you check out the Trugolf Vista 10 and Trugolf Vista 8 before you make up your mind.

    Massive System with Huge Enclosure and Screen

    TruGolf Vista 12 complete indoor commercial setup

    Trugolf Vista 12 Simulator

    It is a behemoth of a simulator. It looks and feels like a professional system and provides a lot of practice and fun while playing. You get a large library of courses regardless of the model you get.

    FlightScope X3 Premium Package

    The X3 Premium Package, from our friends at Top Shelf Golf uses Flightscope’s latest and greatest launch monitor to date – the X3 – to provide a very good virtual experience.

    The X3 is their most technologically advanced monitor intended mainly for professional use. Still, if you are serious about getting better and improving your game techniques, this is a great option for you; it is not cheap, but it is nowhere near the price of other professional monitors such as the Trackman 4, meaning you will get excellent performance and accuracy levels for much less money. 

    flightscope fusion tracking
    FlightScope Fusion Tracking. Source

    FlightScope’s proprietary Fusion Tracking technology combines the included camera system with Doppler radar tracking to provide a whopping 50+ metrics of all your game aspects, including full golf swings, chipping, putting, and pitching (as well as the D-Plane of your golf clubs). 

    You also have the ability to use the Multicam software (with multiple cameras) to record videos of your swings and save them with data overlay (very useful if you are a professional coach). 

    Customization is something we especially like about Top Shelf Golf’s packages, as you usually get options to pick and upgrade almost all components of your setup, and this one is no exception.

    Depending on your available space, you can choose between 3 different sizes of the Net Return Screen and netting (8′, 10′ or 12′).

    The hitting mat is upgradable too, and since our main objective is seamless hand switching, we strongly recommend going for one of the two Fiberbuilt options: the 9’w x 4’L or the much larger 10’W x 12’L one. Both options will enable a centered aim, which is something crucial for us in this article. 

    The customization options go on with the projector; you can choose a 4,000-lumen short-throw projector or upgrade it to a 4200-lumen laser one if you want to get much clearer and crisper image quality.

    For the software component, you can either go for the basic or extended plans of the E6 Connect (Discussed earlier) or make a $949 one-time payment to get full access to TGC2019 and its huge course library. The latter is our recommendation for the great value (and quality) it provides.

    Let’s not forget that the X3 is a portable Doppler radar device with a built-in battery that lasts up to 6 hours of continuous usage. You can use it indoors or outdoors or take it with you to the actual course.

    The monitor requires to be placed between 7′ and 12′ behind the tee point and between 8′ and 13′ ball flight distance to the net to provide accurate data depending on which tracking mode you are using (outdoor, indoor, short indoor, etc.). The longer the distances and ball flight, the better.

    Depending on which enclosure size you choose, the minimum required space will vary between 12’W x 9’H x 16’D (for the smaller one) and 14’W x 9’H x 16’D (for the largest one). 

    What’s included

    • FlightScope X3 monitor
    • Basic E6 Connect subscription (5 courses and 17 practice ranges) – upgradable to the extended plan or to TGC2019.
    • Net Return net & screen (enclosure) – Upgradable to larger 10′ or 12′ options
    • Net Return hitting mat & turf – upgradable to centered aim Fiberbuilt options (recommended).
    • Optional choice of the projector and mount type (ceiling or floor enclosure)


    • Professional-grade launch monitor with outstanding performance
    • Everything is upgradable to fit most spaces and budgets
    • Huge number of metrics provided covering all game aspects
    • You can record videos, save and share them for future reference or teaching purposes.
    • Auto leveling feet; just turn on the monitor and it will take care of everything


    • As with all radar systems, a lot of room depth is required. Something to keep in mind.

    The FlightScope X3 Premium Package is an excellent sim if you and your golfing buddies are competitive and really serious about improving and getting as good as possible.

    The combination of radar and photometric technologies allows the system to detect all the details of your game with pinpoint accuracy.

    The package provided by Top Shelf Golf offers enough customization options to fit in a lot of spaces (as long as the depth is there). As a result, we don’t feel the need to provide any alternatives to this amazing package. The launch monitor will be placed behind the tee point and will track golf club and ball data for both right and left-handed golfers from the same position.

    Upgradable to fit all your needs

    flightscope x3 premium package

    FlightScope X3 Premium Package

    The launch monitor will be placed behind the tee point and will track golf club and ball data for both right and left-handed golfers from the same position.

    FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10

    The FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10 is a more budget-friendly option from the company. Since Skytrak is a no-go because it needs constant repositioning whenever the player switches hands, the Mevo Plus is a suitable alternative that is in the same price range as Skytrak (sub-2000 dollars for the monitor alone).

    The Mevo Plus is a radar-based unit, which means it can be positioned behind the player and track right and left-handed swings.

    Despite not having an integrated camera, the Mevo Plus can use your mobile device’s camera through the Mevo app, and then the radar synchronizes the data to provide videos with data overlays.

    The tracking is accurate (as you’d expect from a radar system) and the unit provides around 15 club and ball data metrics, but if you get the Pro Package add-on, you will get 11 more metrics, including low point, dynamic loft, face to path target, club path, vertical & horizontal swing plane, speed & acceleration profiles, etc. You get enough data to work on your game and take it to a whole new level. 

    You’ll get a trimmed version of the E6 Connect with 5 playable courses, 17 virtual ranges and the ability to record and share your practice sessions (upgradable to the extended plan).

    The built-in battery will allow you to use the Mevo Plus (indoors or out) for two continuous hours.

    sig10 golf simulator enclosure
    SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure. Source

    The SIG10 enclosure, as the name suggests, measures 10 feet in width, and the screen is designed so that the image fills it completely in a 4:3 aspect ratio and provides good image quality.

    The actual size of the enclosure is 8’4″ H x 10’10” W x 5′ D; it will withstand your hardest shots because of its durable materials (powder-coated frame and tight-knit polyester for the screen and nets, just like the larger SIG12).

    The 1080P Panasonic PT-VZ580U provides an extremely clear image, mainly thanks to its whopping 5,000 lumens, and the included ceiling mount will always keep it out of harm’s way. 

    The included hitting mat – the Fairway Series 5′ x 5′ – won’t cut it for us, as we need hand-switching accommodation; so, our two possible options are the Sigpro Softy 4′ x 10′ mat or even better, if you can afford it, the SIG10 flooring that covers a huge area and makes the whole setup much more aesthetically appealing.

    The recommended room dimensions to house this beauty and play more comfortably are 9′(H) x 18′(D) x 12′(W). 

    What’s included

    • Mevo+ launch monitor & accessories (cables, carrying pouch, 50 metallic stickers for club tracking)
    • SIG10 enclosure
    • Projector & ceiling mount
    • 15-foot HDMI cable & lightning adapter
    • Landing pad turf & side netting
    • E6 Connect software (basic subscription)


    • Premium quality enclosure
    • Sturdy materials
    • Great value for the money
    • 5000 lumens + blacked screen walls = clarity even in the brightest setting


    • The launch monitor battery charging time can be improved (We know people who use external batteries to keep the fun going uninterrupted).

    The FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10 system is the fifth package on our list, the second Doppler radar setup from the same company, but it is the first budget-friendly sim we have reviewed so far.

    If you feel bad for not having Skytrak on this list (for obvious reasons), this is the perfect replacement, as it is close to it in terms of price and performance (despite using a totally different tracking technology).

    This is a system that provides a great bang for the buck; just remember the choice of the appropriate hitting mat, and you’ll be good to go.

    Best Value for Money

    flightscope mevo+ sig10 golf simulator package

    FlightScope Mevo Plus SIG10

    If you feel bad for not having Skytrak on this list (for obvious reasons), this is the perfect replacement, as it is close to it in terms of price and performance (despite using a totally different tracking technology).

    Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package

    The Garmin Approach R10 is a relatively recent addition to the launch monitor market; it was released back in 2021 and brought its share of innovation.

    The Approach R10 is the only monitor to provide simulation capabilities and track metrics of both your golf ball and club for as little as 600 dollars. Before its release, those features were exclusive to units that cost more than 1800 dollars.

    The Approach R10 monitor is a radar-based unit that can take advantage of your smart device’s camera and GPS capabilities; it comes with a phone mount so that you can record videos of your shots, save and share them with data overlay for future reference through the Garmin App. 

    The monitor can track more than a dozen metrics accurately, which is surprising given how small and portable the unit is; Kudos to Garmin for that.

    Another nice surprise is the built-in battery that lasts up to 10 hours before the next recharge. We managed to squeeze a bit more operation time from our unit during our testing. 

    With a subscription to Garmin’s simulation app, you get access to more than 40,000 virtual courses from around the world; you also get a version of the E6 Connect with 5 playable courses out of the box (only compatible with IOS).  

    The Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package is provided by the guys at Shop Indoor Golf, and provides components that allow users fast and easy installation both indoors and out.

    It comes with the Net Return Golf Net, screen and side nets; these are made of sturdy materials to ensure durability even with the fastest swings and ball speeds. The Home series measures 7’H x 7’W x 3’6″ D and can be upgraded to the Pro series of the same net with 7’6″H x 8’W x 3’6″ D dimensions. The 1.5″ tubing used in the frame guarantees light weight and portability.

    sigpro turf golf mat
    SIGPRO Turf Golf Mat. Source

    Both versions of the net are designed to return the ball to the player after impact; that’s why the included SIG Pro Turf Mat (6′ wide and 10′ long) covers the whole area between the screen and tee position to help return the balls to the player’s feet.

    The rectangular shape of the mat means centered aim won’t be achieved. Still, the package will work perfectly for right and left-handers. You can get a bit creative and add side mat extensions.

    The package includes a projector protective enclosure and requires a recommended room size of 10′ (W) x 15′ (L) x 8’6″ (H). 

    What’s included

    • Approach R10 launch monitor, tripod stand, carrying case, USB charging cable, phone mount, and trial membership to Garmin Golf
    • Net Return Home Series net, screen, side nets – upgradable to the Pro Series
    • 1080P projector (short-throw) & floor enclosure mount
    • SIG Pro Turf mat (6′ x 10′)
    • 15-foot HDMI cable & lightning adapter


    • Extremely lightweight and portable components
    • Usable indoors (with screen & projector) or out (with net)
    • Amazing monitor battery life and accuracy
    • Very good value for the money


    • Included mat doesn’t offer centered aim, but things can be worked out with a bit of creativity

    The Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package is an affordable system that provides an even better value than that of the Mevo+ above. It is easy to set up and use indoors as a complete simulation system or out, using the included net only.

    It will provide a lot of fun for yourself and your golfing partners for a very affordable price. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a complete system to use in a limited space.

    Also Great Value for Money

    garmin approach r10 bronze golf simulator package

    Garmin Approach R10 Bronze Package

    It is easy to set up and use indoors as a complete simulation system or out, using the included net only. It will provide a lot of fun for yourself and your golfing partners for a very affordable price.

    HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package

    There are many premium options of simulators that accommodate hand switching, from Trackman to GolfZon, AboutGolf Curve, Full Swing Pro Series packages, etc.

    However, we have always had a sweet spot for HD Golf’s systems as some of the most innovative and realistic available today. 

    The HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package comes with a huge enclosure and screen as well as a very high price tag, which makes it affordable only for very few of us, including professional golfers that don’t want any compromises on quality, accuracy, aesthetics, etc.

    The package uses a ceiling-mounted surround camera system to track all the details of your swing and provide instant feedback to help you improve.

    The cameras are positioned on both sides of the screen and on top of the tee position to cover a huge area and make sure everything is measured and nothing is missed. 

    The Canadian company uses in-house developed components so that compatibility is guaranteed. Their simulation system is a unique combination of satellite data, digital images and GPS data to provide an unmatched degree of realism and immersiveness. 

    The system offers a huge course library that is constantly growing with new content and a plethora of metrics that ensure enough data is provided, even for professional golfers.

    The system even provides data about balance and weight shift thanks to its exclusive technology that employs pressure-sensitive sensors in the hitting mat.

    The outstanding accuracy places HD Golf’s packages in direct competition with the industry’s greatest manufacturers, and it does a pretty good job thanks to an accuracy level of within a tenth of a degree.

    Another exclusive feature is HD Golf’s Multisport support, allowing players to enjoy simulations of 11 sports (including golf), and the huge screen and enclosure can serve as a home theater for optimal entertainment with friends and family. All games are playable in single and multiplayer modes so that you can compete against players from all over the world. 

    The package provides professional-grade club-fitting features, a lot of highly detailed practice areas and plenty of challenges and competitions (Target Pro Tour, Remax Long Drive, Closest to the pin, etc.).

    hd golf entertainment package space requirements
    HD Golf Entertainment Package Space Requirements. Source

    To house the HD Golf package, you don’t only need a lot of money, but a lot of space as well. The massive setup requires a minimum space of 16′ in width, 22’6″ in length and 10′ minimum ceiling height. No need to worry about setting up the package, as HD Golf sends a team of trained technicians to do it and help you get used to the simulator software. 

    What’s included

    • Viewing and Hitting System Frame/Screen
    • HP Computer Business Workstation
    • Computer Vision Club and Ball Tracking System
    • Precision Spin Measurement Data Module
    • 16:10 Flat Standard System (10ft H x 15ft 6in W x 19ft L)
    • Area Golf Turf in Green (16ft x 22ft 6in) & Stance Mat
    • Sony Laser Projector & Mounting Bracket
    • 22″ Wideview LCD Touchscreen Monitor
    • Sony surround Sound system
    • HD Golf Software Package (Deluxe Package – All Courses)
    • HD Multi-Sport Software Package (ALL Sports)
    • Ceiling Tracking System, Drapery, and Baffle 
    • Cables, power Bar, Components, A/V Cabinet
    • Dual Rear Cameras With Mount/Lens
    • Free shipping & installation


    • Premium components
    • Immersive and realistic graphics (unmatched)
    • Stance & pressure measurements
    • Surround camera tracking system
    • Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike
    • Entertainment for the whole family


    • Highly exclusive because of its price

    The HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package is one of the most expensive golf simulators, but it is also one of the most complete and accurate on the market today.

    It provides excellent quality and performance that make it trustworthy for pro golfers, coaches and club fitters for whom accuracy is of utmost importance. 

    This is an excellent system for anyone who can afford it; it will keep the whole family and friends entertained with its multisport system.

    However, if you are only interested in golf and want to improve your game fast, then its little brother, the HD Golf Ultimate Training Package, will be perfect for that purpose, and it will save you some money.

    Both systems provide hand switching and centered aim without issues.

    The Premium Option

    HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment Package

    HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package

     It provides excellent quality and performance that make it trustworthy for pro golfers, coaches and club fitters for whom accuracy is of utmost importance.

    Carl’s Place Black Tee

    The Black tee package uses the same Eye XO launch monitor from our second review, so you can expect to get the same software components and features in this one. For instance, you get the same E6 Connect software with the included driving ranges, virtual courses, online competitions, and more all in stunning graphics displayed through the BenQ LU710 projector (1920×1200 WUXGA resolution & 16:10 aspect ratio).

    That’s where the similarities end though, as the Black Tee package provides two additional Carl’s Place swing cameras to record your practice sessions and get instant visual feedback. You also get to enjoy playing in one of the most beautifully designed enclosures for a high-end and immersive simulation experience.

    fully loaded golf simulator
    Fully Loaded Golf Simulator. Source

    The Black Tee’s Pro screen enclosure has deep, blacked side and top walls around the screen to help with the image quality. It is made of sturdy materials to guarantee durability.

    The enclosure measures 10′(H) x 13′(L) x 5′(D) and comes with the TrueStrike Academy Golf Hitting Mat that is suitable for both right and left hands and provides a life-like feel for even more immersive practice sessions.

    In addition, the mat is fully portable, modular and expandable to the right size for your package.

    The manufacturer’s recommended space to house the Black Tee system should be 13′ feet in diameter with the player in the center, 10.5′ in room height and 12′ of distance between the player and the screen. 

    What’s included

    • Uneekor EYE XO monitor
    • Carl’s Place Pro simulator enclosure (screen, frame, side panels, safety cushions, frame connectors, and pipe framing kit)
    • Truestrike Academy mat
    • 2x Carl’s Place Swing Cameras with tripod stands
    • BenQ LU710 projector
    • E6 Connect software


    • We love the design of Carl’s Place enclosures
    • Excellent in terms of performance and aesthetics
    • Easy to install
    • High-quality build materials


    • A bit pricey

    The Carl’s Place Black Tee simulator makes no compromises on quality and performance. It is designed for the best possible virtual golf experience.

    We highly recommend it for anyone wishing to have a setup that adds value to their home, thanks to its eye-catching design.

    However, if you feel it’s a bit too much for your dedicated budget, you can always try their Blue Tee system which uses the Uneekor QED monitor with TGC2019 simulation software. Rest assured, as both setups will accommodate seamless hand switching.

    True Work of Art

    Carl’s Place Black Tee package illustrated sample setup on white background

    Carl’s Place Black Tee

    It is designed for the best possible virtual golf experience possible. It is highly recommended for anyone wishing to have a setup that adds value to their home.

    Full Swing Kit + Preferred Enclosure

    We can’t end our list without including Tiger Woods’ favorite brand: Full Swing. The 15-time major championship winner has been the face of the brand for some years now, and he has been working closely with them on developing professional-grade golf equipment and sims that follow his own standards. 

    The Full Swing Kit launch monitor is a (machine learning) Doppler radar unit that provides very accurate data and unparalleled processing power by using dedicated hardware to each of the major processes the unit has to deal with; Radar and media each get dedicated processors to make the processing task much faster and the data and results much more reliable and accurate. The device also has a built-in camera to record all your swings for future analysis.

    The Full Swing Kit allows you to track your ball and club and get a wide range of metrics on your spin rate, spin axis, apex height, carry and total distances, face angle, face to path, attack and launch angles, etc. You get 16 data points in total to help you stay on top of your golf game. 

    The monitor is portable thanks to an included battery that lasts up to five hours of continuous use; it also provides a number of features like bag management and historical data (with all your data being stored on Full Swing’s cloud service).

    The device is compatible with all IOS devices, from AirPods to Ipad, which will allow you to get audio readings of your data without the need to manually check your device after each swing.

    The good news is that the wait is over, and the Full Swing Kit now supports golf simulation through different plans of Trugolf’s E6 Connect software.

    You can subscribe to the basic plan for 300 dollars and enjoy 27 playable courses and plenty of software features; you can also upgrade to the extended subscription and get access to over 96 courses and even more features for 600 dollars a year.

    full swing kit technology
    Full Swing KIT Technology. Source

    For the enclosure part, we suggest coupling the Kit with the one you like best; in the previous reviews of other packages, we included enclosures from different major vendors sharing one important thing: Excellent quality and durability.

    You can couple the Full Swing Kit with any enclosure you choose; just remember that it is a radar unit that needs at least 16 feet of room length and to be positioned between 6 and 8 feet behind the tee point to do its job the right way.

    To get the Full Swing Kit, check this page or this one.

    To get the SIG12 sim studio, follow this link

    The SIG10 simulator studio can be purchased here, and the SIG8 here

    For different sizes of the PerfectBay Screen enclosure, you can go here.

    The SwingBay Screen Enclosure is available through this link.

    Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure & Screen (different sizes) can be found here.

    Please note that the enclosures from Shop Indoor Golf are pricier because they include the entire packages needed to play virtual golf; all you need is to add your launch monitor (the Full Swing Kit in this case) and you’ll be good to go.

    For the other enclosures, you still need to get a hitting mat, projector and mount.

    What’s included

    • Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
    • Protective Travel Case
    • USB-C Charging Cable
    • Charging Block
    • Your preferred sim enclosure components


    • Built following Tiger’s standards
    • Compact and lightweight design for more portability
    • Professional performance for a fraction of the price of the competitors
    • Machine learning radar accounts for lightning-fast data processing


    • None we could find

    This last pick is for those of us who like fiddling around and building their own DIY projects. You will be able to pick all the components of your system, making it truly your own.

    You won’t be disappointed if you go with the Full Swing Kit and any of the enclosures we included here, and we guarantee you will love your package regardless of which parts you end up choosing.

    The DIY Route

    Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor on the grass outdoors

    Full Swing Kit + Preferred Enclosure

    You will be able to pick all the components of your system, making it truly your own. You won’t be disappointed if you go with the Full Swing Kit and any of the enclosures we included here, and we guarantee you will love your package regardless of which parts you end up choosing.

    Buyer guide: Things to consider in your choice

    Before making your final decision, there are a few important factors you need to consider if you want to make the best possible choice of a system that requires almost no fiddling to provide a great virtual golf experience.

    Please make sure you grasp all those factors and compare them to your needs, preferences, and even limitations (space, budget, etc.).

    #1 Tracking system

    You probably already know that Skytrak, one of the most popular systems, requires repositioning and re-calibrating every single time you switch hands; while this may not be a big deal for some players who usually practice alone, this may turn into an actual nightmare if you are with a group of golfers with righties, lefties, and hand switchers.

    It would be too much hassle and the entire game won’t be fun anymore. The same goes for all portable photometric systems (GCQuad, GC3, etc.).

    If you want to use the system exclusively indoors, then your best bet is to choose one with an overhead launch monitor, something like The Foresight Sports GCHawk, Uneekor Eye XO, QED, or the Trugolf Apogee.

    Another great choice is to go for a complete system that uses a floor-mounted tracking system, as is the case with Trugolf’s Vista packages and their exclusive Trutrack 2 system, which is mounted in a way that it is part of the hitting mat.

    If money is not a problem for you, then you can even go for the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package using their proprietary ceiling-mounted launch monitor; It’s way out of budget for most of us, but it’s one of the best photometric systems ever made.

    Let’s stop dreaming now; if you plan to use your monitor indoors and outdoors, we suggest getting a package with a portable Doppler Radar monitor. These will perform beautifully, and you can even take the monitor to the actual course, but they need a longer room length if used indoors, so keep that in mind. 

    We can confidently say that Trackman is the flagship monitor in the Doppler Radar category, like what the HD Golf is in photometric technology (that’s my own opinion).

    The price of Trackman 4 (starting at 19,000 dollars for the monitor alone) is too steep for most of us. Still, there are some more affordable options one can get, including all FlightScope’s products (Mevo, Mevo+, X3), the Full Swing Kit, etc. Those are excellent alternatives to Trackman, which provide excellent performance without breaking the bank.

    #2 Size

    measuring more extra space

    Size is another extremely important factor for many reasons that can be directly related to your own choices and preferences.

    As a general rule, the more extra space (height, width, length) you have for your simulator, the better! That’s why you should measure your available space and compare it to the requirements of every system you consider to avoid bad surprises.

    First, if you want a ceiling-mounted system, you need to make sure your room height meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation. This way, you’ll be sure you can swing your longest clubs without hitting the ceiling or damaging your ceiling-mounted investment. Having more room height is especially useful if you (or one of your friends or family members) are a tall person. 

    In our case, room width is also of utmost importance. Most of the time, a width of around 10 feet is the minimum you need for a golf simulator setup. However, hand switching and having different hand orientations will require you to have enough room width for a centered aim.

    That is, the tee point must be exactly in line with the center of the screen, and the same space will be left to both the right and left of the tee point. Having a centered aim setup will allow right and left-handed players to alternate without touching anything. The required room width in this situation should be 15 feet.

    It is also important to know that left-handed players have a wider swing plane (for some reason), and need more width to swing properly. 

    If you plan to get a Radar based system, then the key dimension to keep in mind is room length. Typically, a radar system will require anything from 14 to 16 feet to work properly indoors.

    Finally, if you have room restrictions, you can opt for a package with a smaller enclosure like the SIG8, or one that uses a retractable design.

    #3 Budget

    budget for golf system

    You must set a specific budget for the system you want to purchase. After that, compare all the packages that meet your requirements and fit into that budget. Preferences, needs and/or restrictions will then be the determining factor of the package to get.

    Just remember that if you plan to frequently have your friends come over for a round, you may need to invest a little more money (besides the price of the system itself). For example, you may want to add chairs, sofas, a minibar, a TV, etc. to entertain your guests and make them more comfortable. 

    Also, a wider room that accommodates lefties and righties will most probably need a wider hitting mat, which will (logically) cost more.

    You should take a calculator and do your homework to know exactly how many extra expenses you will have before buying the system to have everything in check.

    #4 Simulation Software

    Sample screen shot of the Skytrak software interface

    This may not sound as important as the other factors discussed above, but believe me, it is! Full setups usually come with basic versions of the software with limited features.

    The choice of software highly depends on what you intend to do with your setup. In other words, are you and your golfing buddies serious about golf, and want to play competitively and improve with each session? Or do you just want to have fun whenever you get together or while playing with your partner and kids? Maybe you want both?

    Answering this question will definitely affect your golf simulator and software choice because not all sims are compatible with all available software.

    • TGC2019 is a popular option that is compatible with the majority of available packages. It has a huge dedicated community of players worldwide, provides very good visual quality and plenty of features, and includes a huge library of virtual courses (150,000+) that is constantly growing. TGC2019 provides one of the best values, as it costs $895 for a one-time payment or a $479 annual subscription fee. 
    • FSX2020 is Foresight Sports’ own simulation software, but it’s not limited to their products. It’s an advanced simulation that provides a lot of useful features and game modes for those serious about improving their game. It will be an excellent option to pair with your Foresight Sports package (in case you choose one). The full version of the FSX 2020 will cost you 3,000 dollars.
    • E6 Connect is Trugolf’s simulation solution, so you should expect to get it if you choose a Trugolf package. It is probably the most advanced software available today. You will get everything you need to practice and be a better golfer. A 300-dollar annual subscription will allow you to enjoy a set of 12 virtual courses that you may change each time you make the payment (or you can even have more than one set if you can afford to pay more).

    Other software intended for serious golfers include Uneekor’s Ignite and View software (these are two), Skytrak’s different plans, WGT, GSPro, etc.

    Simulation software more oriented toward entertainment and fun (not realism) include Creative Golf 3D, Fitness Golf, Awesome Golf, etc. These software packages attempt to make golf simulation more fun, but they still have great potential.

    If you’re interested in one or more of these software solutions, make sure the package(s) you have in mind are compatible before finalizing your purchase.

    #5 Screen VS Net

    net return

    All the packages we reviewed here come with a screen and projector for indoor use. The Doppler Radar launch monitors are portable and can be taken with you to the driving range or golf course. 

    Still, if you’re on a tight budget, or if you’re not really interested in the simulation and only want to practice and get the data to improve your game, you can opt for a net to hit your shots into and get instant feedback on your smart device. 

    Also, a net system is lighter in weight and more portable, so you can move it from one place to another if you wish to; you can even set it up outdoors (backyard, lawn, etc.) and start practicing. The good thing is that net packages are much cheaper than ones using a screen and projector, so they will help you save some money.

    Final Thoughts

    There you have it! Our list of the best golf simulators for right and left-handed use. We did our best to provide you with systems of different sizes and from a wide range of prices for everyone to find the package that suits their needs and budgets.

    At this point, there is only one thing to bear in mind: At checkout, remember to choose a hitting mat that is suited for both lefties and righties and allows for a centered aim to make the whole experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible for you and your golfing partners.

    Now, all you need to do is set a time to get together with your buddies and enjoy your brand new virtual golf system!


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