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A golfer preparing for a golf swing on the golf course. Green textbox on the right contains the text
June 25, 2022

How to Play Golf - A Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

If you've made it this far, you've undoubtedly discovered on your own that now is the greatest time to learn how to play golf. To truly enjoy golf, you must overcome any fears and concerns that may have prevented you from participating in the sport up until this point. This challenging game with a wide range of equipment and customs that might easily overwhelm a beginner. However, we're here to help.

A golfer on the golf course performing a golf swing. Green textbox on the left contains the text
June 25, 2022

What Is an Eagle in Golf and How to Score One

"Eagle" is a golfer's best score. Many golf courses include an eagle plaque at the tee box to commemorate this. But how do you score an eagle?

Black and white image of Ben Hogan completing a golf swing on a golf course. Green textbox on the right contains the text
June 25, 2022

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Review

Back in 2015, Jeff Richmond made an accidental discovery that took the world of golf by storm and questioned everything that was considered “conventional” when it comes to golf swing.
The Stress-Free Golf Swing revolves around a secret move that Ben Hogan used to ensure better consistency and results. Let’s discover the ins and outs of this revolutionary program that thousands of golfers tried and loved!

A golfer hitting out of a bunker on a golf course with green textbox on the left that contains the text
June 22, 2022

How to Hit Out of the Bunker - Sand Trap Tips for Beginners

Sand traps (also known as bunkers) can be terrifying for certain golfers. There is a lot to consider when planning an effective bunker escape, such as how to navigate a slick course and how to swing the golf club.

Golfers' least loved short game shots can be transformed into their greatest with a few simple steps.

A man swinging his golf club with the sky as a background. Green textbox on the right says
June 25, 2022

Golf Swing Tempo: Top Recommended Drills To Improve

To improve your golf swing, timing is crucial while hitting the ball, and certain components of your swing will influence whether you hit a good shot or a bad one.
If you are currently struggling with your swing tempo, this article is for you! Discover some tempo drills and tips that can help you improve your play.

How to Hold a Golf Club: The Proper Grip Explained
June 25, 2022

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly: The Proper Grip Explained

Your golf swing starts with your grip. If you are holding your golf club incorrectly, it can cause many problems for you during your swing. You may feel pain or discomfort in your hands, wrists or arms. This could lead to bad shots, missed putts and even injury. An incorrect golf grip is one of the most common bad habits that a lot of beginners and high handicappers have.
In this article, we will explore the golf grip thoroughly. We will explain what the proper golf grip is and how to hold a golf club properly.

What Is a Handicap in Golf
June 25, 2022

What Is a Handicap in Golf? How Is It Calculated? Answers You Need

Handicap is a critical factor that helps you monitor your level and progress. It is a number that puts you on a golf skill scale and allows you to compare yourself to and compete against other golfers of different skill levels.
We will be covering the topic of golf handicaps in as much detail as possible. In the end, you will have enough knowledge about handicaps and will be able to calculate it yourself.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of golf?
June 25, 2022

How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf?

This article will provide information on the average length of a round of golf. This will give you a better idea of how much time you need to spend practicing before you can start competing.

We will cover the factors that affect the pace of play in a golf game and how each one affects the total time needed to complete a golf round. By the end, you will have gotten tips and advice on how to avoid being a slow player and reduce the time you need to finish a golf game.

How To Chip
June 25, 2022

How to Chip: Everything You Need to Know to Chip Like a Pro

Are you looking to improve your chipping game and interested in learning how to chip like a pro? If so, look no further - We've got you covered!  Throughout this article, we're sharing the best tips and tricks that will teach you how to chip like a pro. Our team of golf enthusiasts has spent […]

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