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SkyTrak Review: Launch Monitor and Simulator Packages Comparison

Skytrak golf Simulator Review

With swings becoming more and more like a lost art and shot-making becoming more and more of a science, it's hard to say whether or not we'll ever see another Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods.

As we struggle to keep our game up to date with these advancements, it's always a good idea to keep up with the latest technological advancements. One such advancement is the golf simulator.

If you are a recreational golfer looking for a great launch monitor at extremely affordable rates, you will find all your requirements in SkyTrak.

Hundreds of golf enthusiasts who have scoured the market for an efficient simulation system and have settled for SkyTrak are smiling ear to ear for the choice they made.

SkyTrak has been highly rated across all the platforms for all its products and software packages. Apart from the accuracy of the data it projects, it costs five to ten times less than what other professional simulator gear companies make. 

As one of the top launch monitors in the market, SkyTrak outputs all the vital information about your game, including its spinning rate and the distance carried. The device is suitable for novice players who would like to improve their game quality and function as a beautiful recreational game for others.

Have you heard a lot about SkyTrak from an acquaintance or a golf partner? We know you are itching to learn more about it, and that is why you are here. Let us break it down for you in bite-sized pieces so that you can appreciate how wonderful SkyTrak is.

SkyTrak Overview

skytrak golf logo


SkyTrak is one of the most sought-after recreational golf simulators in the market. If you are thinking of playing on world-class golf courses without stepping outside your home, this is the exact thing that you must bring home.

At only 7 inches high and weighing less than 2 pounds, the SkyTrak launch monitor helps you get instant and real-time shot analysis on your golf ball flight.

SkyTrak golf simulator will act like your teacher and your practice partner when you are learning to play.


Easy to Use Even for Noobs:

SkyTrak monitors are extremely easy to use even if you are not tech-savvy. It takes only about two minutes for the monitor to connect once it is booted. The application is user-friendly, and its shot-tracer technology helps to display your swing numbers legibly on the screen.

Realistic Practice Range:

The practice range ensures that you do not waste precious time playing inconsequential shots. You get immediate feedback on the golf ball speed, launch angle [1], backspin, and side angle without wasting a single moment and without having to strain. What's more? You can even simulate a real golf course by making adjustments to the wind, the humidity content, and the golf course's elevation!

The Challenge Mode:

Switch to the challenge mode and you can compete with other golfers that use SkyTrak simulator devices. There are competitions like ‘target challenges’ and ‘long drive’ contests that will help you to have interactive fun with friends and learn to swing the golf club correctly and to improve your game.

Family Fun:

SkyTrak family fun mode has tons of 3D experiences for everyone in the family. The creative golf 3D package has four golf, fitness golf, fitness only, and Protee play. You can get a full-body aerobic workout on all its fitness modes. The Protee play mode is the video game mode where you can battle zombies, play darts and even play soccer! There is a huge collection of other classic children's games too.


Skytrak Golf Launch Monitor With Shop Indoor Golf Ball And Tee

SkyTrak Launch Monitor comes at a basic price of $1995. With the device, there is a USB cable, a user manual, and the box's software that comes along with it. Apart from the hardware, which is a one-time investment, there are three plans that you need to know about.

  • The basic plan comes along with the device and is included in the price of the device itself. The basic plan gives you all the basic access to driving range applications;
  • Game improvement plan can be yours for as little as $99 annually. The plan allows you to add many more game improvement features and gives you access to other partner programs.
  • Play and improve plan is the pricier plan that you can acquire for an annual sum of $200 per year. It gives you access to the World Golf tour simulator featuring some of the best golf courses in the world.

If you plan to use the SkyTrak simulator indoors then you will want to purchase a hitting golf mat and golf net.

Metal casing for the safety of the device is a good idea if you have a small place dedicated to your simulation practice. The Laser cut official metal case from SkyTrak will save your investment from errant shots.

How Does the SkyTrak Compare to Other Golf Simulators and Launch Monitors?

Here is how SkyTrak simulators perform vis-à-vis other well-known and loved brands on the market today.

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The fact that SkyTrak has been on the market for a long time gives credibility to the brand. The results generated are excellent when the ball flight mode is doubly tested with measured distances both by robots and human testers. The golf simulation package provides depictions that are realistic and closest to the real-world results. SkyTrak offers detailed data on the golf ball only. So while Trackman and Foresight are giving you many other details and ball data, one must keep in mind that they are manufactured with the professional golfer in mind.

Along with the ball data, foresight and Uneekor QED give out excessive information such as swing, angle of attack, the club's path, etc., which could practically be useful only for a golf trainer or a club-fitter. To anyone else trying to improve their game, it would all amount to over information that could overwhelm and disturb their peace of mind.

Build Material

SkyTrak calls itself an expensive commercial-grade launch monitor with a software package geared completely towards the recreational golf player. Foresight GC2 is an equally loved brand, but Foresight models that have been recently launched have much more advanced launch monitors. They are, therefore, much bigger than the SkyTrak device.

Some other well-known simulator brands such as Trackman, HD Golf, and Uneekor QED also have state-of-the-art optics and a very high industrial-strength both on the inside and outside. But customers that have tested all the above brands say that SkyTrak is lightweight and therefore very portable.


SkyTrak has the most cost-effective golf standalone launch monitor that you can even use to build your custom setup indoors. Its price at $2,000 may look like a big investment to someone, but it pales compared to other brands such as Foresight, Trackman, and FlightScope.

The latter may give out a wealth of information on the game, but they are also pricier because they are made for professionals. Foresight GC Quad is pegged at $6500, and Trackman, which is the costlier of all of them, will entail a basic investment of about $10,000 and $20,000.

While you can opt to build a simulator for less than $1000 or look at cheaper alternatives like the OptiShot 2 or the HD Golf simulator, the SkyTrak golf simulator is well known for its premium-grade accuracy, ease of use, and durability for a budget of $2000. SkyTrak launch monitor and its original metal casing will cost you about $2224, making it the best quality-price ratio and the most prudent buy.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages Sets Review and Comparison Guide

All the reviews here are from personal experience. We have also factored in ratings and customer reviews from various e-commerce retail sites to give you all the information possible on the packages. This section will help you to choose your package wisely.

#1 - SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

If you are looking to add a premium simulation to your 12 inches monitor, you must pair your SkyTrak with the premium SIG12 Package. The package will help you get real-time feedback on your ball performance and direct output on your screen itself.

There are several offers galore when you order your SkyTrak package, like a 12-month subscription to premium golf magazines. The offers are for a limited period only and may not show up in your shopping cart when you purchase the package online.

SIG 12 comes with a protective and official metal case that is laser cut from 13-gauge steel. It protects it from accidental drops, scratches, and bumps. The case has good access to the power button and also allows easy viewing of the LED.

What's Included

Here is what the SkyTrak SIG12 Package includes:

  • The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor
  • A metal protective casing
  • Play and Improve Software
  • The SIG golf simulator enclosure
  • Side netting and barriers
  • Landing pads, aka turf
  • Golf hitting mat
  • OptomaHD 1080p Short Throw Projector
  • A Projector Shield that is good as a floor mount
  • 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to Lightning Cable
  • A Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • User manual & quick-start guide

Editor's Opinion

The SIG 12 package is amongst the best recreational golf simulators. It has great accuracy, easy to set up and use, and is compatible with all devices starting from Windows to Android to Apple. The simulator stands as the much-praised and voted, the best value golf simulator by the prestigious Golf Digest for 2017 and 2019.

#2 - SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

What do you do when you live in a snow country or a very hot place but cannot do without the daily dose of golf game fun? 

Well, for the uninitiated, you invest your money in the best SkyTrak SIG10 Package. Since it pairs beautifully well with the SIC 10 golf simulator enclosure, it offers the best experience for you to play shots and see the results on a full screen. 

The package has real-time feedback coupled with amazingly accurate data on your ball performance. The setting up is so easy that it is easy even for a noob. Imagine spending hours and hours improving your shots and game while it is snowing outside! 

It can pair with any of your devices and needs a minimum space of about 12 inches in width, 18 inches in length, and a minimum height of 9 inches. Ensure that you check the height of the club swing speed so as not to destroy the device or the walls and the ceiling.

What's Included

Here is what it includes:

  • The SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Launch Monitor
  • The official metal protective case
  • Play and improve software
  • The golf simulator enclosure
  • The side barrier and the net
  • The landing pad
  • The hitting golf mat
  • HD 1080p projector from Optima
  • A projector shield
  • HDMI cables that are 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) long
  • Micro USB charging cable for the simulator charging
  • User manual
  • Detailed quick start guide

Editors Opinion

SIG10 is the toned-down version of SIG12, but its ability to measure the angles, spin, and flight distance of the ball and the ability to project nothing but the most accurate result stays unchanged. Setting up any SkyTrak simulator is child’s play, and consumers who have bought it cannot stop praising it.

#3 - SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

If you cannot decide between SIG12 and SIG10, then there is another package that will constitute the best of both packages. The screen size may be small at 8 inches but packed with features. It is often touted to be the best thing to have happened in the world of golf simulation packages since its invention.

The package is one of the most popular of all three and is attributed largely to its affordability. The setup, like all the other SkyTrak golf simulation packages, is as simple as saying ABC. 

SIG8 has everything to make your golf games party fun. The results from the simulator are accurate, and the price is what is best of all. The system does have a latent 2 seconds delay in picking up the shot, but it is negligible. 

The image clarity is crisp on the projector, and there is no problem watching it during the day or the night.

What's Included

Here is everything that it includes:

  • The SIG8 SkyTrak Golf Personal Launch Monitor
  • The play and improve software
  • Custom made official protective case
  • Golf simulator enclosure for safety
  • Side barrier net
  • Pad for landing
  • Hitting mat
  • Optoma brand of projector with 1080 HD clarity
  • Shield floor enclosure
  • Two cables of 15 inches - HDMI and HDMI to lightning
  • A micro USB charging cable for the device
  • User manual and setup guide

Editors Opinion

A majority of the customers have loved the package because the assembly is a cakewalk. The net and hitting mat that come along with it are really good but some people think that the USB charging cable should have more length.

#4 - SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space Package

Do you love simulation golf but cannot manage a dedicated space in your home for your life of you? Say hello to SkyTrak’s Golf's Flex Simulator Package. It's the perfect package for you. 

The package comes with a pro-retractable screen from HomeCourse that will allow you to play simulated golf in any part of your living space. So, one day you could be playing in your kid’s room because they have gone to their nanas, or you could be playing in the garage because your car is out. 

All you need to do is use the remote and extend the screen up to the point you want to take a few swings. Once you finish, you could retract the screen to its original form using the remote.

The screen has ballistic-grade screen projection and takes only 30 seconds to retract or extend a projector Screen. The dimensions of the screen are 8× 10.6 × 3. It can be well mounted on the ceiling. You will need a free space of 12 feet wide and 12 feet long. The height can be variable and depend largely on the height of the player. We suggest that it is about 8 feet and 7 inches at the least.

What's Included

Included in your training package:

  • The SkyTrak Golf Personal Launch Monitor
  • Game improvement package software
  • Metal, customized protective case
  • HomeCourse retractable screen
  • Turf mat
  • Projector from Optoma in 1080 clarity HD
  • Projector shield
  • Floor-mount enclosure
  • 15 inches (ca. 38 cm) HDMI cables
  • User manual
  • Set up instructions

Here are the accessories that come with the HomeCourse screen:

  • Ceiling Mount Kit
  • A wireless Remote
  • Easy Reach Pole
  • Charging Cables

Editors Opinion

The software has a 3D driving range and has a shot tracer technology for instant data on ball performance. You can even replay the shots, bag mapping and progress tracking are also possible. There are five different camera viewpoints, and up to 6 people can play in its competitive mode.

#5 - SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Golf’s Bronze Package is the perfect package for those on a strict budget but who want to improve all or any aspects of their game. The results get featured in real-time, and the ball performance is displayed on the simulator’s screen. This is a package for anyone who is looking to improve their set of skills. The SkyTrak Bronze Package needs a minimum of space because it is easy to squeeze into most spaces. You want to look at a place that is 10 feet wide and 14 feet long. The height should be 8 and a half feet high and variable since it depends on the player's height.

The bronze simulator pack comes with a great value durable mat. Accuracy is the second name for this package. The price is not outrageous like other brands, and it is effortless to use. When you are looking to improve your game quickly, this package will help you get the right data support and the accuracy to reach your goal faster. The software measures the ball flight and gives instant feedback. The package is effortless to install, portable and provides a realistic feel.    

What's Included

Here is what the package includes

  • Launch Monitor
  • Play & Improve Software
  • Official protective case
  • Any golf net of your choice
  • Home Series V2 net
  • Frame
  • Side barriers
  • Optima 1080 HD projector
  • Turf mat
  • HDMI cable measuring 15 inches (ca. 38 cm)
  • Lightning cable to HDMI adaptor
  • Rubber tees-two numbers
  • User’s manual
  • Set up guide

Editors Opinion

The bronze package is very well rated across the tech platforms. The instructions in the user manual are very clear. There are no issues with any of its components. Given a choice, most customers opt to go for a re-purchase of the same.

#6 - SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

Are you someone that has recently discovered the joy of the game of golf? Since it is not practical to visit a golf course every day to practice, the best alternative is to get this indoor SkyTrak golf simulator training package.

Before you begin hyperventilating and thinking about its cost, we will assure you that it is the most affordable practice package available today. The training pack is aimed at beginners and newbies who want to play and improve their game. All that you need to get started is a medium-sized launch monitor along with a mobile device, golf mat, tees, club, and ball. 

It displays the virtual results and feedback on the ball in real-time on your iPad or PC. The play and improved software include full golf course play on the best WGT golf courses [2]. There is a multiplayer mode that comes equipped with a 3D driving range and shot-tracer technology. It is also possible to custom change wind and humidity conditions. There are five cameras and features a completely US-made golf net that automatically returns the ball to the golfer!

What's Included

Here is all that the package includes:

  • The personal launch monitor from SkyTrak
  • Play & Improve plan
  • Company protective case
  • The golf net that you choose
  • Home Series V2 Net
  • Frame
  • Barriers
  • 6' x 10' Pro Turf
  • Rubber Tee's - 1.75" and 2.25"
  • A spacious duffle bag for carrying net
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User guide and quick start manual

Editors Opinion

If you plan to spend some months indoors because of inclement weather or you plan an awesome get-together and want to surprise your friends and family with some awesome in-house entertainment, you must get this for your home. It will take the guesswork out of your shots and make you massively popular too!

What Data Does the SkyTrak Golf Simulator Measure?

The SkyTrak golf simulator efficiently measures the ball speed along with the spin in it. If you want to know the launch angle and the side angle, that is also effortless to know. The parameters mentioned are then used to measure the following:

  • The ball's carry distance
  • Offline
  • Roll
  • Flightpath
  • Club speed
  • Angle of Descent

If you are interested to learn more about how golf simulators work, read this article.

The SkyTrak Golf Simulator App Review

SkyTrak play and improve software

Your SkyTrak device is capable of many things, and it depends majorly on the type of plan you choose. Here are the detailed features that the SkyTrak Golf Simulator App offers.

Great For Practicing Your Game

The practice range gives you a larger driving range. The simple layout and easy controls, along with a big display, help you make sense of the data quickly. It helps you monitor results and gives out data on your ball speed, launch angle, side angle, and backspin.

Adjusting Wind Speed, Humidity, and Elevation

Do you want to attempt your hand at world-class golf course holes? Here is the chance to increase or decrease the wind speed, humidity, and elevation of the ground to emulate some of the most favorite real-life golf courses worldwide.

It is also possible for you to add various other simulation software to your existing SkyTrak software that emulates the golf courses you absolutely so love, like the golf club (TGC tour), Jack Nicklaus's perfect golf course, and the E6 golf!

Great Camera Angles

SkyTrak offers 5 different camera angles to deliver the video results as live shots and 3D replays. The quality of the video results and live shots will significantly depend on your opted plan.

Great Challenges for Friends and Family

The app offers a “closest to the pin” contest to challenge golf partners. Watch how you can transform a drab get-together into an excellent golf party. Include gifts and prizes and watch the fun grow. The software offers several single as well as multiplayer challenges.

There Is Something for Everyone

The best part about the application is that the challenges can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. For instance, you could want a target distance challenge, and someone else may wish to have the number of shots challenge.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Closest-to-the-Pin Challenge
  • Long Drive Competition
  • Target Practice

SkyTrak Skills Assessment

This feature allows the players to set the number of clubs they want to hit the target. Setting it up takes only a few minutes, and at the end of the assessment, the software gives out a detailed evaluation of the shot’s accuracy, dispersion, and dynamic handicap. Imagine having so much valuable data at your fingertips to improve your golf!

SkyTrak Bag Mapping

Bag Mapping is a skill assessment for all your clubs. The app measures the shape, carrying distance, tendency, and gapping between clubs and maps out a comprehensive report. This detailed report on your shots will give you a clear understanding of where you need to improve in your game and if you need to purchase a new club soon.

What Will You Need to Build Your Setup With SkyTrak Golf Simulator?

SkyTrak is user-friendly and extremely easy to set up. If you are setting up the launch monitor for the first time, you may want to check out the box's contents, read the user manual, and set up a guide to understand the SkyTrak unit and help connect it to your iPad/or PC.

Here is what you will need to set up your SkyTrak:

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • USB charging cable
  • Wall Charger
  • WGT Golf Access software card

To set up your simulator device:

1. Charge your SkyTrak

Connect the Micro-USB charging cable and connect and charge the device for 6 hours before you start using it for the first time.

2. Download SkyTrak App to the simulator device

For Apple devices, you can download it for free from the Apple App Store. All iPad models manufactured later than 2014 are compatible with the simulator. Android users must download their free SkyTrak app from the Google Play Store. Android users with octa-core or dual quad-core processors will be compatible. PC users may want to download their SkyTrak app, and it will be compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 with a minimum of 2 GB RAM.

3. Register your SkyTrak simulator

The device comes with an auto membership for 30 days. The trial is an excellent way to access basic driving range and practice sessions. You will need to register your SkyTrak account with a username and a password at the end of one month. You must have good connectivity to register the account.

4. Pair the SkyTrak with your device

IPad users can pair the app with their iPad via a direct wifi connection or a home network connection. Similarly, PC users can connect to the internet via direct Wifi, via direct USB cable, or on the home network.

5. Connect your SkyTrak to a projector

6. Decide where to keep the ball and hit!

Here is an informative video (5 minutes 27 seconds) from the YouTube channel of Handicap Golf showing you how to set up and align your SkyTrak golf simulator.

FAQs About SkyTrak Golf Simulators

How Much Space Do You Recommend for a SkyTrak Simulator Setup?

The most crucial first step is to make sure that you will swing the golf club without hitting any obstructions like the wall, ceiling, or furniture and decorations. 

The second thing that you must ensure is that the room where you decide to house your simulator unit is wide, tall, and deep enough to accommodate essential accessories such as the golf net and the golf screen.

Ceiling Height

9 feet is clearance enough for the average-sized golfer. For players that are taller than 5.10 feet, some more headroom would be appropriate. SkyTrak accessories like enclosures, screens, and nets need a minimum height that you may need to check with the instructions on the box individually.

Room Width

The room must be wide to fit the screen and the gold net; both are essential accessories. Most nets are between five and ten feet wide. The best practice is to maintain a couple of feet more on both sides.

Room Depth

You will have to make room for enough space between the impact screen and the wall and again the impact screen and yourself. There must be plenty of backroom for swinging the club comfortably. A 12 feet room is quite adequate depth-wise.

Does SkyTrak Work Without a Connection?

The SkyTrak monitor can connect wirelessly to the smartphone’s iOS or Windows network, whatever the case may be. There is absolutely no need for a Wi-Fi network.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to connect the SkyPro application to the SkyTrak app. This will require a minimum of two devices. The best way to know if the system connects is that the SkyPro will begin delivering at high speed, and the values will be visible in the orange color in the SkyTrak’s app;

Step one: The app communicates with the Operating System. The SkyTrak app will run over Bluetooth. Make sure that both the devices are Bluetooth enabled.

Step two: Next you will have to enable SkyPro. You can do this by clicking on the upper right. This will begin the service called BLE service in the SkyTrak app;

Step three: Once that happens, connect SkyPro to your iOS device. Make sure you are running SkyTrak’s latest version of SkyPro.

Step four: When the devices detect Bluetooth, they will get automatically connected. The orange circle found below the applicable data display will indicate that the devices are successfully paired.

How Durable Is SkyTrak?

You may be a little apprehensive about shelling out $2000 on a golf simulation kit, but if you will believe us, it is one that you will never regret spending your money on. The product quality is superb, and it is sure to last you many years to come.

The game-improvement features on your SkyTrak will let you explore the best golf courses and ranges worldwide and play championship golf courses without traveling even a bit. You need to see the accuracy to believe it. You can feel that you are playing on the course.

While we strongly recommend that you hit the shots off a specifically designed mat, you may hit off a tee from the grass if you haven’t invested in a golf mat. Avoid direct sunlight into the system during use. Direct sun into the optic lens of SkyTrak can create problems for a consistent shot capture. If available, please hit from a covered area. Use a clean, white ball with a logo or a marked line. Also do not forget to set the ball up with the logo or the line facing SkyTrak for better spin rate readings, whether you are playing indoors or outside.

Can You Play Golf Courses on SkyTrak?

Of course! It is possible to play on a whopping 170,000 golf courses from around the world. SkyTrak simulator setup can let you play any golf course in the world that you fancy. Whether it is the Bandon Dunes or the awesome course at Pinehurst, with the SkyTrak golf simulator, it is possible to play all of them in a day!

If you would enhance the SkyTrak launch monitor with the realistic next-gen simulator package, it is possible to play all the dream golf courses worldwide making it truly worth the money.

If this is not enough, you can create your own golf courses and even discover and play golf courses created by other players.

If all this is not fun, then what is! It will not be wrong to say that there will not be a dull moment ever. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a real-time and realistic looking golf simulation, then your search should effectively end on SkyTrak. The SkyTrak simulator package includes a photometric launch monitor and a SkyTrak app that is truly one-of-a-kind. It will help you practice hitting shots with any golf club that you choose to play with and at any time of the day or night! It is being touted to be one of the most accurate golf simulations with an HD viewing monitor with stunning clarity.

We won’t be at all surprised if you and your golfer friends aren’t hooked to it. This professional-quality golf simulator package is anything but toy-like. The commercial launch monitor analyzes and renders precise ball data on your actual shots and golf swing with fantastic accuracy. Now, who needs costly golf simulation sets worth $30 thousand when you have such a hugely acclaimed device like SkyTrak? It will help you take your love for golf to the next level. We hope this SkyTrak golf simulator review has helped you to zero in on the best SkyTrak golf game software. You may want to check out the whole range and the reviews on Shop Indoor Golf.

  1. What is Launch Angle? TrackMan Golf. Retrieved from https://blog.trackmangolf.com/launch-angle/
  2. World Golf Tour - Free Online Golf Game - Virtual Golf Courses. WGT. Retrieved from https://www.wgt.com/courses/

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