10 Best Golf Clubs for Kids and Junior Golfers

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Key Takeaways

The Wilson Profile JGI Golf Club Set is our top pick for the Best Golf Club for Kids and Junior Golfers. This kit includes high-quality clubs with large sweet spots and perimeter weighting for forgiveness, making it ideal for beginner and intermediate players. The irons and woods feature a low profile to prevent topping, and the graphite shafts and junior flex rating ensure a comfortable and powerful swing. The set also includes a carry bag for easy transport.

Golf is a sport that people of all ages enjoy, including children [1]. Just like adult players, kids require golfing gear and equipment to get started. 

Their club sets are smaller, making them suitable and safe for the juniors to develop their swing speed and improve their performance.

Having a positive first-time golfing experience is significant for your young golfer to enjoy the sport in the future. Still, choosing a specific set can be challenging because of the countless options available on the market.

To make things easier, we have tested and put together a list of the best golf club sets for juniors and kids to choose from. We also provided the most crucial criteria to consider while choosing a set and tried to answer the most frequently asked questions about kids’ clubs.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Best Golf Clubs For Juniors and Kids

Before the time to buy a golf club set for your child comes, make sure he or she is genuinely interested in golf. If they are into it only for fun, you need not go for an expensive club set.

However, if your child is serious and interested in practicing the game regularly, you can opt for a high-quality kids’ club set, but you can expect they’ll need more clubs as they grow in the future. Please go through our top 10 list to find out which one is the perfect choice for your child, depending on their interest, age, and skill level.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Wilson Youth Profile JGI Golf Club Set

    Wilson Profile’s JGI Golf Club Set is the best starter set for slightly older young players. This kit includes high-quality clubs that enable novice players to swing the clubs at better speeds.

    You will notice both the woods have a low profile with a flatter and round sole. This prevents the young players from topping the golf ball as the club lies in close contact with the ground.

    The hybrid and the driver in this kit display a stunning look with a dark blue and black finish. This instills a great deal of confidence and motivation among the young golfers who are starting out.

    The large sweet spot of the hybrid enables your kid to make accurate shots. The included wedge helps in developing a high spin that creates softer landing shots. The clubs were specially engineered using super game improvement technology to maximize performance.

    The two irons feature large faces (and sweet spots) that are perimeter weighted and cavity-backed. As a result, they enable the young player to have more solid contact while hitting the ball at impact. They also provide incredible forgiveness for excellent swing speeds and performance even on off-center shots.

    All the included clubs are graphite shafted and have junior flex rating, weight and grips to ensure a solid introduction for your child to the game.

    This junior set is and is suitable for 5 – 13 years of age. It comes in small (5-8 y.), medium (8-11 y.) and large (11-13 y.) variants to suit all juniors.

    The kit contains a Driver, a Putter, a Wedge, a Hybrid club, two irons, and a carry bag, which can be purchased in any of the four available color combinations: black + blue, red, yellow, or teal. It is also available for both right and left-handed players.


    • The best option for beginners.
    • Made of incredible quality, especially the irons and woods.
    • Stand-bag is lightweight, easy to carry, and dependable.
    • Comes with an additional wedge, which is beneficial for experienced players.
    • Available for both right-handed and left-handed players.


    • The grips are slightly thin.
    • The carry bag does not come with a rain hood.

    For each of these game improvement clubs, the weight lies at the clubhead in order to lower the center of gravity. This helps the player to make high shots both from the fairway as well as the tee. The manufacturer provides a one-year limited warranty in case of any breakages or defects.

    For those looking for an alternative from the same company that offers substantial benefits for junior golfers, check out the Wilson deep red junior set. This kit includes high-quality clubs with large sweet spots and perimeter weighting for forgiveness, making it ideal for beginner and intermediate players.

    Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

    Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set is a collection of lightweight clubs suitable for a wide range of young golfers. The club set suits players who are 4’4″ to 5’0″ tall.

    The driver, iron and hybrid clubs all have graphite shafts with junior flex ratings to help the player swing the clubs without difficulty and achieve better speeds, distances and accuracy levels, thereby boosting the young golfers’ confidence.

    The putter offers a mallet-style with a synthetic insert on the clubface for solid contact and a pure roll on the greens. The hybrid has a large clubface and a 22-degree loft angle for better forgiveness and solid contact with the ball.

    The driver comes with a 15-degree loft, enabling the juniors to achieve a higher flight path. Thanks to the large sweet spot, even an off-center hit on the driver will produce good shots and flight paths.

    The set contains three irons – 6 & 7- irons and a PW, a driver, and a hybrid wood; Two head covers and a quality golf stand bag are also included.

    These kids golf clubs are uniquely designed for junior golfers between the age of 9 to 12 years.


    • Contains ergonomic lift handles, making it easy to use. 
    • Available for righties and lefties.
    • Stylish and made using high-quality components.
    • The irons and woods have a graphite shafts for lighter weights and improved performance.
    • High-lofted clubs, which is great for novice players.


    • Users have reported durability issues, such as broken clubs.

    Precise golf kit contains a prepackaged club set that’s technology-approved for juniors. They provide the necessary forgiveness and are easier to hit which results in high launching and inspiring shots for your little golfer. The shoulder strap carry bag included in the package makes it easy for young enthusiasts to carry their golf equipment without any burden.

    KVV Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Kids

    The KVV Junior Complete Golf Club Set is a comprehensive solution designed to accommodate the needs of young beginners in golf.

    Crafted specifically for right-handed children, the set stands out with its oversized driver, a variety of irons, a putter, and a portable stand bag, ensuring that the young golfers are well-equipped from the get-go.

    The kit includes a 4- Hybrid, 7 and 9- irons, and a mallet putter, and it’s available in two configurations suitable for juniors 8-10 or 11-13 years of age. Given the extensive thought that’s been put into creating this set, it provides a strong foundation for young golf enthusiasts.

    The performance of the clubs within this set is tailored for ease and forgiveness. The 4# Hybrid with a 21° loft assures easy distance and forgiving play, allowing young golfers to hit straighter and more accurately.

    The 7# & 9# irons with cavity back design further amplify forgiveness, helping to mitigate mishits and boosting the confidence of budding golfers. Additionally, the mallet putter comes with an easy alignment aid and promises a smoother putting experience.

    Not just the clubs, the package also includes a stylish, portable stand bag, and four different colors are available (blue, lime, red, and yellow). With the entire set weighing just 6.61 lbs, the stand bag is designed with kids-friendly shoulder straps, multiple pockets, and a rain hood that safeguards the clubs from rain, dampness, and dust.


    • Contains everything a young, right-handed golfer would need to start playing
    • The oversized driver, cavity back irons, and forgiving mallet putter make it easier for kids to learn and improve
    • The entire set weighs just 6.61lbs and includes a stand bag
    • The bag includes a rain hood for protection from rain, dust, and dampness
    • Made with alloy steel and graphite, ensuring long-term use and durability


    • High-quality materials might be quite heavy for some kids.
    • Only for right-handed players

    The KVV Junior Complete Golf Club Set is a well-designed, thoughtful product that provides young, right-handed golfers with a solid start in the sport.

    Its user-friendly design, coupled with a durable, portable golf bag makes it an ideal choice for initiating young enthusiasts into this wonderful sport.

     PGA TOUR GS1 Series Junior 10-Piece Golf Club Set – Best for Ages 12-17

    The PGA TOUR GS1 Series Junior 10-Piece Golf Club Set is an impressive addition to Amazon’s sport and outdoor section, designed specifically for right-handed young golf enthusiasts aged 12 to 17 years old. 

    The set’s fiery orange hue is eye-catching, making it stand out on the green. It comes in a durable, lightweight golf bag, including a driver, 5 and 7-irons, sand/pitching wedge, G1 putter, a rain cover for the bag, and a driver head cover, ensuring that the young golfers have everything they need to start their golf journey.

    First and foremost, the GS1 set exudes quality with its use of premium materials. The club shafts are made of graphite while the driver’s loft is a comfortable 14 degrees, which is excellent for a high launch and a greater distance. The clubs’ shafts are constructed from fiberglass, which ensures durability without compromising on the clubs’ lightweight characteristics. The golf set’s grip is rubber, designed to prevent slippage and provide a comfortable hold, ideal for juniors.

    Aside from the materials, the set is designed with beginner junior golfers in mind. The ultra-lightweight driver head and carrying bag offer comfort while carrying. The golf clubs come with a non-slip grip,and the glass fiber shafts are designed for junior swing speed, a thoughtful touch that demonstrates PGA Tour’s dedication to accommodating younger players.


    • Comprehensive set: The 10-Piece set includes all the necessary clubs for beginners.
    • Quality materials like fiberglass, graphite and rubber for durability and light weight.
    • Ultra-lightweight bag and driver head for easy transportation.
    • Non-slip rubber grip to prevent slippage and ensure a comfortable hold.
    • The glass fiber shafts are tailored to junior swing speeds, making them perfect for younger players.


    • With a price tag of $199, this set is on the more expensive side compared to other junior golf sets.
    • The set is specifically designed for right-handed players.

    The PGA TOUR GS1 Series Junior 10-Piece Golf Club Set stands as a robust, high-quality product specifically crafted for the needs of young golf enthusiasts. The considered design proves the PGA TOUR’s commitment to budding players’ needs. 

    While the price might be a hurdle for some, the set’s quality, design, and comprehensive nature arguably justify the investment. 

    In the future, a similar left-handed variant would be a welcome addition. Overall, this junior golf set has proven to be a robust, reliable, and worthwhile investment for the young golfing population.

    Tour Edge HL-J Complete Golf Club Set

    Tour Edge HL-J Complete Golf Club Set is one of the best golf sets produced by leading golf club manufacturers for experienced junior players. This helps raise the junior enthusiasts’ standard by enabling them to improve their skill level using incredible gear and equipment.

    The kit contains a 350cc driver that offers a low center of gravity, which helps the player to create high flying and longer drives. Its round face ensures forgiveness on the off-center strikes that aligns the ball with the target line.

    The Hybrid uses advanced technology and displays a low center of gravity and a wide sole, making it easy to hit each shot. The low-profile clubhead gets under the ball and works great for hitting from beyond 150 yards.

    The oversized irons come with cavity backing and extreme perimeter weight. They provide a large sweet spot, which ensures incredible forgiveness that helps in lifting the ball. This is best suited for junior golfers who usually have very slow swing speeds.

    The balanced mallet putter’s presence helps in developing outstanding balance and offers smooth strokes for accurate putting. The fairway wood maintains a low profile and helps in launching the ball easily into the air.

    This high-performing golf set is uniquely designed for boys and girls of age 11 to 14 years. The set consists of the following:

    Hybrid, fairway wood, Putter, Iron, driver, two head covers, and a carry bag.


    • Makes use of high flying technology, which gives a higher launch.
    • Has an affordable price range. 
    • Made using high-quality components. 
    • Suitable for right-handed players.
    • Available in multiple sizes.


    • Some users found that the carrier bag is not durable in nature.

    Tour Edge kit comes with a stand bag with a dual shoulder strap and various zip pockets and headcovers. This mid-level set is suitable for beginners, and as your little one improves their skills, you may have to include more clubs. The grips on these clubs are accurately sized, and tailor-made to suit each age group.

    Young Gun Zaap Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set

    On the hunt for that perfect starting golf set for your young player? Young Gun Zaap Eagle Junior Club set is one of the best kids’ golf club sets with an affordable price tag.

    The Young Gun set contains a large 18-degree driver with a loft apt for junior beginner players. The wood includes a graphite shaft. It’s light in weight and easier to swing, giving a solid start to the game. The feel and the incredible response of the sweet spot that enables the ball to go down the fairway are noteworthy.

    The 7 iron in the kit gives a solid feel at the point of contact. It features a wide sole with a cavity-backed look and perimeter weight for lowering the center of gravity. This keeps the ball going straight irrespective of the swing speed of the amateur golfer. As for the club sole, it moves smoothly through the grass when you strike the ball.

    The putter with a mallet style completes the club set of Young Gun. Ensuring a solid balance allows the junior player to putt from different distances.

    This golf club set for kids is uniquely designed for 9 to 11 years and consists of 3 items. This includes: 

    7 iron, 3 wood, a semi mallet putter, and a carrier bag.


    • Clubs are light in weight with Graphite shafts.
    • Perfect choice for novice players.
    • Comes in a bright red color. 
    • Best suited for right-handed junior golf enthusiasts.


    • Not suitable for golfers who are above 5 ft, 1 inch tall. 
    • Club heads do not last for long.
    • The stitching on the carry bag frays away quickly.
    • The set contains only three clubs.

    With the help of the Young Gun ZAAP Eagle set, you can get your kid to focus mainly on developing their swinging skills. This golf club set for kids is specifically designed for true novice young players who haven’t used a golf club yet. Hence, this three-piece collection would be an inexpensive way to get them into golf.

    Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set

    The Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set is another standout, designed with young, budding golfers in mind.

    This package set comes with a high-lofted driver, sleek 7-9 irons and P/S wedges, a mallet putter, and a lightweight stand bag. Offering everything your child needs to get started, it’s the perfect introduction to golf.

    With a specifically designed junior flex and the set’s high loft, children from ages 9-11 will find this set perfect for their developing skills.

    Ben Sayers has evidently prioritized user-friendliness, as reflected in the set’s high-lofted driver. With a weighted sole plate promoting a lower center of gravity, the driver ensures the perfect launch angle for increased distance and accuracy.

    This attention to design detail carries over to the irons which feature a sleek club head design, wide sole, and perimeter weighting, all of which contribute to promoting forgiveness and improving playability. The putter, too, has been carefully crafted with a stylish face insert and sight alignment aid, which promotes confident putting.

    The package set also includes the 5 1/2″ Junior stand bag with a double-padded shoulder strap. This makes it extremely light and comfortable for your child to carry around the course.

    The bag’s 4-way divider top, putter ‘pit’, and soft mesh top provide superior graphite shaft protection while ensuring convenient club positioning. This lightweight, easy-to-carry bag is a major bonus that your child will certainly appreciate.


    • Lightweight & easy for children to use and carry.
    • High-lofted driver for increased distance and accuracy.
    • Irons have a sleek club head design that promotes forgiveness.
    • The putter has a sight alignment aid to promote confident putting.
    • The bag is well designed, with protective features and convenience in mind.


    • The package set is specifically designed for right-handed players, leaving left-handed junior golfers out.

    Ben Sayers’s M1i Junior Package Set is an exceptional product for young golfers. Designed with great attention to detail, it will enable your child to learn the ropes of golf with ease and confidence. The quality and thoughtful design of the set make it a worthy investment for your child’s golfing journey.

    Callaway XJ Hot Junior Kids Golf Club Set

    Want to surprise your kids with a stylish golf club set? Callaway Junior XJ Golf Club Set is another great option on the market. Callaway’s adult golf clubs have made a remarkable reputation in the golf world, so opting for their junior golf gear would not be a risky decision.

    This kit’s top pick is the driver, ensuring a reasonable consistency and distance off the tee. The light weighted driver has an incredible hitting area, which produces a precise performance.

    This left-handed golf club juniors set contains a 9 iron, 7 iron, and a cavity back iron that improves each swing’s stability. The Hybrid has a length of 35” and around 30 Degrees loft—both the hybrid and the cavity back iron display a great level of tolerance.

    The fairway wood allows your little player to hit the ball without much effort. This helps in improving the performance of novice golfers.

    The classic odyssey putter will get your kids more interested in the game. It helps in providing the right ball alignment, great accuracy, and putting with the correct balance. Also, it fits perfectly into any golf carrier bag. The stylish and useful carrier bag consists of a double strap, 5 zipper pockets, a water bottle holder, and a rain hood. 

    This golf kit addresses the age group of children between 9 to 12 years. The set consists of the following:

    Putter, Driver, wedge, fairway wood, hybrid, iron, and carrier bag.


    • Light in weight.
    • Suitable for left-handed golfers.
    • Ideal for young golfers who take the sport seriously.
    • Comes with great quality clubs.


    • Quite costly.

    The best aspect of this junior golf club set is that it’s uniquely designed for both boys and girls. Each of the junior golf equipment has an overriding theme that displays its incredible performance. It’s also the ideal option for a junior who wishes to transition into an adult golf set.

    Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set

    The Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set is an exceptional package for juniors. Crafted with utmost precision, this set ensures that young golfers have a variety of clubs to deal with a range of hitting situations.

    At a reasonable price range, this product is certainly value for money considering the comprehensive nature of the set. The variety in clubs allows children to improve their game progressively, dealing with diverse hitting scenarios, and honing their skills in the process.

    The 460cc Alloy Fairway Wood deserves special attention. With its heel and toe weight distribution, it provides an optimal center of gravity which can be a great asset for new learners.

    This design helps achieve a higher launch, perfect for novice golfers. The longer and softer shaft that comes with this club allows kids to hit the ball faster, achieving high and long flying shots, thereby adding to their overall golfing experience.

    The irons in the set are designed for maximum accuracy. They have a low weighting system which helps maintain the directionality of the shot, making it easier for young golfers to gain control over their hits.

    The putter in the set is also well-designed, featuring an excellent aiming mechanism that aids in keeping the putt straight and on line. This could be a valuable addition for children learning to improve their putting skills.


    • Wide range of clubs, catering to different hitting situations
    • Optimal center of gravity in the Fairway Wood enhances performance
    • Irons designed for maximum accuracy
    • Putter with a good aiming mechanism
    • Premium and kids-friendly materials used
    • Available for 8-10 and 11-13 age categories


    • The set might be a little heavy for some children

    The Tangkula Junior Complete Golf Club Set is certainly one of the standout products for junior golfers in the market. It not only provides a great set of tools for kids to practice and improve their skills but also ensures a good level of durability and comfort.

    The design of the clubs is well thought out, aiming at enhancing children’s golf experience. The minor drawbacks can be overlooked when you consider the overall quality and benefits of the product.

    Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

    The Confidence Junior Golf Set is designed to be a great starter pack that contains all the essential golf equipment and comes in handy for young players that take the game seriously.

    The flexible shafts enable the kids to develop their skills and find their way through the sport. The design is similar to the adult golf club sets but smaller in size to suit the young players’ height.

    The mallet putter comes with a steel shaft and helps in ensuring stability and proper alignment. The irons and woods are specially equipped with soft graphite shafts, which are durable, lightweight, and provide great flexibility with the young players’ swing speeds. This motivates your child to make consistent swings and hit easily without causing any strain.

    The cavity back irons have more forgiveness, and the pitching wedge helps get the ball into the air during each consistent shot. Additionally, the wedge is essential for learning how to chip.

    Additionally, it’s easy to use, clean, and maintain the clubs. This is one of the best options in the market and is mainly designed for kids between the ages of 4-7 (up to 4′ 6″ tall) and 8-12 (4′ 6″ to 5′ 1″ tall).

    The package consists of a putter, 7 & 9-irons, a driver, driver headcovers, and a stand bag.


    • Made using incredible materials.
    • Available at an affordable price range.
    • Easy and comfortable to use.
    • Meets the requirements of the young player.
    • Best suited for players between 4 and 12 years of age.


    • The handle of the carrier bag may fray easily.

    By using the Confidence Golf Clubs kit, your kid will acquire better golfing skills very quickly. The Stand bag comes with a double shoulder strap, which enables your kid to carry it with ease. It does contain fewer clubs, but it is more than enough as a starter pack to upgrade down the line.

    Buyer Guide: What You Need to Know When Shopping for Junior Golf Clubs

    Best golf clubs for kids

    Choosing the right golf clubs for your child can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider that it can feel like you have nothing to base your decision on, so here are some things you should consider before finalizing your purchase:

    Quantity: how Many Clubs Do I Need to Buy for My Kid?

    There’s no need for a kid to carry 14 clubs. My 6-year-old son enjoys hitting golf balls; Initially, I gave him a wedge and a putter and slowly added irons, hybrids, and a driver.

    Because longer clubs are harder to control and can create frustration, he only practices with a wedge, as he enjoys getting the ball up in the air, which is easiest with typically pitching or sand wedge. Children’s swing speeds are so slow that 14 clubs seem to be a waste when they finally get onto the course. 

    Junior golfers can only swing so hard based on their height and strength since you need swing speed to establish distance between clubs. With kids, distance gaps are usually minimal or unnoticeable. Therefore, a driver, a hybrid, a 7-iron, pitching or/and sand wedge, and a putter are the perfect set for them. When a kid turns ten, becomes capable of swinging harder, and can see a distance gap of five yards or more between clubs, then it would be reasonable to have 12-14 clubs.

    Size: how To Measure Golf Clubs for Kids?

    Start by measuring the child’s height. The junior should be measured with their shoes ON. The height is critical because you don’t want the club to be too long or too short.

    It is also essential to measure the player’s swing speed (for his or her driver) after establishing the height in order to determine which club should be selected for the child. Children under 7 will always choose the Ultralight, but older children can choose the Tour Series.

    golf clubs length for kids

    One of the best ways is to use the US Kids height fitting [2] chart to determine what size golf clubs your child needs. You can use the chart to define your child’s age and height range and whether the clubs you are considering buying are suitable.

    A child’s height, weight, and athletic ability must be considered when determining the length of the club. If the clubs are too long, the player will automatically choke down on the club, which will not help his/her swing. Some young golfers may be able to use longer clubs because of their build and athletic ability.

    A larger child will have more body mass, which may qualify for a slightly longer club than would be suitable for lighter-weight juniors. Furthermore, some youth golfers will have better hand-eye coordination, so a longer club could be in order.

    The following video, by the U.S. Kids Golf (1 min. 20 sec.) shows different ways a junior golfer can be fitted for suitable drivers (including using the US Kids Golf fitting Chart):

    Weight: What Weight Should the Clubs Have to Be Tailored for Kids & Junior Golfers?

    Some parents, particularly the ones who are good golfers themselves, are concerned with the swing weight of junior golf sets. Clubs for kids 3-5 years old may have a very low swing weight. However, the overall club weight is more critical for the golf junior.

    The heavier the clubs, the harder they will be to swing with any control and make it more challenging to hit the ball properly.

    Since graphite shafts are lighter than steel, they are a great way to decrease the club’s weight. In our experience, some expensive junior clubs from well-known brands are sometimes too heavy, so it is certainly not just about spending a lot of money!

    For very short youngsters, it is essential to keep the club’s overall weight low so that they can swing more efficiently.

    Taller golfers may need relatively heavier clubs to allow for a more natural swing. If the clubs are too light, the junior golfer may develop bad swing habits.

    Grip Size: What Grip Should I Pick for My Kid’s Golf Clubs?

    golf grip for kids

    Gripping a golf club for the first time feels strange for adults, but even more so for children because their hands are smaller. Therefore, golf club grips (and grip replacements) should be chosen to fit the hands of the children. The grip needs to be soft enough to avoid pressure on the hand, and at the same time, it will also make the young golfers grip the club firmly, but not too tightly, to ensure their proper control of the club head.

    The problem of oversized grips is the same for kids as adults. If it is adjusted to suit their swing, they will produce maximum speed and accuracy, and they will have the power to hit the ball further than ever before. The grip will also determine how easy the club is to swing, and therefore how hard the young golfer will have to swing, which in turn will affect their ball flight speed and swing performance.

    A grip that feels like a baseball bat will change the mechanics of your swing. The suitable grips will make a big difference in your kid’s game.

    Why Should You Encourage Your Children to Play Golf?

    Golf is a great way to get the kids physically active in a safe environment and a sport they’ll love. One of the best things you can do for your children is to introduce them to golf.

    golf encouragement for kids

    In addition, golf is a great way to teach children the value of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. It teaches them the power of patience and how to keep a good attitude when things don’t go their way.

    Some studies [3] have shown that it grows their attention and reaction times, enhances their short-term memory, and can even improve their coordination.

    Children can gain powerful and life-long benefits from these activities right up until adulthood.

    There is a reason people pay good money for golf lessons for their children. It teaches them valuable lessons about life, patience, discipline, and self-confidence. It also gives them a skill that will last a lifetime.

    how Do I Make Golf Fun for Juniors?

    The more kids start playing golf at a young age, the more they will like the sport. So here are a few tips to get your kids into golf.

    Kids as young as 2 or 3 can play in the backyard with plastic toy clubs, bamboo poles, or any long, straight object. Children learn most effectively by doing – they are experiential learners.

    So let them hit the ball as much as they like and don’t worry about how many mistakes they make. It is not necessary to worry about what they are doing wrong just yet. Too much criticism can be off-putting if your child is not yet comfortable with the game.

    Golf usually becomes more serious for youngsters when they hit their teens. Until then, let it simply be fun rather than focusing on their technique.

    Another thing you should consider is to equip your kids with the right clubs for their size. A child must be comfortable with the club in order to enjoy the game. The clubs should be sized to suit the child. Too long or too heavy are some of the common problems with clubs for children.

    Make trips to the golf course stress-free by giving junior golfers a clear schedule and time for play. 

    In addition, you should take caution when teaching them golf etiquette.

    Even though you want them to behave politely, it will quickly stop being fun if you surround every trip with rules. Gradually and gently introduce them to the spoken and unspoken rules of the course.

    Also, children need to comprehend an idea before they can attempt it. A parent or adult guiding a child around the course must learn to be patient when explaining how to play the game to the child. Try using more age-appropriate vocabulary rather than complicated golf terminology.

    Finally, You can benefit from the latest technology and invest in a good golf simulator; there are multiple simulator software available, but you need to ensure the one you choose is child-friendly and more fun-oriented to keep youngsters engaged. We suggest something like Creative Golf 3D & Golfissimo, which are more fun and provide family-friendly fun game modes. 

    how Do I Get My Kid to Play Golf?

    If you are a passionate golfer and have a child in your life, you would be quite excited about introducing your kid to golfing.

    golf with kids

    If you are a passionate golfer and have a child in your life, you would be quite excited about introducing your kid to golfing.

    At a young age, take them along with you to the golf course and let them watch you play. Seeing you play may spark an interest in them to give it a try.

    You can also tune in to a sports channel or go to golf tournaments with them to hike their interest. This helps in creating awareness in them about the beauty of golf.

    Also, allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Never criticize them for their wrongs, instead be patient in correcting them, and they will outgrow these mistakes soon. PGA has listed some of the top reasons [4] why you should get your young golfer into the game.

    Here is a great video (7 minutes 44 seconds) from Scratch Golf Academy showing the right way to teach kids and young golfers the game properly.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Clubs for Kids and Juniors

    Should I Buy Individual Clubs or A Set of Golf Clubs for My Kid?

    Your child’s interest in the game and experience should be the first thing to consider. It doesn’t make sense to run out to your local pro shop or head to Amazon and spend a fortune on clubs for a child who may not even enjoy golf.
    The golfer’s age is another factor that will determine whether to buy individual clubs over a complete set. Is a full set necessary for a 3-year-old? Perhaps not, but you can still get them started with a putter and iron that are appropriate for their age. If you do decide to buy individual clubs, you can consider the stealth driver series of TaylorMade.
    My recommendation is to start small. Enroll your child in a beginner golf course where clubs are provided and let them learn the basics for a minimal cost. Consider purchasing a used or new set of clubs only after your child has learned the basics and has the desire to play!

    Can Adults Use Junior Golf Clubs?

    Absolutely! Many adult golfers (like petite women) find that clubs geared towards youth are an excellent option for improving their skills. Junior golf clubs are designed with smaller grips and heads, and the shafts are lighter and more flexible, making them easier for smaller hands to hold and swing. They’re also lighter and more forgiving for beginners.
    Additionally, golfers whose height falls within the range of Juniors will even be recommended to use those clubs.
    After all, there are no rules that prohibit the use of junior clubs by adults; so if for some reason, you feel more comfortable using them or they help you be more consistent and achieve better scores, then you can definitely use them!

    What Is the Appropriate Place to Teach a Kid how To Play Golf?

    Many golf courses across the country offer times for junior and family tee-offs. Ask a golf course in your area what club packages they offer for your young golfer. You might also want to consider starting with him or her on a course that is closer to your house.
    In order to ensure your child gets taught the best-golfing techniques and foundations, we recommend you find an experienced instructor or program to help guide them through the process.
    You may also opt for a driving range, the practice are of a course, a Par-3 or executive course (shorer and simpler than a regular one), or a miniature golf course. These are all great placed to get your kid started and interested in golf.

    When Should I Teach My Child to Play Golf?

    Just like any other sport, it’s advisable to start at a very young age. The earlier, the better.
    Kids develop and progress at a different pace. Some children may start swinging correctly by the age of three or four. At the same time, some may take years to get a good grip on the club.
    Parents can bring their kids into formal golf lessons by the age of 5 or 6 years. Certain manufacturers believe that kids can start even earlier and have developed special types of golf clubs for kids as young as 18 months.

    Is There Any Risk of Injury for Kids Playing Golf?

    Golf may appear to be a safe sport as the chances of getting hurt on a course are less likely than playing a game of football or basketball. Though the game can be a challenging activity, it does not require much running around or jumping.
    However, accidents may happen. In particular, when kids play golf, the chances of getting injured are relatively high and can even be dangerous.
    The most reported cases of injuries among junior golfers are wrist strain, back pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain. So make sure your junior golfers are getting their golfing lessons with proper care and attention.

    What Age Is a Junior in Golf?

    Junior golfers refer to boys and girls who have not reached 19 years of age. It also includes those young players who are still in secondary school.
    To be more specific, a junior golfer is any individual who comes under the above categories and has played the game of golf at least for one round in a particular year.
    Most of the manufacturers have junior golf club sets that range from size 0 (for age group 2 – 3) all the way up to equipment for teenagers (for age group 17 – 19).

    how Often Should Junior Golfers Practice?

    Practice makes perfect! It’s also the key to success for any sport. So the answer to that question is: as often as possible!
    Even professional-level athletes spend hours daily on the practice field before they go for the actual competition. The same goes for golf.
    Practice becomes even more significant for the young and enthusiastic golfers who are developing their skills and performance.
    Sign up your child for golf lessons and get them a good coach to practice on a daily basis if possible. Experts suggest that junior players should practice short putts daily. The young players should find time for one or two practice sessions weekly to improve their skills.


    Golf is a wonderful sport for kids that provides an excellent activity for their growth and development. Not only to reach their physical potential but also to provide a healthy outlet for their energy.

    Most parents would say that their children’s first experience playing golf is a special one, one they will remember for the rest of their lives. However, for many of these kids, it may not be the adventure they had hoped for, but with the right equipment, some patience, and a little guidance, you may be able to make their experience much better.

    Our list of junior club sets has been thoroughly tested to ensure you only get the best of the best in the market. Whichever option you end up choosing, we guarantee that your little one will be happy with it. 

    We value your personal feedback and suggestions. Get in touch with us by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Thanks for reading!


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