9 Best Left-Handed Golf Clubs – Tested & Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Left-Handed Golf Club is the Callaway XR Complete Set, offering advanced tech for distance, forgiveness, and all-round performance from driver to putter.

As a left-handed golfer, do you struggle to find quality clubs that suit your unique swing? You’re not alone. In a world where right-handed golfers dominate, finding the perfect set of left-handed clubs can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Don’t worry, we’re here to level the playing field. We’ve done the legwork for you, scouting out the best left-handed golf clubs on the market today. We will provide reviews of the best picks and provide a detailed buying guide that includes factors you should keep in mind to make the best choice possible.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Picks for the Best Golf Clubs for Lefties

Based on our own experience, testing and research, the following are our top recommendations for the best left-handed golf clubs available in 2024. We included clubs for men, ladies and juniors to ensure you can find clubs that suit your needs.

    Callaway XR Complete Set – Best Complete Set

    For left-handed golfers seeking a comprehensive, high-performance set, the Callaway XR Complete Golf Set offers an impressive array of clubs designed to elevate your game from tee to green. This set provides a cohesive, technologically advanced solution that caters to the specific needs of left-handed players.

    The XR Driver, with its 460cc titanium head and high-speed R*MOTO Face, is engineered to help you achieve maximum distance off the tee. The fairway woods feature a Hyper Face Channel that promotes faster ball speeds and forgiveness on off-center hits, while the versatile hybrids offer a reliable alternative to long irons.

    The irons in this set boast a classic game-improvement shape, promoting high launch, distance and control. Callaway’s wedges inspire confidence around the green, and the Odyssey DFX Putter, with its iconic #7 shape, enhances alignment and putting performance.

    The set includes a Callaway Stand Bag, which provides convenient organization and easy access to your clubs on the course. With the XR Complete Set, left-handed golfers can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive, high-quality set that covers all aspects of the game.


    • Comprehensive set for left-handed golfers
    • Advanced technology for distance and forgiveness
    • High-performance driver, woods, hybrids, and irons
    • Confidence-inspiring wedges and putter
    • Convenient Callaway Stand Bag included


    • Higher price point compared to individual clubs
    • Limited customization options for individual preferences

    The Callaway XR Complete Golf Set is an excellent choice for left-handed golfers seeking a top-tier, all-inclusive set. While the upfront cost may be higher than purchasing clubs individually, the advanced technology, performance and convenience of this comprehensive set make it a worthwhile investment.

    Taylormade Stealth 2 – Best Driver

    stealth 2 driver taylormade

    Featuring nearly twice the amount of carbon compared to the original Carbonwood, the TaylorMade Golf Stealth 2 Driver utilizes a new Carbon Reinforced Composite Ring for exceptional forgiveness and stability. The enhanced 60X Carbon Twist Face with Inverted Cone Technology helps maintain ball speed on off-center strikes, while the lightweight full-carbon body allows for optimal weight placement and launch conditions.

    The Stealth2 delivers a powerful and bright sound profile, meticulously tuned by TaylorMade’s engineers. With higher MOI than its predecessor, a strategically positioned 25g tungsten weight on the Inertia Generator provides added forgiveness. The TPS Front Weight encourages optimal launch and spin properties for maximum performance.

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, the Stealth2 Driver is designed to improve your accuracy and distance off the tee. The sleek black carbon fiber construction looks stunning and contributes to the club’s outstanding performance. Left-handed golfers will appreciate the availability of this amazing driver in their preferred orientation.


    • Increased forgiveness and stability from Carbon Reinforced Composite Ring
    • Enhanced ball speed retention on off-center hits with 60X Carbon Twist Face
    • Optimal launch conditions thanks to strategic weight placement
    • Powerful and bright sound profile for an immersive experience
    • Higher MOI compared to the original Stealth driver


    • Adapting to the unique feel of the carbon face may take time

    If you’re a left-handed golfer seeking a high-performance driver that combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional forgiveness and distance, the TaylorMade Golf Stealth 2 is an excellent choice. Embrace the power of carbon and take your drives to new heights with this innovative and visually striking club.

    For a deeper dive into how the TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver achieves its performance gains for moderate swing speeds through subtle material changes and weight optimization, see our Taylormade Stealth 2 driver review.

    Cobra Golf DARKSPEED X Fairway – Best Fairway Wood

    Our next pick is the Cobra Golf DARKSPEED X Fairway, a high-performance fairway wood designed to take your long game to a whole new level. Cobra has engineered this club with a refined aerodynamic design and tour-inspired shaping, resulting in a sleek and confidence-inspiring look at address.

    What sets the DARKSPEED X Fairway apart is its larger PWRShell with an A.I. designed H.O.T. face. This innovative technology optimizes the face thickness for faster ball speeds across a larger area of the clubface. Whether you catch it on the sweet spot or slightly off-center, you can expect consistently long and powerful shots.

    While the DARKSPEED X Fairway delivers impressive distance, it doesn’t sacrifice forgiveness. The mid-back weight placement promotes a high, towering ball flight for maximum carry distance. This added forgiveness is especially beneficial when you need to clear obstacles or carry hazards.

    Additionally, the DARKSPEED X allows you to shape your shots with ease, making it a versatile option for a wide range of shot-making situations. Whether you need to hit a precise draw or a controlled fade, this wood gives you the control to execute your desired shot shape.


    • Refined aerodynamic design for improved clubhead speed
    • A.I. designed H.O.T. face for faster ball speeds
    • Mid-back weight placement for high, towering shots
    • Exceptional workability for shot-shaping control
    • Sleek, tour-inspired aesthetics


    • Premium price point
    • Low-spin design may not suit all swing types

    The Cobra Golf DARKSPEED X Fairway delivers a compelling blend of distance, forgiveness and workability, making it a top contender among the best left-handed fairway woods on the market. If you’re a left-handed golfer seeking a high-performance wood to elevate your long game, the DARKSPEED X Fairway is definitely worth considering.

    Mizuno JPX923 HOT Metal – Best Iron Set

    When you pick up the Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal irons, you can immediately feel the quality and craftsmanship that went into their design. The harmonic impact technology provides excellent feedback on every shot, letting you know exactly how well you struck the ball.

    The seamless cup face construction allows for maximum ball speed across the entire hitting area. Even on off-center hits, you’ll be impressed by the forgiveness and distance retention. The optimized face thickness, known as CORTECH design, expands the high COR area for even more ball speed potential.

    The variable sole thickness increases face flex at impact for a powerful, explosive feel off the clubface. You’ll notice a penetrating ball flight with ample carry distance, even in windy conditions. The acoustic sound ribs precisely tune the impact sound and feel.

    While the strong lofts provide impressive distance, some higher handicap golfers may find the long irons harder to launch consistently compared to more forgiving super game improvement sets. The compact short irons are great for shaping shots, but the reduced offset requires a steady hand to avoid the occasional pull.

    Overall, the Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal irons are among the very best in the game improvement category for left-handed golfers. If you want maximum distance without sacrificing feel or workability, these irons are hard to beat. The sleek aesthetics at address instill confidence, while the cutting-edge technologies deliver on-course performance.


    • Harmonic impact provides excellent feedback
    • Increased ball speeds across the face
    • High launch with penetrating ball flight
    • Precise sound tuning for explosive feel
    • Sleek, confidence-inspiring looks at address


    • Long irons may be harder to elevate for some
    • Reduced offset requires a steady delivery in scoring irons

    Whether you are a mid-handicapper looking to break into single digits or a better player who wants max distance with workability, the Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal irons can take your game to the next level. With premium components like the KBS Tour Lite and Golf Pride Z-Grip as stock options, you’ll have a finely tuned instrument in your hands. Give them a test drive and experience Mizuno’s renowned feel and performance for yourself.

    Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge – Best Wedge

    The Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge exemplifies a sophisticated blend of technology and practical design to enhance your play on the course. If you’re keen on refining your game, this club’s features offer substantial benefits that are hard to overlook.

    At the core of this wedge lies the revolutionary ZipCore technology, which not only dampens vibrations for a smoother feel upon impact but also strategically positions the center of gravity to boost the Moment of Inertia (MOI). This results in significantly improved forgiveness, which could be particularly beneficial in high-pressure scenarios where precision is paramount. Additionally, the Hollow Cavity Design redistributes weight effectively, ensuring a balanced feel and dependable performance irrespective of where you strike the ball on the club face.

    The UltiZip Grooves on this wedge are another excellent feature. These grooves are sharper, deeper and packed more closely together than typical grooves, facilitating better debris management and maximizing spin for more control over your shots. What’s more, Cleveland has added two extra grooves on the face, extending groove contact and enhancing performance across various lies.

    An equally notable feature is the inclusion of Gelback technology, which incorporates a soft, vibration-absorbing TPU insert behind the club face. This feature ensures that even miss-hits feel controlled and less jarring, allowing for a more pleasant experience. The club’s dynamic sole design varies with the loft, which automatically equips you with the most suitable grind and bounce for the shot at hand, simplifying your choices and potentially reducing shot setup time.


    • Enhanced forgiveness with ZipCore technology
    • Balanced weight distribution through Hollow Cavity Design
    • UltiZip Grooves increase spin and control
    • Vibration-absorbing Gelback for smoother feel
    • Dynamic sole adjusts with loft for optimized play


    • Nothing we could find

    This wedge is engineered to cater not just to the technical needs of a golfer but also to comfort and playability, making it an outstanding choice among the top left-handed golf clubs available. Regardless of your skill level, the Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedge could very well be the key to unlocking more precise, controlled and enjoyable rounds of golf.

    Odyssey Eleven Tour – Best Putter

    When you first grip the Odyssey 2022 Eleven Putter, its high-quality construction is immediately evident. This left-handed putter boasts a 33″ shaft, a slantneck hosel and a comfortable pistol grip, designed to improve your handling and overall stroke consistency. Specifically crafted to advance the forgiveness and alignment capabilities inherent in Odyssey’s previous models, the Eleven Putter integrates a Tour Lined design which helps significantly in framing the ball correctly at address.

    The putter’s head design uses a multi-material approach that strategically positions the center of gravity (CG) forward by nearly a quarter of an inch compared to other leading mallets. This enhances the MOI (Moment of Inertia) and tightens downrange dispersion, making your putts more consistent and predictable. The inclusion of the legendary White Hot insert—renowned for its performance, sound and feel—adds a classic touch to a modern design, marrying the best of both worlds.

    Odyssey’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated in the newest generation of the Stroke Lab shaft. By reducing the steel section’s weight and enhancing its stiffness, they’ve crafted a shaft that not only saves weight but also improves stability and consistency. This is crucial for maintaining precision in your stroke, especially under the pressures of a game.

    The super lightweight TPU sole insert is another thoughtful addition, improving the sound and feel upon impact without significantly adding to the head weight. This ensures the putter feels robust and nimble, suitable for various playing conditions and preferences.


    • Advanced alignment features enhance accuracy
    • High MOI for better forgiveness
    • Improved consistency with the new Stroke Lab shaft
    • Legendary White Hot insert offers superior feel
    • Lightweight TPU insert enhances sound and feedback


    • Lack of customization options

    The Odyssey Eleven Putter is undoubtedly a top contender among left-handed golf clubs, meriting its inclusion with the best due to its superior design and performance-enhancing features. The precision in its construction and the strategic enhancements in weight and stability make it an excellent choice for the discerning golfer looking to refine their game.

    Taylormade Qi10 Hybrid – Best Hybrid

    The TaylorMade Golf Qi10 Tour Rescue hybrid is a must-have for left-handed golfers looking to improve their game. With its iron-like performance and the forgiveness of a rescue club, this hybrid offers unparalleled workability and control. The compact design, coupled with the reduced hosel onset and sharpened toe and heel areas, gives you confidence at address, whether you’re going for a par-5 in two or playing for position off the tee.

    The fast C300 steel face, featuring a higher toe countered by internal heel-toe weighting, maximizes speed across the face and enhances durability. The advanced face design is thinnest at the center and around the edges, with a thicker mantle surrounding the center, ensuring optimal ball speed and forgiveness. The adjustable 3° loft sleeve allows you to fine-tune your preferred distance, trajectory and shot shape, while the Twist Face technology uses corrective face angles to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits, producing straighter shots.

    The carbon crown with enhanced alignment frees up mass to enable lower CG and added forgiveness, while the advanced laser alignment feature allows for precision aim. The V Steel sole improves turf interaction and versatility, and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket protects ball speed on low-face hits. The extreme perimeter weighting and ultra-low CG create a versatile rescue engineered for high launch, long carry distance and maximum forgiveness.


    • Iron-like performance with rescue club forgiveness
    • Fast C300 steel face maximizes speed and durability
    • Adjustable loft sleeve for customized performance
    • Carbon crown enables lower CG and added forgiveness
    • V Steel sole improves turf interaction and versatility


    • On the expensive side

    The TaylorMade Golf Qi10 Tour Rescue #4 22 Degree hybrid is an exceptional choice for left-handed golfers seeking a versatile and high-performing club. Its combination of cutting-edge technologies, tour-inspired design, and adjustability make it a standout among the best left-handed golf clubs available. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your golfing journey, this hybrid will undoubtedly help you achieve better results on the course.

    Callaway Strata Women’s Set – Best Full Set for Ladies

    When you’re just starting out in golf, having a reliable and forgiving set of clubs can make all the difference in your enjoyment and progress in the game. The Callaway Women’s Strata Complete Golf Set delivers on both fronts, providing you with everything you need to hit the course with confidence.

    Right off the bat, you’ll notice the sleek and stylish golf bag that comes with the set. It’s lightweight yet durable, with plenty of pockets to store your gear and accessories. The convenient back strap makes it comfortable to carry around the course.

    But the real stars are the clubs themselves. The full titanium driver has an oversized sweet spot, letting you rip your tee shots with impressive distance and forgiveness, even on mis-hits. The fairway wood is also very forgiving, optimized with an aerodynamic head shape to launch the ball high and far.

    The hybrid clubs are a great alternative to long irons, much easier to hit consistently for beginners. The stainless steel irons have a cavity back design and perimeter weighting to maximize forgiveness and launch the ball higher, and the milled putter face improves your accuracy and distance control on the greens.


    • Complete set with everything you need
    • Lightweight and durable bag with ample storage
    • Forgiving, high-launching woods and hybrids
    • Cavity back irons for maximum forgiveness
    • Milled putter face for improved accuracy
    • Available in 11, 14 &nd 16-piece variants


    • Headcovers only for the woods, not hybrids

    Whether you’re a complete beginner or a high-handicapper looking to enjoy the game more, the Callaway Strata set is an excellent choice. The high-quality, forgiving clubs inspire confidence over every shot, while the lightweight bag and included headcovers provide great value. It’s no wonder this is one of the top rated beginner club sets for women golfers. You can’t go wrong investing in the Strata Complete Set.

    Tour Edge HL-J Junior – Best Complete Set for Juniors

    When selecting golf clubs for younger players, the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set stands out, particularly for left-handed young golfers. This set is designed with lightweight technology that progresses with each age group, ensuring that the clubs are perfectly weighted for young players, which is crucial for developing a proper swing technique.

    The set includes a 350cc high MOI driver that aids in producing long, high-flying drives—a critical component when trying to instill confidence in young players. The inclusion of a low-profile fairway wood and an advanced hybrid further bolsters this set. Both are engineered to get the ball into the air quickly and easily, which can be a challenging aspect of the game to master. The oversized irons come with extreme perimeter weighting, offering a larger sweet spot that enhances forgiveness on off-center hits, an essential feature for juniors who are refining their skills.

    Additionally, the mallet-style putter included in this set is designed for easy alignment, supporting accurate putting. This feature is often overlooked in junior sets but is vital for developing a reliable putting stroke. The dual-strap stand bag that comes with the set is also lightweight and features a custom grip size tailored to the age group, making it easier for young golfers to carry their own clubs during a round.


    • Progressive lightweight technology for optimal club weight
    • High MOI driver aids in producing long drives
    • Hybrid and irons with low center of gravity for easy hits
    • Large sweet spot on irons enhances forgiveness
    • Easy-to-align mallet-style putter
    • 5 different sets available for different age ranges (3 through 14)


    • Bag durability could be an issue over time

    You’ll find that this set is one of the best values in junior golf. It is backed by the Tour Edge Lifetime Warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality and durability expected from this product. The comprehensive features geared towards junior players make the Tour Edge HL-J Junior complete set a significant choice for juniors to help improve their game, ensuring that they have the right tools that meet and grow with their developing skills.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider While Choosing Left-Handed Golf Clubs

    In this section of the article, we will provide a list of crucial factors you should keep in mind while choosing your golf clubs as a lefty to ensure you make the best choice for your budget and preferences.

    Complete Set or Individual Clubs?

    When choosing left-handed golf clubs, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to purchase a complete set or individual clubs.

    Complete sets are ideal for beginners or casual golfers who want the convenience of having all the necessary clubs in one package. These sets typically include a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter, all designed to work together seamlessly

    On the other hand, more experienced players or those with specific preferences may opt for individual clubs, allowing them to mix and match brands, models and specifications to create a customized set that suits their unique playing style and needs.

    Consider your skill level, budget and long-term goals when deciding between a complete set and individual clubs.

    Age & Gender – Kids, Ladies & Men

    Left-handed golf club

    Left-handed golf clubs are available for players of all ages and genders, so it’s essential to choose clubs that are designed for your specific demographic.

    Junior golfers will require smaller, lighter clubs with more flexible shafts to accommodate their growing bodies and swing speeds. Ladies’ clubs are typically designed with shorter shafts, lighter weights and more flexible shafts to match the average woman’s swing speed and strength. Men’s clubs, on the other hand, are generally longer, heavier and have stiffer shafts to suit the higher swing speeds and strength of male golfers.

    For a more in-depth look at choosing the right clubs for young golfers, check out our guide on junior golf clubs for kids.

    By selecting clubs that are appropriate for your age and gender, you’ll be better equipped to develop a proper swing technique and maximize your performance on the course.

    Shaft Length & Flex Rating

    The length and flex of a golf club’s shaft can significantly impact your swing and overall performance. You should pay close attention to these factors when selecting your clubs.

    Shaft length affects your posture, swing plane and distance control, so it’s crucial to choose clubs that are properly fitted to your height and arm length. Taller players may require longer shafts, while shorter players may benefit from reduced-length shafts.

    Shaft flex, which refers to how much the shaft bends during the swing, should be matched to your swing speed and tempo. Golfers with slower swing speeds typically benefit from more flexible shafts (such as ladies’ or senior flex), while those with faster swing speeds may prefer stiffer shafts (regular, stiff, or extra-stiff).

    Choosing the right shaft length and flex will help you achieve optimal launch conditions, improve your accuracy and maximize your distance potential.

    Grip Size

    Golf Grip size

    Selecting the proper grip size is an often overlooked but crucial aspect of choosing golf clubs. The grip is your only point of contact with the club, so it’s essential to have a comfortable and secure hold throughout your swing. If the grip is too small, your hands may be too active, leading to hooks or draws. Conversely, if the grip is too large, you may struggle to release the club properly, resulting in slices or fades.

    To determine the correct grip size, measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. A measurement of less than 7 inches indicates a need for an undersize grip, 7 to 8.75 inches suggests a standard grip, and over 8.75 inches requires an oversize or jumbo grip.

    The appropriate grip size for your hand measurements will help promote proper hand placement, improve your overall comfort and maintain better control of the clubface throughout your swing.

    Price Point

    Left-handed golf clubs are available at various price points, ranging from budget-friendly options to premium, high-end sets. When determining your budget, consider your level of commitment to the game, your current skill level, and your long-term golfing goals.

    Beginners and casual players may find that less expensive, entry-level clubs are sufficient for their needs, allowing them to develop their skills without a significant financial investment. As you progress in your golfing journey, you may want to upgrade to mid-range or premium clubs that offer advanced technologies, better materials and improved performance.

    Keep in mind that while higher-priced clubs often come with added benefits, such as increased forgiveness, distance and feel, they are not essential for every golfer. The best left-handed golf clubs for you will be those that fit your budget, provide the necessary performance characteristics for your game and give you the confidence to play your best on the course.

    Final Thoughts

    Left-handed golfers no longer need to feel limited by their equipment options. With the increasing availability of high-quality left-handed clubs, southpaws can now enjoy the same level of performance and customization as their right-handed counterparts.

    The clubs reviewed in this article cater to men, women and junior golfers, ensuring that every left-handed player can find the perfect clubs to suit their needs and preferences. The factors explored in our buyer’s guide will help you make the best decisions and select clubs that optimize your performance on the course.

    Thanks for reading!


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