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The 10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors to Improve Your Shots

Last updated: October 6, 2022
Best golf ball for seniors
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Key Takeaways

Do you have years of experience playing the golf game, but it is not up to the mark anymore due to age? Are you looking to improve your shots and ace your game every time you play? We strongly believe that most seniors are pretty young at heart and do not want to let age […]

Do you have years of experience playing the golf game, but it is not up to the mark anymore due to age? Are you looking to improve your shots and ace your game every time you play? We strongly believe that most seniors are pretty young at heart and do not want to let age get in the way of their game. After all, it is a game, and as such, it has to be enjoyable and fun regardless of age, gender, style, or any other factors.

Today, with the improvement in technology, manufacturers bring you the most appropriate equipment and accessories to suit players' age and styles of playing. Do you have the feeling that you have lost the speed in your golfing game over the years? Choosing the right one among the different golf balls will give your golfing style the much-required push.

Making the right choice and finding the perfect ball will definitely mean being competitive again in your favorite game and fully enjoying the whole experience without making any compromises. 

This article introduces you to the top 10 golf ball variants that specifically suit the seniors and their gaming style; it additionally uncovers our top pick: The Callaway Golf SuperSoft Golf Ball, which is the best quality golf ball for seniors based on our tests and the latest extensive customer reviews we considered in our research.

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~ Lee Trevino

What Are the Key Differences Between a Regular and a Senior Golf Ball?

A female golfer holding a bunch of orange and white golf balls

In the past few years, golf ball manufacturers have made incredible advancements, creating a plethora of different types of balls to suit every single player's style, age, strength, needs, etc. Senior golfers need to choose their golf balls based on many criteria such as compression, cover, construction, and dimples. The goal is to select one that requires less effort to travel the longest possible distance.

Compression: Low or High?

The compression of a golf ball simply means how tightly wound the threads inside it are, and the level of compression is usually expressed using a rating of around 100 and below. In the end, there are two types of balls: low compression (80 or lower rating, also referred to as softballs - with the softest balls having a rating as low as 40) and high compression (or hard balls, having a compression rating of 100 or higher). The higher the compression, the harder the ball, and vice versa.

These two types of balls mainly differ in performance. Softer balls require less strength and travel for a longer distance due to their softer texture physically reacting to the golf club, making them more useful for longer, straighter shots.

On the other hand, harder balls require stronger swings and travel for shorter distances; but they provide more accuracy and control. It seems that softer, low compression balls are better suited for senior players, while harder balls are better for younger, stronger, or even professional players.

Ball Cover: Surlyn or Urethane?

The majority of golf balls, both regular and practice, nowadays are covered either in Surlyn [1] or Urethane [2]. Surlyn-covered balls are less expensive, more durable, and provide more distance than urethane-covered ones, making them a better choice for most amateur players.

The only major disadvantage is that they lack the backspin that many professional and demanding amateurs need to control the ball. Simply put, surlyn provides more speed and distance, while Urethane provides more control despite being slightly more expensive.

Construction: Two-Piece or Three-Piece?

Two-piece golf balls are usually composed of a solid core with a hard surlyn cover, while three-piece balls are made of either a solid core or soft liquid core, an outer rubber layer with a soft outer cover.

Two-piece balls are less expensive and more durable than three-piece balls. They are also harder and cover greater distances.

Three-piece balls, however, provide better backspin and feel, which may make them more appealing for some golfers.

Dimples: Average Number of Dimples

The average number of dimples on a golf ball varies between 300 and 500 depending on the model and manufacturer of the ball. The dimples are usually spherical in shape, even though some makers may opt for different shapes, as is the case with Callaway's HX ball having hexagon-shaped dimples. The average depth of the dimples on a ball is about 0.010 inches (0.25 mm).

Those are not a simple aesthetic addition to golf balls, as dimples are scientifically proven to help significantly with the ball's performance. In other words, the dimples on the ball create a layer of air around it that makes its trajectory more predictable, thus providing more control and smoother ball flight.

Moreover, a back spinning ball in the air creates a lifting force by the air that goes underneath it; dimples can magnify this force by about 50%, making it fly higher and cover a longer distance. In a nutshell, dimples are essential to the speed, consistency, control, and smoothness of the golf ball flight.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Balls for Seniors?

Senior golfer placing golf ball and tee on the golf course

Choosing which golf balls for seniors to buy is a highly subjective matter. Many factors need to be taken into consideration before making the decision depending on the person's preferences and abilities.


It seems that the most basic goal for senior golfers is to achieve the longest possible shots requiring the least amount of energy and strength. In this case, low compression softballs tend to achieve longer distances compared to high compression balls.

The ball cover also matters here, as Surlyn-covered balls can perform better than urethane balls. Simply put, to achieve a longer distance, seniors may opt for either low compression balls or ones covered in Surlyn. Yet, control will be slightly sacrificed.


If durability is your main criterion while choosing your golf balls, then your options range between high compression hard balls, Surlyn- covered, and two-piece balls. These are the ones to look for if you want your golf balls to last a bit longer.

One may also look for brands offering balls combining more than one of the options, such as two-piece, Surlyn-covered balls. Some performance will be gained, but at the expense of control and feel.


Some senior golfers may still have a preference for control, feel and spin. The best balls to offer better control are High-compression balls, ones covered in Urethane, and three-part balls. These are a little bit more expensive, but if this is not an issue for you, then these are your best choice.

Again, one may look for balls combining two or more of these criteria. These types of balls offer a better feel and spin but require more power, as they need stronger swings to achieve better results and distances.

Color and Visuals

As we grow older, it is normal for vision to decrease; we are not able to see some smaller things as well as we used to when we were younger. It's just how life works. Yet, vision is of utmost importance when it comes to golfing; the whole game relies on it.

Senior players need golf balls that can stand out in the middle of the surroundings and can be perfectly tracked at all times - be it mid-air or on grass. Golf balls come in many different colors, even though white is considered to be the default color. If a different color is to be chosen, it will be better to avoid blue balls, as they don't contrast very well with grass.

Orange is a good option, but it may cause problems during autumn with tree leaves on the ground. The best ball colors to offer better visibility and tracking in the air and on the ground are green (like the Volvik vivid golf balls), pink and yellow. They offer the best visibility anytime, anywhere.

Value for Money

Usually, golf balls that favor performance over control are relatively cheaper. If budget is an important factor for you to consider when buying your golf balls, then you need to strike a balance between price and performance.

That is, you need to get balls that are a bit cheaper without sacrificing too much on the performance and control departments. Balls like the Srixon AD333, the Titleist Tour Soft, and the TaylorMade Tour Response provide some of the best value for money in the market.

The 10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors Reviews

#1 - Our Top Pick: Callaway Golf SuperSoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft balls are currently topping our list of the best choice for most seniors golfers, especially if you have consistency issues.

Designed to give you more distance and straight shots every time, they come with the innovative HEX Aerodynamics technology for improved ball flight, control, and spin.

The ultra-low compression core gives a good feel off the clubface. It is ideal for people who have been experiencing a slower swing.

It is ideal for your short irons, chipping, and pitching. These soft golf balls are also priced affordably and are definitely a good option for seniors. These balls come in bright colors, making it easy for you to spot the ball when you hit it too far. Many users love the distinct color and use it as a means to identify their ball.

The ball's soft matte feel has quite a few fans, and golfers love the sound of the club head hitting the ball. It also has a beautiful line on the side of the ball to help the players with aiming. The matte finish also maintains a good grip while you are handling the ball.

Callaway golf supersoft golf balls can also be a perfect gift for the elderly golfer.


  • Improved speed and accuracy.
  • Softer trigonometry cover for better greenside control.
  • Comes in a variety of bright colors.
  • Affordable supersoft golf ball.
  • Gives you a straighter drive.
  • Ideal for golfers who have consistency issues.


  • Not all golfers are a fan of the matte finish.
  • The cover is relatively thin and comes off when the ball hits hard surfaces.

Callaway has become the next elite brand due to the fantastic feel and distance it can cover. While some feel they are way too soft, these balls are perfect for the seniors who feel their swing speeds have slowed down over the years. It also seems to be an affordable option in the low compression golf balls for seniors category.

#2 - Best for Slow Swing Speed: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

Designed to achieve maximum distance and provide the best short game control, Titleist Pro V1 aims to help golfers shoot lower scores. Players will have the best ball control as these golf balls come with an exclusive cast thermoset urethane elastomer covers.

The urethane cover may not contribute much to the speed. However, it is ideal for creating a high spin on the approach shots. Cover thickness has been reduced to add more speed while also giving more control and spin.

Titleist Pro V1, with its extremely thin cover, provides an unmatched feel and low compression that even slow swingers can cover great distances with this ball. These soft-felt golf balls come in different colors, such as pink, white, and yellow. Golfers use colored ones so they can find them easily.

The core comes with the superior and new 2.0 ZG process to help golfers achieve more distance in their shots. Golfers can't get enough of the extraordinary distance and consistent flight that this premium golf ball has to offer.

The ball is designed to give you more ball speed as it leaves the clubhead and produces less spin in the long game. It also provides the best drop-and-stop control.


  • 17% thinner urethane cover for better speed.
  • Larger casing layers with more fast materials.
  • Gives unmatched feel, low spin, and high speed.
  • Provides a penetrating trajectory.
  • Enhanced side stamp for better aim and accuracy.


  • Is slightly more expensive than other variants.

Experienced golfers love the soft feel of the ball and its durability. They also make a great Christmas gift for your retired parents or your best friend. Most people have a complaint about the high price. At the same time, we agree that it is on the higher end when it comes to price. Its unmatched performance totally justifies the price you pay for it.

#3 - Best Budget Option: Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

These soft golf balls with a dimple pattern will give golfers good and straight flight. It comes with an ionomer cover that gives it a great feel. A lower compression rating of 60 delivers more distance even at relatively low swing speeds, making it ideal for seniors. The soft feel, as the name goes, makes it great for easy chipping and putting. It has an Energetic Gradient Growth Core that is softer at the core and firm on the outside to launch higher off the tee and give less spin for maximum distance.

For players whose swing speeds are beginning to decline, these golf balls provide an excellent trajectory to get it in the air letting it travel a reasonable distance. It comes with a remarkable consistency with each shot. The soft, thin cover is known to provide higher greenside spin.

If you are looking for an ideal gift look no further, you can buy them in a pack of 2 or 4 dozen at excellent prices. 

A well-rounded ball with no major drawbacks available for under $20 is a must-buy for every golfer irrespective of their skill level or age.


  • 338-speed dimple pattern for more accurate shots.
  • Longer driver distance and consistency.
  • Offers a moderate amount of spin.
  • Fits a wide range of players
  • Soft feel on the pitch and Easy Target alignment.
  • Available in white and also in bright colors.


  • Compared to other high-end balls, the cover is less durable.

These affordable golf balls may not have the unique characteristics required for professional games. However, it is an ideal choice for your weekend games and casual practice. It may not be the master of any specific trait but is definitely the all-rounder, which is sure to give your golfing skills the required push. Though there are concerns about the thin cover and durability, it should not be a major worry as they are priced affordably.

#4 - Best for Soft Feel: Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Want to experience an exceptionally soft feel on every one of your shots? The R&D of Titleist has a unique formulation of a new core combined with an innovative cover design that offers a low spin on your long shots. It also provides fantastic distance and short game playability.

This is yet another best soft golf ball for seniors from the house of Titleist. It is softer than the earlier versions we have reviewed so far; it will give you the feel of hitting a bouncy rubber ball.

The ball has an excellent compression that gives a nice leap to it once it leaves the clubface. These yellow-colored golf balls for seniors are attractive and easy to spot if you hit the ball too far. It is ideal for golfers with a swing speed of 75 to 90 mph range.

DT Trusoft technology is what provides the soft feel, be it off the tee, on your approach shots, or around the green. The Truflex cover technology also contributes to the smooth feel and better holding and dropping capabilities.

Aerodynamic design enhances the flight capacity of the ball and also helps in covering maximum distance. This feature also gives you constant straight ball flights that will help players get to their target.


  • Softest compression in the Titleist brand.
  • Superior quality from a trusted manufacturer.
  • 2-piece construction with softcore and firm, thin, durable cover.
  • It provides a penetrating trajectory at 75 to 80 mph swing speeds.


  • May not be suitable for golfers who are used to urethane golf balls.
  • Is slightly expensive

Being the leader in the golf space, Titleist never compromises on quality, which is evident in the many positive reviews of these DT Trusoft golf balls. The fact that it gives incredible distance at lower swing speeds makes it ideal for seniors. Also, DT Trusoft is a relatively cheaper option than V1 and still manages to provide decent performance in and around the greens.

#5 - Best Performance for High Handicappers: Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

If you happen to be that single-digit handicapper and a seasoned golfer, the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls are exclusively made for you. These buttery soft golf balls improve the playability of your shots around the green. However, seniors should note that these balls do require a good swing speed and perfect contact to make the most of your shot.

Tour soft gives golfers the superior distance and a responsive feel provided that it gets in motion following a medium to high swing speed. Titleist engineers have designed this golf ball with the largest core ever to deliver increased ball speed and response.

The ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover manufactured using the TCU process technology is ideal for better control in short game performances. With a spherically tiled 342 Cuboctahedron dimple design, the ball provides a good trajectory penetration and steady flights that give an exciting twist to your game. This feature also reduces the spin rates on your long shots.

This innovative technology and design provide good spin control and improved distance coverage.

It comes with the right compression and soft feel required to achieve good distance. The ball also gives excellent control over the short-distance shots. Overall, golfers are big fans of this ball's all-around performance around the course and greenside.


  • Unique simple design for steady highball flights.
  • Improved durability with Ultra-thin 4CE cover.
  • Good solid feel with a driver.
  • Holds greens better than other balls.
  • Excellent stopping ability on greens, and very good straights off the tee.


  • May not be ideal for amateur players.
  • May not suit players with slower swing speeds.

Titleist is a famous brand with high-quality equipment. However, you may also want to check if the ball suits your swing style and speed before buying it. If you are looking for the longest ball, there are other options, even with slow swing speeds. Tour soft is sure a good performer in the hands of seasoned golfers who are looking for more control and spin around the greens.

#6 - Best Spin and Distance: Callaway SuperHot Golf Ball

If you are looking for more spin and good distance, Callaway Superhot is an ideal golfer option. It sure gives you great distance with its 3-piece construction. The 3-piece construction is coupled with an ionomer cover that helps achieve higher spin rates than the 2-piece construction variants.

The main factor that differentiates Callaway SuperHot from other golf balls Callaway is the ionomer that is super-thin and softer than Surlyn. Surlyn is commonly used in other brands. This super-thin cover is harder than the expensive urethane ones.

This unique 3-piece construction gives more spin on approach shots and even the greenside ones too. These balls do not tend to skid and roll on fast when compared to other options.

It comes with the aerodynamic Hex dimple pattern that is similar to the supersoft option from Callaway. However, the three-piece design offers a softer feel and adds to its flight capacity.

The softcover tends to get damaged if the ball hits any hard surface. However, you will not witness much of the damage from your usual shots. When it comes to pricing, it definitely belongs to the higher-end category in the senior range. However, the top performer tag justifies the high price.


  • A unique style of construction.
  • Golfers love the surface texture.
  • Produces easy distance with 70 to 80% swing speed.
  • Available in a matte finish and bold colors.
  • Ideal for long and straight shots.
  • Bright-colored balls are easy to spot in the grass.
  • Ideal for senior golfers with moderate swing speed.


  • The ionomer covers scuffs when the ball hits hard surfaces.
  • Pricey option in the golf balls for senior's category.

Super-thin ionomer cover combined with the 3-piece construction is a unique combination that gives you long-distance shots with more spin control. If you hit a hard surface or rocks, you will surely have to replace the ball. However, it is more durable than a urethane cover golf ball which is more expensive.

#7 - Good Value for The Price: Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Smart Core Technology is the unique feature of this golf ball that can adjust to the swing speeds. The ball tends to spin less for your fast swings, and for your shorter games, it spins more, thus giving more control over your shots. The unique design helps reduce the spin to give the ball a more accurate and straight distance.

It comes with a highly durable ionomer cover that provides excellent playability through wide varied conditions. Even though these golf balls look cheap to make, they deliver more or less the same performance as any other golf ball in the same price range. If you happen to play a lot in hazardous areas, you would want to have these balls handy.

The price is the attractive feature of this smart core ball. Even with a few drawbacks, players are willing to overlook these because of the affordable rates. It is ideal for beginners to practice with these not-so-expensive golf balls as you can play without the fear of losing the ball.

It gives an exceptional feel around the green with its soft response, and for those long-distance shots, it offers a firm response.


  • Better swing speed possibilities with smart core technology.
  • Ideal spin control on both long and short-distance shots.
  • Decent performance at affordable prices.
  • Suitable for novices in the game.
  • Works well with slow swing speeds.


  • May not be suitable for professional golfers.
  • Tends to spin less both on long and short games.

With the price that these golf balls are available, anybody would think they do not deliver much. However, these affordably priced golf balls come with an acceptable level of performance in terms of distance or feel. They are great to get started with your game. It is, no doubt, a great bargain.

#8 - Acceptable Performance: Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball

Apart from some of the big names such as Titleist, and Callaway, we also have some exceptional golf balls from Bridgestone's lesser-known brands. Designed to deliver consistency, accuracy, and straight distance coverage, these golf balls are one of the favorites among senior golfers.

It has improved aerodynamics for extra distance and also has a soft feel to it. Primarily available in white color and a 12-ball pack at an affordable price. It has a two-piece construction and is redesigned to work well even at moderate swing speeds. Thus, making it the best golf ball for seniors with slow swing speeds.

The advanced features give players confidence to achieve a good performance on the greenside. It provides a lower spin to gain better control over both long and short games. The softness of the ball adds an excellent feel to achieving straight ball flights.

E6 Soft technology is the secret behind the softness, and the novel delta dimple design offers smoother playability.

Advanced mantle layer cover combined with the soft layer improves the ball's performance around the greens. It also comes with a low compression core for a good ball flight and better ball speed. These balls are also available in a bright yellow color.

The exterior design pitfalls have probably pulled it down to a good quality golf ball rather than being the best in class.


  • Gives straighter flights.
  • Ideal for chips and putts
  • Provides a perfect combination of feel, distance, and spin around the greens.
  • Excellent greenside performance.
  • Improved visibility with yellow color balls.
  • Decent product at a reasonable price.
  • Can give consistent shots even at moderate swing speeds.


  • Alignment aid on either side is not very useful.
  • Thoughtless placement of the logo is another huge distraction.

As senior players, you witness a decrease in the swing speeds. This golf ball comes as a game-changer for an experienced player who can continue to give their best shots even with a slower swing speed. Apart from the exterior's visual design flaws, we do not have much of a complaint about this option.

#9 - Good Graphics and Visuals: Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Ball

Have you ever seen a golf ball with football-like graphics on it? These funky graphics on the golf ball are sure to make a few heads turn in surprise. There is definitely this heated debate about the not-so-simple graphics on the ball. However, those who are keen on trying the most unconventional things can try this one.

It is definitely worth a try as the funny graphics have nothing to do with its performance. Let's explore the performance side instead of not getting carried away by the graphics part.

Similar to other urethane golf balls, the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis ball gives players good control and spin in and around the greenside. However, some pros at the game have complaints about the distance and durability.

The outside of this golf ball resembles a soccer ball with a pentagon over it arranged symmetrically. Designers claim to have created the design to ensure you get a better view of the ball while aiming and aligning it. It is a sight to behold to see the spinning ball on your chips and putts.

This golf ball is highly recommended for seniors who are looking for backspin and stop power while also aiming to hit the ball to the right height and length.


  • Comes with the right spin for the greens
  • Stands out on the course.
  • Works great on chips and putts.
  • Some players prefer the marking for better alignment.
  • Works well for golfers with mid to high swing speeds.
  • 4-piece construction.


  • Some find the design very odd on a golf ball.
  • Distance coverage is not very impressive.
  • Not long-lasting as other urethane golf balls.

While there have been mixed reviews on the ball's appearance, golfers love the increased focus, visibility, and ultra-soft feel. These balls are perfect for minimizing driver-spin and enhancing the high launch for long distances. Look wise, and performance-wise these golf balls are worth a try for seniors.

#10 - Good Distance Ball: TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

If you are looking for a long-distance ball and also have a tight budget, TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls are the ideal option for you. This easy-to-play golf ball gives you maximum distance. Low drag aerodynamics coupled with a REACT speedcore adds more velocity, so it reaches a farther distance.

Seniors who hit the ball straight and short, and players who keep their chips low benefit the most from these distance balls. Senior, seasoned players with slow swing speeds can still cover a good distance with these golf balls.

This seems to be a firmer fastball that can give you a low and sharp ball flight. It does not have a soft feel like the other variants reviewed here. These do work well for the bump and run shots due to the firmness of this ball. It also works great for putting and chipping. High trajectory, spinning shots, and flop shots may not be the best with these distance balls.

Appearance-wise, TaylorMade Distance Plus is a modest-looking ball with dual alignment and aiming options. People who like to have a long line can look at the TaylorMade logo to align the ball. You could also use the alignment line on the sides mentioned as "Distance +" with arrows on either side.

Each ball is under $1, offers excellent value for money, and these balls are also highly durable as the cover is also quite firm.


  • 342 aero dimple design adds to the ball speed.
  • Ideal for short games with a soft feel in and around the greens.
  • High ball speed with REACT speedcore.
  • A dozen balls for less than $15.
  • Gives more consistent drives.
  • Bright-colored and easy to find.


  • Most players do not like firm cover and core.
  • May not be suitable for professionals.

The price is the most attractive feature of this golf ball, and it also does a decent job in terms of distance, spin, and control around the greens. These hardcover golf balls are also quite durable and last longer than any of the expensive ones. It works well with players who hit long distances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now is the time to find answers to all those questions you have on golf balls for seniors.

So why are there unique golf balls for seniors? Can other players use these balls? What is the ideal swing speed of a senior golfer?

Can senior golf players try other balls? What is the relationship between compression, and how far can you hit it? Does the design of the ball affect the velocity? Well, we may not be able to address all of your questions. However, we have taken down a few of the most common queries senior golfers may have.

So here, we proceed to the Q&A session on golf balls for seniors.

Why Are Golf Balls for Seniors Different From Other Balls?

Golf balls for seniors are different due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is the compression. We need balls with low compression so that they can be set in motion with relatively minimum effort. As players age in the game, there is a significant decline in their swing speeds. It is not easy for senior golfers to get to the speed required to launch the ball high. Hence, there is a need for softer balls with improved design and engineering to launch the ball even with slow swing speeds.

We have the best distance golf ball for seniors to achieve a reasonable distance, which may not be possible with the regular balls. Another reason is the visibility; as you may have noticed, most of the golf balls we reviewed come in bright colors so that you can spot them easily.

Ball Compression for Seniors: Low or High?

Golf ball compression refers to the way the core threads are wound together. For instance, when we say a ball has low compression, it means that the threads are not wound together very tightly. Balls with low compression tend to traverse more distance than the ones that have high compression.

Senior players with slow swing speeds would prefer and do better off with low compression balls as they will give them the distance and spin. Even beginners, junior players, and women prefer these golf balls for improved playability.

The hardest hitters use high compression balls in the game. They use enough force to flatten the ball on impact. So, high compression balls may not be ideal for senior players.

The verdict is that low compression balls can also be the longest golf balls for seniors. This is also why we have the best low-compression golf balls for seniors as a separate category.

What Is the Average Swing Speed for a Senior Golfer?

The average swing speed for senior golfers would definitely be a lot less than players who are in their 20s or 30s. Here, when we refer to senior golfers, we have this threshold of 50 years. Senior golfers who are in their 50s may play at a swing speed higher than a player in his 70s.

The average swing speed of golfers can range anywhere between 60 to 85 mph. For instance, a 50-year-old male golfer may have a swing speed ranging between 85 to 90 mph. As the player ages, he/she may tend to lose the swing speed drastically.

A senior female golfer may have slower swing speeds than their male counterparts. A 50-year-old female golfer can have an average swing speed between 60 and 70 mph. She can also stand to lose five mph every ten years. That being said, the swing speed cannot be tagged at a particular range as it differs from person to person. What we have mentioned here is a rough estimate.

Which Golf Construction Is Best for Senior Golfers?

Golf ball construction comes in 2, 3- and 4-piece construction. Most of the options we have reviewed belong to the two or three-piece category.

Experts believe that senior players who have been witnessing a decline in their swing speeds find a two-piece or 3-piece construction useful to gain more distance. These usually come with a durable yet thin cover made from ionomer, surlyn, or urethane. Softballs are more likely to give the best results to senior players with slower swing speeds. Firm balls will need more effort from the player to set them in motion.

These balls tend to give more yardage and good distance coverage. Seniors will have to make slight adjustments to their playing style by hitting short and allowing the ball to roll up to the greens.

Players with a single-digit handicap can play well with the 3-piece construction, which will probably have a urethane cover.

What Color Golf Ball Is Easiest for Seniors to See?

Balls with vivid colors are more likely to be visible and trackable by senior golf players. That's why almost all ball manufacturers are now trying to expand the color options and finishes of their golf balls.

However, since colors like blue, purple, or orange may cause issues of contrast in specific conditions (blue and purple not contrasting very well with the grass, and orange being problematic during autumn), the best golf ball colors to consider seem to be yellow and green. They are favored by seniors (or anyone having vision issues) because they provide perfect visibility in the air, on grass, and in any weather conditions. There are even glow-in-the-dark golf balls for added visibility.

Do Soft Feel Golf Balls Go Further?

The answer is yes, especially for seniors or any players with low to average swing speeds. Soft feel or low-compression balls have a compression rating of 80 or less, which means their core is softer than that of high-compression balls.

When hit with a golf club, a soft feel ball, thanks to its softer core, will rebound off the club's face, which will help it go a little further compared to a high compression ball. They also require less strength and swing speed, which makes them perfect for senior golfers wishing to achieve longer distances.

What Are the Best Golf Balls for Seniors With Medium Swing Speed?

This is a tricky question, as we have mentioned before that the right choice of golf balls depends on the players' personal preferences and playing styles. In addition, in this same article, we have covered a selection of our top 10 golf balls for seniors.

But one ball stands out of the lot and seems to be the perfect ball for seniors with medium swing speeds: The Bridgestone e6 soft golf ball. It is an all-around solid performer that manages to bring the best of both worlds, providing longer distances with plenty of feel and control. We believe it is the best ball to use for senior golfers with low to medium swing speeds.

Are There Any Other Considerations When Choosing the Best Golf Ball for Seniors?

Most of the brands we discussed in the golf balls for seniors category consider factors [3] such as vision, budget, etc., while putting forth their product in the market. It is up to the players to choose the right one based on their preferences and skill level.

Vision – this is one of the crucial aspects of choosing a golf ball for a senior player. As they age, the decline in vision is quite common, and it is ideal to select ones that are brightly colored so they are easy to spot. It also allows seniors to differentiate their golf balls from that of other players. Today you also have some luminescent varieties that are available.

Budget – may be another critical aspect as senior golfers are mostly the retired folks living on their savings. Price is a primary consideration even while choosing any product for that matter. We have reviewed several options that are the best budget buys.

Final Words

All our recommendations carefully consider the different aspects of choosing the best golf ball for the senior players, such as affordability, visibility, quality, durability, etc. Now, it is up to you to choose based on highly subjective likes and preferences to achieve your best possible performance, fully exploit your abilities, and compensate for any age-related issues that may prevent you from achieving the best results.

We have reviewed some of the best brands like Callaway, Titleist, and other brands that do not compromise quality even if they are available at a comparatively lower affordable price.

Out of all the best golf balls for seniors, our top pick is the Callaway Golf SuperSoft. They are super soft, give more straight shots, and are ideal for players with slow swing speed. They are also available at affordable prices to our senior folks.


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Jacob Jensen
Jacob Jensen
My name is Jacob, a self-diagnosed equipment and golf enthusiast. I've been golfing since I was 15. Golf has always been my passion. I'm a bit of a golf equipment nerd and I've been that way since the moment I picked up a club for the first time. As someone who's been on both sides of the game, I know what it takes to be a good golfer. Of course, you need good equipment, but you also need to know how to use it. I hope sharing my experience with you will help you improve your game.

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