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Top 10 Best golf balls for beginners, Reviews & Comparison Guide

Top 10 Best golf balls for beginners, Reviews & Comparison Guide

First Published: September 24, 2020
Last updated: May 24, 2021

Congratulations to you on joining the wonderful world of Golf! Or, if you are trying to pick up the game after a long break? Whatever be your reason, if you are playing golf as a beginner or have a high handicapper, you will need to choose the right gear. Golf is a game that depends heavily on suitable gear apart from the skills of the golfer. It may seem daunting at first, but you can do an excellent job with the right information.

A golf ball may be small but is one of the most crucial parts of your gear. Picking the best golf ball for beginners and high handicappers is not easy because no two golfers are the same. One piece of advice that’s given to every beginner is to stick to one golf ball and maintain consistency. So here is more information on the best golf balls for beginners.

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I use TaylorMade. I've tested every golf ball. Taylormades are great.

~ Bryson DeChambeau

10 Best Golf Balls For Beginners Review

As a beginner, there are so many things about golf that you need to figure out. Between choosing clubs, shoes, clothes, and golf balls, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, we have put together some excellent golf ball choices for you with a list of beginners' best golf balls.

Supersoft golf ball, as the name suggests, is an incredible softball from Callaway. They are well known as well as popular in the golfing world. As soon as you hold this ball in your hands, you will notice the softness. Ultra-low compression at 38 is the reason for this softness.

A softcore ensures faster speed with more accuracy. It is a straight, long-distance ball. Technology like the New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag and enhances the lift, resulting in a longer carry distance.

Its Trigonometry cover is designed with low compression, better feel & control. This ball can absorb energy efficiently due to its design, making it suitable for beginners. 

The durability of this product is also an attractive feature. They will not break easily even after several hits. Covered in Surlyn material, it is available in 6 colors; green, yellow, orange, pink, red, and white; these golf balls are not easy to lose. You get them in a box of 12 balls.

Some golfers prefer golf balls with low spin preferring more speed, but you don’t want that as a beginner. The Callaway super-soft golf ball does not have low spin rates, making it perfect for your practice sessions.

Compared to regular golf balls, you will get longer distances and lesser drag with these balls.

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  • Great performance with excellent quality. 
  • You will get straight drives due to low drag.
  • Attractive appearance with bright colors enhances visibility, so it is difficult to lose them
  • At this price point, it is one of the best options among all
  • Too soft while the matte finish makes it difficult to clean

Callaway Supersoft is an ideal ball for beginners and high handicappers, which is an affordable option. You will notice that you are hitting cleaner as well as farther with this ball. Soft to touch, this ball will glide along with the greens with very little resistance. Beginners and high handicappers will enjoy golfing more with this.

Designed and built for longer distance with a softer feel, these long & soft golf balls are great for beginners. Available in packs of 15 or 24, these golf balls are built to last for a long time.

A patented 342 aerodynamic dimple design helps you to hit against wind more efficiently as well as straighter as possible. It boasts of a very low compression core at 34, which results in some fantastic shots even from a new player. This impact propulsion core helps in longer carrying of shots. 

For beginners and high handicappers, one big problem is losing a large number of balls. How much money can you spend on balls alone? If you are also worried about your budget, then this is a good option.

It will only cost approximately one dollar per ball. For this price, quality-wise they are comparable to much higher priced golf balls.

The durability of this product is quite good, with a soft Iothane covering on top. As soon as you hold this ball in your hands, you know the difference in the feel. It is this softness that makes it more controllable on the greens.

This is a responsive beginner-friendly golf ball made for players with a golf swing of approximately 75 to 90 mph. These are indeed the best golf balls for high handicap players who will find it easy to control their shots. 

  • Aerodynamic dimple design helps you cover long distances 
  • Low compression core helps in achieving more accuracy
  • Low spinning golf ball with a decent feel around the greens
  • This ball is not for people with a fast golf swing

Look no further if you are looking for an affordable, long-distance, soft golf ball! The Noodle Long & Soft has a patented dimple design, which reduces air drag to give you smoother shots. Construction quality and feel are outstanding.

Soft yet durable with a superior design, these balls are great for beginners.

Even if you are only a beginner, using the Titleist Pro golf balls will add a lot of enjoyment in addition to proficiency in your game. You will notice your scores getting better with consistency. This product is from a well-known, reputed brand which is very popular even with professionals.

You get a faster ball from the core to its cover. Designed efficiently to leave the clubface with more speed to achieve longer distances. This is a good option for beginners and high handicappers to help them achieve lower scores.

The 17 % thinner cover is a proprietory thermoset urethane elastomer cover system. You will get great control as well as grip to be able to generate high spin. The thinner cover ensures speed along with spin & control.

Extraordinary Distance in this product's name refers to the casing layer, which enhances speed apart from optimizing the spin. Larger casing layers on these balls have more fast material added to them. 

What makes these golf balls great is the fact that it has a fast core. This core delivers more speed and less spin to maintain the basic compression. A player can get a penetrating trajectory, consistent flight, as well as excellent game control.

It is available in a bright yellow color apart from white, which makes it easy to locate anywhere on the golf course. Most beginners tend to lose a lot of balls initially, so a ball lost is money lost. 

  • Can cover a long distance with consistency as well as accuracy
  • The yellow color is blended on the cover, not just painted on white
  • Innovative 2.0 ZG Process Core can increase speed for more incredible momentum
  • It is a bit on the expensive side but worth the money

Even as an amateur, you will know the difference once you play with these golf balls. Your shots will be more accurate in addition to traveling long distances.

This product's design innovation makes it one of the best golf balls in the game for players of all handicaps. Best beginner golf balls, but advanced golfers will like them equally. 

For a beginner, the Vice Pro Plus golf balls are among the best options. With good design and superior technology, this product can soon become an integral part of a beginner’s golf gear. It is a 4-piece top-class construction golf ball.

Its urethane casing cast gives a lot of durability to the product. 336-dimple design is tested for high-quality aerodynamic efficiency and speed. Reduction in drag helps in achieving better speeds with this dimple design. 

HESC or High Energy Speed Core is an exciting feature that allows for optimization of speed and distance. A dual mantle makes it more ‘elastic’ which helps in reducing spin. Using S2TG technology, the Pro Plus can offer a quality feel that helps control the spin.

Even in your short game, you are more in control. Most golfers will get more distance from the tee even if they have a slow swing speed. Beginners and high handicappers will appreciate the control they can have because it will help them improve their game.

Additionally, the KIL or Keep in Line feature helps with perfect alignment. It tells new golfers how best to place the ball before hitting. One more unique feature of this product is its design. It has the Golden State Warriors colors and design on it.

Many young players get attracted to it due to this association. It also makes for an excellent gift for any budding players or even as a keepsake.

  • Flexible dual mantle results in a low spin as well as long-distance
  • Highly durable, totally worth its price
  • Evenly distributed compression delivers a steady and consistent flight path
  • Golfers with slow swing speed may not like it

Some great technology and good construction make this golf ball a must-have for beginners and high handicappers. Its flexible mantle makes for a lower spin in addition to longer carry.

Being a 4-piece and its association with The Golden State Warriors makes it more of a premium product. So, it is slightly higher priced but worth every penny of your money.

With a proprietary high-energy core technology, the Pinnacle golf balls can produce more speed for longer distances. They are ideal for the long game and offer lots of distance.

Manufactured with an advanced icosahedra dimple design with 332 dimples, it delivers a consistent and accurate ball movement. The Ionomer cover on top of this two-piece ball is both soft and durable with a good feel.

Pinnacle golf balls come from the same company, which makes the Titleist golf balls, so it is a true value brand. Quality is a hallmark here, so you will not have any complaints about the design or construction of this product.

Though the ball does not have very low compression, it is still better than its direct competitors in the market.

Available in white and yellow with excellent construction, this product is ideal for beginners and high to mid handicappers. A great ball at a great price point, you will not be disappointed after using this.

The parent company, Acushnet, places a lot of premium on research and testing. They test each product extensively before it reaches you. The result is this excellent product offering high-quality performance, shot after shot.

When it is the distance that you are looking for, no need to look any further. The Pinnacle rush is longer plus softer than most other competitors in this price bracket. Available in a pack of 15, this is a good affordable option for beginners, high and medium handicappers.

  • Proprietary high-energy core technology makes it go further than other balls
  • Perfect for new players because it comes in a pack of 15 at an affordable price
  • Every shot with this ball will cover a longer distance
  • Some players find it softer than it is supposed to be

Pinnacle rush golf balls are designed primarily to help golfers hit farther with different clubs. Its high-energy core drives the ball with speed and accuracy. Icosahedra dimple design ensures smoother as well as a resistance-less flight for the ball.

High-quality construction with great technology along with reasonable prices is exactly what new players want.

Among best-selling golf balls, Volvik crystal balls come in an array of bright, attractive, shiny colors that range from green to blue to orange apart from white. They claim to offer a softer impact with longer distances thanks to the patented dual-core.

This unique design with a two-layered core, a harder inner core, and a softer outer core make this golf ball special. A 3-piece golf ball with an explosive power core with a softer outer Surlyn cover is both durable and fast.

You will notice an improvement in your game control and more accuracy, mainly due to the low compression core. 

One great feature for beginners is the availability of this product in bright colors. You also get an option to buy a pack of assorted colors or stick to your favorite color. Because of the shiny, bright colors, visibility is enhanced, so there are very few chances of losing the balls. 

Also, it lets you see the trajectory clearly to follow your shot. For any beginner, consistency, as well as control, are essential. Volvik golf balls will result in a stable, steady, and reliable flight every time you use them.

Even the green control is precise and gives a good feel. This is mainly due to the 322-octahedron dimple pattern. If you are ready to shell out more money, Volvik can also customize the golf balls for you. Remember that your money is well spent because the balls are durable, don’t get lost easily, and are very well constructed. 

  • Easy handling and control even for beginners
  • Various options in bright colors make them more visible 
  • Patented dual-core technology with one hard and one soft layer
  • You may notice reduced wing speed

You can call these golf balls ‘beauty with brains’! They not only look very attractive but also have very high-quality construction. Its patented dual-core design makes for a great combination of speed and accuracy. Best suited for golfers with low to medium speed skills, Volvik balls are a good choice. 

What is the most forgiving golf ball? Sophisticated technology and engineering come together and give you this self-correcting Polara golf ball. Manufactured with the help of fantastic technology & innovation, this is a unique golf ball. 

As a beginner, you don’t want to be spraying balls all over the course. Like every other golfer, you also want to keep your shots straight as well as long. Initially, it is difficult, even frustrating as well. With the Polara self-correcting golf balls, you can control the slices & hooks. It can offer up to 75 % hook & slice correction.

 How does this work? The dimples are designed in a way to affect the aerodynamics, and the self-correction mode functions. There is an arrow on the ball to guide you. By using it, you will get the maximum benefit. Dimples next to the arrow are shallow, but they get deeper as you move away from the arrow. This changes the spin and trajectory of the ball. It self corrects while in mid-flight. If you place the ball with the arrow sideways, it acts as a standard golf ball.

This is a patented technology of Polara’s. It is mainly for beginners or recreational purposes and can’t be used in professional golf tournaments. Since it is not allowed in tournaments, this clearly shows that the product delivers on its promise.

However, golfers can hone their slicing as well as hooking skills with this golf ball. For new players and high handicappers, this is a real advantage. With these balls, players can enjoy the game more while also improving.

  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Great for practicing slice shots in addition to making corrections
  • Right technology with innovative design
  • It is a special product, and its price is on the higher side

Innovative dimple pattern technology is behind the success of this golf ball. Many other golf ball manufacturers may claim that only Polara successfully delivers on the self-correction promise. You should choose this product, especially if you are having a problem with slices and hooks. All new players need all the help they can get.

An excellent choice for golfers who want to add more distance and consistency to their game, this Srixon golf ball is soft with low compression. A two-piece construction golf ball is built to reduce spin while maintaining ball speed around the greens. There is a soft feel cover that is designed to give maximum lift as well as an accurate trajectory. 

Its 344-speed dimple pattern is engineered to reduce drag and reach long distances. On windy courses, this feature is quite useful. One exciting feature is the alignment guide on the ball. It is a straight line drawn on the golf ball.

You can use it to make sure that your shot is correctly lined up with the aim. This feature is especially helpful while putting. 

The design & engineering team behind this golf ball has managed to create a super softcore. With a 71-compression rating, this is an excellent ball for beginners and high handicappers, even for mid handicappers.

The right compression can make all the difference. Spin, distance, long & short shots all depend on the level of compression. The cover of this golf ball is Ionomer.

This material is thin, soft yet durable, so most commonly used on golf balls. You can get the ball in two colors white in addition to bright yellow. Bright yellow is perfect for visibility as there are fewer chances of losing the balls.

Once you buy these balls, you will probably stick to them for a long time.

  • Excellent quality along with good durability
  • Well designed as well as an engineered product
  • Softcore with low compression help in covering longer distances
  • Generates more sidespin than a beginner can handle

Correctly named as a soft feel, these balls are perfect for beginners. Features, like the alignment guide and low compression rating, make it an excellent choice. 344-speed Dimple design reduces drag to help you get optimal distance on your shots. When teeing off, a new player wants to see the ball travel a long distance, which is too straight is possible with this product.

For new players, the Wilson Staff 50 Elite is an excellent option as the best beginner golf ball. Even if you don’t have super-fast swing speed, the ball can travel far. Moreover, it has a low spin, which makes the ball go straight. It is not very hard and has a soft feel, which is perfect for putting & chipping.

There is a balance in its performance. Its core drives the ball while the cover responds to the clubface. So, what you get is the aggressive speed in addition to distance with a soft feel. Its core is 22 percent softer than the other balls in the same category. 

Dimples on the ball are flat bottomed or shallow that can cut through the air quickly. They help in achieving a more stable, accurate, penetrating movement of the ball. There is a plastic slide-pack which makes the balls more durable.

You may have an average swing speed or quick swing speed, so depending on that, the ball will either go out or under.

Players also like the way it feels on the green while putting. As a beginner, the best part is that you may not want to spend too much money, and these balls are relatively cheap. You will not mind losing a few while practicing.

The chances are significantly less though, because of the bright orange color of the balls. The Hallmark of a good ball is that it makes you feel in control of the game. New players will find it easy to handle.

  • The feel and performance of this ball is excellent
  • Orange color golf ball is more easily visible on the golf course
  • The ball goes in a straight line and quite accurately
  • Dimples are quite shallow and can be less effective

A lower compression golf ball at a very low price is what beginners want. The Wilson Staff 50 Elite is great performance-wise and a good option for high handicappers and even for aged players because of its softness. You can reach a good distance with a straight flight path.

Nike brand and sports go hand in hand. For any beginner, the Nike Mix AAAA or 4 A golf balls are a great option. They are perfect for practicing & honing your game. You get a product that is affordable yet does not shortchange on performance or quality. These are near mint balls, which means that they may have slight imperfection or blemish in the appearance but have the full integrity of their basic characteristics. 

This set is a mix of two-piece balls of several Nike models. The mix may have balls from the Mojo, Juice, Karma, Ignite, Crush, in addition to several other top Nike golf ball models. There is no fixed percentage for each model, so what you get is a random mix of 50 balls.

This is an excellent way for a beginner to experience different Nike balls' varieties at a great price too. You should not have any second thoughts about used balls. With the latest technological innovations, balls are made with precision and high quality. They can last for a long time.

They may be used balls but, in every way, they are as good as new. On top of it all, you get to hit a variety of balls to find the one suitable for your game. Finding the best ball which suits your game is half the battle won.

  • Several Nike golf ball models at an affordable price
  • Excellent for beginners as well as for practice by more advanced players
  • Balls are fast and consistent in addition to straight in flight
  • Random collection may end up with more damaged balls

The appearance, as well as the feel of this ball is just like a new ball. Generally, it does not show much wear and tear. Pen markings or logos are the only blemishes that you may find. Most people buy it because of the brand name and its affordable price. After all, Nike is a reputed name, so high quality is expected even with used balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Golf is not a game of chance but of consistency and accuracy, which do not come easy. However, with the right equipment, you can have a great golfing experience.

You must avoid making the mistake of using different types of golf balls. It is better to stick to one specific one. This is why it is essential to choose the ideal golf ball which suits your game. As a beginner, it may seem a bit confusing, and you may have doubts. So here are a few frequently asked questions that we answer for you to understand the golf ball better.

Are soft golf balls good for beginners?

Yes, softballs are better for beginners. The reason for this is that generally, they have a lower swing speed compared to more advanced golfers. So, they need balls that are easier to compress. Softballs have a lower compression rating and are an excellent option for beginners. In fact, the latest trends point towards softer balls becoming more popular among more advanced players as well.

New materials and better manufacturing processes make for better soft golf balls. Their core is still soft, but they do not lose out on speed or energy. Soft golf balls are easier to control as well as practice with. However, if the ball is too soft, it may be challenging to get the required preciseness. All new golfers should spend time finding the level of softness that suits their game.

What is a good ball compression for beginner golfers?

When you hit a golf ball, it flexes on impact. This is called compression. It is possible to measure this compression on a scale from 0 to 200. At 200, the ball does not compress, and at 0, it deflects about 5 mm or more.

Lower ball compression results in the ball springing back against the face on impact. With low compression, you will get some extra distance on your shot even while maintaining control over the swing.

You will get more surface area to make contact with. A range between 50 and 70 could be ideal for beginners, but it will depend on the player and the clubs they use. Most soft golf balls with low compression ratings are suitable for a new golfer’s requirements. However, it will also depend on a player’s rate of swing speed.

What's a high handicap golfer?

To measure a golfer’s ability with numerical calculation is not very easy, but it can be done with the help of Handicap. A handicap tells you about the skill level of a golfer. Here high score does not mean excellence. It is the other way around. The lower the handicap, the better it is. A golfer with a 3 handicap is much better than a golfer with a 16 handicap.

The USGA allows a handicap of 36 for men and 40 for women. Anyone with a handicap above 18 or 20 is considered to be having a high handicap. Between 10 and 18, a player can be called a skilled player with a decent handicap. Suppose a player has a handicap of 15, then it means that he or she consistently shoots 15 strokes more than the difficulty rating of a particular golf course.

Which golf ball construction is best for beginner golfers and high handicappers?

There are mainly 4 common types of golf balls constructions:
  • One Piece: they are the cheapest, so they are mostly used at golf ranges. It is usually made of solid Surlyn pieces with dimples on the cover.
  • Two-Piece: this is quite hard generally with a resin core, which is covered in Surlyn. It is durable in addition to being affordable. They don’t spin much but are popular with beginners.
  • Three-Piece: they have a solid core with a layer of rubber between the core and cover. They are softer than the two-piece balls, which allow better control even with spin. They are also suitable for beginners who prefer softball.
  • Multilayer: it usually has 4 or 5 layers. It offers higher swing speeds. The cover is very thin, which allows great backspin and control. This is meant for more advanced players.

Are there any other considerations when choosing golf balls for beginners?

Apart from good quality, you should consider certain other factors when choosing the best golf ball for beginners.

  • Ball Cover: Ionomer and Urethane are the most common covers. For beginners, the ionomer is a better choice because it is thin and soft, allowing force to penetrate into the ball fully.
  • New Vs. Recycled Vs. Refurbished: though it will mainly depend on your budget, this is a point to consider. Recycled balls are only cleaned and sold again while refurbished ones undergo more intense treatment.
  • Colors: some beginners find it difficult to track the ball through the air. A colorful, highly visible ball can be a good option. They are less likely to outer scuffing and fading as well. 
  • Dimples: dimples on the outer cover reduce air resistance and allow the ball to reach more distance. Golf balls have between 300 to 500 dimples.


So, what is the best golf ball for a beginner? Every player has a different game with a unique learning curve. It is best to decide which golf ball you prefer based on your game in addition to how you like to play. Although softer golf balls are better because they go further and easier to handle, you must make a more informed choice.

There are several factors in a game like golf that can make or break your game. A golf ball is one of the factors which has to be given the respect it deserves. As a beginner or high handicapper, you can find the best golf ball for your game if you do your research.

As your learning curve moves up, you can shift to other types of golf balls. It is rightly said that ‘The most important shot in golf is the next one.’ Choose the best golf ball, and enjoy this fantastic game.

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