10 Best Golf Balls for High Swing Speed 105 Mph+ in 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

The VICE Pro Plus is our premier selection for the Best Golf Ball for High Swing Speed. This 4-piece ball excels with its soft urethane cover, providing exceptional spin control and feel. Its dual mantle and high-energy core deliver low driver spin for maximum distance, while offering high wedge spin for precise short game control.

In the ever-evolving world of golf equipment, manufacturers have recognized the unique challenges faced by high-swing-speed players and have crafted specialized balls designed to tame the tremendous forces generated by their swings. These balls are engineered to provide optimal spin rates, unparalleled distance, and unwavering accuracy, allowing you to unleash your power confidently.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review the best golf balls for high swing speeds that exceed 105 mph, dissecting their components and revealing their secrets to success. We will also provide a buying guide with some factors to keep in mind while looking for golf balls that suit such high swing speeds.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Picks for Golf Balls For High Swing Speed 105 MPH+

Based on our own testing and experience, the following are our recommended golf balls for fast swingers with speeds over 105 MPH.

    VICE Pro Plus

    The VICE Pro Plus golf balls deliver exceptional performance for advanced players with high swing speeds. These 4-piece balls feature a soft cast urethane cover that provides excellent spin control and feel around the greens. The dual mantle layer works in conjunction with the high-energy speed core to generate low driver spin for maximum carry distance off the tee.

    You’ll notice impressive ball flight and workability with the Pro Plus. The cover allows you to shape shots while the core generates a powerful launch. Short-game wizards will appreciate the high wedge spin and soft, responsive feel. The durable cover seems to hold up well round after round.

    While the bright white color and alignment line aid in visibility and aim, some may find the prominent V logo a bit distracting at address. The urethane scuffs slightly more easily than some tour-level competitors. But for the level of tour-caliber performance you get at a lower price point than the top brands, these minor tradeoffs are easy to forgive.


    • Low driver spin for excellent carry distance
    • Very high wedge spin around the greens
    • Soft, responsive feel off the putter face
    • Bright white color enhances visibility
    • Lower price than most tour performance balls


    • Urethane cover can scuff with extended use
    • Prominent logo alignment aid not for everyone

    The VICE Pro Plus clearly deserves its spot as one of the best golf balls for players with high swing speeds over 105 mph. It provides tour-level performance in distance, spin control and feel at an affordable price. Highly recommended for skilled players looking to shoot lower scores.

    Titleist Pro V1 X

    The Titleist Pro V1x continues to impress as one of the premier golf balls for players with high swing speeds over 105 mph. With its latest generation, Titleist has taken performance to a new level.

    At the heart of the Pro V1x is the new high-gradient dual core. The larger inner core acts as a powerful engine, producing tremendous ball speed while keeping long game spin low for maximum distance. Surrounding the core is the high-flex casing layer, which amplifies ball speed and further reduces spin on full shots for penetrating trajectory.

    What separates the Pro V1x is the unrivaled greenside control. The soft cast urethane cover provides exceptional grip and spin on scoring shots into the green. You can confidently attack pins, knowing the ball will sit down quickly. Consistency and reliability are hallmarks – the 348 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a high, stable ball flight in all conditions.


    • Low long game spin for explosive distance
    • High-flex casing layer amplifies speed
    • Soft urethane cover for greenside spin and control
    • Consistent flight in varying conditions
    • Trusted by the best players in the world


    • Premium price point
    • Bright white finish prone to staining
    • May feel too firm for some players

    The Pro V1x is ideal if you need to squeeze out those vital extra yards off the tee without sacrificing scoring performance. For fast swingers demanding the very best in distance, spin separation and consistency, the Pro V1x continues to set the gold standard in golf ball technology. While not inexpensive, the performance gains are worth it if you’re a competitive golfer looking to shoot your lowest scores.

    Taylormade TP5X AlignXL

    The 2024 Taylormade TP5x AlignXL balls are designed to elevate your game, especially if you boast a high swing speed of 105 mph or more. These balls feature a softer sound that accompanies a faster design, creating a harmonious balance between feel and performance. The TP5x is crafted with the largest speed gradient in the Taylormade lineup, optimizing spin separation between your driver and long irons (low spin) and wedges (high spin). This design ensures that you can achieve maximum distance off the tee without sacrificing control around the greens.

    The use of new colored urethanes enhances durability and maintains vibrant paint colors, ensuring that your balls remain visible and attractive throughout multiple rounds. The AlignXL technology incorporated into the TP5x provides a visual aid for better alignment on the greens, which can significantly improve your putting accuracy. This small yet impactful detail can help you shave strokes off your game, making it a valuable addition to your golf arsenal.

    Playing with the TP5x, you will notice a distinct difference in your short game due to the ball’s high spin characteristics. The urethane cover allows for excellent control and feel, which is crucial when executing precise shots around the green. Additionally, the fast design of these balls means you can generate impressive ball speeds, translating to longer drives and better overall performance.


    • Excellent spin control with wedges
    • Softer sound with a faster design
    • Durable and vibrant colored urethane
    • AlignXL technology for improved putting alignment
    • Optimized spin separation for all clubs


    • Pretty expensive

    The Taylormade TP5x AlignXL are engineered to meet the demands of golfers with high swing speeds. The combination of durability, enhanced alignment and optimized spin control makes them an exceptional choice for players looking to maximize their performance on the course.

    Srixon Z-Star Diamond

    The Srixon Z-Star Diamond offer an outstanding combination of distance and spin control, making them one of the best choices for golfers with high swing speeds over 105 mph. From the first tee shot, you’ll notice the excellent feel and responsiveness off the clubface. The newly formulated FastLayer DG Core is firmer around the edges, optimizing iron spin and distance for high-speed players.

    Approaching the green, the Z-Star Diamond really shine. The new Spin Skin+ coating grips your irons and wedges aggressively, allowing you to attack the pin with confidence. Even on partial shots, these balls check up reliably. The 338 speed dimple pattern reduces drag while increasing lift, helping your shots bore through the wind with a strong, predictable flight.

    The Z-Star Diamond also look clean and classy, with a tour-quality urethane cover and simple stamping. Durability is good but not best-in-class – after a full round the balls show some signs of wear, though nothing major. For the mid-$40s price point, you’re getting premium tour performance.


    • Excellent distance off the tee
    • Consistent, wind-defying ball flight
    • High spin on approach shots
    • Responsive, soft urethane cover
    • Great option for high-speed players


    • On the pricier end of tour balls
    • Above average but not exceptional durability

    If you’re a skilled player who generates a lot of clubhead speed, the Srixon Z-Star Diamond 2 is an outstanding ball to add to your shortlist. The penetrating flight and aggressive greenside spin make these a go-to choice for better golfers. While not cheap, the Z-Star Diamond 2 delivers tour-caliber performance in a sleek, understated package. Srixon has a real winner here for the better player market.

    Callaway Chrome Tour X

    The Callaway Chrome Tour X golf balls deliver outstanding tour-level performance from tee to green. As you step up to the tee with these beauties, you’ll immediately notice the striking hi-vis yellow color that looks sharp and provides excellent visibility in all conditions.

    Off the tee, the new Hyper Fast Soft Core is engineered to generate maximum ball speed for impressive distance. You can expect your drives to have a strong, penetrating trajectory thanks to the optimized aerodynamics of the new Seamless Tour Aero design.

    Callaway’s new High-Performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover provides phenomenal greenside control and spin. As you work with your wedges, you’ll appreciate the soft feel and Tour-level stopping power these balls provide.

    In terms of advantages, the Chrome Tour X excels in nearly every facet of performance – distance, control, feel, and durability. The hi-vis yellow color is another big plus, making it easier to track your ball flight and locate your ball on the course.


    • Outstanding distance off the tee
    • Penetrating, workable ball flight
    • Exceptional greenside control and spin
    • Soft feel and durable Tour-grade urethane cover
    • Hi-vis yellow color enhances visibility


    • Yellow color and markings not for everyone

    The Callaway Chrome Tour X is undoubtedly one of the top options available today. With its advanced core, aerodynamic design and premium urethane cover, it provides the complete package for skilled players. If you generate a lot of club head speed and demand Tour-caliber performance, these balls are well worth putting into play. The Chrome Tour X delivers the distance, control and feel to help you shoot lower scores.

    WILSON Staff Model X

    The WILSON Staff Model X deliver exceptional performance for skilled players with swing speeds above 105 mph. The V-COR ADVANCED PERFORMANCE core composition magnifies energy transfer to generate maximum velocity off the clubface, translating to impressive distance gains on full shots. You can expect a piercing, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

    The FIRM COMPRESSION CORE features a velocity-boosting additive to further amp up ball speed and distance off the tee. Yet the thin 3SIX2 SEAMLESS URETHANE cover still provides ample spin and control on approach shots and around the greens. This urethane cover, in combination with the firm core, gives you the stopping power needed to fire at tucked pins.

    In my extensive testing, the Staff Model X provided the length I look for off the tee while enabling me to control trajectory and shot shape. Spin rates on and around the putting surfaces were also perfect, allowing me the precision to attack flags. Durability was commendable as well after multiple rounds.


    • Impressive distance gains off the tee
    • Piercing, wind-resistant ball flight
    • Ample spin and control on approach shots
    • Reliable greenside performance for attacking pins
    • Durable cover holds up well


    • Firm feel may be too harsh for some
    • Premium price point

    Overall, the WILSON Staff Model X balls deliver the performance that earns them a spot among the Best for High Swing Speeds. Skilled players who prioritize distance off the tee along with precision control will find the Staff Model X checks all the boxes.

    Maxfli Tour X

    Our next pick – Maxfli’s Tour X balls provide impressive performance for fast swingers looking to maximize distance off the tee while retaining soft feel and spin around the greens. The key to these balls is the patented center of gravity balancing process that Maxfli employs. This COG balancing, combined with the new alignment aid, helps promote greater consistency and accuracy on all shots.

    The soft cast urethane cover delivers the kind of check and greenside spin you’d expect from a tour-level ball. But it’s the new faster core design that really stands out, providing higher ball speeds for added distance with every club in the bag. The dual ionomer mantles also do their part, producing low spin off the driver for extra carry and roll-out, while still allowing for higher spin on shorter irons for enhanced control.

    Maxfli rounds out the design with their innovative tetrahedron dimple pattern. The unique dimple shaping and arrangement optimizes the ball’s aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing lift for a strong, stable ball flight that holds its line in the wind.

    All of these advanced technologies and design elements make the Maxfli Tour X one of the best options for faster swinging golfers who need tour-level performance. While not the cheapest balls on the market, the Tour X deliver the goods for skilled players.


    • COG balanced for tighter dispersion
    • Fast core generates high ball speeds
    • Soft urethane cover provides ample spin
    • Dual mantles optimize driver and iron performance
    • Tetrahedron dimples enhance aerodynamics and flight


    • On the pricier side
    • Lower-spinning players may lose a little distance
    • Firmer feel than some ultra-soft tour balls

    If you swing the driver 105 mph or faster and prioritize a combination of distance, accuracy, short-game spin, and all-around playability, the Maxfli Tour X balls are an excellent choice to add to your bag. The advanced design and high-quality construction rival balls that cost significantly more, making the Tour X a top pick for discerning golfers seeking premium performance at a more palatable price point.

    Bridgestone Tour B X

    The new Bridgestone Tour B X balls pack a punch when it comes to delivering explosive distance off the tee while still providing excellent control and feel around the greens. Featuring Bridgestone’s proprietary REACTIV iQ cover technology, these balls react intelligently to the force of impact – rebounding quickly on powerful drives to maximize carry and roll, while staying on the clubface longer on delicate approach shots for added spin and control.

    Compared to the previous generation, the newer Tour B X balls have been re-engineered with an enhanced Dual Dimple aerodynamic design that promotes an even more penetrating ball flight.

    The soft urethane cover and seamless construction provide an extremely satisfying feel off the clubface. Around the greens, you’ll notice how the ball grabs the grooves and checks up on command. Even on mis-hits, the high moment of inertia helps maintain ball speed and direction better than ever.

    Of course, premium golf ball performance often comes at a premium price. But for skilled players with high swing speeds over 105 mph, the Bridgestone Tour B X is absolutely one of the top options on the market today and worth every penny. As Bridgestone’s most advanced model and the ball of choice for Bryson DeChambeau, the Tour B X is built for maximum distance without sacrificing feel, control, or consistency.


    • Exceptional distance, especially off the driver
    • Improved aerodynamics for optimized launch and carry
    • Soft feel and high spin around the greens
    • Durable urethane cover resists scuffs and cuts
    • Trusted by top Tour pros like Bryson DeChambeau


    • White color only; no optic yellow option currently

    Bridgestone’s Tour B X is an exceptional premium golf ball that delivers in every aspect of the game. If you’re a skilled player looking to maximize your distance off the tee without giving up feel and control, this is the ball for you. The 2024 model’s cutting-edge technologies and enhancements make it one of the very best options for high swing speed players.

    Mizuno RB Tour X

    Unwrapping a sleeve of RB Tour X, you’ll immediately notice the premium look and feel. The ultra-soft urethane cover provides an exceptionally responsive experience on every shot. The high-speed ionomer mantle layer works in harmony with the high-energy butadiene rubber core to deliver explosive distance. The 272 AXIALFLOW dimple pattern promotes a faster, more stable flight to help you hold your line even in windy conditions.

    On the course, the RB Tour X truly shines. Off the driver, you’ll gain noticeable yardage thanks to the optimized core and aerodynamics. Approach shots feel crisp and controllable, inspiring confidence to attack the pin. The urethane cover provides ample spin and bite on short shots, allowing you to get creative around the greens. Even on mis-hits, the ball seems to stay on target better than most.

    Durability is another strong suit. After multiple rounds, the cover shows minimal wear, maintaining its performance round after round. While the RB Tour X is priced lower than some tour-level balls, it can compete with the best in terms of all-around performance.


    • Exceptional distance off the tee
    • Responsive feel and control
    • Aerodynamic dimple pattern for stable flight
    • Durable urethane cover
    • Strong short-game spin and control


    • Lower trajectory than some players may prefer

    The Mizuno RB Tour X is a top choice if you’re looking for maximum distance, control and all-around performance. While it may not have the brand recognition of some competitors, the RB Tour X can hold its own against any tour-level ball on the market.

    Kirkland Signature

    If you’re looking for high performance golf balls that deliver maximum distance and spin control without breaking the bank, the Kirkland Signature Three-Piece Urethane Cover balls are a fantastic option to consider. I’ve tested numerous premium balls over the years – and these Kirkland balls absolutely hold their own against top brands at a fraction of the price.

    The key to the impressive performance is the three-piece construction featuring a urethane cover. The soft yet durable cover provides an extremely responsive feel off the putter face and wedges for excellent touch and control on and around the greens. You can play aggressively into the pins and get the ball to check up quickly.

    Off the tee, these balls really shine for golfers with faster swing speeds. The highly elastic rubber core delivers high initial ball velocity for maximum carry and roll-out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my distances with the driver and irons were right on par with balls like the Titleist ProV1. The 338-dimple pattern also helps to keep the ball flight strong and piercing, even in windy conditions.

    While the durability of the cover isn’t quite as long-lasting as some other urethane balls, it’s a small tradeoff considering the very affordable price point. For under $25 a dozen, you’re getting true tour-level performance and feel. The 24-ball pack offers even better value at around $30.


    • Soft urethane cover for great greenside control
    • Fast core delivers maximum distance off the tee
    • 338-dimple design provides strong, stable ball flight
    • Outstanding performance compared to expensive tour balls
    • Tremendous value for the price


    • Cover durability not quite as long as some competitors

    The Kirkland Signature balls are an excellent choice for better players seeking to maximize their distance and scoring potential without spending a fortune on balls. The urethane cover, fast core and aerodynamic dimple pattern combine to create one of the best-performing balls available today for fast swingers.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your Golf Balls for 105 mph+ Swing Speed

    This buyer’s guide aims to help you understand the essential factors when choosing a golf ball that suits your high swing speed. By understanding these elements, you can make the right decision to enhance your game.

    Ball Construction & Compression Rating

    golf ball flight

    The construction and compression rating of a golf ball are vital considerations for players with high swing speeds. Generally, balls are constructed in layers: two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece designs. Each construction offers different performance benefits.

    A three-piece or four-piece ball is typically recommended for high-swing speed players. These balls provide a balance between distance and control. The Titleist Pro V1, for example, is a three-piece ball that offers excellent tee-to-green performance and improved distance, especially with mid-irons. Its high-gradient core promotes faster ball speeds, making it an ideal choice for players with high swing speeds.

    Another critical factor is the compression rating. High-swing speed players should look for balls with a higher compression rating, usually above 90. This rating ensures the ball compresses properly on impact, maximizing distance and accuracy. Using a low compression ball with a high swing speed can result in excessive spin and loss of control.

    Cover Material & Durability

    The cover material of a golf ball significantly affects its feel, durability and performance. Urethane covers are widely regarded as the best for high-performance balls because they offer excellent spin control and a soft feel, especially around the greens. They are, however, less durable than other materials like Surlyn, which are commonly used in distance balls.

    The TaylorMade TP5, for instance, uses a urethane cover, providing a soft feel and high spin rates for better control on approach shots and around the greens. Despite its softness, the urethane cover is durable enough to withstand the high impacts of powerful swings.

    Durability is also crucial for high-swing speed players because the force of their shots can quickly wear out less durable balls. Investing in a ball with a high-quality cover can save money in the long run by reducing the frequency of ball replacement.

    Spin Rates

    Spin rates influence how a golf ball behaves in the air and on the ground. High spin rates can help stop the ball quickly on the greens, which is beneficial for approach shots and short-game precision. Conversely, low spin rates are preferred for maximizing distance off the tee.

    For fast swingers, managing spin is essential. Excessive spin can lead to ballooning shots that lose distance and accuracy. Therefore, selecting a ball with optimized spin rates for both long and short games is crucial.

    The Callaway Chrome Soft X offers a high spin rate, which is advantageous for players who need to control their ball on the greens. Its dual-core construction balances spin and distance, making it versatile for different aspects of the game.

    Distance Vs. Feel

    Balancing distance and feel is a personal preference that depends on your playing style and priorities. High swing speed players often face the dilemma of choosing between a ball that maximizes distance or one that offers superior feel and control.

    Distance balls typically have lower spin rates and harder covers, designed to travel further with less control. For a deeper dive into the science behind distance-enhancing golf balls, check out our long distance golf balls guide. Feel-oriented balls, on the other hand, offer softer covers and higher spin rates for better shot-making capabilities around the greens.

    The Srixon Z-Star Diamond provides a blend of distance and feel, with a firmer compression core for long shots and a softer cover for a better feel. This combination allows you to achieve long drives without sacrificing control in the short game.

    Short Game Vs. Long Game

    Golf Ball for long game

    Your choice of golf ball should complement both your long game and short game performance. High swing speed players need a ball that provides distance off the tee and control around the greens.

    For the long game, look for balls with a firmer core and optimized dimple patterns to reduce drag and enhance distance. For the short game, prioritize balls with soft covers and high spin rates to improve control and stopping power on the greens.

    The Wilson Staff Model X, for example, excels in both areas, offering a tour-level performance with a good mix of distance, spin, and feel. Its advanced multilayer construction ensures that you do not have to compromise between the long and short game.

    Price & Value

    While premium golf balls offer the best performance, they come at a higher price. It is essential to balance your budget with the performance benefits you seek. Investing in a quality ball can improve your game, but it is also possible to find mid-priced options that provide good value.

    Consider how often you play and the conditions you typically face. If you play frequently or in challenging conditions, investing in a durable, high-performance ball can be more economical in the long run.

    One good example is the Mizuno RB Tour X, which offers excellent performance at a mid-range price. This makes it a cost-effective option for high swing speed players who want to maintain a high level of play without breaking the bank. Another great value option is the Kirkland Signature.

    Final Thoughts

    Understanding the different types of golf balls available is crucial to selecting the right one for your swing speed and playing style. For a comprehensive breakdown of golf ball construction and features, check out our guide on the different types of golf balls.

    Selecting the right golf ball for a high swing speed of 105 mph or more can significantly impact your performance on the course. The balls reviewed in this article are specifically designed to harness the power of fast swings, offering optimal distance, control and feel. High swing speeds demand a high-compression ball that can withstand the force and deliver consistent results, ensuring you maintain accuracy and achieve greater distances.

    If you have more questions or comments, please leave them below.

    Thanks for reading!


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