The 10 Best Golf Balls for Distance – Test-Based Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Key Takeaways

The Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is our top pick for the best golf ball for distance. They are designed to generate explosive distance through their LSX core and reformulated cover, and they feature a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design for a consistent and high trajectory. Additionally, they have high speed and high launch properties, and low long-game spin.

One of the most important factors in terms of distance is the ball you use. Choosing the right golf ball can make a significant difference in your distance and overall accuracy on the course.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which golf ball will give you the best results. Different golf balls have varying levels of compression, spin, and feel, which can all impact how far and accurately you can hit them.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best golf balls for distance. Our reviews and buyer guide will provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect ball for your game.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

How Did We Test These Golf Balls?

Golf Ball on tree

Our team here at Complete Golf Store believes in assessing performance in all areas of the game, including on the course, at the driving range, and in short-game situations.

Our testing procedures consist of using a launch monitor to measure ball flight, ball speed, and spin rate, as well as on-course testing to evaluate overall performance. We also pay special attention to short-game situations, assessing greenside control and spin control.

In order to accurately test golf balls, we also use a variety of golf club models and take note of the golfer’s swing speed and tendencies, ensuring that the golfer is able to achieve maximum distance and ball flight with each ball tested.

We understand that every golfer is different, which is why trying out different golf ball models is the best way to find the perfect ball for your game. By assessing performance in various conditions and areas of the game, we are able to recommend the best golf balls for distance based on the individual golfer’s needs.

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Based on our own testing and experience, here is the list of golf balls we consider to be the best in terms of distance!

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

    If you’re an average golfer looking for a premium golf ball that helps you achieve maximum distance, then the Titleist Velocity Golf Balls could be the perfect match for you.

    The ball is designed to generate explosive distance through its LSX core and reformulated cover, both destined to achieve maximum speeds on full swings.

    The ball features a spherically-tiled 350 octahedral dimple design for a consistent and high trajectory, delivering exceptional distance with every shot. Additionally, it comes with high speed and high launch properties that allow you to maintain a consistent ball flight, regardless of your swing speed.

    On the other hand, low long-game spin provides quick ball flight to help your ball finish on target while reducing hooks and slices.

    The NaZ+ cover offers a playable greenside feel and impressive durability, ensuring long-lasting performance on the golf course.

    Product Specs

    • LSX Core designed for explosive distance
    • NaZ+ Cover for a playable greenside feel and impressive durability
    • Spherically-tiled dimple design for a consistent and high trajectory


    • Exceptional distance off the tee, guaranteed by the LSX Core
    • Consistent ball flight and low long-game spin for accurate shots
    • High-launch properties, providing you with a great trajectory


    • Lacks the spin control needed around greens
    • Higher price range

    The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls deliver on their promise of explosive distance and accuracy, making them an excellent option for mid to high-handicappers seeking extra distance. With its advanced design features and NaZ+ cover, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is one of the best distance golf balls on the market.

    Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

    Looking at the construction and performance of the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball, the large soft high-energy core is a standout feature that allows for better low-speed lift and produces a more penetrating ball flight, which is ideal for golfers who want to hit long, straight shots off the tee.

    Additionally, the optimized ionomer cover enhances feel and control with short irons, wedges, and the putter.

    The proprietary HEX Aerodynamics, a feature unique to the Callaway Warbird Golf Ball, reduces drag to give more carry and stopping power into greens. This aerodynamic dimple pattern is engineered to produce a more stable ball flight, ensuring that the ball stays on course even during windy conditions.

    The Callaway Warbird Golf Ball has a high compression rating, making it usable for a wide range of swing speeds. This means that golfers of all abilities can benefit from the explosive distance and straighter flight that the ball provides.

    Product Features

    • Two-piece construction
    • High-energy core for better low-speed lift
    • Optimized ionomer cover for great feel and greenside control
    • HEX Aerodynamics that reduce drag to give more carry and stopping power into greens
    • High compression rating for a wide range of swing speeds


    • Great for golfers who want to hit long, straight shots off the tee
    • Optimized ionomer cover that enhances feel and control with short irons, wedges, and the putter
    • HEX Aerodynamics are useful for more carry and stopping power
    • High-energy core that produces a more penetrating ball flight


    • Might not be suitable for professional golfers who prefer premium balls
    • Not suitable for golfers who prioritize spin control over distance

    Callaway’s Warbird Golf Ball is an excellent option for golfers who prioritize distance and speed without sacrificing feel and control.

    The combination of its high-energy core, optimized ionomer cover, and HEX Aerodynamics make it a versatile ball that can be used by golfers of all abilities.

    On a side note, I also really love the name!

    Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

    When it comes to premium golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 is one of the most popular on the market. Suited for mid to high-swing speed golfers with low handicaps, this three-piece construction golf ball boasts a higher compression rating for exceptional distance and a soft feel.

    The combination of the Pro V1’s softer feel and higher compression rating is thanks to its unique core design. With a larger core and a thinner outer edge, the Pro V1 creates an energy transfer that leads to explosive distances off the tee. The aerodynamic dimple pattern allows for a straighter flight and longer carry.

    It’s not just the distance that impresses golfers, though. The Pro V1 also offers exceptional short-game control due to its urethane cover and patented Drop-and-Stop technology. The softer feel comes in part from the cover, which also contributes to greenside spin and control.

    The Pro V1 is a crowd-favorite amongst low-handicap golfers who want to add extra distance to their game while still maintaining consistent flight. The added feel and short game control make this golf ball an excellent option for players who require precision in their shots.

    Product Features

    • Three-piece construction
    • Higher compression rating for exceptional distance and a soft feel
    • Larger core and thinner outer edge for better energy transfer and improved distances off the tee
    • Aerodynamic dimple pattern for straighter flight and longer carry
    • Urethane cover with Drop-and-Stop technology for added feel and greenside spin control


    • Excellent choice for low-handicap golfers who want to add extra distance to their game
    • Soft feel allows precision in shots
    • Improved energy transfer leads to explosive distances off the tee
    • Straight flight and long carry


    • Not suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds
    • Higher compression rating may be too hard on some players’ clubs

    Although it may come at a higher price point, the Titleist Pro V1 is worth the investment for those looking to improve their game. The three-piece construction, higher compression rating, soft feel, and short-game control are unmatched by any other distance golf balls on the market.

    TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball

    The TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball is an outstanding choice for golfers looking for enhanced distance performance and exceptional value for the price. Here’s a short list of its main features:

    • The two-piece construction of the ball is composed of a high-speed React Speed Core that provides explosive energy transfer upon ball impact. This increases ball speed and maximizes distance.
    • The soft ionomer cover gives the ball a soft feel and provides added control around the greens. It is also highly durable, meaning that you won’t have to replace your balls very often.
    • With a medium compression rating of 77, the TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball is ideal for golfers with moderate to high swing speeds. It delivers a solid feel off the clubface and smooth ball flight.
    • The ball’s 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern reduces drag and enhances lift, optimizing ball flight and distance. It also makes the ball more stable during windy conditions.
    • The innovative built-in alignment aid helps you in lining up your shots, allowing for more accurate and consistent contact with the ball.
    • The ball’s mid-high wedge spin provides added greenside control, allowing for increased spin and stopping power on approach shots.

    The Distance + golf balls help achieve more distance and a penetrating trajectory thanks to all those features. You can hit straighter shots with the ball’s dimple design in full swings, while you get more control over your short game with thr mid-high wedge spin.


    • Explosive energy transfer increases ball speed and maximizes distance
    • Soft feel provides added greenside control
    • The ball is highly durable and stable in windy conditions
    • Alignment aid helps golfers line up their shots accurately
    • More control over approach shots and great distances with full swings


    • Not suitable for golfers with slow swing speeds
    • Compression rating may be too hard for some players

    The TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball has unique features make it well suited for high, mid, and low handicappers who are looking to add distance to their game without sacrificing control.

    With excellent value for its price range, the TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball is the ultimate choice for golfers looking for a distance ball that does not compromise on performance.

    Bridgestone E12 Contact golf ball

    The Bridgestone E12 Contact golf ball is perfect for players with slower swing speeds!

    For starters, it features Bridgestone’s Contact Force Dimple Pattern, which creates more surface contact on impact. This leads to a longer, straighter ball flight, even if you don’t have the fastest swing speed.

    But it’s not just about distance with the E12 Contact – this ball is also incredibly soft, which makes it perfect for shots around the green. You’ll have plenty of control and feel with this ball when chipping and putting.

    However, the E12 Contact may not be ideal for golfers with very fast swing speeds, as it doesn’t have the same level of compression as some premium golf balls. Additionally, some golfers may find that the E12 Contact reduces their ability to shape shots, as it’s designed to cut down on slices and hooks.

    Product Specs

    • Contact Force Dimple Pattern for increased surface contact on impact
    • Soft feel for increased control and feel around the greens
    • Responsive cover with excellent spin control


    • Creates a longer and straighter ball flight, even with slower swing speeds
    • Exceptionally soft feel for control around the greens
    • Excellent spin control


    • Not ideal for golfers with fast swing speeds

    Overall, the Bridgestone E12 Contact is an excellent option for golfers with slower swing speeds who are looking for a ball that can offer exceptional distance, while also providing plenty of softness and greenside control.

    Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball

    The Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball has a compression rating of 70, which means it is suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Its two-piece construction and ionomer cover help maximize the ball’s distance capabilities while keeping it durable enough throughout the round. The ball is also adequately priced.

    One of the ball’s prominent features is its greenside control. The ball offers excellent control around the green while still maintaining long roll distances on the putting surface. The ball’s firm feel complements its overall performance, which provides an exceptional swing experience.

    When it comes to affordability, the Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball is one of the best options on the market. Compared to other premium golf balls, the Wilson Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball offers a firm and comfortable feel, durability, and maximum yardage, and it comes at a much lower price point.

    However, the ball can be unforgiving for players without a consistently solid contact. Plus, the ball’s hardness can be felt on the putts, which some golfers might find problematic.

    Product Specs

    • Compression rating of 70
    • Two-piece construction and ionomer cover
    • Excellent greenside control and long roll on the putting surface


    • Maximum distance capabilities without breaking the bank
    • Firm feel offers excellent swing experience
    • Durability and affordability


    • Unforgiving for players with inconsistent contact

    Wilson’s Tour Velocity Distance Golf Ball is a great option for golfers looking for an affordable ball that provides maximum distance and greenside control. Its two-piece construction, ionomer cover, compression rating, and affordability make it a great value if you have moderate swing speeds.

    Vice Tour Golf Balls

    The Vice Tour Golf Balls feature a 3-piece design that incorporates a larger core to provide lower compression, which is ideal for golfers with a low to medium clubhead speed. This is a value option that offers consistent performance and good distances.

    The 392 aerodynamically designed dimples help maintain a stable ball flight and produce an optimal trajectory for maximum distance. The ball’s MOI rate, or Moment of Inertia, ensures consistent flight and lessens the impact of off-center hits by reducing the degree of dispersion.

    This ball provides excellent value for money, as it is priced lower than many premium golf balls while still offering appealing features such as the 3-piece design and aerodynamic dimple pattern.

    The Vice Tour are suitable for beginners, as well as intermediate golfers who desire consistent distance and dispersion rates. These balls cater to golfers who have a low to medium clubhead speed and need a ball that can deliver straight ball flight with good distance.

    While the Vice Tour Golf Balls may not offer the high-end features that are present in premium golf balls, they are a cost-effective and consistent option for those looking to improve their game.

    Product Specs

    • 3-piece design, larger core and lower compression
    • Aerodynamic design for added stability
    • More forgiving, thanks to its MOI rate


    • Lower cost than many premium golf balls while still offering appealing features
    • Suitable for beginners and intermediate players seeking consistent distance and dispersion rates
    • Cost-effective and consistent option for improving your game


    • May not be suitable for players with a higher clubhead speed

    The Vice Tour Golf Balls offer a 3-piece design, aerodynamic dimple pattern, MOI rate for consistent flight, and low dispersion rates.

    These balls are a great value option that offers useful features without breaking the bank. If you have a low to medium swing speed, these balls will provide a consistent, cost-effective option for your practice sessions.

    Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls (Best Spin Control)

    The Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls stand out for their highly advanced features that offer spin control and a straighter ball flight, making them perfect for approach shots.

    The Surlyn Cover on the E6 is a high-tech feature that enables the ball to maintain its shape and reduce backspin. This cover makes it easier to control spin, leading to straighter shots. The Delta Dimples design offers an aerodynamic advantage, optimizing the ball’s trajectory and enhancing distance while minimizing sidespin.

    Additionally, the mantle-layered construction helps to retain the ball’s shape and reduce deformation, contributing to more consistent flight.

    These features offer a superior combination of control and distance, making these balls an excellent choice for golfers looking to improve their green game. The Bridgestone E6 Soft come in three colors – green, yellow, and red – which ensures visibility and makes it easier to locate the ball on the course.

    Moreover, at a reasonable price, these golf balls offer excellent value without compromising on quality.

    Product Specs

    • Two-piece construction
    • Surlyn Cover
    • Delta Dimples design
    • Mantle-layered construction


    • Controlled spin for approach shots
    • Straighter ball flight
    • Distance-enhancing features
    • Reasonable price
    • Three color options for enhanced visibility


    • Not suitable for golfers seeking a softer feel
    • May not be well suited for extremely fast swing speeds

    If you’re looking for golf balls that offer both distance and spin control, the Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls are an excellent option. With their advanced features and reasonable price, they are suitable for golfers of all skill levels, particularly those working on their approach shots.

    If you are one of those golfers, we encourage you to jump on these balls; you will not regret it!

    Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 Golf Ball

    The Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 golf ball is a top contender for the position of the best distance balls. This ball utilizes advanced technology to offer maximum distance with a progressively softer feel as you reach the short irons.

    One of the key features of the Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 is its three-piece construction, which includes a fastlayer DG core, an extra-thin thermoplastic urethane cover, and a durable Spin Skin+ coating. This unique construction allows for optimal energy transfer and explosive distance off the tee. Additionally, the 338 speed dimples provide a stable ball flight and excellent ball speed control.

    With a compression rating of 102, the Z-STAR XV 8 is designed for golfers with a fast swing speed of around 100 mph. Its compression rating offers excellent energy transfer and helps to optimize ball speed and distance.

    Furthermore, the ball delivers greenside control with a softer feel as you approach the short irons. While its spin around the greens may not be as good as the standard Z-STAR, it still offers mid to high level players a great option for maximum distance and control.

    Product Specs

    • Three-piece construction
    • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern
    • Compression rating of 102 for golfers with fast swing speed (100 mph and above)


    • Maximum distance off the tee
    • Excellent energy transfer for optimal ball speed control
    • Soft feel around the greens for excellent control
    • Excellent performance


    • Not as good spin around the green compared to other models

    If you are a fast swinger and are looking for a golf ball that offers both distance and greenside control, the Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 golf ball is an excellent choice. Its advanced technology and unique construction will greatly benefit your game.

    Pinnacle Rush golf ball

    The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is an ideal option if you are seeking a balance between performance and affordability. It will help maximize your distance without breaking the bank.

    The Pinnacle Rush features a two-piece construction that consists of a large, solid core and an ionomer cover. This design enhances energy transfer from the clubface to the ball, resulting in explosive distance with every shot. Additionally, the 332 dimples create a consistent ball flight that maintain optimal trajectory even in windy conditions.

    While the Pinnacle Rush prioritizes distance, it does so at the expense of greenside spin. That means it may not be the best option for golfers seeking greater control around the green. However, if you’re an average golfer or a beginner with a slower swing speed and want to add yardages off the tee, this ball is sure to impress.

    The Pinnacle Rush ball is also highly affordable, making it an excellent option for players on a budget. It comes in two colours – classic white and high visibility yellow – both with a durable ionomer cover that can withstand plenty of play and a 15-ball pack for added value.

    Product Specs

    • Two-piece construction
    • 332 dimples
    • Available in classic white and high visibility yellow
    • Sold in 15-ball packs for more value


    • Maximizes distance off the tee
    • Affordable price point
    • Durable ionomer cover


    • Lacks greenside spin control

    The Pinnacle Rush golf ball is a distance-focused ball that provides exceptional performance and consistency off the tee. While it may not provide as much spin control around the greens, its affordability and durable cover make it an ideal choice for golfers seeking extra yardage with their irons and drivers.

    Buying Guide

    When looking for the best golf balls for distance, there are several factors that you should consider. From the ball’s compression rating to its aerodynamic dimple pattern, these elements can affect your ball speed, ball flight, and overall distance.

    Below are some essential features that you should look for when buying a golf ball to help you achieve the maximum distance on the golf course.


    golf ball construction

    Golf ball construction is typically classified into four categories: 2, 3, 4, and 5-piece constructions. Each construction type affects the distance, accuracy, spin, and control of the golf ball (and its price). Generally speaking, the more pieces a golf ball has, the higher the retail price.

    2-Piece Golf Ball Construction

    2-piece construction is typically used for distance balls. The soft rubber core and durable ionomer cover are the main factors that contribute to their distance potential. These balls are perfect for beginners and those with slower swing speeds as they require less spin and offer a straighter flight.

    Other benefits of 2-piece golf ball construction include resilience, affordability, low spin, and durability. These balls tend to be more forgiving on off-center hits and have a harder outer layer, which makes them less prone to scratches and scuffs.

    3-Piece, 4-Piece, and 5-Piece Golf Ball Constructions

    3-piece golf balls are popular among average golfers who seek moderate spin and longer distances. The additional layer provides more spin than the 2-piece balls on the green, and the soft inner layer prevents the ball from feeling too firm at impact.

    4 and 5-piece golf ball constructions are typically used by professional golfers as they provide more spin and control on the greens.

    The extra layers allow for better precision and spin around the greens and provide a softer feel on impact.

    The number of pieces in golf ball construction affects the ball’s performance and price point. Ultimately, the best golf ball for you depends on your specific needs, swing speed, and playing style.


    Another key factor to consider is the ball’s compression rating. Compression refers to the amount of force it takes to compress a golf ball, which affects its flight and ultimately its distance.

    golf ball compression

    It’s important to note that compression is related to swing speed. Slower swing speeds generally require a lower compression rating to achieve maximum distance, while faster swing speeds may benefit from a higher compression rating.

    Here are the different compression ratings available:

    Low compression (below 60)

    Typically recommended for golfers with slower swing speeds. These balls are softer and compress more easily upon impact, resulting in more distance and a higher launch angle. They also tend to provide more greenside control and spin. Examples include the Titleist DT TruSoft and Callaway’s SuperSoft.

    Mid compression (60-80)

    Usually recommended for golfers with moderate swing speeds. These balls offer a good balance of distance and control for average players. Examples include the TaylorMade Project A and Titleist Tour Soft.

    High compression (above 80)

    Often recommended for golfers with faster swing speeds of 100 mph or more. These balls are harder and require more force to compress, resulting in a lower launch angle and more distance with a straighter flight. Examples include the Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Chrome Soft X. You can also check out our guide on high-performance golf balls for more options.

    To determine the best ball for your specific needs, consider your swing speed and desired ball flight. It’s always a good idea to try out a few different compression ratings and brands to see what works best for your game.

    Using a golf launch monitor or a simulator package will definitely help!

    Remember, it’s not just about maximum distance, but also greenside control and spin for a well-rounded game.


    The cover material of a golf ball can significantly impact its performance and overall characteristics. Surlyn and urethane are the two primary types of covers used in golf ball manufacturing.

    golf ball cover

    Surlyn is a type of ionomer, which is a high-performance synthetic polymer. Ionmer is considered a cover material as it covers the core material of golf balls. Surlyn is used in the outer layer of golf balls, making them more durable and resistant to cuts, scuffs, and scratches. Golf balls with Surlyn covers have lower spin rates, making them more stable and travel farther off the tee, ideal for less skilled players.

    Urethane is a softer material than ionomer, giving golf balls with urethane covers a better feel and more spin and greenside control than Surlyn-covered balls. They have a higher spin rate, making them ideal for skilled players who have more control over their shots.

    Recent technological advancements have enabled urethane covers to nearly match all the benefits of Surlyn. Urethane covers also offer excellent durability, comparable to Surlyn-covered golf balls. However, they tend to be more expensive.


    Many golfers only focus on the performance aspects such as compression, spin control, and distance. However, the color of the ball can also play a significant role in your game. Choosing the right color can enhance your visibility on the course, improve your focus, and even affect your score.

    golf ball colors

    High-visibility golf balls are available in many different colors and can make it easier to track your ball in the air and on the course. These colored balls can be especially helpful for golfers with vision problems or those who tend to hit their shots off-course. The bright hues of high-visibility balls can help to spot the ball more quickly, which can lead to faster play and better course management.

    Yellow golf balls, for example, are ideal for lower-light conditions such as early mornings or late afternoons. These balls are also perfect for those who play in areas with a lot of tree cover or shadows. On the other hand, green balls are better suited for overcast conditions, helping them stand out against the grey sky.

    Another consideration is the finish of the ball. Some golfers prefer a matte finish because it reduces glare and makes the ball easier to see in bright sunlight. Matte golf balls are also less reflective than shiny balls, which can help prevent distraction during your swing.


    Dimples are an essential feature of a golf ball’s construction and play a crucial role in determining its aerodynamic performance, particularly its distance.

    golf ball dimples

    The dimpled surface of a golf ball helps to reduce drag, allowing it to travel farther through the air. The number of dimples on a golf ball varies, with most modern balls having between 300 and 400.

    Different shapes, sizes, and patterns of dimples can affect the ball’s stability and spin rate. For example, shallow dimples tend to produce less backspin, which can result in a straighter ball flight. Meanwhile, deep dimples can create more turbulent airflow, increasing lift and backspin, which can result in a higher launch angle and longer carry distance.

    Dimples can also come in different shapes and patterns. Some common ones include circular, hexagonal, pentagonal, and square. Some balls even feature a combination of shapes and sizes. For example, Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball has a unique tetrahedral dimple pattern.

    It can be challenging for the average golfer to predict the ultimate effect of a specific dimple configuration. Still, it’s important to consider the brand’s claims about a ball’s dimples when deciding which one to use. Ultimately, you will need to experiment with a variety of balls and choose the one that works best for your game.


    golf ball costing

    It’s understandable that most golfers don’t like spending too much on a single golf ball, and fortunately, distance golf balls are often priced affordably. However, it’s important to note that there are exceptions to this, and quality distance golf balls can be found over a range of budgets.

    One option to consider is buying recycled balls. This can be an affordable way to get some quality golf balls without breaking the bank. However, it’s important to only look at AAA or above condition ratings to ensure the ball is still in good shape and performs as expected.


    There you have it, our detailed reviews of the best golf balls for distance. Our selection includes balls from a wide range of prices, constructions, compression ratings, etc. The goal was to offer as much variety as possible so everyone finds the right balls for his/her game.

    Selecting the right golf ball boils down to individual needs and preferences. It is crucial to try out different options and see how they perform on the course.

    As a golfer, finding the best ball for your game can significantly improve your distance and lower your scores, so take your time in choosing the perfect one for you.

    For any questions or comments, you may contact us via the comment section below or by email.


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