The 10 Straightest Golf Balls – Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Straightest Golf Ball is the Maxfli Straightfli. It is a robot-tested two-piece golf ball with a specially designed Next-Gen Core and a unique dimple pattern that promises straighter shots with more coverage. It has a softer cover for a better feel and a compression of 75. The Maxfli Straightfli is available in matte and gloss colors.

The number one goal for a golfer is to swing the ball as far as possible. They need a ball that travels the maximum distance and stays on the straight path after impact. But, finding such a ball may become a task to handle. 

This straightest Golf balls Buying Guide is here to provide a list of the best balls from the best manufacturers. Whether you are new to golf and want to play a round with your friends, a pro looking for the best equipment, or just looking for some great deals, this guide will help you find the best golf balls for straighter shots.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

Importance of Straighter Balls

titleist 3 golf ball

Having a ball with low spin means lesser sidespin and backspin, making it an excellent candidate for the straightest shots, which in turn helps you achieve longer distances and fix annoying issues like slices and hooks.

The importance of balls that fly straighter can be significant for several reasons:

  • Accuracy: A ball that tends to fly straighter can help you hit more accurate shots, especially off the tee or on approach shots. This can lead to hitting more fairways and greens, which is crucial for scoring well.
  • Consistency: A straighter flight pattern can lead to more consistent ball striking, resulting in better control over shots and reducing the chances of big misses.
  • Forgiveness: Straighter flight can also make the ball more forgiving, as it reduces the effects of sidespin, which often causes slices or hooks.
  • Confidence: Golfers who have a ball that flies straighter may have more confidence in their shots, leading to improved mental performance on the course.
  • Course Management: With a ball that consistently flies straight, you can better plan your shots and choose the right targets on the course.

The 10 Straightest Golf Balls of 2024– Detailed Reviews

It’s a good idea to look into the balls available in the market. There are different types of balls that are designed to fly straighter. The best way to find out which is the best is to compare them side-by-side with other available balls.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Maxfli Straightfli

    True to its name, Maxfli, one of the favorite series for high-quality balls, has another feather in its hat: they have introduced Maxfli Straightfli, a ball that promises straighter shots with more coverage.

    The dimple patterns on the Maxfli Straightfli ball are the remarkable features that keep it on the straight path at which it starts. It’s a Robot-tested product, which has ensured the increased ball flight by 20% compared to other balls and previous versions.

    Another feature to be highlighted is the two-piece construction, which is why the ball covers more distance. In addition, it has a softer cover which again aids in the straighter and longer ball flight.

    Many Golfers from around the world have vowed that this ball has magically improved their shots. Moreover, it has become a favorite thanks to its fair price. It can be bought in a pack of 12 balls.


    • Laboratory proved to have increased straight shots
    • More coverage due to the specially designed Next-Gen Core.
    • The number 75 for its compression for a softer feel.
    • Straighter flight with its extraordinary dimple design
    • Available in matte and gloss colors.


    • 20% straighter flight
    • Two-Piece Construction
    • Aids in Straighter shots
    • Blend of small and large dimples
    • Cost Effective


    • Can not correct a slice completely.

    Without any doubt, Maxfli Straightfli is a must-have in your bag. Besides aiding in the straight shots, golfers have approved its role in improvement, especially for their slicing problem. You should try Straightfli if you want your shots to be straighter than ever. You won’t lose your balls in the woods anymore with these outstanding balls.

    Piper Golf Blue

    By name, it can easily be placed in the list of top branded names, but by price, any beginner won’t fear trying it. Piper Golf has a range of premium quality balls. It has never compromised on quality, with prices ranging from as low as $20 to $35. Due to the same reason, they have made every user loyal.

    Piper made its first impression in the covid era (2021). People swear by Piper Blue to be a real help in getting straighter shots. The company claims that the Blue balls are perfect for players with handicaps ranging between 5 and 15, so they are better suited for better players (mid-to-low handicappers).

    With a dimple count of 332, it is more than capable of outperforming its competitors. You should not miss trying piper blue if you swing with a mid to high speed between 90 and 105mph with your driver.

    The 3-piece construction makes it possible for the Piper Blue to be an excellent choice for players with mid to high-speed swings. The Dupont Surlyn cover helps reduce the ball spin to further aid in straighter shots with greater distance.


    • Best for golfers with mid to high-speed swings
    • A dimple Count of 332 makes it a favorite for different types of golfers.
    • Recommended for handicappers from 5-15
    • Three-piece construction
    • Made with durable Dupont Surlyn cover


    • cost-effective
    • more coverage
    • straighter shots
    • cuts down hooks and slices
    • lower spin- great for low handicappers


    • Not for high handicappers with slower swings

    A low spin ball must be your pick if you need a helping hand with your slices and hooks. We have eased your decision to get one. Look no further; check the features of Piper Blue and fix your persisting problem.

    Bridgestone E12 Contact

    Bridgestone has yet another success under its throne- e12 CONTACT. It is an extraordinary discovery, proving that 38% increased contact with the club face makes the energy transfer more efficient. It has been efficiently named due to its extraordinary structure.

    The lifted structure from the outer and central areas makes it a low-spin ball. Bridgestone’s e12 contact is the best choice for straighter and more powerful shots. It comes in aesthetically pleasing matte colors other than white (Green, red and yellow).

    The balls can be purchased in packs of two or three dozens for a better value for your money.


    • Best for straight and distant shots.
    • Higher ball velocity at impact
    • The extraordinary structure provides 38% more contact than other rivals
    • Available in matte yellow, matte green, matte red and classic white.


    • Low price considering its benefits
    • Straight shots guaranteed
    • More distance with powerful energy transfer
    • Ionomer Cover for efficient hit


    • Lower backspin-not liked by pro players.

    With the Contact Force Dimple, Active Acceleration Mantle, and Sof FLEXATIV Cover technologies, the Bridgestone e12 Contact are some of the straightest balls you can buy today. They are from a reputable brand and come in larger packs for better value. You can not go wrong with the e12 Contact balls, and you will get straighter shots more consistently.

    Callaway Supersoft

    Being a show-stopper in the world of golf due to its amazing range of clubs, Callaway has come up with an ever-improved version of its supersoft balls. Many golfers have vowed to never switch to any other brand after using the Callaway supersoft balls.

    Callaway always comes up with innovations in its equipment. For example, with their Supersoft ball, they have collaborated with Dow Plastic Additives, which had designed a ball using multi-materials like PARALOID additives and an exclusive compound of Surlyn Ionomers to keep them least affected by the club impacts and roughness in the overall game.

    These soft-feel balls with a two-piece construction and Ionomer cover use Callaway’s new Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics technology to reduce drag mid-flight and improve carry distances with straighter flights. You can buy them in classic white or yellow as well as other matt colors, including green, orange, pink, and red.


    • Highly durable and easily controllable ball.
    • The soft core with perfect compression increases the ball speed
    • High launch facility with lower spin combined with your driver or longer club for a distance shot.
    • The use of Hex Aerodynamics makes the ball flight easy.


    • Straight and effortless ball flight
    • Low spin for mid to high handicappers
    • Multi-material construction to last long
    • 332 dimples with 2-piece construction
    • Highly responsive to wedges


    • Nothing we could think of

    There should be no fear of getting Callaway equipment. It’s a Golfer’s favorite, and every golf bag has one thing or the other from this brand.

    The Supersoft balls from Callaway are extremely innovative, and for anyone who wants to practice and get better with straighter shots, Supersoft is a must-have.

    Bridgestone E6

    If you have a low to high swing speed and want more distance coverage, look no further, Bridgestone’s E6 is the ball for you. It’s a two-piece construction with a softer and larger compression core to help the ball fly higher.

    The unique color of optic yellow beside the classic white is available for e6. Cost-effectiveness is another salient feature.

    The balls use the Delta Dimple design for smoother ball flights and less drag and air resistance, and the advanced mantle and cover work together for better green performance and approach shots.


    • Revamped version for straighter and higher shots
    • Works for players with low to moderate swing speed
    • Soft and Lightweight feel yet covers more distance
    • Delta Dimple Design and advanced mantle and cover for optimal performance around the entire course


    • perfect for beginners to average players
    • Great value for money
    • Solves Hooks and slices


    • Not for pro players

    If you are just starting or have been in the game for a short period, Bridgestone is there to help with straighter and higher hits. You won’t be disappointed by the money you spend on these balls. Your game will be improved, and you won’t be coming back to anything lesser.

    TaylorMade TP5

    TaylorMade’s TP5 have been named One-for-all golf balls. They perform flawlessly on the course, be it on the fairways or even the rough. They are complete tour ball, as vowed by the majority of players who tested them.

    In addition, the exceptional aerodynamic formulation makes them prominent balls among their competitors.

    The innovative Tour Flight dimple structure helps in reduced drag on the greens. The dimple count of 322 makes the ball’s flight powerful with low-side spin. A burst of energy can be felt at the time when the ball leaves the club.


    • Higher yet controlled speed compared to other balls    
    • 4 layers to provide better contact with the club and increased speed
    • Better Launch angle with low compression core.
    • Urethane cover for better durability


    • for mid to low handicappers
    • 322 dimple count for straight flight
    • 5-piece construction for extraordinary performance
    • Best choice for better players
    • High Flex Material (HFM) technology
    • Affordable cost considering the premium quality


    • Not for high handicappers or beginners

    Due to the exceptional quality and workability, golfers like Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, and Scottie Scheffler give TP5 priority. If you are a better player seeking the next step in your game, you should try and choose it and see the huge difference in your game.

    Srixon Soft Feel

    Do you love that “click” sound at impact? If yes, you’ll love the new addition to the Srixon family- Srixon Soft Feel. It gives you a soft feel, yet the sound is like a hard ball. Its two-piece Ionomer construction makes it durable and best for straighter and farther shots. If you are a player with low to moderate swing speed, you will feel the increased speed and distance, especially with your driver.

    With age, most players experience a loss of speed in their shots. Their grip gets compromised. For such cases, Srixon’s Soft feel is the best choice that can help bring back their swiftness and flight.

    The lower drag coefficient dimple pattern with a 338 dimple count reduces air resistance for you to achieve more accuracy and consistency on the course. You can buy a dozen of the SoftFeel balls either in Soft white or Tour Yellow colors (That’s the way Srixon likes to call them).


    • Ionomer cover for a soft feel
    • The firmness with the compression rating of 60 helps in powerful and straighter shots
    • The 338 dimples make and retain the ball trajectory high for a longer time
    • Resilient structure brings it back to its original form even after a hard hit


    • Best for beginners and seniors
    • Available in two colors
    • Aids in game improvement
    • Great value for money


    • Not for better players

    If you need a helping hand with your straight shots and are in the initial phase of your game, you must choose Srixon’s Soft Feel balls and get trained for faster, longer and better shots.

    Srixon Q-Star 5

    Srixon has a range of exceptional golf balls which perform best in any condition for straighter and higher shots. The Q-Star is one such product from this family that is a premium ball with higher spin to be only controlled by pro players; that’s why it is not a good choice for beginners or mid-to-high handicappers. This two-piece ball is a must-have in a better player’s bag.

    The 338 speed dimples are the reason for a pertained lift and lesser drag before the ball comes back to the ground. Upon hitting the ground, the higher spin helps control the ball and stop it from rolling too far. So, it provides complete control of the ball even on the greenside.


    • Speed dimples reduce ball drag and help in a great flight
    • High launch angles
    • Windy weather is not a hurdle in the flight path
    • The higher spin makes it a good option for better players


    • Can correct hooks and slices
    • 338 dimples for straighter and higher shots
    • Excellent performance in any weather condition
    • Lower compression for a great feel


    • Not for Beginners
    • Not the best distance coverage

    Even being a mid-to-low handicapper, trying your luck with Srixon’s Q-star doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Better players will enjoy its features better.

    It provides more control over the ball’s trajectory and flight and more spin to help on the green and approach shots thanks to the Spin Skin with SeRM coating with bonds that dig into the grooves of wedges and irons and provide more stopping power.

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    Callaway Chrome Soft

    Yet again, the name Callaway has got another superhero in their crew. The Callaway Chrome Soft, with its exclusive precision technology, makes it fit for golfers of all levels. The glossy look, on the one side, seduces the sight; its softness, on the other hand, feels great.

    Chrome Soft is a series of balls with different features and packages. Each one of them stands on its own. These premium quality balls are designed to be faster with the salient feature of the tightest dispersion. The pro-level speed and spin are only possible due to the presence of Hyper-Elastic SoftFast Core.

    The balls are available in different colors and with a multitude of logos to choose from; so you can choose the one you like best.


    • Outstanding performance in any weather condition due to Tour Aero technology
    • Highly-controlled speed and spin due to Hyper-Elastic Super fast core.
    • With 332 Dimples, the Urethane cover aids in straight shots.
    • The three-piece structure helps in durability with speed and straightness.


    • Best for putting
    • Ball Flight consistency
    • Affordable price
    • Equally Beneficial for better and beginner players.
    • Eye-catching colors


    • Not the cheapest

    Callaway’s Chrome Soft balls, with their extensive range of beneficial features for every level of golfer in any weather condition, are becoming everyone’s favorite.

    Whether you want to improve your game, or hooks and slices are your enemies in the course, the Chrome Soft is the best choice. So get your package and enjoy your game.

    Titleist Velocity

    Last but not least, the Titleist Velocity ball is one great choice. With its extraordinary features, it is equally helpful for players with any swing speed. The performance remains the same throughout your slow to high swing speed journey, i.e., the best.

    The low spin helps to control the exaggerated draws. It is the reason that the ball stays on a straight path even if it gets more roll. Your hooks and slices will also get eliminated.


    • Great distance for all players
    • Moderate or high swing speed- equally beneficial
    • Great flight and durable- stay undamaged for years.


    • Super low long game spin
    • Amazing distance (These are the longest balls made by Titleist)
    • Cheaper, compared to the competitors


    • Feel is Not up to the mark for pro players

    Get hold of Titleist Velocity if you cannot afford those super pricey balls to help you with straight and high shots. The powerful flight in a cheaper price range makes it a candidate for the best and straightest balls.

    Buyer’s Guide: Things To Look For In A Golf Ball For Straighter Shots

    Here, we have shortlisted some postulates you should consider before buying a ball for a straighter shot.


    A ball is composed of a core surrounded by a resilient material called the cover. The two components are compressed together to form a solid sphere – the golf ball.

    When you swing the club, the ball compresses and squishes against the face of the club at impact, which is how it gets propelled forward. This is what we see superficially.

    The actual physics that runs behind this act is when the club hits the cover of the ball, it gets pressed or deformed (for a while) to help the swing’s energy reach the ball’s core. The core is responsible for the shot speed and distance. The higher compression of the ball and higher swing speeds result in straighter and farther shots. The firmness and softness of the ball are a reference to its core’s condition.

    golf ball material

    We have all been reading compression ratings on different descriptions of balls, but in modern golf, compression rating is no longer a standardized factor. Instead, what may help us in getting the right ball is the compression itself and softness or firmness. So let’s divide the balls based on their compression as follows:

    Low Compression

    These are the balls with softer cores. They are easily compressible. Distance shots with them don’t require high swing speed. Callaway SuperSoft and Bridgestone’s e12 Soft are some popular names for balls with lower compression.

    A low compression rating is anything lower than 65. Some extremely soft balls sport a compression of around 30.

    Medium Compression

    These balls have cores that fall in between softer and harder. As a result, their shots need to be hit with mid-to-high swing speed. Titleist Velocity and Bridgestone’s e6 are examples of such balls.

    A medium compression rating ranges between 66 and 89.

    High Compression

    These are hard-core balls. They must be pushed with a hard or great swing speed to activate the core and take the ball farther. They are high compression balls. TaylorMade TP5, among the list given above, is such a ball.

    A high compression rating is anything above 89. the rating can go up to as high as 120, giving extremely hard balls requiring the 105+ mph swing speeds.

    Dimple Pattern

    Dimples allow unwanted drag of the ball after it hits the club face because of the layer of air that is created thanks to the dimples.

    No, dimples on a ball do not make it ‘beautiful’; They actually serve a purpose: reduce air resistance and achieve longer flights. A dimpleless ball is more likely to have a much lower flight distance and uncontrollable flight path, making it useless in a very technical game like golf.

    The regular dimple count on a golf ball ranges from 300-500 nowadays. Anything lower or higher and things get into the unpredictable and potentially useless category. If you want to understand more about the importance of dimples, we suggest reading our detailed guide: Do More Dimples On A Golf Ball Make It Better?

    Ball Spin

    Low-spinning balls are easier to hit straighter shots and reduce unwanted drags. Players with a Faster swing speed use low-spinning balls to attain a straight shot. However, if hit with a higher swing speed, a golf ball with a higher spin might not always end up in a straighter shot, as the added spin combined with fast swinging can take the ball too high with a sharper ascent and descent angle.

    Balls with Higher spin rates are not always bad. They are somewhat beneficial for beginners or seniors who find it hard to hit with a faster swing speed. Their slow swing speed can collaborate with a high spin of the ball to aid in lifting the ball higher and achieving longer distances, if not straighter than shots with a lesser degree of hooks and slices.

    golf ball spin white

    Final Thoughts

    Playing with the right ball is essential as it’s one of the most vital aspects of your game. A straight ball will allow you to play the most accurate shot possible that too consistently.

    If you are a beginner, an expert, or just an average player, this buying guide will aid you in choosing the best balls to improve your game and play straighter shots.

    To Help you hit straighter, we have hand-picked these 10 straightest balls on the market after careful testing and research to ensure you get the most reliable and consistent results. It’s your turn to try these balls and see which works best for you.

    Finally, if you have some time to spare, we suggest going through our guide on the Different Types and Uses of Golf Balls to fully understand how things like construction, materials, spin rate, etc. affect a ball’s performance on the course.

    Thanks for reading!


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