18 Best Golf Simulator Accessories Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Golf Simulator Accessory is the Golf Simulator Control Box - RoxorGolf. This innovative wireless device provides lag-free control up to 30 feet away with its USB dongle connection and rechargeable battery. The hands-free operation enhances the simulator experience by eliminating the need to go back and forth to your computer during gameplay.

Accessorizing your golf simulator setup can take your at-home golf experience from good to great. But with so many options on the market, how do you know where to start? In this comprehensive guide, we will provide recommendations based on our own experience and testing.

We will share insider tips to maximize your simulator and analyze must-have accessories beyond the essentials of the simulator, enclosure, screen, mat, projector, and computer. From ways to make your space more authentic to products that enhance gameplay and accuracy.

We have tested a plethora of sim accessories that can be used to enhance the experience and came up with a list of only the best ones to use with your virtual golf system. Some will improve the practice sessions directly, while others will make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

So, whether you want to add to your current setup or are building one from scratch, this guide will allow you to accessorize like a pro.

Let’s tee up!

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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The Top Golf Simulator Accessories in 2024

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Golf Simulator Control Box – RoxorGolf Sim Control Box

    golf simulator control box

    A golf sim control box is a unit that allows you to control the simulator software without the need to keep going to your computer. The controllers can be wireless or wired and support different simulator options out of the box.

    The Golf Simulator Control Box by Roxor Golf is designed to enhance your golf simulator experience by letting you control it directly from the hitting area. This innovative wireless device eliminates the need to constantly walk back and forth to your computer during gameplay. With just a tap of your club, you can easily navigate menus and functions up to 30 feet away.

    This controller connects wirelessly to your PC via a USB dongle, not Bluetooth, providing a lag-free and interference-free connection. It comes equipped with a handy 3 AAA rechargeable battery pack that can be swapped out as needed. When it comes to accessories for golf simulators, this product really hits a sweet spot by making gameplay more enjoyable.


    • Wireless control up to 30 feet
    • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
    • Zero lag or interference
    • Convenient hands-free operation
    • Enhances simulator experience


    • Only 6-month warranty

    For golfers looking to upgrade their home simulator setup, the Roxor Golf Control Box is a worthwhile investment. With its smart wireless design and lag-free performance, it takes convenience and playability to the next level. This accessory clearly stands out when considering ways to maximize your simulator enjoyment. Ultimately, the seamless hands-free control allows you to spend more time perfecting your swing and less time fiddling with a keyboard and mouse.

    Another great control box comes in the form of The club keyboard controller, which supports TGC2019 and GSPro out of the box. You can also check out our full review of the best golf simulator control boxes.

    Mobile Golf Simulator Laptop Stand – Rain or Shine Golf

    mobile golf simulator laptop stand

    Continuing with our handpicked selections for the best golf simulator accessories is the Adjustable Height Mobile Laptop Stand from Rain or Shine Golf. With its sturdy yet portable design, this stand allows for easy setup and stowaway, making it a perfect addition to any personal golf studio.

    The stand is constructed from heavy-duty steel and features adjustable legs that can extend up to 51 inches high. This height adjustability is a major advantage, as it allows you to position your golf simulator laptop at just the right viewing angle whether sitting or standing. The foldable legs also make the stand highly portable, so it can be tucked away or transported between locations with ease.

    When it comes to stability, the wide base and rubberized feet ensure your laptop will remain steady throughout your swinging practice. The stand weighs 14 pounds, offering a solid and study platform that won’t slide around or tip over even with forceful golf swings.


    • Sturdy and stable heavy-duty steel construction
    • Adjustable height from 28 to 51 inches
    • Foldable legs for portability
    • Rubberized feet prevent sliding
    • Accommodates laptops up to 17 inches
    • Easy assembly with no tools required


    • Max weight capacity of 22 lbs

    With a price tag of $149, this mobile laptop stand is quite affordable for its features and capabilities. The adjustable height allows golfers to optimize their setup, while the folding design provides versatility for both permanent installations and temporary practice sessions. For golfers wanting a sturdy and adjustable laptop stand to enhance their home golf simulator or launch monitor experience, this product from Rain or Shine Golf is an excellent choice.

    Auto Dispenser for your golf balls – FlyHero Automatic Tee-Up Machine

    The FlyHero Golf Ball Dispenser has proven to be an excellent addition to my training equipment. This handy contraption takes the hassle out of continuously bending down to tee up new balls. With a simple push of the lever, it automatically dispenses a ball and places it on the tee – no electricity required.

    The high-capacity hopper holds up to 80 balls, ensuring you can hit shot after shot without interruption. Adjustable feet allow you to customize the tee height to suit your clubs. An integrated storage tray keeps your phone in view to record swings for analysis. The sturdy, weather-resistant design also means it’s built to last through years of heavy use.

    While manually loading balls into the dispenser takes some time upfront, it saves tons of effort over the course of a practice session. You can focus on honing your swing rather than wasting energy picking up balls. The automatic tee-up mechanism promotes a consistent set-up and rhythm. With a dispenser like this, you can hit more balls in less time.


    • Dispenses balls automatically
    • Holds up to 80 balls
    • Adjustable tee height
    • Integrated phone tray
    • Durable, weather-resistant


    • Time-consuming to initially load balls
    • Large footprint takes up space
    • No ball collector included

    For any golfer serious about improving their skills, the FlyHero Golf Ball Dispenser is a must-have accessory. It takes the repetitive work out of practice sessions so you can spend more quality time developing your swing. This product epitomizes efficiency and convenience for golfers looking to maximize their training.

    GoSports Premium Wooden Golf Bag Organizer

    The GoSports Premium Wooden Golf Bag Organizer is the ideal storage solution for golfers looking to keep their gear organized and out of the way. Made from premium handcrafted wood, this organizer has a sleek and modern design that will complement any garage or home.

    The cabinet is designed to fit one full-size golf bag secured with an optional safety cord to prevent tipping. The universal design accommodates virtually any golf bag on the market. With room for 4-5 pairs of golf shoes on the shelves, you’ll have plenty of space for all your footwear as well. Accessories like golf balls, tees, towels, and other essentials can also be stored neatly on the shelves.

    Assembly of the organizer is straightforward with illustrated step-by-step instructions and a helpful installation video provided by GoSports. Once constructed, the black matte finish and turf accents give this storage cabinet a high-end look that really classes up your space. Matching your décor is easy with three color options to choose from including black, brown, and white.

    When researching the best golf simulator accessories, the GoSports Premium Golf Bag Organizer stands out for its quality construction and value. It’s the ideal way to keep your gear organized and out of the way rather than taking up space on the floor. The premium wood build is far superior to flimsy wire racks in terms of durability and aesthetics.


    • Premium quality wood construction
    • Sleek modern design with matte finish
    • Fits full-size golf bags and accessories
    • Easy assembly with instructions provided
    • 3 color options to match décor


    • Priced higher than basic wire racks

    For golfers looking to organize their equipment in style, the GoSports Premium Wooden Golf Bag Organizer is an easy top choice. With its quality craftsmanship and handy storage options, this organizer simplifies gear storage so you can spend more time honing your game. If you need more space, you can always get the GoSports Dual Bag Organizer, available in the same color options and excellent build quality.

    Alternatively, you can go through our detailed reviews of the best golf bag organizer racks.

    Extra Long HDMI Cable – Soonsoonic 4K HDMI Cable 50Ft

    Whether you’re building an immersive home theater or extending your gaming setup, the Soonsoonic 4K HDMI Cable 50Ft delivers superb performance for all your high-resolution AV needs.

    With support for 4K resolution at 60Hz, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and bandwidth up to 18Gbps, this HDMI 2.0 cable keeps pace with the latest display standards. Installation takes seconds – simply connect each end and you’re ready for stunning 4K video.

    In daily operation, you can rely on this cable to maintain flawless video quality without dropped frames, even across its full 50ft length. Gaming in 4K HDR feels extremely responsive thanks to the high bandwidth.

    The durable braided nylon exterior and gold-plated connectors ensure long-term durability through years of use. For home theater buffs, the audio return channel enables passing sound back to your receiver or soundbar.

    When it comes to accessorizing advanced A/V setups (like golf sims), the Soonsoonic 4K HDMI Cable is one of the best cables available. With robust construction and leading specs, it’s built to deliver pristine 4K video and audio. The long 50ft reach enables flexibility in room layouts as well. For those seeking top-tier performance, this cable belongs in your accessory kit.


    • Stunning 4K video quality
    • Choose the length you need – 3 ft to 100 ft.
    • Durable braided nylon exterior
    • 18Gbps bandwidth for the latest standards
    • Easy plug-and-play installation
    • Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision
    • Gold-plated connectors prevent corrosion


    • Thicker gauge less flexible
    • Higher price than basic HDMI

    For those wanting a future-proof 4K HDMI cable to use with their virtual golf / Home theatre setup, the Soonsoonic stands out for its excellent performance. With an 18Gbps pipeline and durability to match, it delivers stunning AV quality across its full length. If you’re looking to create an immersive 4K setup, this cable is ready to connect all your cutting-edge gear today and tomorrow.


    The QualGear Universal Projector Ceiling Mount is an excellent choice for installing a projector in your home theater or simulator room. With six-axis adjustments providing 360 degrees of rotation and a weight capacity of 70 lbs, this sturdy and versatile mount can accommodate a wide variety of projector models and positions.

    One of the standout features is the array of compatible ceiling types. Whether you have a flat, cathedral, suspended, or truss ceiling, QualGear offers a mount specially designed to fit your installation needs. The mount head is constructed from heavy gauge steel and high-quality components to provide lasting durability over years of use.

    The QualGear Universal Ceiling Mount is hard to beat; the precision adjustments allow you to have the perfect projector position and angle for an immersive simulated golf experience. Furthermore, the professional white finish blends nicely into home theater environments.


    • Fits multiple ceiling types
    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • Six axis adjustments
    • 70 lb weight capacity
    • Available in black and white


    • Installation requires some DIY skills

    The QualGear Universal Projector Ceiling Mount offers versatility, strength, and adjustability – everything you need for mounting your simulator projector. If you’re building a golf simulator room, this mount deserves strong consideration.

    Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure – Shop Indoor Golf

    projector shield floor mount enclosure

    Next on our list is the Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure from Shop Indoor Golf. This ingenious product allows you to place your golf simulator projector directly on the floor instead of installing a ceiling mount.

    Made from durable ABS plastic, the enclosure fully protects your projector from errant golf shots and debris. The ramp design with artificial turf is a nice touch, letting you position it in front of the hitting area without worry. Air vents on the sides prevent overheating so no extra cooling is required.

    In my testing, the Projector Shield performed flawlessly. Setup took just a few minutes following the video instructions. Despite many direct ball strikes, the enclosure didn’t budge and my projector remained pristine. The interior dimensions comfortably accommodate most short-throw models.

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    • Very easy to install
    • Protects projector from balls/debris
    • Built-in cooling vents
    • Turf ramp for placement flexibility
    • Durable construction


    • Price is on the higher end

    With a price of $2999, the Projector Shield Floor Mount Enclosure falls into the “Premium” category. Considering the quality materials, ingenious design, and protection it provides, I found it well worth the investment for my high-end golf simulator setup. This is an essential accessory that gives me confidence my projector is safe, regardless of errant shots. I highly recommend it to any golfer wanting a clean, professional-looking simulator without complicated ceiling mounts.

    Mpiolife Wireless HDMI Display Adapter

    The Mpiolife Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver kit provides an excellent wireless HDMI streaming solution that will greatly benefit golf simulator setups. A key advantage I appreciate is its ability to eliminate cable clutter. The transmit and receive units are compact and easy to position, freeing you to place your laptop, camera, or media device anywhere in the room without tripping over cords.

    Setup took mere seconds – simply plug in the receiver unit to your golf simulator display and connect the transmitter to your HDMI source. The units paired immediately with no software or drivers required. Video connection was quick and flawless at 1080p resolution, delivering a lag-free viewing experience critical for accurately tracking your swing.

    The streaming range is quite impressive, rated up to 165ft through open air. During testing, I was able to achieve solid connectivity through interior walls at over 50ft distance. Image quality remained excellent, with no dropout or pixelation issues. Latency is extremely low at 0.1 seconds, far superior to Wi-Fi streaming with no perceptible lag to disrupt your practice.

    The Mpiolife system provides great versatility as well. It supports HDMI mirroring for duplicating your laptop display, as well as extended desktop mode allowing you to view simulator graphics on the main display while retaining access to your computer. The kit also enables connecting multiple receivers to a single transmitter, letting you view the same feed on various displays throughout your simulation room.


    • Easy plug-and-play setup
    • Eliminates cable clutter
    • Low-latency HDMI streaming
    • 165ft wireless range
    • Mirror and extended desktop modes
    • Connect multiple receivers


    • Large receiver unit blocks adjacent ports
    • Shorter range through walls

    For golf simulator enthusiasts wanting cable-free HDMI streaming, the Mpiolife Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver Kit hits a hole-in-one. Its excellent wireless performance and versatile modes provide an ideal solution for a clean, fully wireless simulation room setup. I highly recommend this kit to eliminate clutter while enabling complete freedom to position your simulator components.

    Lightning to HDMI adapter

    Krevi’s Lightning to HDMI Adapter provides an ideal wireless streaming solution for Apple users. I’ve tested this adapter extensively with my iPhone 14 Pro and iPad Air on my golf simulator display, and it delivers an excellent cable-free experience that’s incredibly quick and easy to set up.

    The adapter paired and mirrored my iPhone screen instantly – simply plug it into your Apple device’s lightning port, connect an HDMI cable to your display, and you’re ready for lag-free 1080p streaming in seconds. No software, apps or drivers are needed. Image quality remains crisp and clear across the full HD resolution with no signal dropout issues.

    Latency is impressively low – I perceived no lag whatsoever testing golf apps and videos. Response is real-time, essential for accurately analyzing your swing. The compact adapter design won’t obstruct other ports, with the attached short cable keeping your phone securely in place while swinging.

    Though compact, the adapter still allows simultaneous charging thanks to the integrated lightning passthrough. You can maintain full battery while streaming lengthy practice sessions. It also enables both mirroring your device screen as well as using extended desktop mode, giving you full display access when connected to your simulator.

    I was able to mirror and interact with various golf apps, launch videos from my camera roll, and display web content from Safari – anything shown on my iPhone transferred flawlessly. Just note that protected content from subscriptions like Netflix won’t stream due to DRM restrictions.


    • Instant plug-and-play setup
    • Crisp zero-lag 1080p streaming
    • Charging passthrough capability
    • Mirroring and extended modes


    • Doesn’t work with DRM content
    • Only 720p and 1080p resolution

    For Apple users, the Krevi Lightning to HDMI Adapter delivers an essential wireless streaming tool for your golf simulator. Its seamless lag-free performance finally untethers your iPhone or iPad for cable-free big-screen viewing. This is a must-have accessory for any Apple-centric simulator setup.

    Simulator Indoor Golf Tees

    Made of durable plastic, these tees are designed to withstand hours of indoor and outdoor use without breaking or wearing down. Their sturdy construction means you can count on them to provide a stable, consistent tee height round after round.

    The ergonomic shape also makes these tees extremely easy to use on practice mats and turf. Their versatility is another big plus, as you can use them for both long-game practice at the driving range and honing your short game in your backyard.

    With the option to trim the tees to your ideal height, you can customize them to match your swing plane and desired ball flight. This level of adjustability ensures you can practice proper launch conditions tailored to your game.


    • Durable plastic construction
    • Adjustable trim-to-height design
    • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use
    • Promotes swing consistency
    • Easy to insert and remove


    • Limited color options

    These plastic golf simulator tees are an excellent investment that will pay dividends in lowering scores and having more fun on the (virtual) course. Their unmatched versatility and customization provide an ideal solution for refining your technique from home.

    ARKON Mounts Camera Wall Mount

    If you are planning to add optional cameras to use in your virtual golf studio, this heavy-duty aluminum mount provides exceptional stability and adjustment flexibility.

    The sturdy build quality immediately stood out during our testing. With its solid aluminum construction, the mount can easily handle the weight of any camera type without any sagging or movement. The three adjustment knobs along the 8-inch arm allow for precise positioning, while the dual 180-degree pivot points give even more options for getting the perfect angle.

    Once locked in place, the mount holds your camera rock steady thanks to the tightening thumbscrews that prevent any drifting. This reliability is critical when shooting long exposures or timelapses. We also appreciated the ample number of threaded holes in the base plate for secure wall mounting.


    • Compact Design
    • The articulating arm offers an impressive range of motion
    • Easy to maneuver camera from straight overhead to nearly horizontal
    • Allows run-and-gun shooting on the go
    • Flexible foundation to quickly adapt to various environments and perspectives


    • The unit’s reach is relatively short when fully extended.

    Despite this camera wall mount’s short range, adding a small extension can easily expand it for greater positioning possibilities. For professionals or enthusiasts needing a sturdy, adjustable wall mounting system, the ARKON Camera Wall Mount is an superb choice.

    Carl’s Launch Monitor Alignment Stand (for the Mevo + and Approach R10)

    carls launch monitor alignment stand

    This purpose-built accessory makes finding the perfect launch monitor position quick and easy, which ensures the highest level of accuracy for the tracked data points.

    The stand provides a sturdy and durable metal base designed specifically for the Mevo+ and Garmin R10 monitors. The three adjustable screw feet allow you to perfectly level the stand even on angled concrete. The included bubble level takes the guesswork out of achieving the ideal left/right alignment.

    Setting up the stand took me less than 5 minutes out of the box. Simply extend the legs to the desired height, adjust each foot to level, and verify alignment. Your launch monitor can then be securely positioned at the perfect height in line with your hitting mat or turf. No more fussing with wobbly blocks trying to get a square setup.

    Using the alignment stand has improved the accuracy of the launch monitor data. With the device properly positioned, you can get more consistent club and ball speed readings. Shot dispersion is tighter since the alignment is no longer off.


    • Quick and easy 5-minute setup
    • Provides a stable, durable base for launch monitors
    • Adjustable feet accommodate uneven surfaces
    • Includes bubble level for proper alignment
    • Designed specifically for the Mevo+ and R10 monitors
    • Improves look over makeshift stands


    • Platform size limited to certain launch monitors
    • Height adjustability has a small range

    For golfers serious about having accurate launch monitor data, the Carl’s Alignment Stand is a must-have accessory. The quality construction and smart design make proper positioning effortless. Your launch monitor readings will be more precise, your alignment more consistent, and your simulator setup greatly improved.

    TV Streaming Adaptor – Apple TV 4K

    The Apple TV 4K streaming media player delivers an exceptional home entertainment experience with its stellar combination of advanced video and audio capabilities, intuitive interface, and robust app ecosystem. It can be used with your sim setup for your family to watch TV content together.

    With support for 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision, the Apple TV 4K outputs stunningly crisp, realistic visuals that make movies and shows come to life. The colors are vibrant and highly accurate, while the brightness and contrast enhance picture detail. Whether you’re watching nature documentaries or action films, the 4K video immerses you in the content.

    Complementing the video, the Dolby Atmos audio provides dynamic, multidimensional sound for a cinematic experience. Effects pan seamlessly around you, with rich bass and clear dialogue.

    Controlling the Apple TV is simple with the included Siri remote. Navigate through menus, scrub through videos, and select apps fluidly. Siri’s voice recognition lets you find content quickly just by speaking.

    With built-in apps like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, you have endless entertainment options. The intuitive tvOS interface makes jumping between apps pleasant. Access your existing iTunes library easily as well.


    • Cinematic 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision video
    • Immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound
    • Intuitive Siri remote with voice control
    • Extensive app ecosystem including Apple originals
    • Sleek design fits seamlessly into home entertainment setups


    • No HDMI cable included

    For unmatched picture quality, captivating sound, smart voice control, and access to a huge library of content, the Apple TV 4K is simply the best streaming device available. Its premium capabilities justify the higher cost for those wanting a top-tier cinematic experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment, the Apple TV 4K should be your first choice.

    EdgeStar KC2000SS Full Size Kegerator Beer Cooler

    The EdgeStar KC2000SS is an excellent option for homebrew enthusiasts looking to keep kegs chilled and ready to pour. With a stainless steel door and body, this freestanding kegerator has a sleek look that will complement your simulator space. The interior can accommodate full-size 1/4 and 1/2 barrel kegs, except for oversized varieties from brands like Coors and Miller.

    A powerful cooling system keeps temperatures between the low 30s and mid 40s, ensuring properly chilled beer. The external tank mount frees up interior space while the included casters let you easily move the kegerator wherever needed. A drip tray catches spills for quick and easy cleanup.

    When it comes to dispensing cold beer on tap, the EdgeStar KC2000SS comes fully equipped. The draft tower, faucet, couplers, regulators, lines, and CO2 tank are all commercial-grade and NSF-approved. Simply provide the keg and you’ll be pouring perfect pints in no time.


    • Maintains ultra-low temps in the 30s
    • Fits full size 1/4 and 1/2 kegs
    • Stainless steel door and body
    • Caster wheels for mobility
    • External CO2 tank mount


    • Not compatible with oversized kegs
    • Only a single faucet

    With its durable build, versatile temperature range, and complete draught components, the EdgeStar KC2000SS is arguably the best full-size kegerator for homebrewers. It provides an affordable way to enjoy cold, fresh beer on tap at home while taking up minimal floor space.

    A Ping Pong Table? – JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table

    If you have some room to spare in your simulator space, you can bring the excitement of tournament-level play into your home with the JOOLA Inside 15mm table tennis table. I was impressed by the consistent bounce and smooth glide of the regulation-sized playing surface. The pre-assembled design sets up in just 10 minutes – simply attach the legs and net. You can easily fold the table in half on wheeled trolleys for storage or separate the halves for solo practice.

    The JOOLA Inside performs reliably thanks to the durable engineered wood construction. The 1.5″ steel apron and legs provide a stable base, while the 3″ locking casters allow easy mobility. The table stays firmly in place during games thanks to the anti-tilt locking devices.

    The 3/4 inch tabletop with silkscreen striping mimics a professional tournament surface. Throughout several fast-paced matches, the ball rebounded evenly off the high-density paint. The consistent bounce improves your ability to place accurate shots.

    The included tournament-grade net attaches securely with a simple clamp system. The net height is adjustable to achieve the perfect tension.


    • Regulation playing surface
    • Pre-assembled for quick setup
    • Smooth ball bounce
    • Sturdy steel frame
    • Portable on a wheeled base


    • On the heavy side at 209 lbs
    • Not weatherproof for outdoor use

    Whether you are looking for competitive play or family recreation, the JOOLA Inside table provides an authentic table tennis experience. The premium materials withstand aggressive smashes and hours of enjoyment.

    Putting Simulator – Exputt EX500D Real-Time Putting Simulator

    exputt real time putting simulator ex500

    Next on our list of the best golf simulator accessories is the Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator EX500D. With its high-speed camera and innovative tracking technology, this indoor putting system brings the joy of sinking putts to your home or office.

    The ultra-precise tracking offers unparalleled analysis of your putting stroke. You can track ball speed, face angle, path direction, impact angle, etc. The comprehensive data and instant visual feedback will help you improve your distance control and your touch on the greens in no time.

    Beyond just practice, Exputt offers a range of skill games and challenges to add fun and competition to your putting sessions. Take on famous courses or go head-to-head with friends and players around the world. With its online community, the excitement never ends.


    • At just 1.25 x 4.25 inches, the lightweight camera is highly portable for use anywhere
    • Setup and operation are designed to be intuitive for all users
    • Practice, games, and online play provide unmatched variety of skills training and fun
    • Detailed putting metrics to analyze and improve your stroke over time
    • Strong value compared to alternatives


    • The mat surface differs from actual greens, limiting feel for grain and slope reading
    • More space needed for installation near your main virtual system

    For golfers seeking to work on their putting skills from home, the Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator EX500D is an affordable, portable, feature-packed option, and our top pick for golf simulators dedicated to putting. With its competitive games, comprehensive metrics and training modes, you’ll be sinking more testy putts on the course in no time. The Exputt provides an accessible taste of having your own indoor putting green.

    SIGPRO Executive Putting Green

    sigpro executive putting green

    The SIGPRO Executive Putting Green is designed to bring the experience of practicing on a premium golf course green into your home or office. With its expansive 13’9″ x 7’10” size, the Executive model provides ample space to work on putts of varying lengths and breaks. The premium turf material closely mimics the texture and speed of a smooth bentgrass putting surface with a stimp rating of 10. You’ll gain the feel and consistency vital for sinking more putts when you play on actual greens.

    The Executive truly shines with its five interchangeable hole placements. You can continuously vary putt distances and trajectories to ingrain muscle memory for reading greens and aligning putts. The subtle perimeter bumpers also let you control errant balls and focus on proper technique. For those needing to emulate specific holes or conditions, the included undulation kit lets you easily contour the surface as needed.

    Setting up the Executive is straightforward thanks to the numbered interlocking plastic tile base. The rigid underlying structure ensures a flat putting plane while still allowing you to customize breaks. With a height of 2.5 inches, the Executive replicates the experience of putting on a real green.


    • Large 13′ x 8′ surface area provides ample space for long and short putts
    • Adjustable contours let you recreate specific holes and greens
    • Premium true-roll turf material feels like real bentgrass
    • Perimeter bumpers keep balls on the green during practice
    • Easy assembly with numbered interlocking plastic tile base


    • Larger size may not fit smaller rooms or offices

    If you want a versatile and realistic indoor putting green, the SIGPRO Executive is an excellent choice. The premium turf and expansive surface let you practice your putting stroke through repetition under varying conditions. Whether fine-tuning your game before a round or staying sharp during the off-season, the Executive provides a premier putting practice experience.

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    Valencia Tuscany Power Recliner with Power Headrest

    For our last pick, we suggest adding recliners to use your simulator setup as a home theater or for players to rest while waiting for their turns. You can get specific combinations to suit your needs, as you can buy single chairs or rows of up to 5 chairs.

    This premium leather recliner from Tuscany provides unmatched comfort and customization for your home theater. The chair is upholstered in smooth top-grain Italian nappa leather that looks and feels luxurious. Diamond quilted stitching on the seating surfaces adds aesthetic flair while also boosting comfort.

    You’ll appreciate how the Tuscany Power Recliner fully supports your body. It has ergonomically designed foam cushions that properly align your spine and distribute pressure evenly. This prevents pain or discomfort even during multi-hour movie marathons. The chair’s power lumbar support is adjustable, so you can personalize the firmness to match your back’s natural curve. The powered headrest is another excellent feature, letting you raise or lower it to perfectly cradle your neck and head.

    While rich in comfort amenities, the Tuscany Power Recliner also excels in customization and functionality. You can independently control the back recline, headrest, lumbar, and extendable footrest using the discreetly located control panel. The chair has a space-saving design that requires only 5 inches of clearance from the wall when fully reclined. Integrated LED lighting provides a classy ambient glow.


    • Luxurious Italian leather upholstery
    • Ergonomic design with lumbar support
    • Powered recline and adjustable headrest
    • Wall-hugging space-saving recline
    • Integrated LED ambient lighting


    • Expensive price point
    • Lumbar support could use more adjustability

    When you want a premium recliner that can make any movie night legendary, the Valencia Tuscany Power Recliner is a phenomenal choice. It achieves an ideal balance of indulgent comfort, extensive customization, and versatile functionality. Once you experience its sublime support and adjustability, you may never want to watch a movie without it again. This is hands-down one of the best luxury home theater recliners available today.

    Final Thoughts

    In closing, accessorizing your golf simulator can elevate your experience from standard to exceptional. Including one of the top-rated cameras for golf simulation can provide you with detailed swing analysis that is invaluable for improving your game. Additions like a high-quality mat, must-have tech accessories, and personal touches like memorabilia and photos can take your simulator to the next level. While a strong initial setup with the essentials is critical, these affordable extras add fun, convenience, and authenticity.

    I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive accessory guide for golf simulator enthusiasts. What accessories have you found to be game-changers? Are there any must-haves we missed? We’d love for you to share your experiences and insights in the comments below.

    Thanks for reading!


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