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The 10 Best SkyTrak Golf Simulators – 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Last updated: June 23, 2023
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Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission from some of the links on our website, however, our reviews and comparisons remain fair and unbiased. Our goal is to help you make the best choice. For more information, please see our disclosure statement. Thank you for your support.

Key Takeaways

After ample research and testing, we fell in love with Shop Indoor Golf's Skytrak SIG 12 and SIG10 packages, thanks to the fantastic quality of their components. They are the top two packages on our list, while the Swingbay package is third and Carl's Place's beautiful White Tee is fourth.
The remaining packages cover a wide range of prices and sizes, making this list the perfect place to pick your next Skytrak golf simulator!

The Skytrak launch monitor has gained so much popularity since it launched in 2014 that the market is flooded with Skytrak systems of various sizes, with different hardware components, and covering a wide range of budgets. 

As a result, choosing the right package that meets your needs and expectations is difficult.

In this article, we will review the 10 best Skytrak golf simulator packages to help you have a clear idea of the best options. Our list of Skytrak systems contains excellent packages built around the outstanding launch monitor, each carefully tested and selected by our team.

We will focus mainly on the simulation systems without going too much into the details of the monitor itself. For that, we invite you to read our in-depth review dedicated to Skytrak.

A Quick Peek At Our Choices For The Best SkyTrak Golf Simulators

Our Top Pick

Skytrak sig12 golf simulator sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

  • Huge enclosure with big screen
  • A realistic and immersive experience
  • Play & Improve software subscription included
  • Good graphics and image quality
  • Premium components

Alternative to the SIG12

Skytrak sig10 golf simulator sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

  • More compact than the SIG12
  • System setup is easy
  • Includes quality components
  • Great performance despite the smaller size

Best Enclosure

Skytrak SwingBay simulator package sample indoor setup

Skytrak SwingBay Simulator Package

  • Premium quality enclosure
  • The whole setup adds to the realism of the experience
  • Life-like turf providing maximum feel

Best Premium Package

Carls place white tee package sample indoor setup

Carl’s Place White Tee Package

  • High-quality package with premium components
  • Play & Improve software subscription included
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the pipe framing kit and connectors

Best For Small Spaces

Skytrak sig8 golf simulator package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

  • More affordable than its bigger brothers
  • Will fit in smaller spaces without issues
  • Play & Improve software plan included

Best Flexible Setup

Skytrak golf simulator flex space package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space Package

  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Can be placed in any room or space
  • Play & Improve software plan included

Alternative to the Flex Space Package

Skytrak retractable golf simulator sample indoor setup

Skytrak Retractable Golf Simulator

  • Setup is easy to deploy and retract
  • Better looking thanks to the full turf cover
  • The Game Improvement plan included
  • Many useful accessories are included with the (optional) gaming laptop.

Best For Customization

Skytrak simulator series premium package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Simulator Series Premium Package

  • Plenty of personalization and upgradability
  • Possibility to get a different simulation software
  • The setup is aesthetically stunning, especially with the projector mounting bracket.

Best Portable Package

Skytrak golf simulator training package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

  • Great portability
  • Easy to set up
  • Very affordable package
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Good quality components

Best Value for Price

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

  • Affordable package
  • Includes everything needed for a virtual golf experience - very practical
  • Fits almost all spaces

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages Review and Comparison Guide

All the reviews here reflect how we feel about the tested packages. This section will help you choose your system wisely.

Please bear in mind that we are not giving a ranking of the reviewed systems; Our main focus is to provide packages that will fit different budgets and spaces and work in different use scenarios.

#1 - SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

Premium components that provide great image quality for an immersive golf sim experience.

If you are looking to add a premium simulation feel to your Skytrak monitor, you must pair it with the premium SIG12 enclosure. The package will help you get real-time feedback on your ball performance and direct output on the hitting screen.

This package is exclusive at Shop Indoor Golf and comes with a one-year warranty. SIG12 is their largest and most majestic screen enclosure to date, as it can display images of up to 12 feet in width covering the whole screen for a much more immersive experience. 

fairway series golf mat with golfer on white background
Fairway Series Golf Mat. Source

Also, the package comes with a 5' x 5' Fairway series golf mat with the option to buy a SIGPRO mat (4'X7' or 4'X10' sizes). You can even opt for the SIG12 golf simulator flooring and cover the whole playing area with real feel turf to make things more realistic. 

The Skytrak comes with an official protective metal case that is laser cut from 13-gauge steel. It protects it from accidental drops, scratches, and bumps. The case has easy access to the power button and also allows easy viewing of the LED.

What's Included

  • The SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor
  • A metal protective case
  • Side netting and barriers
  • Landing pad turf
  • Play & Improve Software
  • SIG12 sim enclosure
  • Hitting mat
  • Optoma HD 1080p ST Projector
  • Projector Shield for floor mounting
  • 15' HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to Lightning Cable
  • A Micro-USB Charging adapter
  • User manual & quick-start guide


  • Huge enclosure with big screen
  • A realistic and immersive experience
  • Play & Improve software subscription included
  • Very good graphics and image quality
  • Premium components - The best you can get with a Skytrak


  • The SIG12 Simulator Flooring is very interesting, but very expensive too

The SkyTrak SIG12 package is among the best recreational golf simulators. It has great accuracy, is easy to set up and use, and is compatible with all devices starting from Windows to Android to Apple.

The simulator stands as the most praised and was voted the best value golf simulator by the prestigious Golf Digest for 2017 and 2019.

Our Top Pick

Skytrak sig12 golf simulator sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator

Dubbed as the best value golf simulator by Golf Digest. Components are well-built and provide accurate, real-time data on a huge screen.

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#2 - SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Get all the amazing perks of the SIG12 in a more compact size.

The SkyTrak SIG10 Package uses Shop Indoor Golf's  SIG10 golf simulator enclosure. It is a bit smaller than the premium SIG12 but is still large enough to provide a very realistic virtual experience. 

The package has real-time feedback coupled with amazingly accurate data on your ball performance. Setting the system up is so easy even for a novice golfer. You will be able to spend hours and hours improving your shots and game while it is raining or snowing outside!

The Skytrak launch monitor can pair with any of your devices, and the whole package needs a minimum space of  10 feet in width, 10 feet in length, and a minimum ceiling height of 9 feet. You may need a bit more space if you are a taller player, or if you play with your left hand.

Ensure that you check the dimensions of your room and if you can swing your clubs comfortably so as not to destroy the device or the walls and the ceiling.

As with the SIG12 system, the SIG10 comes with a full HD short-throw projector and a ceiling mount to keep it safe. As for the hitting mat, you get the regular Fairway series (5'x5') that can optionally be upgraded to the larger SIGPro mats or even opt for the amazing SIG10 Flooring that will cover the whole area and help make it look much cleaner (even though it adds a big chunk of money to your initial investment).

What's Included

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • SIG10 sim enclosure
  • The official metal protective case
  • Play and improve software
  • Side barriers and net
  • Landing pad turf
  • 5'x5' hitting mat, upgradable to other options
  • FHD 1080p projector & ceiling mount
  • 15 - foot HDMI cable & HDMI to Lightning adapter
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Detailed quick start guide


  • High-quality components
  • Beautiful enclosure
  • Very good graphics and image quality
  • Simulation software included
  • Excellent customer service


  • Components shipped separately, meaning you may need some times before receiving everything.

The Skytrak SIG10 Package is the toned-down version of SIG12, but its ability to measure the launch angles, spin rate, and flight distance of the golf ball (in addition to ball speed and calculations of club speed, roll, offline, etc.) and to project nothing but the most accurate results stays unchanged.

Setting up the SkyTrak SIG10 is child's play, and consumers who have bought it cannot stop praising it.

Alternative to SIG12

Skytrak sig10 golf simulator sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

Get a more compact simulator without having to compromise on the quality and performance of the other components.

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#3 - SkyTrak SwingBay Simulator Package

The high-quality SwingBay enclosure combined with other components provides a realistic and premium golfing experience.

This next Skytrak system uses the SwingBay Golf Sim premium golf enclosure, exclusive from our friends at Rain Or Shine Golf. The setup includes the usual bells and whistles that come with the Skytrak launch monitor, as well as a few interesting additions.

For starters, the SwingBay enclosure includes a full turf covering of the whole playing area, which adds to the aesthetics of the entire setup. Also, you can choose between a regular projector ceiling mount or the Swing Shield floor enclosure that will ensure your output device is well protected.

Swing shield floor enclosure on white background
Swing Shield floor enclosure. Source

Moreover, you can optionally include a powerful gaming laptop to make sure your simulation runs flawlessly, without any stutter or lag. The blackout screen walls will help improve image quality, while the included SwingBay premium side netting will leave no room for accidents. The additional half-moon ball tray means the balls are always easily accessible and not scattered all over the place.

Last but not least, the SwingTurf Golf Mat is one of the best hitting mats in terms of quality and feel. It can take real tees and feels like the real thing. 

What's included

  • Skytrak monitor and protective case
  • SkyTrak App and Game Improvement license
  • SwingBay enclosure, screen, hitting mat, & side netting (with choice of the golf mat size).
  • 1080P Optoma projector (short-throw) & floor or ceiling mount.
  • 25-foot HDMI cable.
  • Ball tray
  • Birthees

Should you get the optional gaming laptop, you will get these additional components:

  • USB WI-FI adapter
  • Laptop stand (optional), sleeve, and mousepad.


  • Premium quality enclosure
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • The whole setup adds to the realism of the experience.
  • Life-like turf providing maximum feel


  • Quite pricey, compared to other packages.

The Skytrak SwingBay Simulator Package is a great system for those who want nothing but the best. The enclosure is perfect and includes anything you may need to have the best virtual golf experience of your life. 

The only minor downside is that this system is relatively expensive; still, you get plenty of additional useful components. You know what they say: Quality always comes at a price!

Best Enclosure

Skytrak SwingBay simulator package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SwingBay Simulator

Experience great indoor golfing with the premium SwingBay enclosure and golf mat. You also have the option to include a gaming laptop in your package.

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#4 - Carl’s Place White Tee Package

All premium, high-quality components coupled with the accurate SkyTrak launch monitor.

If you’re looking for a beautifully designed, yet still simple Skytrak package, then our friends at Carl’s Place got you covered. Their White Tee is the higher-end system based on the Skytrak launch monitor (with the Red Tee being a more budget-friendly option).

Obviously, you get the star of the show with this package: Skytrak with all its bells and whistles - the Tee Off Package, which includes (in addition to the monitor itself) the official Skytrak metal protective case and full access to the Play & Improves plan (One year) with the WGT Golf simulation software.

In addition, the package comes with the exclusive Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit that measures 8 (w) x 10.5 (H) x 5 (D). This is a beautiful enclosure that is pleasing to the eye and durable at the same time; you get the quality you deserve with this kit without spending the extra money! 

Pro golf simulator enclosure kit on white background
Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit. Source

The walls of the Pro enclosure screen are blacked out, which helps improve the visual quality and the colors pop out.

The included hitting mat is the TrueStrike Single Golf Mat; it was specifically designed to provide a life-like hitting experience. This is done by including a flexible surface and a divot filled with gel to accurately mimic the movement of the club through the actual turf, giving a more realistic feel. The mat is 2"H x 52"L x 77"W and weighs around 112 Lbs.

Finally, the BenQ TH671ST 1080P DLP short-throw projector will surely provide crispy clear image quality and vibrant colors.

What’s included

  • Skytrak Tee Off Package - launch monitor, metal protective case, USB and HDMI cables, Play & Improve software.
  • Carl’s Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure with top and side fabric panels, premium impact screen, safety cushions, and toolless pipe framing kit.
  • BenQ TH671ST Golf Simulator Projector
  • TrueStrike Single Golf Hitting Mat


  • High-quality package with premium components.
  • Play & Improve software subscription included.
  • Aesthetically astonishing.
  • Easy to assemble thanks to the pipe framing kit and connectors.


  • The hitting mat is a bit small; a full turf cover of the whole playing area would have been appreciated.

The White Tee simulator package from Carl’s Place is a stunningly beautiful system with a fairly large enclosure and everything you need to have the best virtual golf experience possible.

The price of the package positions it among the more high-end Skytrak systems, in direct competition with the SIG12, PerfectBay, or SwingBay packages. The White Tee delivers everything you would expect from such a package: a premium Skytrak simulation experience.

However, if you find the White Tee a bit too pricey for you, then you can check out the seller’s more affordable package featuring the same Skytrak launch monitor: the Red Tee. It is a more affordable option that is still worth considering.

Best Premium Package

Carls place white tee package sample indoor setup

Carl's Place White Tee Package

Well-built and adequately sized golf simulator package that includes a 1-year Play & Improve software subscription. Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit and TrueStrike Single Golf Mat are already included!

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#5 - SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

Small-sized and affordable SIG package.

The Skytrak SIG8 Package is a more budget-friendly system compared to its two bigger brothers. It is also designed to fit into the smallest available spaces without issues. The screen size may be small (and square-ish)  at 8 feet and a 4:3 aspect ratio, but the system is packed with the same cool features as the pricier models. 

The package is one of the most popular of all three SIG setups reviewed here, which is attributed largely to its lower price and smaller size. The setup process, like all the other SkyTrak golf simulation packages, is as simple as saying ABC.

The Skytrak SIG8 has everything to make your golf games fun. The readings and metrics from the simulator are very accurate. The system does have a 2-second delay in picking up the shot, but it is negligible.

The image clarity is crisp on the projector, and there is no problem watching it during the day or the night.

What's Included

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • Play and improve software subscription
  • Custom-made official protective case
  • SIG8 enclosure 
  • Side barriers & nets
  • landing pad turf
  • Hitting mat 5'x5' - upgradable to the SIGPro mat or the SIG8 simulator flooring. 
  • 4000-lumen Optoma projector - 1080p
  • 15-foot HDMI cable  - HDMI to lightning adapter
  • A micro USB charging cable for the device
  • User manual and setup guide


  • More affordable than its bigger brothers
  • Will fit in smaller spaces without issues
  • Play & Improve software plan included


  • The USB cable is a bit too short

A majority of the customers have loved the Skytrak SIG8 package because the assembly is a cakewalk.

The net and hitting mat that come along with it are really good but some people think that the USB charging cable should have more length.

Best For Small Spaces

Skytrak sig8 golf simulator package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak SIG8 Golf Simulator Package

The smallest SIG setup available in the market. Despite being lower priced, the SIG8 still packs all the best quality and performance expected from it.

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#6 - SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space Package

The pro-retractable screen works great for any possible space restrictions.

If you love golf simulation but cannot dedicate a space in your home for your system, then say hello to the SkyTrak Flex Space Simulator Package. 

The system comes with a pro-retractable screen from HomeCourse that will allow you to play simulated golf in any part of your living space.

pro retractable screen
HomeCourse Pro Retractable Golf Simulator Screen. Source

All you need to do is use the remote and extend the screen to take a few swings. Once you finish, you could retract the screen to its original form with a single push of a button.

The projector screen has ballistic-grade quality and durability and takes only 30 seconds to retract or extend.

The dimensions of the screen are 8'W x 10'6" L x 3'D. It can even be mounted on the ceiling. You will need a free space of at least 12 feet wide, 12 feet long and 9 feet high.

The system comes in two variants: the basic Training package which comes with Skytrak's Game Improvement Software, and the Entertainment Package which comes with The Play & Improve Plan with WGT Golf.

The price difference between the two is a mere 100 dollars, which makes it a good deal, especially since the WGT Golf is valued at around 200 dollars (so you end up saving some bucks).

What's included

  • SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor
  • Game improvement package software
  • Metal case for the monitor
  • HomeCourse retractable screen
  • Pro Turf mat
  • 1080p Projector from Optoma 
  • Projector shield
  • Floor-mount enclosure (for the projector)
  • HDMI cable (15 feet)
  • User manual
  • Set up instructions

Here are the accessories that come with the HomeCourse retractable screen:

  • Ceiling projector Mount Kit
  • Wireless Remote
  • Easy Reach Pole
  • Charging Cables

The Skytrak Flex Space Package is the perfect choice for those having space restrictions or not wanting to dedicate a specific area to their system.

It offers all the features of the Skytrak launch monitor, albeit with an enclosure that is easy to disassemble and take out of the way while not in use.

Best Flexible Setup for limited space

Skytrak golf simulator flex space package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Flex Space Package

A truly flexible SkyTrak package with HomeCourse's remote-controlled pro-retractable screen. Easy setup and storage for all users.

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#7 - Skytrak Retractable Golf Simulator

Easy setup with the HomeCourse Hitting Enclosure and Pro Arms and Sky Netting.

This is Rain Or Shine Golf’s alternative to the Flex Space Package reviewed above, which are both designed for use in flexible spaces.

In other words, you can deploy the screen to play some virtual golf and then retract it and pack everything to use the space for other purposes.

Just like the previous system (and all systems reviewed here), this setup comes with the Skytrak launch monitor and all its accessories, in addition to the Game Improvement plan which adds numerous features and support for other third-party software.

The only difference between the two is the enclosure (and some additional options offered by this system). The Skytrak Retractable system comes with the HomeCourse Hitting Enclosure with a retractable ballistic grade screen. The HomeCourse Pro Arms and Sky Netting can all be deployed and retracted with a single push of a button.

Homecourse pro arms and sky netting indoor setup
HomeCourse Pro Arms and Sky Netting

The setup looks professional thanks to the included Full Turf cover (5' x 10) which covers the entire space between the screen and the hitting mat. The Swing Turf Golf Mat is designed to provide the best feel possible. You can choose between two sizes of the mat: 5' x 5' or 4' x 9'.

Optionally, you can include a super powerful gaming laptop with your setup. This will guarantee a smooth simulation experience thanks to the laptop’s powerful hardware.

The laptop is optimized to run TGC2019 at the best possible settings (to be purchased separately), which means that you will be able to play more than 150,000 virtual courses if you opt for this option.

The included 1080P Optoma short-throw projector can only make the experience even better by providing optimal image quality.

The Skytrak Retractable setup requires the following minimum space requirements: 9' High x 11' Wide x 12' Long.

What’s included

  • Skytrak launch monitor & accessories
  • Skytrak Companion App
  • Game Improvement Plan.
  • HomeCourse Retractable Screen - ceiling and wall mounting kits
  • 2x Full turf cover
  • Optoma Full HD projector + ceiling or floor mount
  • 25’ HDMI cable
  • Gaming laptop (optional)
  • Gaming laptop accessories (if purchased): USB Wifi extender, laptop stand, mousepad, and laptop sleeve.


  • Setup is easy to deploy and retract.
  • Better looking thanks to the full turf cover.
  • Game Improvement plan included (with possible upgrade to 3rd party software).
  • Many useful accessories are included with the (optional) gaming laptop.


  • Lots of interesting options and upgrades that can make the package a bit heavy on the pocket.

The Skytrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package is a very good option for those who don’t want to have space dedicated to the simulation setup. You can use it and immediately take everything out of the way once you’re done playing.

It is a direct competitor to Shop Indoor Golf’s Flex Space setup (they share many components, in fact), but it provides its share of unique additions that set it apart.

One example is the possibility to include a gaming laptop to ensure you don’t encounter any issues while running your simulator. We highly recommend this system for the multiple options, upgradability, and peace of mind that it offers!

Alternative to the Flex Space Package

Skytrak retractable golf simulator sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator

This is another great package for flexible spaces. Get full turf cover and the Game Improvement plan with this package. Gaming laptop is also optional.

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#8 - SkyTrak Simulator Series Premium Package

Easily customizable SkyTrak package to include all the components you want.

We felt urged to include at least one package from the guys at Top Shelf Golf for a simple reason: They always offer a great deal of personalization and upgradability in practically all their systems, and this one is no exception.

The Skytrak Simulator Series Premium Package includes the Skytrak launch monitor and software as the base (obviously), but it also includes other high-quality components that make this package unique!

Out of the box, you get a Net Return-themed golf enclosure, meaning that you get all the components from that same renowned company. 

Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net on white background
Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net. Source

First, you get the 8' wide version of the Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net (included - 4:3 aspect ratio). You can also upgrade to the larger versions of the same enclosure, namely, the 10' and the 12' wide display, to enjoy a larger screen size and make things much more immersive. The 8' frame version includes the interesting Net Return Projector mount kit, which I believe is an innovative way of using the projector. 

Moreover, for the hitting mat, you can stick to the included Net Return Pro Golf Turf (6'x10') or upgrade to either the Fiberbuilt Single Hitting Mat (7'x4') or the Fiberbuilt Center-hitting Mat (9'x4').

Finally, you get to choose between two 1080P Optoma projectors: the EH412ST and the ZH406ST (Laser); the latter is pricier since it sports a higher lumen count (4200) and uses laser technology. The result is that you will get brighter images with vibrant colors.

What's included

  • Skytrak launch monitor
  • protective case (optional)
  • Basic Practice Range software
  • Net Return Pro Turf
  • Net Return Simulator Series Net & Screen
  • One-year subscription to Skytrak Game Improvement Software (optional)
  • Projector mount kit (with the included 8' frame) or ceiling mount (optional)
  • Different sizes of the enclosure (10' and 12' wide optional)
  • Choice of hitting mat


  • Plenty of personalization and upgradability - something we love about Top Shelf Golf
  • Possibility to get a different simulation software- as you may buy the package without a software solution and buy your favorite.
  • The setup is aesthetically stunning, especially with the projector mounting bracket.


  • Attractive upgrade options, but if you don't keep your spending on a leash, you will end up with an expensive system.

Top Shelf Golf is our favorite shop when the purpose is to build a simulation system that is really ours. These guys offer upgrade options and personalization for almost every single item in the package, and that's what we love about them.

The Skytrak Simulator Series Premium Package is a very good system that we encourage you to get if you want a "personalized" system. We especially loved the possibility of buying no software and being able to get the one you prefer, like TGC2019, E6 Connect, etc.

Best For Customization

Skytrak simulator series premium package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Simulator Series Premium Package

Choose the software you want with the components you need to create a personalized SkyTrak golf simulator setup.

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#9 - SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

Portable setup that can easily be connected to your iPad or PC.

Since it is not very practical to visit a golf course every day to practice, the best alternative is to get this SkyTrak golf simulator training package.

Before you start thinking about the cost, we assure you that it is the most affordable practice package available today. The training pack is aimed at golfers who want to play and improve their game without all the bells and whistles of the usual packages.

All that you need to get started is a launch monitor, a mobile device or a computer (to do the simulation processing), a golf net, a golf mat, a club, and a ball. 

This system displays results and feedback of your shots in real-time on your iPad or PC. The play and improve software includes full golf course play on the WGT golf. There is a multiplayer mode, a 3D driving range and shot-tracer technology is used to provide 3D renders of your shots and ball flight path. 

The net Return V2 Golf Net (US-made) is the only golf net that automatically returns the ball to the golfer! You can upgrade it to the Pro V2 version of the same golf net for an additional 100 dollars. The Net Return 6' x 10' Pro Turf is also included in this package, providing a large playing area, and the side nets will ensure nothing goes wrong during the practice sessions.

The best thing about this package is that it was designed with portability in mind. You can set it up indoors or outdoors, and you can pack the whole net in the included duffle bag. This means that you can take the whole system with you anywhere you go and practice wherever you want! 

What's Included 

  • SkyTrak launch monitor & accessories, protective case & Play & Improve Plan
  • Net Return V2 OR Net Return Pro V2 Golf Net (+100 dollars for the latter).
  • Frame, barriers, and side netting.
  • 6' x 10' Pro Turf
  • 1.75" and 2.25" rubber tees
  • A large duffle bag to store and carry the golf net


  • Great portability
  • Easy to set up
  • Very affordable package
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Good quality components


  • Checking feedback on your smart device or PC (because of no screen or projector) may be fine for some golfers, but maybe a big no for others.

If you plan to spend some months indoors because of inclement weather or you plan an awesome get-together and want to surprise your friends and family with some awesome in-house entertainment, you must get the Skytrak Golf Simulator Training Package. It was specifically designed to be used anywhere and go with you wherever you go! 

If you feel like you need more options to choose from, there is a very similar package from the guys at Top Shelf Golf, but which offers (as usual) a great deal of personalization options. 

Out of the box, the Skytrak Home Golf Simulator Package includes the same Net Return V2 golf net and Pro Turf as the Training package, but you can choose between the Basic Driving Range and the Game Improvement software plans depending on your needs. You can also replace the hitting mat with one of three different-size Fiberbuilt hitting mats (with sizes up to 10’W x 12’L). 

Moreover, it is possible to replace the golf net with larger options, as you have the choice between 4 different models of the Net Return Pro golf nets (3 of which are large ones) with a size of up to 10’W x 8’H. Going for the larger components will make the setup look more professional and aesthetically appealing!

Best Portable Package

Skytrak golf simulator training package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package

An affordable package that provides real-time data reading. You can use these anywhere you like, indoors or outdoors.

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#10 - SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

Budget-friendly setup complete with all the things you need for a realistic golfing experience.

The SkyTrak Bronze Package is perfect for those on a strict budget but who want to improve all or any aspects of their game. It is very close to the Training Package, reviewed above, but with a full virtual golf experience, meaning that you get a hitting screen and a short-throw projector to display the simulation. 

The SkyTrak Bronze Package is easy to squeeze into most spaces. You need a minimum space that is 10 feet wide, 14 feet long, and 8.6 feet high (even though it depends on things like the player's height, swing style, etc.).

Without getting redundant about the details of the package, and for the sake of simplicity, let’s say that the Bronze package is exactly the same as the Training Package (above), with exactly the same software and hardware components and upgradability options, but with a hitting screen and an Optoma Full HD projector added to the mix. 

Image of Optoma EH200ST projector on white background
Optoma Full HD projector

The addition of the projector and screen makes the package a bit pricier, but it adds so much value to the experience. You can use the system as a regular simulator indoors, and occasionally use it outdoors or take it with you wherever you go. For us, this makes the package perfect for both indoor and outdoor use without being too expensive! 

What's Included 

  • Everything is included in the Skytrak Training Package (We mean exactly the same) in terms of hardware and software.
  • A hitting screen
  • Optoma 1080P short-throw projector (3800 lumens)
  • Floor mount enclosure for the projector.


  • Affordable package
  • Includes everything needed for a virtual golf experience - very practical
  • Fits almost all spaces


  • It seems like the only downside of the Training Package was mended with the Bronze Package. So nothing to say here!

The Skytrak bronze package is very well rated across all tech platforms. It is a package that will satisfy all golfers looking for a system that is affordable, highly portable, and works as it’s supposed to both indoors and out.

Best Value For Price

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package sample indoor setup

SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

This package offers good value for money with affordable and quality components included. It's great for beginners and flexible enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Your Skytrak Simulator

Before making your final informed decision on which Skytrak simulator package to buy, there are a few things you need to consider to ensure you are making the best possible choice.


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This is definitely the first thing to consider while buying a simulator system, as you can’t buy something you can’t afford. You must have a clear idea about the budget you want to dedicate to your Skytrak system, and then compare the setups that fit into that budget and choose the best one for you.

However, generally speaking, Skytrak-based systems are usually on the affordable side of things. Don’t get me wrong, as I’m not saying that they are not good quality systems, but they just offer some of the best price/performance ratios among the simulators available in the market today.

Typically, you can expect to pay a bit more than 3,000 dollars for the cheapest Skytrak package, less than $5000 for many medium-budget options, and as high as 10,000+ for the higher-end systems such as Shop Indoor Golf’s SIG12 or Rain Or Shine Golf’s SwingBay packages.

You may feel that 10,000 is a steep price for a complete simulator setup, but we assure you that you will get much more than what you pay for compared to other competitor systems. If you want a system using the same enclosure but with a launch monitor from Foresight Sports, Uneekor, etc. you will be paying much more than what the Skytrak costs (you will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a system with a high-end enclosure).

In a nutshell, we can confidently say that all Skytrak packages are budget-friendly. You will get an overall excellent system and performance for a relatively much lower price than the competition.

If you fall in love with a specific package from our list, but can’t afford to buy it, the good news is that all the sellers (in this article) offer financing options with interest rates as low as 0% (for a 12-month period). Just choose your package and click “financing” and you will be able to pay for your setup over an extended period. Check the details here (Shop Indoor Golf), here (Top Shelf Golf), or over here (Rain Or Shine Golf)!


recommended golf room dimensions and standard dimensions of a golf simulator set up indoors
Dimensions for the SkyTrak SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure

There are different Skytrak packages that require different room sizes to fit in. You must measure your available space to pick a setup that will fit without issues.

If space is not an issue for you, and want to enjoy the best virtual experience possible with the biggest screen size, then opting for a system with a huge, high-end enclosure is your best choice; you can buy a package like the Skytrak SIG12, SwingBay or PerfectBay, which all come with huge enclosures and screens to provide the most realistic simulation experience.

If you have a small space to dedicate to your system, then you should consider one of the packages with retractable screens or one that comes with a smaller simulator enclosure such as the SIG8.

If you don’t want to dedicate any space to the setup and want to remove everything out of the way once you’re done playing, then you can get one of those packages with a retractable screen like the Skytrak Flex Space Package or the Retractable Simulator Package.

Make sure your selected package fits in your available space by measuring your room space, be it a basement, shed or garage, and comparing it to the package’s minimum space requirements that are usually specified for each setup by the manufacturer. It will always be good to have a larger room size for peace of mind; remember, when it comes to space, the larger, the better!

Check out our dedicated guide to the best golf simulators for garage.


Sample screen shot of the Skytrak software interface

This is one of the aspects where Skytrak really shines. It offers support for multiple simulation software plans. Out of the box, the Skytrak comes with the Basic Driving Range plan, which allows you to practice on Skytrak’s virtual range and get accurate readings of your shots. 

The Game Improvement Plan ($99.95 / year) adds a plethora of additional features, game modes, and challenges. It also adds a total of 11 fully playable famous virtual golf courses like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Olympic Club, and Pinehurst #2, among others.

This plan also gives you access to other 3rd party software like TGC2019, E6 Connect, WGT Golf, ProTee Play, Golfissimo, Fitness Golf, and Creative Golf 3D. TGC2019, E6 Connect, and WGT Golf are the software plans we recommend if you are serious about practicing golf indoors and getting better. The other options are all about fun and entertainment, as they offer game modes and challenges that are more intended for fun with family and friends.

The Play & Improve Plan ($199.95 / year) contains everything in the other plans, with a full subscription to the WGT Golf, which brings many additional features and competitions. This plan is compatible with IOS (IPad) only!

Please note that all third-party simulation software options require a subscription to be purchased separately through the Skytrak software. They also require a subscription to the Game Improvement Plan.

Choosing a specific software plan from the multitude of available options entirely depends on what you intend to do with your system. If all you want to do is practice on the driving range, then the basic plan that comes included with the system will be enough for you. If you want to have a good time and play a lot of fun mini-games and challenges with the family, then you can choose something like Creative Golf 3D, ProTee Play, Golfissimo, etc.

However, if you want to play famous courses in stunning graphical quality and enjoy an immersive and realistic experience in both single and multiplayer modes, then a Game Improvement subscription with a WGT, TGC2019, or E6 Connect subscription will be your best bet!

It’s all up to you to choose the plan that works for you. 

Portability & Transportability

Woman holding the skytrak launch monitor while using the ipad to enter data and navigate through the skytrak simulator software

You may have to choose your Skytrak package depending on your use scenario. In other words, how do you intend to use the system? 

If you’re planning to move the system around different areas of the house, then you should choose something that is easy to set up and disassemble. This type of setup will also be convenient if you want to play outside, in your backyard, as the components are usually lightweight and easy to move around.

If you want to use your system outdoors, then opting for one of the training packages (that uses a net instead of a screen) will be a good choice; retractable packages will work very well too. Choosing one of those packages will also be useful in case you travel a lot and would like to take your system with you. Usually, those packages are more affordable as well.

Furthermore, the fact of owning any Skytrak package in itself means that you have a portable unit. The Skytrak launch monitor uses a rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours, making it a highly portable device that you can take to the driving range, golf course, or anywhere you go.    

Screen VS. Net

Net Return Pro Series Hitting Net
Net Return Pro Series Hitting Net. Source

This factor is related to the type of output/display device that you want to use with your system. You can either hit balls into a net or a screen.

Hitting into a net is a much more budget-friendly option, as you can make your shots and then check the 3D render in your connected device (A smart device, a computer, or a TV). This option entails checking your output device each time you make a shot, but it is a great way of practicing on a simulator while saving a big chunk of money on components like the screen and projector. This kind of setup is usually found in practice packages (mostly oriented towards, but not limited to, outdoor use). 

On the other hand, hitting into a screen is a more expensive option, but it is much more convenient. This type of setup uses a projector to display images on the screen, which means that the simulation and the important data are all displayed in a real-life-like manner (on a big screen), making the whole experience more realistic and immersive; and for some of us, that’s all that virtual golf is about (and thus much more importance is placed on using a screen/projector combo).

In the end, going with one configuration or the other depends highly on personal preferences and/or budget limitations!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a real-time and realistic golf simulation, then your search should effectively end on SkyTrak. The SkyTrak simulator packages include a photometric launch monitor and a SkyTrak app that are truly one-of-a-kind. They will help you practice hitting shots with any of your golf clubs at any time of the day or night!

Now, who needs costly golf simulation systems worth 30 thousand dollars or more when you have such a hugely acclaimed device like SkyTrak? It will help you take your love for golf to the next level. We hope this SkyTrak golf simulator packages review has helped you to zero in on the best SkyTrak golf sim and software for you.

If you still have questions or comments, please let us know via the comments section below or by sending us an email. We will be glad to help the best we can!

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