Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review

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Key Takeaways

  • The driver head is 460cc with a neutral CG and high MOI for forgiveness. It has a tall, confidence-inspiring shape at address.
  • Available lofts are 9°, 10.5°, and 12.5° in standard versions. The REVA model targets women specifically.
  • Optifit hosel allows loft and lie adjustments to fine-tune launch and shot shape. Up to 8 different settings are possible.
  • The new Flash Face optimizes ball speed across a large area of the face. Mishits lose less distance.
  • A low, forward CG reduces spin for longer carries while launch remains high due to the face design.
  • Draw bias helps eliminate slices and keeps shots straighter. The bias can be increased using hosel adjustments.
  • Sound and feel are solid and muted. The club feels very stable during the swing and impact.
  • The B21 performs best for slower swing players (105 mph and below). Distance is maximized for this group.

Callaway manufactures some of the greatest golf clubs on the market, and its recent implementation of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in club design has worked wonders. 

For the B21, Callaway’s tagline is “Distance any way you swing it,” The family is filled with Callaway’s latest driver technology to enable golfers with average swing speeds to hit shots farther and straighter.

The Big Bertha B21 is a new driver for players who want to develop their game with a big, forgiving face and more loft than the Mavrik, which was widely adopted by Mid-handicappers and PGA Tour pros.

The Mavrik has been a big success, but how does the new Big Bertha B21 compare? 

Read on to discover it.

First Impressions

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver club head on white background

To attain the ideal balance between spin and speed, Callaway decided to modify the standard driver recipe by repositioning the center of gravity (CG) low and front to reduce spin.

Reducing total spin will counteract the side spin that causes errant shots. The outcome is a spin-killer that is consistent and forgiving. A slicer with a high handicap will undoubtedly love this package.

Big Bertha-inspired design elements have been blended into a modern club to keep the line fresh and relevant to the brand. The Big Bertha B21 was a well-rounded club in terms of sound and feel. The distance was, however, significantly less than that of the Callaway Mavrik, TaylorMade SIM, or Cobra SPEEDZONE.

Product Overview

Big Bertha Clubs are one of the most well-known golfing equipment products. The name is derived from the Big Bertha Howitzer, a German military cannon. The Big Bertha Driver was released for the first time in 1991.

With its stainless steel build, it was among the most innovative pieces of equipment at the time (compared to the majority of other drivers, which still had persimmon wood [1] heads). Additionally, it was substantially larger than other clubs at the time, at 190cc. The newest addition to the Big Bertha line, the Big Bertha B21, launched in 2020. The Big Bertha line has been in production for over 30 years.

Callaway's Flash Face on the Big Bertha B21 on white background
Callaway’s Flash Face on the Big Bertha B21

The Big Bertha B21 features several of Callaway’s newest technologies, such as the Flash Face, Jailbreak, and T2C Carbon Crown, as well as an ultra-low front CG for high launch, low spin, and great distance.

The Big Bertha B21 also features an internal draw bias designed to eliminate slices.

Similar to Callaway’s Mavrik driver, the B21 features Jailbreak bars behind the face to maximize ball speed regardless of swing speed. In addition, the driver has a stronger and lighter titanium Flash Face and a Triaxial carbon crown to extract every last drop of performance.

Technical Specs

You can purchase the Big Bertha B21 driver in standard lofts of 9°, 10.5°, and 12.5°, all of which have the same 460 CC head. 

Additionally, there is a Big Bertha REVA driver specifically designed for women, with 10.5° and 12.5° lofts, and with swingweights, shafts, head shape, and grip to suit women’s swings and improve their performance.

The Optifit hosel featured on the Big Bertha B21 driver enables loft and lie adjustments, with four loft settings (-1, +1, 0, and +2, providing a range of 3°) and two lie settings (neutral and draw), giving eight possible configurations in total. 

The driver comes with a stock graphite Callaway RCH (40/50/60) shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip, but custom shafts are available for further personalization.

Features and Technology

This section explores the features and technology that Callaway’s Big Bertha B21 can offer. 


Exposed carbon fiber [2] weaves are nothing new, but the Big Bertha B21 by Callaway is a home run.

Top view of the club head of the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The head’s triangular design resembles that of the Big Bertha Fusion but with improved balance and aesthetic appeal. The chevron aim point and red pinstriping definitely stand out and complete the formidable appearance at address. The most striking element is the absence of offset, which we anticipated observing with a draw-biased driver.

The B21’s front face is tall, with an almost square appearance. Numerous recesses and finishes are present on the sole. The deep metallic blue and red accents complement the crown wonderfully. The Big Bertha B21 has an overall striking appearance, be it in your hands or in the bag.

The Sound & Feel

The Big Bertha B21 driver creates a metallic crack with a medium-plus loudness that is staccato in nature. The sound is uniformly distributed throughout the face and, despite being distinctive, does not attract attention.

With the normal stock shaft – the Callaway RCH 65, the club felt very balanced throughout the swing. As the ball departed the tee, the head felt stable, and the hands received minimal feedback, as might be expected from a large, forgiving face.


Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver being used in the golf course

As we tested it, the ball traveled straight and remained to the right of the center. As with the previous shot, the ball flew straight but stayed slightly left of the center following a slight adjustment to the stance in preparation for a fade.

Drives straight down the fairway may be achieved with a little adjustment. Because of the B21’s capacity to help you aim, if you are compensating for a slice or a push by looking to the left, you’ll appreciate it.


With the stock shaft, the Big Bertha B21 driver is indeed easy to hit and feels terrific during the swing. 

Obviously, the Big Bertha B21 has a draw bias, so you must account for this when calculating your natural ball flight. Despite the bias, it is still possible to shape the ball reasonably well, so skilled players might execute a fade if the occasion demanded it.

The Big Bertha B21 will launch slightly higher and penetrate more effectively than the MAVRIK MAX under optimal conditions.


In terms of raw ball speed, the Big Bertha B21 and the MAVRIK yield roughly comparable results. Given that both possess Flash Face, Jailbreak, and comparable speed-boosting technology, this is not surprising.

Beyond that, the distance will be influenced by a wide range of variables. If you often struggle with a slice and hit straighter shots with the Big Bertha B21, you will see an increase in distance since more of the shot’s energy is directed forward.

Another component is spin. The Big Bertha B21 produces less spin than the MAVRIK MAX (combined with a higher launch), allowing players with sufficient swing speed to achieve greater carry, roll, and total distance.

For the majority of amateur golfers, the Big Bertha B21 will be one of the longest drivers they have ever used. This is because the driver is suited to low-to-medium swing speeds and fade ball trajectories, which the majority of amateurs possess.


With the Big Bertha B21, forgiveness is intimately intertwined with technology that increases ball speed in mishit areas of the face.

Both speed and direction tolerance are excellent (draw bias helps here). In our testing, we discovered that the Big Bertha B21 is more forgiving than the ordinary MAVRIK but not quite as forgiving as the MAVRIK MAX.

This is not surprising, as the more forward CG position and lower spin will result in greater impact variability.

Reduced spin comes at a cost. However, if you desire a low-forward CG driver with little spin and maximum forgiveness, this is the model for you.

Regardless, if you’re not a natural hitter of the ball, you’ll likely hit a lot of fairways with the Big Bertha B21.


  • Draw biased for those that are tired of mis-hits
  • Low spin head while still achieving high launch angles
  • Best newly released driver for slicers
  • The fast and forgiving club face
  • Adjustable hosel to adjust loft and lie angle, which can increase draw bias (if you’d like)


  • Draw bias is not advantageous for players who draw the ball naturally.
  • Some players could be discouraged by the lack of stock shaft alternatives.

Who It’s For

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 would be most favorable for high handicappers who are searching for a driver that will assist them in hitting more accurate, fairway-reaching shots.

The driver has a basic performance. It delivers straight, lengthy shots. In actuality, the Big Bertha increased our distance by an average of 6 yards. Compare this to the Titleist Tsi2’s average distance increase of 3 yards.

Where to Buy 

You can compare the prices of the Big Bertha B21 on Callaway’s official website, PGA Tour Superstore, or Amazon.


If you are still undecided about the Big Bertha B21, try the following alternatives.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver 21

Callaway Epic Speed Driver 21 clubhead on white background

The new line of Epic 21 drivers features the next generation of Jailbreak, called Speed Frame, which was created using artificial intelligence to construct a whole new shape, connecting with the head at four separate spots on the top and bottom to deliver increased horizontal stiffness.

The result, according to Callaway, is a 5% boost in efficiency, which, when combined with a lighter triaxial carbon crown and an upgraded face design unique to each loft, should increase ball speed, forgiveness, and spin consistency.

Using a cyclone form similar to last year’s Mavrik driver, the Epic Speed has the fastest clubhead speed for a given amount of exertion and is, therefore, faster than the other two new models.

Given this information, we believe that the Epic Speed is best suited for faster swing players with lower handicaps.

Ping G425 Driver

Ping G425 Driver clubhead on white background

The Ping G425 is shorter and less forgiving than the Big Bertha B21, but it is more versatile and has a higher-quality feel.

The forged titanium face provides a high-end look and feel. Nothing compares to the sensation of forged titanium. In addition, the forging process thins the metal, increasing its flexibility. The internal ribbing structure of the dragonfly helps stabilize the head by controlling all that flex.

The titanium crown contributed significantly to the driver’s better feel. Additionally, the Ping G425 contains a 26-gram sliding weight. Almost any shot shape is possible with the Ping G425, which is ideal if you are already focusing on strategic ball placement off the tee.

If you only need to find the fairway, though, the Big Bertha B21 might be the optimal option.

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo club head on white background

The Cleveland Turbo Launcher is a good option for mid-to-high handicap golfers seeking maximum forgiveness. With the clubhead’s deep rear weight and innovative HiBore crown, it is possible to obtain maximum speed rapidly and achieve greater launches.

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver is also ideal for novice golfers seeking longer, straighter, and higher drives. This is one of the best drivers for novice golfers looking to improve their game. The learning curve is excellent, which most beginners will appreciate.

With three different loft options, you can discover the optimal launch angle for the Turbo Driver. Not to mention the fact that the turbocharged cup face boosts golf ball speed and forgiveness, allowing you to play with greater versatility.

Final Verdict

The new Jailbreak Frame lives up to expectations.

Compared to earlier Callaway models, the club head is substantially more robust, and ball speeds are certainly great. If you have been a fan of Callaway drivers since the introduction of Jailbreak, you will not be disappointed with this generation. The power and control generated by the Jailbreak Frame is a significant improvement for Callaway and justifies the investment.

Happy golfing!


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