10 Best Golf Cart Anti-Theft Devices And Security Locks

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Key Takeaways

The TEVLAPHEE STEERING WHEEL LOCK is our top pick for the Best Golf Cart Anti Theft Device. Made with hardened alloy steel, it resists sawing and hammering, while the precision double-cylinder lock provides robust protection. We recommend it for its durable construction, security features, and versatility to fit 6-12 inch steering wheels.

Golf carts represent a significant investment for most owners, who enjoy using their carts on the greens and roads. However, without proper security measures, these expensive vehicles remain vulnerable to theft. Fortunately, several highly effective anti-theft solutions exist to keep your cart safely in your possession.

This guide outlines various simple yet reliable locking mechanisms for golf carts that leverage cables, chains, brackets, receivers, and anchors to deter potential thieves. By proactively securing your cart when not in use, you can have peace of mind knowing your prized possession and money are protected.

The following sections detail specific products and techniques used by cart owners nationwide so you can identify the ideal options to suit your particular model, storage circumstances, and budget. Just a small effort and expenditure upfront will spare you the headaches and financial loss of having an unsecured cart stolen.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our recommendations for Golf Cart Anti-Theft Devices and Security Locks for 2024

We have tested plenty of golf cart anti-theft devices and systems and provided reviews of our favorite units that ensure your cart’s security. Our picks include steering wheel locks, brake pedal locks, alarm systems, etc., with some products combining more than one security technique at the same time. If you can afford to get multiple security devices, you will only increase the safety of your cart.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock

    Our top recommendation – the Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock stands out for offering robust protection in a convenient, easy-to-use package.

    Installing this lock takes just seconds – simply insert the U-shaped end and pull to lock. Unlocking with the included keys is smooth and quick too. The self-locking mechanism is a handy feature that deters smash-and-grab attempts.

    Constructed using hardened alloy steel, this device resists sawing, hammering, prying and freezing. The precision double-cylinder lock provides additional security. It serves as a visual and physical barrier, signaling to potential thieves that your vehicle is not an easy target.

    I appreciate the extras included, like protective wheel pads, securing velcro straps, and window breaker caps. Tevlaphee clearly considered functionality and preventing car damage. Fitting steering wheels from 6 to 12 inches, it worked perfectly in my cart.


    • Robust cut-resistant steel body
    • Double spring lock with special keys
    • Easy one-pull locking mechanism
    • Window breaker and velcro straps included
    • Lifetime money back guarantee


    • Carrying case would be useful
    • Foam grip wears over time

    For its solid construction, versatile fit and extra security features, the Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock is a smart choice to deter crime and bring peace of mind. This heavy-duty anti-theft device earns a spot on my list of top golf cart security locks.

    Turnart Steering Wheel Lock

    The Turnart Steering Wheel Lock is an adjustable anti-theft device designed to prevent vehicle theft. Made of high-quality steel, it resists rust and damage while securing most steering wheels between 6.6 to 12.5 inches in diameter. This versatility allows it to fit different types of vehicles, including golf carts.

    Installing the lock takes just seconds – simply place the U-shaped end over the steering wheel and extend the lock to fit snugly. Three included keys lock and unlock the device, with unique keys preventing duplication. Soft felt pads also protect the steering wheel from scratches or damage.

    In an emergency, the lock’s sharp steel cone can quickly break glass to facilitate escape. A protective cap minimizes risk when not in use.

    Backed by a 12-month warranty and responsive customer service, Turnart stands behind the quality of their lock. Given its versatile, heavy-duty design and safety features, this lock provides unparalleled security for peace of mind anytime your cart is left unattended.


    • Fits most vehicle steering wheels
    • Rustproof, damage-resistant steel
    • Includes non-duplicable keys
    • Emergency glass breaker


    • Bulkier than other lock options
    • Locking takes practice

    With its sturdy steel design, non-duplicable keys, and emergency escape tool, the Turnart Steering Wheel Lock is one of the most secure anti-theft options to deter thieves and give you peace of mind. Adjustability ensures compatibility across vehicle makes and models. Quick and easy to install, it provides reliable protection without hassle.

    KAYCENTOP Anti Theft Tire Lock

    The KAYCENTOP anti-theft tire lock is another excellent option for securing your golf cart or utility vehicle against potential thieves. Made from durable steel with a bright yellow PVC coating, this boot-style lock clamps directly onto your tire with its strong welded claws to prevent rolling.

    To install the lock, simply place it over the tire, push the cylinders to lock the claws in place, and cover it with the included waterproof cap. The self-locking design allows for quick and easy use each time you need to secure your vehicle.

    With an adjustable width, the lock fits tires up to 11 inches wide, making it versatile for use on trailers, caravans, ATVs, motorcycles, and more. This universality makes it the perfect anti-theft solution for all kinds of vehicles commonly found around golf courses and country clubs. The bright yellow color also serves as a visual deterrent, warning potential thieves that your property is protected.


    • Made of durable, welded steel for security
    • Bright yellow PVC coating protects rims
    • Fits tires up to 11 inches wide
    • Waterproof lock cap prevents rust
    • Easy and quick to install


    • No spare keys included
    • Doesn’t work on larger vehicle tires

    With its rugged steel claw construction and universal fit for smaller vehicle tires, the KAYCENTOP lock is one of the toughest and most convenient anti-theft devices available. Simply snapping this bright yellow clamp onto your cart or equipment tire provides visible security and instant peace of mind. For maximum protection of your golf vehicles against theft, the KAYCENTOP boot lock is an ideal choice.

    Club CL606 Brake Lock

    The Club CL606 Brake Lock is an effective and durable anti-theft device designed to secure your vehicle’s brake or clutch pedal. Made by the reputable Winner International brand, this bright red lock stands out as a visual deterrent while also physically preventing your brake from being depressed.

    Constructed from sturdy tempered steel, the Club withstands attempts at cutting or breaking while its patented self-locking mechanism engages with one simple pull. Though compact in size at 28 x 8 x 2 inches, the lock attaches securely to fit brake pedals up to 9/16” wide. This makes it compatible with most vehicles. Keys are included to disengage the lock when needed.


    • Sturdy steel construction resists cutting
    • Self-locking patented design for security
    • Universal fit works on most brake pedals
    • Bright red finish acts as a visual deterrent
    • Compact size doesn’t obstruct pedal


    • Doesn’t prevent wheel towing

    If you want a sturdy, visible brake lock to deter golf cart theft, the Club CL606 is a great product in an accessible price range. Its simple yet secure locking mechanism keeps your cart immobilized, with the high visibility red finish warning off potential thieves. While no lock can guarantee 100% security, the Club makes stealing your golf cart extremely difficult.

    Aumotop Steering Wheel Lock

    Another excellent security tool with an interesting but effective concept is the Aumotop Steering Wheel Lock. Made from durable braided steel wire coated in protective PVC, it resists prying and cutting attempts. This steering wheel lock fits most cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and golf carts thanks to its adjustable length and universal seat belt connector.

    Installing this lock takes just seconds. You simply thread it through your steering wheel, then snap the lock housing over your seat belt receptacle. It holds firm once locked, deterring opportunistic thieves with its visible yellow sleeve. Unlocking it with the included keys is just as fast for legitimate access. Weighing only 1.2 pounds, you can easily store this steering wheel lock beneath the seats when not defending your vehicle.


    • Universal fit for most vehicles
    • Adjustable length up to 28 inches
    • Coated braided steel resists cutting
    • Bright yellow sleeve highly visible
    • Locks in seconds without tools


    • Plastic lock housing vulnerable to hammering
    • Only deters smash-and-grab thieves

    This steering wheel lock’s formidable construction thwarts hurried theft attempts, while the universal fit provides protection across your fleet. For just $30, it brings peace of mind whenever your cars, trucks, vans or golf cart sit unattended. While the plastic lock housing remains a weak point, the dual deterrents of a locked steering wheel and secured seat belt still delay unauthorized driving.

    Wsdcam Waterproof Bike Alarm with Remote

    Wsdcam’s Waterproof Bike Alarm provides effective anti-theft protection for bikes, electric bikes, and motorcycles. With a piercing 113dB alarm triggered by vibration, this alarm deters thieves and gives owners peace of mind when parked at home or outdoors.

    There are 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity to suit different needs – from gently touching the bike to pushing or beating on it. Arming and disarming are controlled by the included remote, which has a wireless range of up to 66ft.

    This IP55 waterproof alarm can withstand outdoor weather conditions with a working temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. The compact dimensions of 1.61” x 0.87” x 3.74” allow flexible positioning. Installation is straightforward with the included cable ties, double-sided tape or screws.

    When armed, the alarm activates a vibration-triggered siren and flashing LED lights to scare away thieves. A useful vehicle search function sounds 1 of 3 melodies to easily locate your parked vehicle. There is also an SOS tilt sensor that automatically triggers the alarm if the bike tilts over 45 degrees.

    With up to 6-10 months of standby on 3 included AAA batteries, you can rely on this alarm for daily use. The remote lasts over a year on a single 12V battery. Low battery indicators ensure you replace batteries before they run out. Up to 8 remotes can pair with one alarm for multiple users.


    • Loud 113dB siren deters thieves
    • 7 sensitivity levels for vibration detection
    • IP55 waterproof for outdoor use
    • Easy installation with ties or tape
    • Vehicle search and SOS tilt functions


    • No smartphone connectivity or GPS tracking
    • Requires battery replacement every 6-12 months

    The Wsdcam Bike Alarm provides good anti-theft protection in a versatile and affordable package. With adjustable sensitivity, weather resistance, smart search features, and a piercing alarm, this device deters thieves so you can park worry-free. It can easily be used with your golf cart, even though it was initially designed for bikes and motorcycles.

    Security Anti-Theft Handbag Lock by KAYCENTOP

    This Security Anti-Theft Handbag Lock by KAYCENTOP is designed to secure valuables in vehicles. Made of sturdy yellow-coated steel, this lock fits around the steering wheel and connects to the seat belt buckle with a maximum 17-inch length. It locks the steering wheel and seatbelt together to prevent the wheel from turning. The lock is small and lightweight for easy, quick installation in seconds.

    This universal anti-theft lock fits most car, SUV and golf cart steering wheels. The yellow color provides high visibility as a warning to potential thieves. It can also secure handbags and purses to the seat when parked. The lock comes with three keys, so you can keep spares as backups.


    • Durable steel construction
    • Deters thieves from entering vehicle
    • Easy and fast to install
    • Fits most steering wheel types
    • Locks wheel and seatbelt


    • May not fit very large or small wheels

    KAYCENTOP’s Handbag Lock provides visible security to prevent break-ins and secures your vehicle. The sturdy steel build and seatbelt plus steering wheel design immobilize the vehicle. For just $29.99, this lock gives reliable, multipurpose defense against theft.

    DNZ Lock-A-Cart Accelerator Pedal Lock

    Continuing with our picks, the Lock-A-Cart is a sturdy aluminum pedal locking device designed specifically to prevent golf cart theft. As the only accelerator pedal lock on the market that fully immobilizes the pedal to stop operation, this American-made product offers golf cart owners reliable protection and peace of mind.

    Installing the Lock-A-Cart takes just seconds – simply slide it over the accelerator pedal and secure it in place with the cross pin behind the pedal. No tools or hardware modifications are needed, making securing your cart a quick and hassle-free process. Its keyless design allows you to use your own padlock for customized security. Once in place, the lock completely covers the accelerator pedal, preventing it from being depressed to operate the cart.


    • Fully immobilizes accelerator pedal to prevent cart operation
    • Easy and fast installation without any tools
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Fits select EZ-GO golf cart models
    • Keyless design works with your own padlock


    • Padlock not included
    • Only fits certain golf cart makes and models

    With its patented design and precision aluminum construction, the Lock-A-Cart provides the most reliable protection against golf cart theft available. By completely disabling accelerator operation, this pedal lock essentially renders your cart unusable without the key. If you’re looking for an easy-to-install and effective golf cart anti-theft device, the Lock-A-Cart is an excellent choice.

    Vechkom Steering Wheel Lock with Alarm

    Made by the Vechkom brand, this heavy-duty lock snaps onto steering wheels in seconds and emits a 130-decibel alarm if disturbed.

    With anti-theft and anti-saw shear features, this device aims to make stealing a vehicle extremely difficult. It is constructed from heat-treated steel for maximum strength against physical attacks. The lock cylinder is also designed to resist drilling.

    Installing and removing the lock takes seconds. Just snap the lock head onto the steering wheel prongs per the included instructions. It is also adjustable to fit a range of steering wheel sizes from 15.4″ – 17.7″ in length. This adaptability suits various vehicles for flexible security.


    • 130 dB alarm deters theft attempts
    • Heat-treated steel resists sawing
    • Lock cylinder prevents drilling
    • Easy snap-on installation
    • Fits multiple steering wheel sizes


    • The alarm may occasionally falsely trigger
    • Locking prongs can damage the steering wheel if forced

    Overall, the Vechkom Steering Wheel Lock with Alarm provides excellent anti-theft protection for your vehicle. This heavy-duty lock represents an affordable and effective physical barrier to stealing your golf cart (or other vehicles). The ear-piercing 130dB alarm also actively defends against tampering attempts. Just be mindful of proper installation to avoid potential steering wheel damage.

    Guardian Golf Cart Alarm

    Our last pick, the Guardian Golf Cart Alarm attaches securely to the undercarriage of your golf cart using industrial-grade magnets, protecting your investment against thieves while avoiding complicated wiring. This easy-to-install waterproof and shockproof alarm system effectively deters potential thieves by activating a piercing 95-decibel alarm when vibrations or movement are detected.

    Ideal for steel-frame golf carts, the alarm’s weatherproof design stands up to everyday wear and tear, allowing it to be mounted out of sight. An included remote fob lets you arm and disarm the alarm from up to 66 feet away. Vibration sensors alert you if anyone attempts to access or move your parked golf cart, scaring intruders away before they can succeed.

    As a nice bonus, the company provides exceptional customer service, with every order shipped with phone and email support to guide installation and troubleshoot any issues.


    • Easy undercarriage installation using strong magnets
    • Weatherproof and shockproof for durability
    • 95-decibel alarm deters thieves effectively
    • Arms and disarms remotely up to 66 feet
    • Vibration sensors detect movement attempts
    • Direct customer service for installation help


    • Not usable with aluminum frames
    • Can require recharging the battery

    As a simple yet reliable cart alarm system without complicated wiring installs, the Guardian Golf Cart Alarm is a great choice. Its rugged weatherproof design stands up to real-world conditions while warding off thieves with its ear-piercing 95-decibel alarm triggered by vibration sensors. An included remote fob combined with exceptional customer service for installation guidance makes this alarm a strong overall package for protecting your cart investment against theft.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your Golf Cart Security Device

    The following are some of the most crucial factors to keep in mind while choosing a lock or security device for your golf cart. Doing so will help you make the best possible choice. Let’s cover them one by one.

    Golf Cart

    Security Device Types

    Steering wheel locks are one of the most affordable physical security options. A locking bar with hooks prevents the steering wheel from turning. Look for thick, hardened steel that can’t be cut easily. The keys should also be difficult to duplicate. The best steering wheel locks are made by brands like The Club and Winner International.

    Wheel boots are a heavy-duty clamp that attaches to the wheel, disabling movement. Once installed, these are very difficult for thieves to remove. However, wheel boots can be time-consuming for you to take on and off yourself. Opt for durable designs that cover the lug nuts, too.

    Pedal locks attach to the accelerator pedal to stop the cart from being driven. This prevents hotwiring or key theft. Look for adjustable models that can fit different pedal sizes. Pedal locks allow keyless startup once removed, which is convenient.

    Ignition key changes involve swapping the generic key for a custom ignition starter. This prevents those with standard keys from operating your cart. Installation can be more complex and may require an expert. However, it offers a high level of hotwire protection. While it’s pricey, it’s excellent security for high-value carts.

    Locks vs Alarms


    Alarm systems have motion-activated sounds that can deter theft and alert you to activity. They provide great security while your cart is unattended or overnight. Install the siren and keypad out of sight for optimum effectiveness. Look for systems with smartphone connectivity features.

    GPS trackers allow you to remotely monitor your cart’s location in real-time via a smartphone app. This is extremely helpful if your cart gets stolen and needs to be recovered. Hardwiring the tracker to the battery ensures continuous power. Waterproof exterior casing is a must. While pricier, GPS trackers offer unparalleled theft protection.

    Many choose to combine physical locks with alarm systems for maximal security.

    Build Quality & Durability

    Solid steel construction resists cutting, prying, and hammering. Locks and wheel boot clamps should have reinforced casings. Alarm system sirens and keypads should be weatherproof.

    Check product specs to confirm high-quality materials are used. Reviews from verified buyers often reveal real-world durability in everyday use.

    When purchasing a golf cart, consider adding a high-quality heater system to ensure comfort on cool mornings out on the course. Golf cart heaters provide efficient heating options that integrate seamlessly into your cart without impacting performance. Investing in one of these compact ride heating units can allow for enjoyable early tee times even when temperatures are low.

    Reliability & Reputation

    Do research to choose established brands with good reputations. Look for evidence of extensive field testing on their products. Check for ratings and reviews from actual users whenever possible.

    Also, avoid cheap generic products with no usage history. Good warranty coverage of 1-2 years shows the company’s confidence in its products.

    Budgeting Considerations

    Calculating product cost

    Steering wheel locks start around $50. Pedal locks and wheel boots range from $75-$150. Alarm systems with full features cost $150-$300. GPS trackers start around $200. Match your security spend to your golf cart’s value – premium options provide the greatest theft protection.

    Doing your research is key to finding the perfect golf cart security system for your needs and budget. Investing in quality devices brings peace of mind.

    Final Thoughts

    With golf cart theft a growing concern, it’s essential to protect your investment with a reliable security system. After reviewing 10 top-rated options and providing a comprehensive buyer guide, we hope you feel empowered to choose the ideal anti-theft solutions for your needs. Investing in golf cart heaters can also increase enjoyment by allowing comfortable play even early in the morning when temperatures are cooler.

    Whether you opt for a simple steering wheel lock or a high-tech GPS tracker, the most important factors are durability, ease of use, and effectiveness. Don’t rely on cheap, flimsy devices – go for sturdy steel locks and advanced alarm systems from trusted brands. For many, a layered approach with multiple deterrents like pedal locks, alarm sirens, and hidden kill switches is the way to go. Keep your cart locked up tight whenever unattended. Take time to properly install devices and consistently use them. Take every precaution and make theft extremely difficult.

    Maintaining a healthy battery is crucial for optimal golf cart performance. For those who want to ensure their battery is in top condition, you can check out our guide on how to test your golf cart battery.

    By following these tips and investing in quality anti-theft devices, you can significantly reduce the risk of your golf cart being stolen. Remember, regular maintenance is also crucial for your cart’s overall health and performance. This includes keeping the battery charged and clean, checking tire pressure, and inspecting the brakes and other components regularly. For more information on proper golf cart maintenance, including battery care, refer to our guide that’s all about golf cart batteries.

    Once you’ve secured your investment, you can focus on making it your own. In fact, adding some accessories to your golf cart can significantly enhance its functionality, comfort, and style. There’s a wide range of accessories available to personalize your cart and make every ride enjoyable.

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