22 Best Golf Cart Accessories – Reviews & Guide

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Golf Cart Accessory is the Bushnell Wingman 2 Golf GPS Speaker. It offers premium audio quality, an upgraded BITE remote for GPS distances, over 14 hours of battery life, wireless pairing for surround sound, and a built-in microphone for calls, making it a versatile and convenient choice.

Golf carts are an essential part of the golfing experience for many players, providing convenience and ease in getting around the course. But a golf cart can be so much more than just a means of transportation – with the right accessories, you can turn your cart into a personalized command center that enhances your comfort, enjoyment, and performance on the links.

From practical add-ons that enhance functionality to downright hilarious extras that’ll make your golfing buddies do a double-take, the world of golf cart accessories is a wild and wacky place.

In this article, we’ll go through the most practical, incredible, eye-catching, and conversation-starting golf cart accessories on the market. We will also have a buying guide to help you choose items for your cart.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Selection of the Best Golf Cart Accessories

Our list of golf cart accessories includes options with different price points and items that can simplify your trip on the course and make it more enjoyable, as well as ones that either reflect your personality or aesthetically enhance the looks of the cart.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Bushnell Wingman 2 Golf GPS Speaker

    The Bushnell Wingman 2 Golf GPS Speaker packs a powerful punch on the course, providing unmatched convenience and enhanced audio quality to elevate your golfing experience. As you navigate the fairways, the Wingman 2 offers access to GPS distances through its upgraded BITE magnetic remote and cart mount, ensuring precision in your play. You’ll appreciate the crystal-clear sound quality, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your favorite tunes while conquering the greens.

    With the newly added battery life indicator and an impressive 14+ hours of runtime, you can confidently tackle even the longest rounds without worrying about running out of juice. This reliable performance sets the Wingman 2 apart as a top choice among golf tech devices.

    The Wingman 2 also shines in its versatility and connectivity. You have the option to wirelessly pair it with other Wingman models, creating an immersive surround sound experience on the course. Also, the built-in microphone allows you to conveniently take calls, ensuring you stay connected without missing a beat in your game.


    • Premium audio quality for an enhanced experience
    • Upgraded BITE magnetic remote and cart mount for easy access to GPS distances
    • Long battery life with 14+ hours of runtime and a battery life indicator
    • Wireless pairing with other Wingman models for surround sound
    • Built-in microphone for convenient call handling


    • May require some initial setup and familiarization with the features
    • Higher price point compared to basic golf speakers

    The Bushnell Wingman 2 Golf GPS Speaker Bundle, which includes a protective pouch, is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a high-quality, feature-rich accessory to enhance their time on the course. With its premium audio, convenient GPS access, long-lasting battery life, and versatile connectivity options, the Wingman 2 justifies its position as one of the best golf GPS speakers available.

    Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

    When you’re out on the course, keeping warm can make all the difference in your comfort and performance. The Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater is an excellent solution for those chilly rounds.

    This compact heater packs 4,000 BTUs of heating power, which is more than enough to keep your golf cart toasty. It connects directly to a 1 lb propane cylinder and features a wind-resistant burner and pilot system, ensuring optimal heat output even when your cart is moving or conditions are breezy.

    The heater’s unique tip-over safety switch minimizes nuisance shut-offs when navigating bumpy cart paths, so you don’t have to keep relighting it. The integrated ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry, while the included cup holder adapter allows it to fit securely in most golf cart cup holders for stable, hands-free operation.

    Lighting the heater is simple with the push-button piezo igniter – no matches or electricity needed. Just push and hold the ignition button, and the sparking mechanism takes care of the rest. For added peace of mind, it has an oxygen depletion sensor that will automatically shut off the heater if oxygen levels get too low.


    • Powerful 4,000 BTU heat output
    • Wind-resistant burner for consistent heat
    • Tip-over safety switch prevents shutdown
    • Push-button ignition for easy lighting
    • Oxygen depletion sensor for safety


    • Fairly large and bulky design
    • Sits high, somewhat top-heavy

    Mr. Heater’s golf cart heater is one of the best options for reliable portable heat on the links. It puts out impressive warmth for its size, is built with thoughtful safety features and conveniently fits in most carts. While the size and stability could be improved, the effective heating performance makes this a go-to choice for those chilly days.

    Check out our detailed Reviews of Golf Cart Heaters if you need more options to choose from.

    Folding Side Mirror and Panoramic Rear View Mirror Kit

    When you’re out on the course, safety and visibility are paramount, and these mirrors from 10L0L deliver on both fronts. The kit includes a panoramic rearview mirror measuring 16.5″ x 2.75″ and a pair of folding side mirrors sized 5.5″ x 7″, providing you with a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

    These mirrors are made from real glass, which offers non-distorted and ultra-clear images. The convex lenses further enhance your field of vision, helping to minimize blind spots and ensure a safer drive. The rotatable brackets allow you to adjust the mirrors freely to achieve the perfect angle for your needs, while the high-impact ABS plastic housing guarantees long-lasting durability.

    Installation is a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions and included hardware kit. The mirrors mount securely on the front canopy top and the side metal supports, eliminating any annoying vibrations. The universal fit makes these mirrors compatible with a wide range of golf carts, including Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car models.


    • Real glass mirrors for clear, non-distorted images
    • Convex lenses provide a wider field of vision
    • Rotatable brackets for easy angle adjustment
    • Durable ABS plastic housing for long-lasting use
    • Easy installation with detailed instructions and hardware kit


    • Nothing we could think of

    10L0L newest golf cart mirrors are an excellent choice for you to improve your safety and awareness on the course. With their superior construction, adjustability and easy installation, these mirrors are a must-have accessory for your cart. Invest in this kit and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enhanced visibility and a safer experience.

    Motocaddy Hot Mitts

    The Motocaddy Hot Mitts are a necessity for golfing in cold weather. These electrically heated mitts easily attach to a USB port and provide soothing warmth to keep your hands comfortable, even in chilly conditions.

    You can adjust the temperature with the touch of a button depending on how cold it is out on the course. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the fleece-insulated interior, ensuring your entire hand stays warm. No more numb, stiff fingers affecting your grip and swing.

    Attaching the Hot Mitts to your cart is a breeze – just plug them in and you’re ready to go. If you prefer not to use your cart’s battery, you also have the option to power them with a Power Bank. The mitts are easy to put on and take off as needed during your round.

    In terms of durability, Motocaddy has used high-quality materials to make these mitts long-lasting. With proper care, you can count on them to provide reliable warmth season after season. The outer material also will hold up well to normal wear and tear.


    • Three adjustable heat settings
    • Evenly distributes warmth throughout hands
    • Easy to attach to carts
    • Can be powered by cart battery or power bank
    • Durable, high-quality materials


    • Can’t be used while driving, as both mitts are attached to each other

    Motocaddy’s Hot Mitts are an excellent accessory if you often golf in cold weather. The adjustable heat and easy integration with Motocaddy’s electric caddies makes them extremely convenient and effective at keeping your hands warm and dexterous for swinging. If you have a USB port in your cart, then you can use these mitts, even if it’s not from Motocaddy.

    DESERT FOX Phone holder

    When you’re out on the course, having quick and easy access to your smartphone can make a big difference in tracking your game, getting yardages or just staying connected.

    The patented PhoneFIT technology is the standout feature here. With independent width and depth adjustments, you can have a secure custom fit for practically any phone model and case combo. Once adjusted, your phone slides in and out smoothly, allowing you to grab it for a quick photo or message reply.

    I appreciate that Desert Fox opted for a sturdy velcro strap attachment rather than relying on magnets. The strap fits securely on any modern golf cart frame from 3/4″ to 1 1/4″ and the non-slip backing prevents slippage. You can trust your pricey phone will stay put as you traverse the bumps and turns of the fairway.

    The construction feels solid, using durable high-impact plastic. When your round is done, just toss the Phone Caddy in your bag – it can handle some rough treatment. The design strikes a nice balance between sturdiness and lightness.

    It’s great that the Phone Caddy is designed and assembled in the USA, specifically with golf in mind. The thoughtful design keeps your go-to golf apps in clear view and close at hand throughout your round. And the reasonable price point provides solid value for the quality.


    • Fully adjustable for a custom, secure fit
    • Sturdy strap attachment – no worries about your phone falling
    • Durable construction can handle abuse
    • Provides easy access to golf apps and phone functions
    • Made in the USA, purpose-built for golf carts


    • Not compatible with pop-socket or wallet case-equipped phones

    If you rely on your phone during rounds, the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is one of the best cart accessory investments you can make. The customizable, confidence-inspiring hold and quality, golf-specific design make it well worth the reasonable price for the convenience it provides every time you hit the links.

    Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Mat

    The Xtreme Mats EZGO TXT/S4/Cushman Golf Cart Mat is another cool accessory for your golf cart. The full coverage design ensures that your entire cart floor is protected, and the professional-grade material feels just like the original flooring.

    This mat has a patented diamond pattern that effectively channels away sand and water. Its 8 mm thick construction provides excellent grip traction, making it slip-resistant and safe to use. The reinforced color trim adds to the mat’s durability, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

    Installing the Xtreme Mats golf cart mat is simple, and it instantly upgrades the look of your EZGO, Club Car, ICON, or Yamaha cart. The mat is available in various trim colors, so you can choose the one that best complements your existing cart accessories or personal style preferences.

    As an American company headquartered in Florida, Xtreme Mats offers excellent customer service. Their team is available to answer any questions you may have, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase.


    • Full coverage protection for your golf cart floor
    • Professional-grade material with a premium feel
    • Patented diamond pattern for effective drainage
    • Slip-resistant and safe to use
    • Easy to install and instantly upgrades cart appearance


    • Only fits specific cart models (check compatibility before purchasing)

    The Xtreme Mats Golf Cart Mat is an excellent investment for anyone looking to protect their cart’s flooring while enhancing its overall appearance. With its superior design, high-quality materials and easy installation, this mat is sure to impress. Just be sure to double-check your cart’s compatibility before making your purchase to ensure a perfect fit.

    10L0L Universal Rear Safety Grab Bar

    Safety and stability are paramount when it comes to your golf cart. The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Rear Safety Grab Bar is another important accessory that provides added security for rear seat passengers. This grab bar is compatible with most modified rear seat kit platforms, including EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car models.

    When you first lay eyes on this grab bar, you’ll notice its stylish U-shape design. Not only does it look great, but it also allows for a more secure grip and ample room for the seat to fold down. The high-quality welding and smooth black finish give it a sleek, professional appearance that will complement any cart.

    Made from thicker steel pipe, the bar is incredibly tough and strong, giving rear-seat passengers a much safer and more secure riding experience.

    The distance between the brackets front to rear is between 10 5/8 and 11 inches, with slotted holes for adjustability. As a bonus, the grab bar comes with a triangle reflector for added safety and nighttime visibility.


    • Added stability and security for rear passengers
    • Stylish U-shape design allows for secure grip and seat folding
    • High-quality welding and smooth black finish for durability and style
    • Easy installation with included hardware and instructions
    • Bonus triangle reflector enhances safety and visibility


    • May not be compatible with all golf cart models without additional drilling
    • Requires careful measurement to ensure proper fit before purchasing

    The 10L0L Universal Rear Safety Grab Bar is an essential accessory for any golf cart owner who values safety and stability. Its sturdy construction, stylish design and easy installation make it one of the best golf cart accessories on the market.

    Roykaw Armrests with Cup Holder

    Upgrade your golf cart’s rear seating with the Roykaw Golf Cart Armrest, a stylish and functional accessory that takes comfort to the next level. Molded from high-quality ABS materials, this armrest boasts superior durability and UV resistance compared to vinyl alternatives on the market. Its universal compatibility allows for a seamless fit with 1″ or 1.25″ square-frame golf carts from popular brands like EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

    The innovative phone holder integrated into each armrest accommodates all types of smartphones, even with cases. This thoughtful addition ensures your device is always within reach during your golf outings. Installation requires no drilling and takes mere minutes to complete with the provided detailed instructions. The armrest’s design also ensures it won’t interfere with the flipping mechanism of your golf cart’s rear seat.

    Moreover, maintaining the Roykaw Golf Cart Armrest is effortless, thanks to its easy-to-clean surface. Unlike vinyl materials, you can simply rinse the armrest directly with water to keep it looking pristine. The unique, patent-pending design not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of distinction to your cart’s appearance.


    • Durable, high-quality ABS construction
    • UV resistant for long-lasting performance
    • Integrated phone holder for convenience
    • No drilling required for easy installation
    • Easy to clean and maintain


    • May not fit golf carts with round bar or frame

    The Roykaw Golf Cart Armrest is an excellent choice that enhances both the comfort and style of your cart’s seating. With its innovative features, universal compatibility and hassle-free installation, this accessory is a top contender among the best accessories available today.

    ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap

    Our next pick, the ZOEA Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap, is great for keeping your rangefinder secure and easily accessible on the golf cart. With its strong magnet, this strap attaches firmly to most railings, bars and frames, ensuring your rangefinder stays put even on bumpy rides.

    The strap is made with non-slip fabric, which provides an extra layer of security for your valuable rangefinder. You can trust that it will remain in place, even when taking sharp turns or navigating rough terrain. The adjustable velcro strap is designed to accommodate most rangefinders up to 11 inches in circumference, making it a versatile choice for many golfers.

    The convenience this strap offers is hard to beat. By attaching your rangefinder to the cart’s steering column or the frame right in front of you, you’ll have constant access to it throughout your round. No more fumbling in your bag or pockets – just reach out and grab it whenever you need to gauge a distance.


    • Strong magnet holds rangefinder securely
    • Non-slip fabric provides extra protection
    • Adjustable velcro fits most rangefinders
    • Convenient access to rangefinder while playing
    • High-quality materials ensure durability


    • May not fit extra-large rangefinders
    • Constant exposure to elements may wear the strap over time

    ZOEA’s Magnetic Rangefinder Mount Strap is an excellent tool that offers a reliable and convenient way to keep your rangefinder close at hand. With its strong magnet, secure fit and quality construction, this accessory is sure to improve your experience and help you focus more on your game.

    Explore Land Waterproof Cover

    The Explore Land 600D Waterproof Cart Cover is an excellent choice for protecting your cart from the elements. This durable cover is made from superior 600D polyester with a waterproof coating, ensuring that your cart stays dry even in heavy rain or snow. The high-level double stitching and waterproof seam sealing tape provide additional protection against moisture, UV rays, sand, dust, and other harsh weather conditions.

    The heavy-duty zipper on the left side allows for easy installation within seconds. The velcro and buckle at the bottom add an extra layer of security, ensuring that the cover stays firmly in place even in strong winds. The adjustable elastic hem cord and bottom buckle strap design further prevent the cover from being blown away.

    Ventilation is key when storing your golf cart for extended periods, and the Explore Land cover has you covered with dual air vents. These reduce the possibility of overheating, ensuring that your cart stays in top condition. The cover also comes with a convenient storage bag, making it easy to store when not in use.

    This universal cover is available in three sizes, fitting most 2, 4 or 6-passenger golf carts from popular brands like Yamaha, Honda, Club Car, and EZGO. The 4-passenger size measures 108″L x 48″W x 66″H, providing ample coverage for your cart.


    • Durable 600D polyester with waterproof coating
    • Heavy-duty zipper for easy installation
    • Adjustable elastic hem cord and buckle straps for secure fit
    • Dual air vents for ventilation
    • Includes a storage bag


    • Some users may find the cover slightly heavy due to the thick material

    The Explore Land 600D waterproof cover offers superior construction, easy installation and thoughtful features that make it an excellent investment for protecting your cart from the elements. It’s great for keeping the cart clean between rounds as well as for storing it for the winter.

    Happybuy Golf Cart Enclosure

    This golf cart enclosure from Happybuy is a good choice for those seeking a 4-person driving cover that offers superior protection from the elements. When you first lay eyes on this enclosure, you’ll be impressed by its sturdy construction and sleek design. The 300D Oxford cloth material, combined with PVC coating and windows, ensures durability against wind, rain and sunshine, keeping your cart’s interior dry and clean while providing warmth for the occupants.

    The cart’s super-clear PVC windows allow for excellent visibility from both inside and outside the enclosure. This means you can stay focused on your game without worrying about the weather impacting your view. The zippered side openings are another convenient aspect, making it easy to enter and exit the cart while also allowing you to roll up the doors and secure them with magic tape for added versatility.

    Installation requires no tools and takes just a few minutes. The included carrying bag makes storage and transport a snap. You’ll appreciate how effortless it is to take this enclosure with you wherever your golfing adventures lead.


    • Durable 300D Oxford cloth with PVC coating
    • Clear PVC windows for maximum visibility
    • Zippered side openings for easy access
    • Tool-free setup and quick installation
    • Convenient carrying bag for storage and transport
    • Available in beige and black colors and two different sizes


    • May not fit all golf cart models perfectly
    • Zippers may stick if sides are pulled too tight

    The Happybuy Golf Cart Enclosure offers superior protection, convenience and value. Its weather-resistant materials, clear windows and user-friendly design make it one of the best golf cart accessories on the market. This enclosure will keep you and your fellow golfers comfortable and focused on the game at hand regardless of rain, wind or sunshine.

    NOKINS Seat Covers Kit

    The NOKINS Seat Covers Kit perfectly fits Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha ordinary seat cushions. It is made from resilient materials designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular use, whether you’re enjoying a leisurely round or engaging in intense golfing sessions. The vinyl construction ensures that the covers maintain their quality and appearance over time.

    The interior features breathable foam padding, providing a soft and comfortable ride that minimizes fatigue during long drives. This attention to detail makes a noticeable difference in the overall golfing experience and makes it much more comfortable.

    Maintaining a clean and fresh appearance is effortless with these seat covers. The material is resistant to dirt and wear, allowing for easy cleaning with a simple wipe-down. Stains and dust are no match for the NOKINS covers, ensuring that your cart always looks its best.

    Without the need for tools or nails, you can easily slip the covers over your existing OEM seats and backrests for a snug and secure fit. This hassle-free process makes updating your golf cart’s look a quick and straightforward task.


    • Durable vinyl withstands wear and tear
    • Breathable foam padding for comfort
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Simple, tool-free installation
    • Refreshes golf cart’s appearance
    • Available in 8 different color combinations


    • Specific fit may not suit all models

    The NOKINS Diamond Seat Covers Kit blends durability, comfort and style. With its easy installation and maintenance, this kit is a practical and effective way to upgrade your cart’s seating. The overall quality and performance make this kit a worthwhile investment for enhancing your golfing adventures.

    HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount

    This clever device by HomeMount securely attaches your portable Bluetooth speaker to your cart, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes while navigating the fairways.

    The mount’s adjustable straps make it compatible with a wide range of speaker sizes, from 4.5 to 10.4 inches. It also easily fits onto cart railings measuring between 2.4 and 3.5 inches. The high-quality nylon material ensures durability, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear during your rounds.

    To install the mount, simply wrap the straps around your cart and speaker, and you’re ready to go. The secure mounting eliminates any concerns about your speaker falling or bouncing around during your ride. You can focus on your game while enjoying your favorite playlist at the perfect volume.


    • Easy to install without tools
    • Fits a wide range of speaker sizes
    • Securely holds the speaker in place
    • Durable, high-quality nylon material
    • Makes a great gift for golfers


    • May not fit all golf cart models or speakers

    The HomeMount portable speaker mount will add a touch of entertainment to your game without compromising performance. Its thoughtful design, easy installation and compatibility with various speaker sizes make it one of the best speaker mounts on the market.

    Roykaw Front Inner Basket Organizer for EZGO TXT

    When it comes to maximizing storage space on your EZGO TXT golf cart, the Roykaw Front Inner Basket Dash Storage/Tray Organizer is an excellent fit. This one-piece solid design is crafted from high-quality iron using electroplating technology, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. Installation is easy, as it mounts in minutes using the bolts that hold your windshield without obstructing anything on the cart.

    The basket provides ample space to hold all your essentials within arm’s reach, making it easy to find what you need when you need it. You’ll love the convenience of having a dedicated place to store odds and ends, keeping your cart organized and clutter-free. The sturdy construction and well-thought-out design make this accessory a must-have for any EZGO TXT owner looking to upgrade their cart’s functionality.

    It’s important to note that this basket is specifically designed for EZGO TXT models from 1994 and up, fitting both gas and electric carts. However, it will not fit the TXT Freedom/T48 or EZGO RXV models, so be sure to double-check your cart’s compatibility before purchasing.


    • Provides ample storage space within easy reach
    • One-piece solid design for enhanced durability
    • High-quality iron construction with corrosion-resistant electroplating
    • Easy to install using existing windshield bolts
    • Keeps your golf cart organized and clutter-free


    • Not compatible with TXT Freedom/T48 or EZGO RXV models
    • May require minor adjustments during installation for optimal fit

    The Roykaw Front Inner Basket Dash Storage/Tray Organizer is an excellent choice for EZGO TXT owners wishing to maximize their cart’s storage potential. The sturdy construction, easy installation and well-designed layout make it a nice and practical addition to your cart.

    Cigarette Lighter Outlet & Quick Charge USB Charger

    10L0L’s cigarette lighter outlet & quick charge 3.0 USB charger is another important accessory for your cart. This versatile charger provides both a standard 12V cigarette lighter socket and two high-powered USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously while out on the course.

    The dual USB ports are a good addition, with one port supporting Quick Charge 3.0 technology for exceptionally fast charging of compatible devices. The second port delivers a 2.4A output, ensuring your smartphones, tablets or other USB-powered gadgets stay powered up throughout your round. The smart chip built into the charger intelligently detects connected devices and optimizes the charging current for the best possible performance.

    In addition to the USB ports, the integrated cigarette lighter socket can power devices up to 150W, making it suitable for a wide range of accessories like GPS units, fans or even small coolers. The charger is designed for 12-volt golf cart electrical systems and is compatible with popular makes like EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

    Safety is a top priority with this charger, which features overload, overcurrent and short-circuit protection to prevent damage to your devices or the charger itself. The unit is also IP66 waterproof rated, ensuring reliable performance even in inclement weather conditions. A blue LED indicator light lets you know at a glance that the charger is powered up and ready to go, even in low-light situations.

    The included wiring and mounting hardware make it easy to integrate the charger into your cart’s dash or console. The compact design takes up minimal space while still providing ample charging options for you and your passengers.


    • Quick Charge 3.0 USB port for fast charging
    • High-output 2.4A USB port for additional devices
    • 150W cigarette lighter socket for powering accessories
    • Overload, overcurrent and short-circuit protection
    • IP66 waterproof rating for all-weather use


    • Not compatible with 48-volt cart systems
    • Blue LED light may be distracting in low-light conditions

    Overall, the 10L0L Golf Cart Cigarette Lighter & USB Charger is an excellent addition to any golf cart, providing convenient and reliable charging options for all your devices. With its sturdy construction, ample power output and easy installation, this charger is sure to be a favorite accessory among tech-savvy golfers looking to stay connected and powered up on the course.

    Battery Lifting Strap

    The 10L0L Golf Cart Battery Lifting Strap is an indispensable tool for any golf cart owner. The rubber handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the bold anti-slip design in the middle of the strap not only reduces hand pain but also prevents slippage.

    Hook the strap onto the battery, and you’re ready to go. The ease of use is particularly impressive, considering the heavy-duty nature of the product. You’ll appreciate how the strap allows you to remove and install batteries without putting undue stress on your back or risking contact with battery acid.


    • Heavy-duty construction with high-quality materials
    • Comfortable rubber handle with anti-slip design
    • Easy to install and use on batteries
    • Reduces stress on back when moving batteries
    • Universal compatibility with Trojan batteries


    • May require two straps for carrying batteries long distances

    The 10L0L Golf Cart Battery Lifting Strap is an investment worth making that will greatly simplify the maintenance of your cart and management of the battery. Its durable construction and universal compatibility make it very reliable to buy and use. Trust me, your back will thank you for making the switch to this strap.

    12″ VAMPIRE Chrome Golf Cart Wheels and All Terrain Tires

    Next on our list, the 12″ VAMPIRE Chrome Wheels and All Terrain Tires combo set is an excellent choice to upgrade your golf cart’s wheels and tires without needing a lift kit. This impressive set comes with four brand new 20×10-12 DOT all-terrain tires mounted on sleek 12″x7″ VAMPIRE chrome wheels. The chrome lug nuts and center caps complete the stylish look.

    One of the major advantages of this combo is that it provides a 20-inch tire height from ground to top, giving your cart more ground clearance and a tougher appearance without requiring a suspension lift on most carts. The DOT all-terrain tread pattern performs great both on and off-road, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains like tall grass, dirt trails, gravel, and asphalt.

    These wheel and tire assemblies come ready to mount, aired up to the proper pressure. They fit any golf cart, UTV, or trailer hub that has a 4-bolt pattern measuring 4×4″ (4×101.6mm).


    • Tough, stylish look without a lift kit
    • 20″ tire height provides increased ground clearance
    • DOT-approved all-terrain tires excel on/off-road
    • Comes pre-mounted with chrome lugs and caps
    • Universal 4-bolt pattern fits most carts/UTVs


    • Fitment could be affected by cart-specific factors
    • Fairly expensive compared to some other options

    The VAMPIRE chrome wheel and all-terrain tire combo is an excellent upgrade choice for maximum style and off-road performance. Its sharp looks, ample ground clearance and go-anywhere traction make it one of the best golf cart wheel and tire packages on the market. Just be sure to confirm fitment compatibility with your specific make and model before purchasing.

    Universal Golf Cart Dome Light

    When it comes to illuminating your golf cart, the 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Dome Light is a good option. With its USB rechargeable battery and super bright LED lighting, this dome light effortlessly enhances your nighttime golf experience.

    The touch-sensitive control allows you to easily turn the light on or off with a short press, while a long press lets you gradually adjust the brightness to your liking. No more fumbling for switches in the dark. The 10-minute auto-off feature is a thoughtful addition, ensuring the light doesn’t drain the battery if you forget to turn it off manually.

    The included double-sided adhesive pads simplify installation. Stick the base onto any smooth surface in your cart’s roof or trunk, and you’re all set. The rotary design makes it a cinch to reposition or remove the light as needed. And with the built-in 1300mAh lithium battery providing over 6 hours of illumination on a full charge, you won’t be left in the dark mid-round.

    While primarily designed for golf carts, the 10L0L dome light’s versatility shines through. Its wireless, portable nature means you can use it to light up your car, truck, UTV, boat, or any other vehicle that could benefit from some extra illumination. The compact size belies the impressive 20 lumens output from the eight energy-efficient LEDs.


    • Touch control for easy on/off and dimming
    • 10-minute auto-off saves battery life
    • USB rechargeable with 6+ hours of use per charge
    • Rotary base for flexible installation and removal
    • Compact yet bright with 20 lumens output
    • Very affordable


    • Adhesive pads may not work on all surfaces

    Whether you’re an avid golfer looking to light up your cart for those early morning or late evening rounds or simply want a reliable, portable light source for your vehicle, the 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Dome Light delivers. Its affordable price point means you can get multiple items and enhance the lighting conditions wherever needed.

    Detachable Ball Washer and Club Cleaner Kit

    Another useful accessory from 10L0L, this time a golf cart ball washer and club head cleaner kit. This cleverly designed kit allows you to effortlessly clean both your gear while out on the course. The strong, durable bristles in the ball washer provide a thorough clean, ensuring your ball flies true with each shot. Meanwhile, the separate slot for cleaning club heads lets you maintain your clubs’ grooves for optimal spin and control.

    This kit’s plug chamber design makes draining and cleaning the unit a breeze, and the detachable bracket allows you to easily remove the unit from your cart for cleaning or storage. Installation is a snap too, with all the necessary hardware included.

    Also, the compact size of this ball and club washer is ideal, as it fits perfectly on most major cart brands like EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha without taking up too much space.


    • Strong bristles thoroughly clean balls for better flight
    • Separate slots for cleaning balls and club heads
    • Easy to drain and clean plug chamber design
    • Detachable bracket for portability and storage
    • Universal compact size fits most major cart brands


    • Brushes may be stiff initially but soften with use
    • Some minor assembly required for installation

    In terms of both functionality and value, the 10L0L Ball Washer and Club Head Cleaner Kit is tough to beat. It will undoubtedly help you play your best by keeping your balls and clubs clean throughout your round.

    Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts

    The 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts are a must-have accessory if you’re looking to enhance the safety and street-legal compliance of your golf cart. You get four high-quality retractable belts that measure 42″ long, along with a sturdy universal bracket that fits most 2+2 passenger carts, such as Yamaha G2-G22, EZGO TXT RXV, Club Car DS, and EV Star models.

    All necessary hardware is included and no drilling is required for installation in most cases. The bracket measures 35″ x 6.9″, providing a secure and stable mounting point. Once installed, the belts retract smoothly and offer ample length to accommodate riders of various sizes comfortably.

    If you frequently have young passengers riding in the back, they can easily buckle themselves in, giving you peace of mind knowing they are safely secured. The DOT compliance also makes these ideal for street-legal upgrades if you plan to drive your cart on public roads.

    The polyester belts are strong and durable, while the bracket and mounting hardware are well-made to withstand regular use. Backed by 10L0L’s one-year warranty, you can trust these belts will provide reliable performance for many rides to come.


    • Universal fit for most 2+2 golf carts
    • Retractable 42″ belts accommodate various rider sizes
    • DOT compliant for street-legal upgrades
    • Easy installation with included hardware
    • Kid-friendly buckling for young passengers


    • May require drilling holes on some cart models like TXT
    • Not compatible with factory 4-seater carts or specific models like Yamaha G29 Drive

    Whether you’re cruising the golf course, neighborhood or city streets, the 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Seat Belts provide an essential safety upgrade that’s easy to install and built to last. The peace of mind they offer, especially when carrying precious cargo like kids or grandkids, makes them one of the best investments you can make for your cart.

    Golf Cart Windshield

    This golf cart fold-down windshield is designed to fit 2004 and up gas or electric models. It provides superior protection from the elements while you’re out on the course.

    The windshield is made from high-quality, impact-resistant polycarbonate material. It’s sturdy, durable and offers impressive anti-UV properties to keep you shielded from the sun’s rays. The clear version provides an ultra-clear view for driving, while the tinted option reduces glare even further. Both look great and enhance your cart’s aesthetic.

    You can easily fold the windshield in half depending on your needs and the weather conditions. Keep it fully extended on chilly or rainy days to block out wind, raindrops, dust, and debris, or fold it down when you want to feel the breeze on a hot summer round. The flexibility is fantastic.

    The windshield comes with all the necessary hardware, including clips and screws, and attaches to your existing windshield frame. No drilling or extra parts are required. The included instructions simplify the process, even if you’re not particularly handy. Once installed, it fits snugly with no rattling or shaking, even at higher speeds.

    In terms of dimensions, the windshield measures 37.25″ wide by 32.5″ high, precisely sized for Precedent models. The high-density polycarbonate is shatter-proof and crack-resistant, built to withstand impact and the rigors of regular use. Cleaning and maintenance are simple, too.


    • Sturdy polycarbonate construction
    • Fold-down design for versatility
    • Clear and tinted options available
    • Easy no-drill installation
    • Includes all necessary hardware


    • Only fits Club Car Precedent models
    • Slightly pricier than some alternatives

    The quality materials, thoughtful design and easy installation make this cart windshield well worth the investment. It will keep you protected from the elements, maintain great visibility and look sharp on your cart. If you have a suitable cart model, you can’t go wrong with this impressive fold-down windshield.

    Roykaw Golf Cart USB Fan

    The Roykaw Golf Cart Fans are another must-have accessory for comfort during long (hot) days on the course. You know how crucial it is to stay cool and focused, especially during those sweltering summer rounds. These portable USB-powered fans are designed to provide a refreshing breeze, allowing you to concentrate on your game without the distraction of oppressive heat.

    These fans are compatible with a wide range of carts, including popular models like EZGO TXT/RXV, Club Car DS/Precedent, and Yamaha. The fans are designed to fit onto the square frame of your cart, with options for 3/4″, 4/5″, 1.0″, and 1-1/4″ frames. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of these fans regardless of the cart you own or rent.

    The Roykaw Cart Fans boast impressive 3-speed settings and a 360-degree adjustable head, giving you complete control over the airflow direction and intensity. The brushless motor technology ensures a strong airflow while maintaining a low noise level, so you can enjoy the cooling effect without any distracting sounds.

    The enclosed lock design secures the fan firmly to the cart frame, preventing it from falling off even on bumpy terrain. This provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your game without worrying about your equipment.

    If you want to remove the fan for cleaning, simply unscrew the four screws holding the mesh cover, and you can rinse it off to keep the fans in top condition. This hassle-free maintenance ensures that your fans will continue to perform at their best for a long time to come.


    • Compatible with various cart models
    • 3-speed settings for customizable airflow
    • 360-degree adjustable head for directional control
    • Low-noise brushless motor technology
    • Enclosed lock design prevents falling off during use


    • USB-powered, requiring an external power source
    • Non-rechargeable design

    The Roykaw Golf Cart Fans are an essential accessory for added comfort on the course during hot days. With their versatile compatibility, adjustable settings and durable design, they provide a reliable and refreshing solution to beat the heat. Don’t let soaring temperatures hinder your performance – invest in a set of Roykaw Golf Cart Fans and enjoy a cool, comfortable round every time you hit the links.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your Golf Cart Accessories

    The following are the key factors to consider when shopping for golf cart accessories. From compatibility to functionality to price, we’ll help you evaluate your options and choose the add-ons that will be most useful to you.

    Compatibility With Your Cart Model

    Back of Golf Cart

    One of the first and most important things to consider is compatibility with your specific cart model and brand. Not all accessories are universal – many are designed to fit certain cart makes and models.

    To avoid disappointment or wasted money, always carefully check the product specs to confirm an accessory will work with your cart. Look for words like “universal” or check the listing of compatible brands and models.

    When in doubt, contact the manufacturer or seller for guidance. A little research upfront will ensure you choose accessories that integrate seamlessly with your cart.


    Golf cart accessories come with a wide range of innovative features designed to improve your experience on the course. When comparing different products, look closely at the features they offer and consider which ones matter most to you.

    Convenience features like a UV protective umbrella and drink holders free up your hands and keep your gear organized. Warming features like the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater and Motocaddy Hot Mitts allow you to keep golfing comfortably through chilly temperatures. Speaker systems like the Bushnell Wingman incorporate GPS to give you easy access to yardages without disrupting your music.

    Consider which features would have the biggest impact on your game and prioritize those when making your accessory selections. The right combination of convenient features can greatly enhance your time on the course.


    Golf carts have to stand up to the elements and the wear-and-tear of regular use, so durability is a key factor when choosing accessories. You want add-ons that are well-made, rugged, and built to last.

    Look for accessories crafted from premium materials like stainless steel, aluminum, heavy-duty plastics, and marine-grade fabrics that can withstand sun, rain, wind, and dirt.

    Waterproofing is another important consideration, especially for electronics and valuables. You’ll want a waterproof or water-resistant pouch to keep your phone dry, for instance. A marine-grade cover will best protect your gear on extra rainy days.

    Read product descriptions and reviews carefully to get a sense of an accessory’s durability and suitability for the demands of your style of play. With proper care, high-quality golf cart accessories can provide years of reliable performance.

    Functionality vs Aesthetics

    Golf cart accessories serve two main purposes – to provide practical benefits that make your round more enjoyable, and to personalize the look of your cart and express your individual style. The best accessories strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

    On the functionality side, focus on accessories that meet your specific needs on the course. This could mean a GPS unit for precise yardages, hand warmers for chilly mornings or an oversized umbrella holder for maximum sun and rain protection. Look for thoughtful design features like adjustability, quick-release mounts and one-handed operation.

    But don’t overlook aesthetics entirely – golf is supposed to be fun, and accessorizing your cart is a chance to show off your personality. Small aesthetic touches can boost your mood and help you stand out on the course.

    When deciding between aesthetics and functionality, be honest about how you’ll use an accessory and whether you truly need the most decked-out version. In most cases, it’s best to invest in quality, functionality and durability first, then add aesthetic flair if your budget allows.

    Price Point

    Golf Cart Accessories Budget

    Golf cart accessories are available at a variety of price points to suit every budget, from simple $10 clipboard clips to four-figure GPS systems and custom enclosures. With such a wide range, it’s important to set a budget before you start shopping and carefully compare the features and quality you get at different price tiers.

    On the lower end, you’ll find basic accessories. Mid-range options offering more advanced features run between $50 and $200. At the high end, you can go all-out with premium add-ons like touchscreen GPS displays and heated leather seat cushions.

    In general, more expensive accessories offer enhanced durability, extended warranties, and more comprehensive feature sets. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option is always the best choice for your needs.

    To get the most value for your money, focus on accessories that will have the biggest impact on your comfort and enjoyment of the course. If you frequently play in cold weather, investing in a high-quality cart heater is probably a better use of funds than a vanity license plate or tassels.

    Final Thoughts

    Selecting the right golf cart accessories can significantly enhance your experience, providing added comfort, convenience and style.

    By considering factors such as durability, functionality, price, and aesthetics, you can make informed decisions when upgrading your golf cart. From essential items like windshields and rear-view mirrors to luxury upgrades like premium seat covers and Bluetooth speakers, the accessories featured in this article cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.

    Remember, while it’s tempting to focus solely on aesthetics, prioritizing functionality and quality will ensure that your investments withstand the test of time.

    Safeguarding your golf cart is equally important as enhancing its comfort and functionality. For a comprehensive guide on deterring theft, explore our article on golf cart theft deterrence systems.

    Thanks for reading!


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