10 best golf umbrellas for sun protection – Reviews & Guide

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Our top pick for the best golf umbrella is the UV-Blocker UV Sun Protection Golf Umbrella. This umbrella offers superior sun protection with a UPF 55+ rating and a large 62-inch canopy, while the vented double canopy design ensures wind resistance.

When hitting the golf course, protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays is just as important as perfecting your swing. One essential accessory that provides both shade and UV protection is a high-quality golf umbrella.

In this article, we’ll review the top UV golf umbrellas on the market, highlighting their features, benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision when selecting your ideal umbrella. Factors such as canopy size, portability, UV protection rating, durability, etc., will be discussed in detail.

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Our Picks of The Top Golf Umbrellas for Sun Protection as of 2024

Based on personal testing and experience, the following is a compilation of excellent UV golf umbrellas you can buy and enhance the comfort and safety of your rounds on the course. Whatever your needs and preferences, we assure you that you can find the perfect umbrella here.

    UV-Blocker UV Sun Protection Golf Umbrella

    The UV-Blocker UV Sun Protection Golf Umbrella is our top pick, perfect for golfers seeking superior sun protection on the course. With its impressive 62-inch diameter and UPF 55+ rating, this umbrella effectively shields you from harmful UVA and UVB rays, blocking an impressive 99%. The secret lies in the reflective Solartek fabric, which not only provides excellent UV protection but also keeps you noticeably cooler under the canopy.

    What sets this golf umbrella apart is its patented double canopy vented mesh system. This innovative design allows wind to pass through, preventing the umbrella from inverting in gusty conditions that would twist a lesser umbrella into a pretzel. Despite its large size, the umbrella feels sturdy and well-constructed in the hand.

    Opening the UV-Blocker is a breeze with the auto open button, allowing for quick deployment when the sun emerges from behind the clouds. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, even during lengthy rounds.


    • Blocks 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays
    • Double canopy vented design withstands wind
    • Keeps you 15 degrees cooler under the canopy
    • Sturdy fiberglass frame and shaft
    • Auto open function for easy deployment


    • Silver color may not appeal to all tastes

    When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays on the course, the UV-Blocker UV Sun Protection Golf Umbrella is in a class of its own. The combination of the large 62-inch canopy, UPF 55+ rated Solartek fabric and vented double canopy design makes this umbrella an essential accessory for any serious golfer.

    TITLEIST Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

    Titleist’s Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is another top-tier choice to protect yourself and your gear on the course. With an impressive 68 inches of coverage, this umbrella ensures you stay shielded from harsh UV rays and unexpected rainfall. The generous canopy size is complemented by a sturdy 43-inch length, making it easy to carry and maneuver around the golf bag.

    The sleek design not only looks professional but also adds a touch of class to your golfing ensemble. The UV protective coating is another significant advantage, as it helps prevent sunburn and reduces the risk of skin damage during long hours on the fairway.

    Titleist has paid close attention to durability, reinforcing the struts and ribs to withstand the rigors of regular use. You can trust that this umbrella will hold up well in various weather conditions, providing reliable protection season after season.


    • Expansive 68-inch coverage for optimal sun protection
    • UV protective coating to shield skin from harmful rays
    • Reinforced struts and ribs enhance durability
    • Tour bag-inspired style adds a professional touch
    • Sturdy 43-inch length for easy carrying


    • Large size may be cumbersome for some golfers
    • Higher price point compared to other golf umbrellas

    Despite its minor drawbacks, the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella remains an excellent choice for those prioritizing sun protection and quality. Its ample coverage, UV-resistant coating and durable construction make it a reliable companion on the course. If you’re willing to invest in a premium umbrella that offers superior performance and style, this Titleist model is undoubtedly worth considering.

    G4Free UV Protection Golf Umbrella

    The G4Free 68-inch UV protection golf umbrella is an exceptional choice for sun protection. With its extra-large 68-inch canopy, it provides ample shade for you and possibly a companion on the golf course or during any outdoor activity. The silver-coated fabric reflects heat, keeping you cool even on the hottest days, while the UPF 50+ rating ensures 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays are blocked.

    This umbrella is not only great for sun protection but also built to withstand strong winds. The reinforced fiberglass frame and 8-rib construction, coupled with the double-canopy venting system, allow wind to pass through without inverting the umbrella. You can trust this sturdy umbrella to protect you from various weather conditions, including rain, hail, snow, and sleet.

    The automatic opening feature adds convenience, allowing you to open the umbrella with a single click of the button on the ergonomic EVA grip handle. When not in use, the included matching shoulder strap sleeve makes it easy to carry and store.


    • Extra large 68-inch canopy provides ample shade
    • UPF 50+ rating blocks 99% of harmful UV rays
    • Silver coating fabric reflects heat for cooling effect
    • Strong windproof design with reinforced fiberglass frame
    • Automatic opening for easy one-handed operation
    • Plenty of color options to choose from
    • Available in 47″, 54″, 62″, and 68″ size options


    • May be slightly heavy for some users due to its large size

    In summary, the G4Free 68-inch umbrella is an excellent choice for anyone seeking superior sun protection and wind resistance. Its thoughtful design, durable construction and versatility make it a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and golfers alike.

    If you feel 68″ is too large for your needs, you can choose a smaller size, as the umbrella is available in four different sizes.

    NEW-Vi Compact Golf Umbrella

    The NEW-Vi 54-inch Compact Golf Umbrella is another great pick with outstanding performance. When you first hold this umbrella, you’ll immediately notice the high-quality construction and attention to detail. The sturdy wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, while the automatic open/close mechanism ensures effortless operation with just the push of a button.

    With a 54-inch arc canopy, it offers ample shade for one or even two people. The double canopy design shields you from harmful UV rays with its UPF 50+ black coating and ensures excellent wind resistance.

    The NEW-Vi golf umbrella is also remarkably compact when folded. At just 14 inches in length, it fits easily into your golf bag, cart or even a backpack, making it incredibly portable and convenient to carry around. The included protective sleeve keeps it secure and tidy when not in use.

    The umbrella’s durable construction is evident in its heavy-duty frame and ribs, which provide excellent stability and prevent bending or breaking in strong winds. The canopy is made from high-quality 210T fabric, ensuring both water resistance and quick-drying properties, so you stay dry and comfortable even in heavy downpours.


    • UPF 50+ UV protection with black coating
    • Oversize 54-inch double canopy for ample coverage
    • Vented top enhances wind resistance and stability
    • Compact 14-inch size when folded for easy portability
    • Automatic open/close mechanism for effortless operation


    • The wooden handle, while stylish, may require more care

    NEW-Vi’s 54 54-inch umbrella is a top-performing accessory that combines exceptional sun protection, wind resistance and portability. Its thoughtful design and robust construction make it an ideal choice for golfers who prioritize both functionality and style on the course.

    G4Free Extra Large Golf Umbrella

    Our next pick, the G4Free Extra Large Golf Umbrella, is an impressive choice. It boasts a massive 62 or 68-inch canopy that provides ample coverage for 2-3 people. The square shape and double canopy design not only look stylish and modern but also create vents for the wind to pass through, making this umbrella incredibly windproof even in strong storms.

    At only 1.5 lbs, this umbrella is surprisingly lightweight for its size thanks to the sturdy fiberglass frame. The 8 ribs and reinforced structure can withstand heavy downpours and gusts. You’ll appreciate the automatic opening and the comfortable anti-slip foam grip handle. The included adjustable carry sleeve makes it convenient to take the umbrella anywhere.


    • Huge 62 or 68-inch canopy for excellent coverage
    • Windproof square double canopy design
    • Lightweight fiberglass frame is sturdy yet easy to carry
    • Automatic opening is quick and convenient
    • Adjustable carry sleeve included


    • Takes more time and space to close due to large size
    • Metallic UV coating may wear off on some colors over time

    With its oversized canopy, strong windproof construction, lightweight feel, and convenient features, the G4Free Extra Large Golf Umbrella will provide the portable sun and rain coverage you need. The one-year warranty provides peace of mind that this is a quality umbrella built to last, so you can buy it with your eyes closed.

    RUMBRELLA UV Golf Umbrella

    You’ll be impressed by the RUMBRELLA UV, an oversized double-canopy umbrella that offers superior protection from both sun and rain. Its diameter provides ample coverage for 1-3 people, making it perfect for golf outings, family gatherings or just everyday use.

    What sets this umbrella apart is the level 5 nano-tech high-density canopy with a UPF50+ rating, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays. The lotus effect fabric allows raindrops to slide right off and dry almost instantly, so you won’t have to worry about getting soaked when caught in a downpour.

    The vented double canopy design, combined with the 5mm reinforced fiberglass frame and 14mm shaft, enables the RUMBRELLA to withstand winds over 55 MPH. It’s built to last through tough weather conditions. The nonslip EVA handle feels soft and comfortable in your hand, and the automatic open function is incredibly convenient – just press the button and the umbrella springs open.

    While marketed as a golf umbrella, the RUMBRELLA is versatile enough for festivals, carnivals or any time you need reliable portable shade and rain protection. It comes in a variety of 13 vibrant colors to match your style or mood.


    • Oversized for excellent coverage
    • UPF50+ UV protection
    • Vented double canopy for superior wind resistance
    • Convenient automatic open function
    • Comfortable nonslip EVA handle


    • Nothing we could find

    If you’re looking for one of the best UV golf umbrellas that can stand up to both sun and storms, the RUMBRELLA offering is an excellent choice. The high-quality construction, automatic open and expansive coverage make this umbrella a pleasure to use in any weather. RUMBRELLA even backs it with a 1-year replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

    Prospo Golf Umbrella

    Prospo’s 68-inch Golf Umbrella with UV Protection is an oversized, heavy-duty option that also provides excellent sun protection with its UPF 50+ rating, blocking out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. The reflective silver coating on the exterior fabric helps keep you cooler, reducing the temperature underneath by 10-15 degrees compared to a regular umbrella.

    The sturdy construction features reinforced fiberglass frames and ribs, along with a double canopy vented design for improved wind resistance. The pinchless auto-open mechanism allows for quick and easy deployment with just the press of a button on the ergonomic EVA handle. With a generous 68-inch arc and 59-inch diameter, this umbrella provides ample coverage for up to 4 people.

    Whether you’re golfing, walking, traveling, or enjoying outdoor events, the Prospo UV golf umbrella has you covered. It fits nicely into most golf cart umbrella mounts and comes with a UV-protective sleeve and carrying straps for convenient storage and transport. The quality construction and materials are engineered to withstand the test of time.


    • UPF 50+ blocks 99% of UV rays
    • Reflective silver coating for cooler shade
    • Large size provides ample coverage
    • Sturdy fiberglass frame and double canopy
    • Pinchless auto-open for easy use


    • Strap could be longer for easier folding
    • Initial chemical odor dissipates with airing out

    The exceptional UV protection, oversized coverage, sturdy build quality, and auto-open convenience of this Prospo umbrella make it an excellent choice for staying cool and protected from the sun. Backed by a 3-month money-back guarantee and 18-month warranty, you can purchase with confidence, knowing Prospo stands behind its product.

    Gonex Extra Large Golf Umbrella

    The Gonex Extra Large Golf Umbrella provides expansive coverage and durable construction. This umbrella is engineered to provide reliable shelter from both rain and harmful UV rays on the course.

    One of the most impressive aspects of the Gonex umbrella is its generous size. With options ranging from 54 to 68 inches in diameter, you can select the ideal coverage for your needs. The 54-inch model comfortably accommodates an adult and child, while the 68-inch version can shield a family of four. This extensive coverage ensures you and your gear stay dry during unexpected rain.

    The umbrella’s construction features a robust fiberglass shaft and eight reinforced ribs, creating a sturdy frame that can withstand strong winds. The vented double canopy design further enhances its wind resistance, preventing the umbrella from inverting in gusty conditions.

    For those seeking protection from the sun’s harmful rays, the Gonex umbrella offers an upgraded silver sol layer with UPF 50+ UV protection. This feature is especially valuable for those who spend extended hours on the course, as it helps reduce exposure to UV radiation. The water-resistant 210T Pongee fabric also ensures you stay dry during light showers.

    The Gonex umbrella’s auto-open button allows for quick, one-handed operation, a convenient feature when juggling your golf clubs and other accessories. However, it’s important to note that closing the umbrella requires manual effort. The umbrella also comes with a tear-resistant sleeve equipped with a shoulder strap for easy transport.


    • Extensive coverage with sizes up to 68 inches
    • Sturdy fiberglass shaft and reinforced ribs for durability
    • Vented double canopy design for enhanced wind resistance
    • UPF 50+ UV protection with upgraded silver sol layer
    • Auto-open button for convenient one-handed operation


    • Manual closing mechanism may be less convenient

    The Gonex Extra Large Golf Umbrella offers a compelling combination of large coverage, durability and UV protection. Its sturdy construction and thoughtful design make it a reliable choice to use on the course and stay protected from both the sun and unexpected rain.

    Suntek 68″ UV Protection Wind Cheater

    This extra-large umbrella from Suntek is designed to provide maximum protection from the elements, whether you’re facing sun, rain, hail, snow, or sleet. With a silver coating that reflects heat and a UPF rating of 50+, you can trust that this umbrella will keep you cool and shielded from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    The SunTek 68″ umbrella comes with the Vortec Venting System, a double-canopy design that prevents the umbrella from inverting during strong winds, ensuring that you stay protected all the time. The fiberglass shaft and ribs not only contribute to the umbrella’s durability but also provide an extra level of safety in the event of a lightning storm.

    The ergonomic handle is comfortable for both left and right-handed users, and the umbrella fits easily into most standard golf cart umbrella mounts. When not in use, the included matching sleeve keeps it protected and easily stored.


    • UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays
    • Double-canopy Vortec Venting System for wind resistance
    • Durable fiberglass shaft and ribs for longevity
    • Oversized 68″ canopy provides ample coverage
    • Ergonomic handle suits left and right-handed users


    • Only available in one size

    SunTek’s 68″ Wind Cheater is a very good choice for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking the best UV protection. With its superior construction, thoughtful design and versatile application, it is an investment in your comfort and safety.

    Weatherman Windproof Sports Umbrella

    This award-winning umbrella boasts a range of features designed to enhance your golfing experience, whether you’re facing harsh winds or scorching sun.

    The fiberglass frame and industrial-strength materials ensure durability, even in extreme conditions. Wind-tunnel tested up to 55 mph, this umbrella is built to withstand the elements without breaking or inverting.

    But the Weatherman Golf Umbrella isn’t just about toughness. It also prioritizes sun protection, with a UPF 50+ barrier that shields you from harmful UV rays during long days on the course. This feature is especially valuable for golfers who spend hours exposed to direct sunlight.

    The auto-open, manual-close system allows for quick deployment and convenient storage, and the easy-folding straps efficiently shed residual water, preventing messy drips.

    The umbrella’s ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in golf pull carts, facilitating seamless transport alongside your other gear. The manual open handle also gives you control over the opening speed, a useful feature in windy conditions.


    • Durable fiberglass frame withstands high winds
    • UPF 50+ sun protection for extended outdoor use
    • Auto-open, manual-close system for convenience
    • Ergonomic handle fits in golf pull carts
    • Lifetime warranty covers functional defects


    • Expensive

    The Weatherman Golf Umbrella is a reliable, feature-rich choice if you’re looking for superior sun and wind protection. Thanks to its robust construction, thoughtful design and lifetime warranty, you can easily justify the relatively higher price point.

    Buying Guide – Things to Consider in Your UV Golf Umbrella

    In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through the key factors to consider, from UV protection ratings to size, durability, and more. Drawing on insights from top-rated products, we’ll help you make an informed decision so you can enjoy your round without worrying about the sun.

    UV Protection

    UV Umbrella

    The most important feature in a UV golf umbrella is, of course, its ability to block ultraviolet rays. Look for models that advertise a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+ or more.

    For example, the UV-Blocker UV Protection Golf Umbrella has a UPF rating of 55+, thanks to its unique Solarteck fabric that reflects UV rays and reduces the temperature underneath by up to 15°F. The silver top layer and blue underside work together to provide maximum protection.

    When comparing options, also consider the percentage of UV rays blocked. The Sun Mountain 68″ Auto Umbrella comes in different colors that provide varied levels of protection, with the gray offering 60+ and the black 30+. So if you frequently play in intense sunlight, opt for the higher-protection gray.

    For a wider selection of golf hats that provide sun protection and style, check out our favorite golf hats & snapbacks in this guide.

    Double or Single Canopy

    Another key consideration is whether to choose a double or single-canopy umbrella. Double canopy designs, featured in models like the Titleist Jet Black Tour Double Canopy, TaylorMade 64″ Double Canopy, and FootJoy DryJoys Double Canopy, provide added wind resistance to prevent the umbrella from inverting in gusts. The overlapping layers allow air to pass through, reducing drag.

    However, single-canopy umbrellas can still offer excellent protection and tend to be lighter and compact. The UV-Blocker, with its single canopy, is a premium option that delivers outstanding sun protection.

    Consider your typical playing conditions and personal preferences when deciding between the two styles.

    Sturdiness & Durability

    Golf umbrellas need to withstand frequent use in a variety of weather conditions. Look for models with strong frames and premium materials. The Galvin Green Tromb features an extra-sturdy frame and ripstop fabric. Fiberglass shafts, like those in the Under Armour Golf Umbrella and Callaway UV 64″ Double Canopy, provide lightweight strength.

    Pay attention to the quality of the canopy fabric too. The FootJoy DryJoys is 100% waterproof, while the UV-Blocker uses a proprietary Solarteck material for maximum UV resistance. Reinforced connectors and joints are also important for long-term durability.

    Size of the Canopy

    Golf umbrella canopies typically range from about 60-68 inches in diameter. Larger canopies offer more coverage and allow you to shelter your clubs or share with a partner.

    However, bigger isn’t always better. If you frequently walk the course or have limited storage space in your bag, a more compact option may be preferable. Consider your own height, too – the Big Max Aqua, for instance, is designed with a longer shaft for taller golfers.

    Compactness & Transportability

    When your umbrella isn’t in use, it needs to fit comfortably in your golf bag. Look for models that fold down compactly and come with a dedicated storage sleeve.

    Weight is another factor that impacts portability. While durable materials are a must, you don’t want an umbrella that adds too much heft to your bag.

    Some umbrellas have ergonomic handles with special grips for easier carrying, like the non-slip handle on the Callaway UV 64″ Double Canopy.


    Golf Umbrella Budget

    Golf umbrella prices vary from under $30 up to $100+ for premium models. In general, you tend to get what you pay for in terms of quality, UV protection and special features.

    However, you can find solid UV protection and durability in the under-$50 range. Ultimately, the right umbrella for you will depend on your budget and which features matter most. Consider your purchase an investment in your comfort and safety on the course.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in a high-quality UV golf umbrella is a smart decision for any golfer looking to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful rays while enjoying their time on the course.

    By considering the key factors outlined in our buyer’s guide, such as canopy size, portability, UV protection rating, durability, and transportability, you can confidently select the best UV golf umbrella to suit your specific needs and preferences.

    However, for golfers who frequently encounter rain and wind during their games, a UV umbrella might not be enough. For ultimate protection from the elements, look no further than our guide to top-rated golf umbrellas for wind and rain

    Among the top-rated umbrellas reviewed in this article, you’re sure to find the perfect companion for your golfing adventures, whether you prioritize maximum coverage, lightweight design or superior UV protection.

    But an umbrella is just one way to enhance your golf cart experience. For those who want to take their comfort and customization to the next level, check out our comprehensive guide to golf cart accessories.

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