10 Best Golf Bags for Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart – Tested & Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Golf Bag for MGI Zip Navigator Push Cart is the MGI Lite Play Golf Bag. This feature-rich and lightweight bag seamlessly integrates with MGI's Zip carts, securely locking in place with the innovative Bag Link Technology. With a 14-way top, full-length dividers, nine pockets including fleece-lined valuables storage, and a dedicated putter well, it offers excellent organization and ample space for all your gear.

The MGI Zip Navigator electric push cart is very popular among golfers worldwide. The best golf bags for it should not only complement its features but also provide ample storage, organization and ease of use.

In this article, we’ll review the top golf bags that perfectly pair with the MGI Zip Navigator, highlighting their key features, benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also provide a detailed buyer’s guide to help you understand the essential factors to consider when selecting a bag for your push cart.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Picks for Top Golf Bags for the MGI ZIP Navigator Golf Cart

Based on our testing, experience and research, the following are our recommended golf bags for your Zip Navigator cart. Our selection includes options with various price points to make sure you can find a bag that suits your needs and budget.

    MGI Lite Play Golf Bag

    The MGI Lite Play Golf Bag is our top recommendation. It is a feature-rich bag that seamlessly integrates with MGI’s Zip series push carts. Weighing in at just 6.2 pounds, this bag won’t weigh you down on the course, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

    One of the standout features of the MGI Lite Play is its innovative Bag Link Technology. This system securely locks the bag onto any MGI Zip series cart, preventing unwanted twisting or turning during play. You can focus on your game, knowing your clubs and accessories will stay organized and accessible throughout your round.

    The bag’s 14-way top with full-length dividers keeps your clubs neatly arranged and protected, while the separate putter well provides dedicated space for your flat stick. Nine pockets, including fleece-lined valuables and rangefinder pockets, provide ample storage for all your golfing essentials. The high-quality zippers ensure smooth and reliable access to your gear.

    MGI has thoughtfully designed the Lite Play to accommodate all your on-course needs. The full-length umbrella holder and towel-glove ring keep your accessories within reach, while the adjustable strap allows for a customized fit. The included rain hood offers protection from the elements, ensuring your clubs stay dry in inclement weather.


    • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
    • Bag Link Technology prevents twisting on cart
    • 14-way top with full-length dividers for organization
    • Ample storage with nine pockets, including fleece-lined valuables
    • Adjustable strap and included rain hood for versatility


    • Higher price point compared to some competitors

    The MGI Lite Play Golf Bag is an excellent choice for golfers who prioritize organization, convenience and compatibility with MGI’s Zip series push carts. Its thoughtful design, ample storage and lightweight construction make it a great option in the golf bag market. While the price may be higher than some alternatives, the Lite Play’s features and quality justify the investment for serious golfers seeking a top-performing bag.

    Callaway Org 14

    If you’re in the market for a feature-packed and well-organized golf bag for your Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart, the Callaway Golf ORG 14 Cart Bag is an excellent choice. This bag seamlessly integrates with most modern push carts thanks to its Lowrider technology, providing a secure walk with two pushcart straps and a refined cart strap pass-through.

    The ORG 14 comes with a 14-way divider top, which keeps your clubs neatly organized and easily accessible during your round. The compartments are well-spaced, ensuring your clubs won’t get tangled or damaged. The bag itself is lightweight at only 6 pounds, making it easy to lift on and off your cart.

    Storage is where the ORG 14 really shines. With a total of 11 pockets, you’ll have ample space for all your gear and then some. The rapid access pocket is perfect for grabbing frequently used items like tees and balls, while the insulated cooler pocket keeps your drinks nice and cold on hot days. The accommodating apparel pockets provide plenty of room for extra layers, gloves and other gear.

    The bag’s design is sleek and modern, with a black colorway that looks sharp on any golf course. The materials feel durable and high-quality, giving you confidence that this bag will withstand the wear and tear of regular use.


    • 14-way divider top for excellent club organization
    • Lightweight at only 6 pounds
    • 11 well-designed pockets for ample storage
    • Insulated cooler pocket for beverages
    • Integrates smoothly with push carts
    • Available in multiple color combinations
    • Excellent build quality


    • Rainhood not included

    The Callaway Golf ORG 14 Cart Bag is a highly recommended choice for those using an Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart. Its thoughtful design, ample storage and push cart compatibility make it an ideal companion for your rounds. While a rain hood would have been a nice inclusion, the bag’s many strengths far outweigh this minor drawback.

    MGI Dry Play-Waterproof Golf Bag

    The MGI Dry Play-Waterproof Golf Bag is designed to provide protection and convenience on the course. With its innovative Bag Link Technology, this bag locks securely onto any MGI Zip Series model, eliminating twisting or turning. The 14-way top with full-length dividers ensures your clubs stay organized.

    The Dry Play series offers seam-sealed pockets and high-quality zips, keeping your belongings dry in wet conditions. With nine pockets in total, including fleece-lined valuables and rangefinder pockets, you’ll have ample storage space for all your essentials.

    The bag’s thoughtful design extends to its full-length umbrella holder well and towel-glove ring, providing added convenience on the course. Despite its robust features, the MGI Dry Play-Waterproof Golf Bag remains lightweight at just 6.6 lbs, making it easy to transport. The adjustable strap also ensures a comfortable fit, while the Andriod base sits securely on a golf cart for stability during play.


    • Secure Bag Link Technology prevents twisting
    • Waterproof construction with seam-sealed pockets
    • Ample storage with 9 well-designed pockets
    • Lightweight design for easy transport
    • Andriod base for stability on golf carts


    • Pricey for some

    MGI’s Dry Play-Waterproof Golf Bag is another high-quality, feature-rich bag that can withstand the elements. Its secure attachment system, waterproof construction and thoughtful storage design make it an excellent choice for those using MGI Zip Navigator Push Carts.

    Sun Mountain C-130 (2024)

    The Sun Mountain C-130 has been a leader in the cart bag market for nearly two decades, and the 2024 model continues to impress. During our tests, the C-130 consistently stood out for its superior design and functionality.

    One of the most notable features of the C-130 is its ample storage space. With 13 pockets, including two full-length apparel pockets, a ventilated cooler pocket, and multiple velour-lined pockets for valuables, this bag provides more than enough room for all your essentials. The magnetic rangefinder pocket is a particularly nice touch, ensuring quick and easy access to this crucial device.

    The C-130’s 14-way top, with individual full-length dividers, keeps your clubs organized and protected. The reverse orientation of the top places your putter and short irons at the front of the bag when it’s on a cart, making it easy to grab your scoring clubs when you need them. This design choice demonstrates Sun Mountain’s deep understanding of the needs of cart-using golfers.

    Stability is another area where the C-130 excels. Sun Mountain’s Smart Strap System secures the bag to your cart with two Velcro straps, effectively preventing bag twisting and ensuring full access to all pockets. The bag’s superior craftsmanship and high-end materials contribute to its overall stability and durability.

    While the C-130 is not the lightest cart bag on the market, its 6.8-pound weight is a testament to its sturdy construction. The bag’s three handles make it easy to maneuver on and off the cart, and the included matching rain hood provides protection from the elements.


    • Ample storage with 13 well-designed pockets
    • 14-way top with full-length dividers for club organization
    • Smart Strap System ensures stability on the cart
    • Superior craftsmanship and high-end materials
    • Reverse-oriented top for easy access to scoring clubs


    • Not the lightest cart bag available

    Sun Mountain’s 2024 C-130 golf cart bag is an exceptional choice for cart-using golfers who demand the best in terms of storage, organization and stability. While it is a tad heavier than other options, the C-130’s superior design and construction make it a top contender in the cart bag category.

    Sun Mountain 2024 Sync Golf Cart Bag

    The Sun Mountain Sync golf bag is a game-changer for avid golfers who prefer using push carts. This bag has been meticulously designed to address the common issues faced by push cart users, such as ill-fitting bags and inaccessible pockets.

    The Sync’s 14-way top includes an integrated putter compartment. The full-length dividers protect your clubs and prevent the migration of shafts, ensuring your gear stays organized. The bag’s bottom is molded to fit seamlessly over the lower bag rest of popular Sun Mountain push carts, like the Speed Cart V1R and Pathfinder PX3 and PX4, minimizing side-to-side movement for a secure and stable ride.

    Accessibility is a key focus of the Sync’s design. All 13 pockets, including a ventilated cooler pocket, two water-resistant valuables pockets, and a velour-lined rangefinder pocket, are forward-facing and easily accessible when the bag is on a cart. The lifting rangefinder pocket and cart strap pass-through slots allow you to secure your bag without compromising pocket usage. The inclusion of cart bumpers enhances the bag’s durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

    While the Sync excels in its push cart compatibility, there is room for improvement in its carry strap design. When carrying the bag using the single strap, your clubs and the bag are oriented differently compared to how they sit in the push cart. This can lead to clubs clanking against each other and potential damage to your shafts. Addressing this issue could make the Sync an even more versatile option for golfers who occasionally carry their bags.


    • 14-way top with full-length dividers for organized club storage
    • Bottom molded to fit securely on popular Sun Mountain push carts
    • 13 forward-facing, easily accessible pockets for ample storage
    • Lifting rangefinder pocket and cart strap pass-through for seamless cart attachment
    • Durable cart bumpers for longevity


    • Carry strap design could be improved for better club protection when carrying
    • Limited to one full-length pocket due to large cooler pocket placement

    The Sun Mountain Sync is an excellent choice for golfers who primarily use push carts and value organization, accessibility and stability. While there is room for improvement in its carry strap design, the Sync’s purposeful features and attention to detail make it an excellent option in its category.

    TaylorMade Vessel Lite Lux Golf Bag

    TaylorMade’s Vessel Lite Lux Premium Stand Bag is a top-tier choice for golfers seeking a luxurious and high-performance option to pair with their Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart. As you explore this bag’s features, you’ll quickly realize why it is one of the best.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Vessel Lite Lux boasts handstitched tour-grade crosshatch eco-leather, exuding a premium look and feel. The bag’s construction is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to be durable. You’ll appreciate the weather-resistant YKK metal zippers and the waterproof velour-lined personal pocket, ensuring your belongings stay dry and protected.

    One interesting feature is the Equilibrium 2.0 convertible strap, which offers the versatility of both double and single loop options. This allows you to customize the bag’s carrying style to your preference, enhancing comfort and ease of use. The 4-way top with fully lined dividers keeps your clubs organized and easily accessible, while the patented Rotator stability base system with carbon fiber legs provides exceptional stability when setting the bag down.

    Thoughtful storage solutions abound in the Vessel Lite Lux. The magnetic rangefinder quick-access pocket keeps your distance-measuring device within reach, and the matching rain hood ensures your clubs stay dry at all times. The bag’s seven pockets also provide ample space for your essentials.


    • Premium handstitched eco-leather construction
    • Versatile Equilibrium 2.0 convertible strap system
    • Weatherproof zippers and waterproof personal pocket
    • Magnetic rangefinder quick access pocket
    • Patented Rotator stability base with carbon fiber legs


    • Higher price point compared to other stand bags

    While the TaylorMade Vessel Lite Lux Premium Stand Bag may come with a higher price tag, its exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials and innovative features justify the investment for discerning golfers. The bag’s lightweight design, coupled with its sturdy construction and ample storage, make it an ideal companion for your Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart.

    Wilson Staff Lite Cart II Bag

    This lightweight cart bag, weighing just 4.1 pounds, is designed for maximum convenience during your round. The 14-way top with 3 full-length dividers is a nice feature, promising easy club retrieval and organization. However, in practice, the divider system falls short. Clubs frequently snag when pulling them out, leading to frustration and potential damage to your gear. The lack of sufficient individual club slots can result in clubs banging against each other, which is far from ideal.

    On the plus side, the bag boasts a total of 7 pockets, all strategically placed for quick access from your golf cart. You’ll find ample space for your essentials, including a decently sized cooler pocket that can hold a couple of water bottles. The ball and side pockets are generously sized, allowing you to carry all your necessary gear. However, the tee pocket is on the smaller side, and the umbrella holder seems more of an afterthought than a functional addition.

    The sleek profile and durable fabric of the Wilson Staff Lite II Cart Bag offer both style and longevity. You can expect this bag to withstand regular use on the course. The included rain hood provides protection against the elements, ensuring your clubs stay dry during unexpected showers.


    • Lightweight design at just 4.1 pounds
    • 7 conveniently placed pockets for ample storage
    • Durable fabric for long-lasting use
    • Included rain hood for weather protection
    • Padded strap for comfortable carrying


    • The 14-way divider system can be improved
    • Subpar umbrella holder and tee pocket

    While the Wilson Staff Lite II Cart Bag has a few issues, mainly with the tee pocket and umbrella holder, it still offers some appealing features, such as its lightweight construction and ample storage. It is a good choice for golfers using the Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart.

    Callaway Golf Fairway 14

    When it comes to finding the ideal golf bag for your Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart, the Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag is a worthy contender. This bag seamlessly combines the spacious organization of a cart bag with the portability of a stand bag, making it a versatile choice for golfers of all levels.

    The 14-way top with Overmold technology is an innovative design that provides individual club dividers, ensuring your clubs stay neatly organized and protected throughout your round. The lowrider top is pushcart-friendly, allowing for easy integration with most carts on the market, including the Mgi Zip Navigator.

    In terms of storage, the Fairway 14 has you covered with an array of well-designed pockets. The insulated water bottle pocket keeps your beverages cool and within reach, while the velour-lined valuables pocket provides a secure spot for your keys, wallet or phone. Additionally, the bag features a GPS/rangefinder pocket, making it easy to access your distance-measuring devices when needed.

    Constructed with rugged and durable fabric, the Fairway 14 is built to withstand the rigors of the course. The alloy towel ring with metal zip pulls adds a touch of durability and style, while the cart strap pass-through ensures a secure fit on your push cart.

    Despite its ample storage and sturdy construction, the Fairway 14 remains surprisingly lightweight at just 6 lbs. This makes it easy to carry from your car to the cart or even for short walks on the course. The included straps and rain hood provide added convenience and protection for your clubs.


    • 14-way top with individual club dividers
    • Pushcart-friendly lowrider design
    • Insulated water bottle pocket
    • Velour-lined valuables pocket
    • Lightweight at only 6 lbs


    • May be too large for those who prefer minimalist bags

    Overall, the Callaway Golf Fairway 14 Stand Bag is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a high-quality, feature-rich bag that seamlessly integrates with their Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart. Its thoughtful design, ample storage, and lightweight construction make it a top pick for golfers who demand the best in performance and convenience.

    Mizuno BR-DX Hybrid Golf Stand Bag

    The Mizuno BR-DX 14-Way Hybrid Stand Bag is a versatile and well-designed golf bag that caters to the needs of both cart and carry golfers. After testing it, I can confidently say that this bag leaves no stone unturned when it comes to features and functionality.

    The bag’s 14-way top cuff with full-length dividers design ensures that each of your clubs has its own dedicated slot, preventing them from tangling or clanking together during your round. The dividers are well-constructed and spacious enough to accommodate even oversized grips without any issues.

    The dual shoulder straps with quick-release clips make it easy to switch between carrying and riding modes. When you’re walking the course, the straps are comfortable and distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders. The full-length stand legs provide excellent stability, ensuring that your bag stays upright even on uneven terrain.

    Storage is another area where the BR-DX excels. The bag features a fleece-lined valuables pocket with a waterproof zipper, perfect for keeping your phone, watch or keys safe and scratch-free. There’s also a large insulated cooler pocket with a drain hole, ideal for storing beverages and snacks during those long, hot days on the course.

    With 13 pockets in total, you’ll have ample space for all your balls, tees, gloves, and even a spare set of shoes. The pockets are well-placed and easily accessible, so you won’t waste time rummaging around for what you need.


    • 14-way top cuff with full-length dividers
    • Comfortable dual shoulder straps
    • Sturdy full-length stand legs
    • Fleece-lined valuables pocket
    • Large insulated cooler pocket
    • Hybrid design


    • You may find the bag slightly heavy when fully loaded

    The Mizuno BR-DX 14-Way Hybrid Stand Bag is an excellent choice for golfers who want the best of both worlds – the convenience of a cart bag and the versatility of a stand bag. Its 14-way top and numerous storage options make it one of the best golf bags for the Mgi Zip Navigator Push Cart, ensuring that your clubs and accessories are well-organized and easily accessible during your round. While it may be a bit pricier than some other options, the quality and features of the BR-DX make it a winning investment.

    Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

    The Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag brilliantly combines the best features of a stand bag and cart bag, making it an excellent choice for golfers using push carts like the Mgi Zip Navigator. This well-designed bag offers ample storage, easy access to clubs and push cart compatibility, all in a sleek package.

    The 14-way top divider provides superior club organization and protection. Say goodbye to club crowding and enjoy the convenience of designated slots for each club. The two spacious apparel pockets easily accommodate extra layers and rain gear, ensuring you’re prepared for any weather on the course.

    Titleist has thoughtfully incorporated a cart strap tunnel, allowing the bag to securely fasten to your push cart without twisting or turning. The push cart rest adds stability, preventing the bag from tipping over. These features make the Hybrid 14 an ideal companion for your Mgi Zip Navigator.

    Although slightly heavier than some stand bags at 6.1 pounds, the Hybrid 14 strikes a balance between functionality and portability. The premium double strap system distributes weight evenly, enhancing comfort when carrying the bag. However, the padding could be improved for added cushioning during long rounds.


    • 14-way top divider
    • Spacious pockets for ample storage
    • Cart strap tunnel for secure attachment
    • Push cart rest for added stability
    • Premium double strap for comfortable carrying


    • Strap padding could be more substantial

    The Titleist Hybrid 14 Stand Bag is a versatile, feature-rich bag that seamlessly integrates with push carts like the Mgi Zip Navigator. With its superior organization, ample storage and thoughtful design elements, this bag is sure to elevate your entire experience.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in Your Golf Bag for Your MGI Zip Navigator

    Choosing the best golf bag to use with your Zip Navigator can be overwhelming, mainly because of the multiple options available on the market. That’s why we listed some important factors to keep in mind to ensure you make the best decision.

    The bag’s compatibility with the MGI Zip Navigator

    When choosing a golf bag for your MGI Zip Navigator push cart, compatibility is a crucial factor to consider. Ensure that the bag’s base fits securely on the cart’s bag support to prevent any unwanted movement or slippage during your round.

    Look for bags with a compatible top-lock system or bag-to-cart attachment mechanism that ensures a stable and secure connection between the bag and the cart.

    Additionally, consider the bag’s balance and stability when attached to the cart, as this can affect the overall maneuverability and ease of use of your setup.

    If you feel the bag is not stable enough, or if it keeps rotating, you can still use the Clicgear Golf Trolley Bag Cozy, a smart accessory that will keep the bag attached to your cart and prevent it from falling or rotating.

    Storage capacity

    golf bags with multiple clubs

    Storage capacity is another essential aspect to consider when selecting a golf bag for your MGI Zip Navigator. Look for a bag with ample storage for your clubs, typically featuring 14 or more club dividers to keep your clubs organized and protected.

    Check the size and number of pockets available for storing accessories like balls, tees, gloves, and rangefinders. Also, evaluate the bag’s overall volume and its ability to accommodate all your necessary gear without overcrowding or making it difficult to access individual items.


    To ensure your bag withstands the test of time and regular use, opt for bags made with high-quality, tear-resistant materials like nylon or polyester.

    The bag should have reinforced stress points, such as the base and club dividers, which are subject to more wear and tear.

    The quality of zippers, pockets and straps is also crucial for long-lasting use, so be sure to examine these components closely. Despite the higher price point, investing in a durable bag will provide you with years of reliable performance on the course.

    Lightweight design

    It’s essential to choose a golf bag that is lightweight to avoid adding unnecessary weight to your cart, which can reduce its capacity or if you need to push it manually (in case the battery dies).

    Look for bags constructed with lightweight materials that don’t compromise durability, such as high-quality nylon or polyester. Consider the bag’s empty weight and how it affects the overall maneuverability and ease of use of your cart.

    A lightweight bag will make it easier to push your cart around the course and minimize fatigue during your round.

    Ease of access and organization

    A well-organized golf bag can save you time and frustration on the course. Look for bags with a 14-way top or individual full-length club dividers, which allow for easy club organization and retrieval.

    Think about the placement and design of pockets to ensure quick access to essential items like balls, tees and gloves. In addition, evaluate features like an insulated cooler pocket for beverages, a lined valuables pocket for safekeeping or an external putter well for convenience.

    These organizational features will help streamline your game and keep you focused on your performance.

    Weather protection

    golf bag with golf clubs

    Protecting your gear from the elements is crucial, so opt for bags with water-resistant or waterproof materials to keep your belongings dry in inclement weather.

    Try to find bags with sealed seams, water-resistant zippers and rain hoods for added protection against moisture. Check if the bag has a drainage system to prevent water from pooling inside the pockets or main compartment, which can damage your clubs and accessories.

    A bag with excellent weather protection will give you peace of mind and allow you to play through various conditions without worrying about your gear.

    Additional features

    Golf bags often come with a range of additional features that can enhance your overall experience. These can include a dedicated umbrella holder, towel ring or glove holder for added convenience on the course.

    Other cool additions to your bag include a Velcro patch or magnetic pocket for attaching your golf glove between shots, a pen holder for marking your scorecard, a divot tool sleeve for easy access to your repair tool, or a cart strap pass-through for securing your bag to the cart.

    These small but thoughtful features can make a significant difference in your golfing experience.

    Brand reputation and warranty

    When investing in a golf bag for your MGI Zip Navigator, it’s essential to choose a bag from a reputable brand known for its quality and durability.

    Research the brand’s history and read customer reviews and ratings to gauge the bag’s performance and user satisfaction. Consider the warranty coverage and customer support offered by the manufacturer, as this can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.

    A brand with a strong reputation and reliable warranty will ensure that you receive a high-quality product and excellent support should any issues arise.

    Final Thoughts

    Investing in the right golf bag for your MGI Zip Navigator electric push cart is a decision that will significantly impact your golfing experience.

    The key factors outlined in our buyer’s guide can help you confidently select the best bag to suit your specific needs and preferences. We assure you that you will find the perfect companion for your MGI Zip Navigator, whether you prioritize ample storage, lightweight design or convenient access to your clubs and accessories.

    For those who prefer a completely hands-free experience, consider investing in electric golf caddies with remote control. These innovative caddies follow you around the course, eliminating the need to push or pull a cart.

    Take the time to evaluate your options, choose wisely and enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience with your MGI Zip Navigator and the ideal golf bag by your side.

    Once you’ve chosen the perfect golf bag for your MGI Zip Navigator, you’ll also need to consider storage solutions for when you’re not on the course. Keeping your clubs organized and protected in your garage or home can help prevent damage. For a variety of space-saving and organizational options, check out our guide on home and garage golf club storage organizers.

    Happy Golfing!


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