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A complete indoor golf simulator setup with couches in front of it. Green text box on the right contains the text
July 23, 2022

10 Steps to Start and Grow a Golf Simulator Business

If you are looking for some clues to starting your golf simulator business, we have made it easier for you by compiling the necessary information here. Also, if you already have a ...
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Complete SkyTrak Indoor Golf Simulator Setup. Green textbox on the left contains the text
July 11, 2022

The 10 Best SkyTrak Golf Simulators – 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Skytrak is one of the most popular golf simulators in the market today! It is trusted by golfers from around the world for the level of quality and accuracy it provides for a relat...
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SkyTrak launch monitor on top of a counter. Green textbox on the left contains the text
July 11, 2022

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor Review: Still the Best Simulator in 2022?

The Skytrak launch monitor is a great product that is extremely popular among golfers of different skill levels for a reason. It provides extremely accurate data and metrics as wel...
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best commercial golf simulators
June 23, 2022

The 10 Best Commercial Golf Simulators of 2022

Our top pick for the best overall commercial golf simulator went to HD Golf's systems, thanks to the innovations and creativity brought by the Canadian company. Second is the majes...
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Complete golf simulator setup with launch monitor beside a lot of golf balls on the hitting mat. Green textbox on the left contains the text
June 17, 2022

Difference Between A Launch Monitor And Golf Simulator - Explained

It's no secret that golf has gone digital. Even in a game with centuries-old customs, modern technology has left its mark. If you are into golf virtual technology, chances are you ...
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Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor on top of grass with smartphone beside it. Green textbox on the right contains the text
June 14, 2022

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor Review

The Approach R10 was the first launch monitor in its price of $599 to include golf simulation features from Garmin. With its well above-average accuracy, the ability to track your ...
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Complete indoor golf simulator setup with an overhead launch monitor and projector and golf balls on the hitting mat. Green textbox on the right contains the text
June 5, 2022

The 10 Best Golf Simulators for Small Space

As a golfer, you have probably dreamt of owning your own home golf simulator system. However, space limitations have always prevented you from fulfilling your dream. This article ...
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Indoor golf simulator set up of the HD Golf Ultimate Entertainment Package. Green textbox on the left contains the text
May 15, 2022

The 10 Best Indoor Golf Simulators for Home 2022. Reviews & Guide

Foresight Sports Sim-in-a-Box Birdie Plus has passed our tests as the best choice for home use, followed by the GCQuad Home Golf Simulator Package, while the SkyTrak SIG12 / SIG10 ...
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Image of a ceiling mounted projector in a room with a green textbox that contains the text
April 7, 2022

The 6 Best Projectors for Golf Simulators

One of the most overlooked components in virtual golf is the lamp or laser projector. Many golfers fail to realize that choosing a good throw projector is crucial to optimal experi...
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