7 Best Golf Simulators to connect with Tv – Reviews & Buyer Guide

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Golf Simulator to connect with TV is the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator. It's a comprehensive indoor golfing solution with TV compatibility, offering 15 virtual courses, swing analysis, and practice without real balls for living room use.

Do you want to play virtual golf but don’t have the required space or hefty budget to install a complete home setup? What if we told you that with the latest advancements in technology, you can play virtual golf on your living room TV without the need for all the bells and whistles?

From budget-friendly options like OptiShot, which lets you hit real or foam balls into a net, to innovative ball-free systems like Phi Golf and its smart swing stick, there’s a TV golf simulator to fit every need and budget.

In this article, we will review a selection of golf simulators suitable for use with large-screen TV and provide a list of key factors to consider while choosing a system.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Recommended Golf Simulators to Connect with TV

The following are our favorite golf simulators to use with TV. The list includes full practice systems, partial practice ones and swing sticks to ensure everyone finds something that fits their budget.

    Optishot 2 Golf In A Box – Practice Without Using a Real Ball

    The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is a comprehensive indoor golfing solution that brings the course to your living room. This package, aptly named “Golf In A Box,” includes everything you need to get started: the OptiShot 2 simulator, software, USB cable, adjustable rubber tees, two foam practice balls, a hitting mat, and a golf net.

    One of the standout features of the OptiShot 2 is its compatibility with your home TV. By connecting the simulator to your television, you can immerse yourself in the virtual experience on a larger screen. The setup process is straightforward, making it easy to dive into a virtual round of golf without the hassle of complex installations.

    Using infrared sensors, the OptiShot 2’s swing analyzer tracks crucial data points such as club speed, carry distance, face angle, path, face contact, and tempo. This level of detail provides valuable insights into your swing, enabling you to make data-driven improvements to your technique. You can perfect your swing playing 15 included virtual courses without the need of any subscription.

    The best thing is that you can use the system without real balls, since it only tracks the club. This means that you can use the Optishot 2 in your living room with minimal precautions, as you don’t risk hitting anything with mishits.


    • Complete package for indoor golf
    • Easy setup and TV compatibility
    • 15 virtual courses included
    • Online tournament play via Season Pass
    • Compact design, minimal space required


    • Limited to club data tracking only
    • Potential interference from infrared light sources

    The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator is an excellent affordable, feature-rich budget sim. Its compatibility with home TVs, user-friendly setup and detailed swing analysis make it a great TV golf sim. While it has some limitations, such as only tracking club data, the OptiShot 2 delivers a comprehensive package that allows you to practice, play and compete from the comfort of your living room.

    Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator – Excellent for Putting Practice Only


    Next on our radar is the EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator, an excellent choice for golfers looking to upgrade their home putting practice. The latest version, the EX500D, comes with new modes, courses and an updated design to help you take your putting to the next level.

    What sets the EXPutt apart is its ability to precisely measure your putts in real-time. The included putting mat and tracking camera provide three modes – Practice, Multiplayer and Explorer – allowing you to work on your skills in various scenarios.

    The detailed feedback provided after each putt is very useful. You’ll see the exact path direction and face angle at impact, measured in degrees. This granular data is crucial for identifying and correcting any flaws in your stroke. Additionally, you can adjust the green speed to match various stimpmeter readings, ensuring your practice translates seamlessly to the course.

    With a price tag of $469, the EXPutt is very affordable, considering the advanced technology and targeted feedback it provides. It’s a fraction of the cost of high-end systems like SAM PuttLab, yet delivers comparable insights to help you shave strokes off your game.


    • Precise real-time putt tracking and analysis
    • Multiple engaging practice modes for varied training
    • Adjustable green speeds to simulate various conditions
    • Detailed feedback on path and face angle
    • Very affordable price point for the technology


    • Putting mat size may be limiting for some

    While no substitute for real on-course experience, the EXPutt comes impressively close to replicating key aspects of putting. The accurate tracking, instant feedback and customizable features make it a powerful tool for golfers of all skill levels looking to build consistency and confidence with the flatstick. The EXPutt Real-Time Putting Simulator is a worthy addition to your home practice setup.

    Trugolf Mini Simulator – Best Swing Stick with E6 Connect Support

    TruGolf Mini Golf Trainer Package

    The TruGolf Mini package comes with a sensor that gathers meaningful data, an impact trainer that creates an authentic impact sensation, and the E6 Connect software, which offers analytics, full course play, practice ranges, and games. With every shot you take, the TruGolf Mini provides valuable insights into four critical swing characteristics: club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path.

    Also, the TruGolf Mini offers a lot of fun for the whole family with engaging games like Carnival, Battle Stations and Demolition Driving Range. The E6 software ensures that everyone can enjoy the TruGolf Mini, regardless of their age or skill level.

    The TruGolf Mini is compatible with a range of iOS and PC devices, making it easily accessible for most households. However, it’s important to note that the system does require a dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 support and an internet connection.


    • Real-time swing data and analysis
    • Versatile gameplay options for all skill levels
    • Authentic impact sensation with the weighted trainer
    • Compatible with various iOS and PC devices
    • Very affordable price point


    • May not offer the same immersion as higher-end simulators

    If you’re looking for a golf simulator that connects seamlessly with your TV and provides a fun, engaging and educational experience, the TruGolf Mini Golf Trainer Package is definitely worth considering. Its combination of advanced swing analysis, diverse gameplay options and affordable price make it an attractive choice for those seeking to improve their game from the comfort of their own home.

    Swinglogic SLX Microsim – Best Budget Option

    SwingLogic has created an impressive home golf simulator with their SLX MicroSim. When you want to practice your game but can’t get to the course, this simulator provides a highly effective indoor solution that connects seamlessly with your TV.

    The heart of the system is the high-quality swing stick. It features a grip sensor that tracks your swing with impressive accuracy, providing detailed data on distance, club speed, spin, tempo, and club face alignment. With this feedback, you can analyze your swing mechanics, identify strengths and weaknesses and fine-tune your technique to shave strokes off your score.

    Versatility is another strong suit of the SLX MicroSim. You can swing from a standing or sitting position, making it accessible even to wheelchair users. Just clip the sensor to your own clubs for precise tracking with every club in your bag.

    The SLX MicroSim also includes a 6-month trial of the renowned E6 Connect software. This gives you virtual access to play on stunningly recreated versions of world-famous courses. It’s not quite the same as teeing it up at Pebble Beach or St. Andrews, but it’s an engrossing experience that lets you test your skills on bucket list layouts.


    • Accurate and detailed swing analysis
    • Versatile for golfers of all ages/abilities
    • Fast response time for instant feedback
    • Realistic simulation, especially with real balls
    • Includes trial of E6 Connect’s top courses


    • Requires additional subscription for full E6 Connect access
    • Sensor clips can be fiddly when swapping clubs

    The detailed swing data, realistic simulation and ability to play world-class courses make the SLX MicroSim an outstanding training tool and entertainment center in one. This simulator package deserves a top spot on your list.

    Phigolf 2 Golf Swing Stick & Simulator – Support for Multiple Simulator Software

    PHIGOLF Phigolf2 Golf Simulator with Swing Stick

    Phigolf offers a cutting-edge golf simulator experience, bridging the gap between virtual and real-world golf. The 9.8g light sensor, designed with a reinforced stopper, attaches easily to the included swing stick or your own clubs, providing stability and durability for countless practice sessions.

    The 3D data analysis system offers data on your swing tempo, consistency and overall performance. Visual feedback on head speed, swing frequency, club path, face angle, and shot distance empowers you to identify areas for improvement and refine your technique.

    With an impressive selection of 76 courses from renowned apps like “Phigolf,” “WGT” and “E6 CONNECT,” you’ll enjoy diverse, true-to-life virtual environments. The promise of ongoing course updates and additions ensures a fresh, engaging experience every time you play.

    Phigolf’s online network fosters a sense of community, connecting golf enthusiasts worldwide through tournament modes and friendly competition. The rush mode allows up to 4 players to join the game simultaneously on a single device, making it a fantastic choice for social gatherings and family fun.


    • Realistic golf simulation with 9.8g light sensor
    • In-depth 3D data analysis for swing improvement
    • 76 diverse courses from popular golf apps
    • Online network for worldwide competition and collaboration
    • Accessible to golfers of all skill levels


    • Requires a compatible device for full functionality
    • Some users may prefer a larger sensor

    Phigolf’s simulator delivers a comprehensive, user-friendly experience that caters to a wide range of players. With its advanced sensor technology, extensive course selection and engaging online features, it offers exceptional value for those seeking to improve their game or simply enjoy the sport from home.

    Rapsodo MLM2Pro Practice Package – Higher Accuracy on a Budget

    rapsodo mlm2pro practice package

    Our next pick is the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Practice Package, a comprehensive training setup designed to help you perfect your game. This package combines the cutting-edge MLM2PRO launch monitor with premium hitting nets and turf options, providing a versatile and durable practice environment.

    The MLM2PRO launch monitor is the star of the show, offering some impressive features that cater to golfers of all skill levels. With its advanced Doppler radar and dual camera system, this portable device delivers precise shot data across 13 key parameters, including carry distance, total distance, spin rate, and more. The high-speed impact vision camera captures every detail of your ball strike at 240 frames per second, while the shot vision feature provides slow-motion swing videos complete with shot-tracer technology.

    Additionally, the MLM2PRO is usable both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re practicing in your living room or refining your skills on the driving range, this launch monitor adapts to your needs. The included tripod stand ensures stable placement, while the carrying case makes transportation a breeze.

    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO Practice Package also includes a free one-year premium membership, granting you access to personalized data, performance combines and cloud storage for up to 10,000 videos. With over 30,000 courses available for virtual play, you can experience the thrill of playing world-renowned layouts.

    To complement the MLM2PRO, this package also offers a choice of high-quality hitting nets and turf options. The SwingNet Pro and SwingNet Lite golf nets provide durable, ballistics-grade netting and easy assembly, ensuring long-lasting performance. The SwingTurf golf mat, named the Best Golf Mat of 2023 by MyGolfSpy, delivers a realistic hitting surface with its lifelike nylon turf and foam backing. For added convenience, you can opt for the landing pad turf, which doubles as a putting green.


    • Precise shot data across 13 key parameters
    • High-speed impact and shot vision cameras
    • Indoor/outdoor compatibility
    • Free one-year premium membership with 30,000 courses
    • Durable hitting nets and premium turf options


    • May require a larger indoor space for optimal use

    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO Practice Package is an excellent choice in terms of accuracy, versatility and durability. With its advanced launch monitor technology, premium hitting surfaces and extensive virtual course library, this package offers an immersive and effective practice experience that can help you take your golf game to the next level.

    Swing Caddie SC4 Practice Package – Another Great Value Option

    Swing Caddie SC4

    At the heart of this practice environment is the Swing Caddie SC4 launch monitor. Its standalone functionality delivers crucial data like carry distance, launch angle, and ball speed on a vivid display – no smartphone is required. Connect the SC4 to your device via Bluetooth, and unlock even more features, such as swing recording and data tracking.

    The Net Return V2 Series hits a hole-in-one with its automatic ball return feature. Crafted with a durable aluminum frame and commercial-grade netting, it can handle blistering ball speeds up to 250 MPH. Quick assembly makes setup a breeze, so you can focus on what matters: perfecting your swing.

    In addition, you can immerse yourself in a true-to-life experience by connecting the SC4 to the MySwingCaddie App. Dive into detailed metrics and stats or explore photorealistic courses with the E6 Connect / Optishot Orion integration (subscription required). The SC4’s precision and the Net Return’s versatility combine to create an unparalleled practice tool.


    • Comprehensive package with high-quality components
    • SC4 provides accurate metrics
    • Net Return V2 automatically returns balls
    • Easy, one-person assembly in just 5 minutes
    • Bluetooth connectivity and app integration


    • Requires ample space for optimal use
    • E6 Connect / Optishot Orion require additional subscriptions

    The Swing Caddie SC4 and Net Return V2 Series package offers a good home golf simulator solution. With its advanced features, durable construction and seamless connectivity, it suits golfers who want to refine their skills and analyze their performance. If you have the space and budget, this studio package is a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.

    Buying Guide – What to Consider in Your TV Golf Simulator?

    Choosing a golf sim to use with your living room TV is usually the last resort for golfers wishing to take up virtual golf but have space or budget constraints (or both). These are great entry points to golf simulation despite being less immersive and realistic than pricier full systems.

    Here are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure you maximize the benefits of your budget system by getting as many features and game modes as possible.

    exputt real time putting simulator ex500

    Decent Realism & Accuracy

    When it comes to golf simulators, realism and accuracy are important. You want a system that closely replicates the authentic golfing experience, providing precise shot data and realistic course graphics.

    High-end simulators utilize advanced sensor technology to capture intricate details of your swing. Budget options, on the other hand, tend to be less accurate and realistic. Still, you need to look for a system that provides decent realism and accuracy for the practice sessions to make sense.

    Accuracy extends beyond just swing data. Look for simulators that offer realistic ball flight simulation, considering factors like spin rates, launch angles and trajectory.

    Compare the available options to find the system that provides the best accuracy and realism in this budget price range.

    Variety of Game Modes & Supported Software

    A diverse range of game modes and compatible software can greatly enhance the longevity and enjoyment of your golf simulator experience. Look for systems that offer a wide selection of virtual courses, challenges and practice options.

    The SwingLogic SLX MicroSim, for instance, integrates with the E6 CONNECT software, providing access to an expansive library of courses and game modes.

    Compatibility with popular simulation software like TGC 2019, Creative Golf 3D and Fitness Golf further expands the possibilities. These software options often include online play, multiplayer modes and skill-based challenges, allowing you to connect with golf enthusiasts worldwide.

    When evaluating simulators, consider the breadth and depth of supported game modes and software. A system that aligns with your preferences and offers room for growth will provide long-lasting value and keep you engaged in your virtual journey.

    Your Available Space

    Before investing in a golf simulator, it’s crucial to assess the available space in your home. While TV-compatible simulators are generally more compact than full-scale setups, they still require adequate room for comfortable gameplay.

    Consider the minimum space requirements for width, height and depth. A width of at least 10 feet is recommended to accommodate a comfortable swing without hitting walls or furniture. For height, aim for a minimum of 8 feet to avoid interference from low ceilings or light fixtures. Depth-wise, 10 feet is ideal to allow for proper club movement and ball flight.

    For more details on the minimum space requirements for indoor golf practice, check out our article with an in-depth discussion on whether 10 feet of width is sufficient.

    Keep in mind that some systems may have larger space requirements. Taller individuals with wider swing planes might need a more spacious setup to swing comfortably. If possible, aim for the recommended dimensions for optimal performance.

    Price Point & Budget

    Golf simulators for TV Price Point

    Golf simulators for TV setups come in a wide range of price points, catering to various budgets. It’s essential to establish a clear budget before starting your search to narrow down your options and ensure you find a system that offers the best bang for your buck.

    Choose a system that offers the best value for your money through improved accuracy, diverse game modes and challenges, online play, etc.

    In addition, don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as software subscriptions, hitting mats or net upgrades. Some simulators offer package deals that include these extras, providing better value for money.

    Final Thoughts

    When selecting a golf simulator for your home TV setup, it’s crucial to carefully consider your specific requirements and preferences. Factors like available space, budget, software features, accuracy, and customer support should all be weighed to determine the optimal system for you.

    Ultimately, the right choice will be a personal decision based on your unique circumstances and goals. Please, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. What factors are most important to you in a golf simulator? Do you have any recommendations or cautionary tales to share with fellow golfers?

    Thanks for reading!


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