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A golfer hitting out of a bunker on a golf course with green textbox on the left that contains the text
May 2, 2022

How to Hit Out of the Bunker - Sand Trap Tips for Beginners

To hit out of a bunker, start by choosing an appropriate club - a sand wedge with a loft of 56 degrees or more or a gap wedge with a minimum of 52. Next, take a proper setup (heels...
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How to Hold a Golf Club: The Proper Grip Explained
January 7, 2022

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly: The Proper Grip Explained

The first step in your quest for the proper golf grip is to try different types of grips and pressures to see which works better for you. Start by deciding the grip pressure to ado...
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how to clean golf clubs
June 25, 2021

How to Clean Your Golf Clubs Like New

You should clean your clubs after every few rounds to ensure they perform optimally. To do that, you will need a club brush or a tee to clean the clubhead and face and reach in bet...
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How To Chip
June 14, 2021

How to Chip: Everything You Need to Know to Chip Like a Pro

Regardless of which chipping method you end up choosing, it is crucial to keep the clubface center the same distance from the center of the body during the entire chip.  Begin...
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A female golfer practicing her golf swing on the golf course. Green textbox on the left contains the text
April 23, 2021

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed: Tips & Exercises

To increase your golf swing speed, you may get a speed-optimized club, use a lighter shaft made of carbon or graphite and a longer club. You can also work on your muscle strength a...
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How To Build You Own DIY Golf Simulator
June 2, 2020

How To Build Your DIY Golf Simulator - The Ultimate Guide

Before buying anything, you must set a budget for your new sim build and decide which components you will need (tracking system, mat, screen, frame & enclosure, projector, soft...
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