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10 Best Golf Umbrellas Reviews and Buyer Guide

10 Best Golf Umbrellas Reviews and Buyer Guide

First Published: January 19, 2021
Last updated: May 24, 2021

Have you tried playing golf when it is raining? Avid golfers will never let poor weather conditions prevent them from playing their favorite game. Due to rain not only will you get wet, but your game will suffer too. 

However, if you have been caught in a rainstorm and tried a standard umbrella, you may have noticed they don’t work so well. This is why using a golf umbrella is a better option.

They are designed to give you protection from rain, sun, and wind while you play your best game on an open golf course.

Golf umbrellas are larger than regular umbrellas and have a range of features, and you can choose depending on your requirement. It is one of the must-have golf accessories if you don't want bad weather to spoil your game or equipment!

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What is the difference between regular and golf umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are designed for golfers but are often used in other sports such as fishing or bird watching activities. These are much bigger compared to regular umbrellas.

The most obvious difference between golf and a regular umbrella is the size. Golf umbrellas are 10 to 30 % larger than regular umbrellas and even more than 30 % compared with a regular compact umbrella.

There are two things that are generally considered when talking about size. One is the length of the rib and the second one is the canopy diameter. The size differs from model to model, and some are large enough to protect three people simultaneously.

Secondly, the regular umbrella handle mostly has a curved handle while a golfing umbrella usually has a straight handle. This makes it easier to place it in a golf bag.

Golf umbrellas have very large canopies, which can measure between 60 and 70 inches. To avoid making it very heavy, fiberglass is used in the construction.

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Evaluations We Based On For Our Selections

A golf umbrella is a very useful accessory that offers protection to the player and golf gear from the harsh elements of nature. So, how do you choose the most suitable one?

In order to pick the right one, first, you need to understand your needs and then look at the options available in the market and find a match. The best golf umbrella company will give you all the key information you need. Most good golf umbrellas are made with top quality materials and have premium features to stand the rough weather.

Generally, buying a golf umbrella from a reputed brand that has been tested and is constructed with high-quality materials is the best thing to do.

Here are a few key features that you need to pay attention to when choosing your golf umbrella:

  • Canopy structure: single or double layer
  • Number of folds: 2 or 3 folds or straight umbrella
  • Canopy shape: round or square-shaped
  • Way of opening: manual or auto-open
  • Material Of Canopy: nylon, pongee, polyester, PVC
  • Material and shape of handle: straight or curved handle

Size and Coverage

Most commonly, golf umbrellas have a 62-inch canopy, but you can find them ranging in size from 46 to 68 inches. Smaller umbrellas are meant to shield one adult plus the golf clubs, while the biggest golf umbrellas can protect up to 3 adults.

The length of the umbrella is also essential as it has to fit into your golf bag. Some foldable ones are easier to carry but not very effective. It would be best to choose an umbrella based on the size and weight because you will need to carry it for long periods.

Bigger umbrellas require a sturdier frame and thus become heavier. The bigger the umbrella, the better coverage you will get.

Wind Resistance

Have you been in a situation where you have had your umbrella blown inside or out? Usually, the wind blows at high speeds on any open golf course. The majority of golf umbrellas are tested for resistance against heavy wind and are marked with the level they can tolerate.

Some even feature a double canopy (as we will see in the reviews below) to prevent your umbrellas from blowing away altogether.

Here are a few tips to keep your umbrella from being blown away by the high-speed wind on the golf course:

  • When you are not using it, keep it closed and secured
  • Buy umbrellas that have vents to allow air to pass
  • Ensure that all the ribs are in good condition.
  • Fiberglass body and ribs make the umbrella stronger
  • Take notice of the direction in which wind is blowing
  • Make sure that the grip and handle is slip-resistant
  • Buy products that have been extensively tested
  • Maintain your umbrella well so that it does not become weak and break easily

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The Best Golf Umbrella (2021)


One reason this golf umbrella is at the top of our list is the top quality in every aspect of its manufacturing. Right from its features to the materials used and its design, everything is perfect in this umbrella.

You can choose the canopy size from 54, 62, and 68 inches depending on your requirement. It is both heavy-duty and sleek at the same time. Dual canopy design ensures that even in strong winds, the umbrella will not blow away.

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Apart from using it on a golf course, you can use it anywhere. Its black colored design looks very elegant and can be utilized in formal events as well.

Canopy is made with 210 T pongee fabric, which is ultra water-resistant. It also provides excellent sun protection with an SPF of 50+ levels.

The frame of this umbrella, along with the ribs and tips, is constructed with fiberglass. Another fine detail is the way its canopy is created with chain stitching along with nine stitches per inch.

All this attention to detail makes it a long-lasting product.

You can open the umbrella with just one hand by pressing the button on the handle. The bigger size can easily shelter 2 to 3 people, and even with 54 inches, you will be able to protect your gear.

  • Double canopy design with vents allow the wind to pass through
  • Two Velcro straps on each canopy help to secure it well
  • Fiberglass body and reinforced fiberglass ribs for more flexibility & strength
  • Though it is assembled with a case, it does not fit well in the golf bag

The G4Free Automatic Open is the ultimate golf umbrella for every situation, it was engineered and manufactured after a lot of research. A lot of attention has been paid to the fine details like stitching.

All the materials used in the construction are of very high quality. Not only you can get it in one of the three size options, but you can choose from 20 different colors. All in all, a great product and worth every penny!


A great combination of style, performance, and convenience, the Procella golf umbrella comes from a trusted company with a solid reputation. The company was found by golf players. This is why they have been able to create this premium Procella umbrella that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

A lot of R&D, testing, and constant design upgrades have gone into producing this product. It is an oversize umbrella at 62 inches and made with 210 T pongee micro-weave fabric.

Probably the best golf umbrella for wind and rain, it is completely water-resistant. Its fabric is ideal in stormy conditions.

Awarded with several awards over the years, the Procella umbrellas are a top quality product with many features. Its reinforced fiberglass frame, tear-resistant inner mesh, and vented dual canopy make this a virtually unbreakable umbrella. It has stood up perfectly against wind speed of up to 46 miles per hour under tests in wind tunnels.

Though it is quite large, it fits easily into its 38.7-inch sleeve. Weighing just 1.7 pounds, it is easy to carry anywhere and will fit perfectly in your golf cart.

You only need to push a button to use the umbrella and then gently slide it down to close. It has a pinch-free open and close mechanism, which is very smooth. The rubberized grip on the handle adds to the comfort.

  • Great quality and durability making it a good value for money
  • Ultra-Strong Fiberglass Ribs & Construction
  • Unique non-slip and exhaustion-resistant rubber-protected handle
  • Water can leak down the shaft in a very heavy downpour

This product is built to last and has some great features to stand against harsh weather. Fiberglass is used for the inner ribs and shaft, this makes it more durable as well as lightweight.

Canopy is 62 inches in size but weighs only 1.7 pounds. The vented dual-canopy design has a mesh interior that strengthens it while keeping it airy. It will make for an excellent gift to any golf player.


There is nothing important than an umbrella for a true golf lover cause it can give protection from the harshest weather conditions without interrupting the game.

This 62-inch umbrella is correctly called the GustBuster and can stand gusts up to 55 miles per hour. Its double canopies allow the air to pass quickly and keep it stable.

Many professional golfers prefer the GustBuster because of its reliable construction. It is one of the must-have golf equipment for most amateur and pro golfers.

Its canopy is comprised of 100 % nylon and is completely waterproof. So both rain and wind are not a problem.

The three words which can describe the product areunflappable,’ ‘unflippable,’ and ‘unleakable’! It also features a pinch-less open and close-release system, which is very easy to operate.

A fear that players have while playing in stormy conditions is that of lightning. In this umbrella, the fiberglass shaft is lightning resistant and safe to use in rains.

It is manufactured with fiberglass, which is not very heavy to carry and is also super strong.

Though it is so large, it only weighs approximately two pounds. Surprisingly, it is easy to carry around. Apart from black and navy blue, the umbrellas are available in other colors as well.

One unique feature of this product is that it is possible to get a personalized golf umbrella as far as the sizes and colors are concerned.

  • Award-winning dual canopy design can take on strong winds
  • Fiberglass body and hand contoured rubber grip add to the stability
  • Tested to not invert in winds of 55+ mph
  • Rubber grip can wear off if repeatedly left wet

The name GustBuster itself tells you all about this umbrella! It can withstand the strongest of winds without flipping over and heaviest of rains without leaking.

Its design and construction have been researched as well as tested and show the superior quality of the product. This product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a limited lifetime warranty.


If you want full protection for yourself and your golf equipment, the ACEIken golf umbrella is the best. With its 62 inches extra-big canopy, it will shield you from rain, strong wind, sun, sleet, and even snow, in case you want to play in such conditions. It is huge enough for 2 adults and even three if need be.

EVA grip is comfortable and secure. By pushing a button on its handle, you will be able to open the umbrella in a smooth manner. High-grade fiberglass is used in the construction of tips & ribs that makes it flexible and strong.

It does not weigh too much for such a large golf umbrella and is quite comfortable on the arms and hands. Its canopy is comprised of ultra water-resistant 210 T pongee micro-weave fabric, which makes it effective in downpours.

This quick-drying silk-derived material is lightweight apart from shielding you from the harsh rays of the sun with SPF 50 + protection. The dual canopy design makes the umbrella stable in case of heavy wind.

It ensures that the wind can easily pass through without flipping or blowing it away. For a large umbrella, it is essential to have a solid frame. Hardened stainless steel is used in the frame to make it strong enough to carry the weight of the large canopy.

  • Lifetime guarantee with easy product replacement
  • Very high-quality construction with top quality materials
  • Double canopy design with steel frame keeps it stable
  • It is too large and not very easy to carry around

Among the best extra-large golf umbrellas available in the market, this product is sturdy and flexible enough at the same time. Even in the worst of weather, it is possible to be entirely shielded under this umbrella.

Its design and construction give it a streamlined look. Though most people prefer the standard black or navy blue, it is available in other colors.


An all-purpose umbrella, Hi & Dry umbrella is perfect for a round of golf and any outings, other sports activities, and beach outings. A canopy diameter of 48 inches is big enough to shield 2 adults but not so big that it becomes cumbersome.

This great looking product has a waterproof golf umbrella holder that has a strap, just sling it on your shoulder, and you are ready to go. Its frame is comprised of fiberglass and is flexible, strong, and durable. It is safe to use, even in lightning storms.

The vented canopy is designed with two separate overlapping pieces of 190 T pongee & polyester material. It can withstand gusting winds and heavy rains and protect you fully.

Weighing just 1.25 pounds, it is easy to carry around. You can use this product in all seasons because it gives protection from rain, wind, and sun with an 80 to 90 % UV protection shield.

You can open it with a push-button quite easily and close it manually. Its EVA foam grip is non-slip and firm. You will find it very comfortable to hold and carry even for long periods.

Gifting this umbrella to near and dear ones who are outdoor sportspersons will fetch you many brownie points. The manufactures offer a lifetime guarantee.

  • Dual canopy design made of pongee material is fully water-resistant
  • It is compact and portable
  • Reflective Velcro straps help you to be visible on nights
  • In some cases, plastic caps on the ribs can break easily

At 1.25 pounds and 48 inches in diameter, this golf umbrella is big enough to protect 1 or 2 people but small enough to be carried around easily.

The design and construction of this product are of top quality and the lifetime guarantee that a buyer gets is proof enough. It is probably the best compact golf umbrella that you can find.


This windproof golf umbrella is slightly different because it fits perfectly for summer storms. Zomake umbrellas offer UV ray protection of 50 + to players who want to play golf even when the sun is beating down.

Its double canopy design allows hot air to rise through and so you will not feel hotter under the umbrella. It has a large canopy of 58 inches that effectively protects a player from rain, wind, and sun.

Weather can be unpredictable, and a game of golf can be ruined because of it. This product ensures that you get to play your game in any weather without any problem. Its canopy is made with super water resistant, anti-slump, and high-tech fabrics.

The fiberglass shaft is lightweight and sturdy. Joints and ribs in the frame are a mixture of metal and fiberglass, making it very strong. It can withstand very high wind resistance.

Moreover, the high-quality EVA grip offers a comfortable and controlled hold. It is one of the best-selling golf umbrellas because of its effectiveness, which has been tested in all kinds of conditions.

It is a multi-purpose product, and you can use it for daily travel or a day at the beach, or while doing any other outdoor activity. It looks elegant and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • All products are 100 % quality checked and backed by 24-hour service support
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • It offers a high level of UV protection with SPF of 50 +
  • Some customers found the size and measurement wrong

This large canopy golf umbrella will stand firm against strong winds and give good sun protection as well. Its thick pongee fabric will keep the rain off you, and the metal fiber mesh and fiberglass will combat the wind. One-touch push button makes for quick as well as smooth opening.


You may have noticed this umbrella very often on the golf course, most often used by professionals. It has some great features that make it one of the best choices.

Most golf players need to keep replacing their umbrellas because they don’t last long. With BAGAIL, you get a product that is durable and very effective.

All the features like the double vented canopy, comfort grip, auto open, and high-quality material all come together to give you a golf umbrella that ticks all the right boxes. Dual canopy ensures that even stormy weather is easy to handle.

It is both flexible and strong. A 190 T pongee micro-weave fabric made canopy dries quickly and is easy to carry due to its lightweight. 62-inch canopy material is fully mold-resistant, and because it dries quickly, you don’t have to worry about storing or carrying it in a bag.

Fiberglass shaft, hub, and ribs are also made of fiberglass, which adds to this product's overall durability and strength.

An ergonomic holder with PU covering and a rubberized grip is ideal for a comfortable & convenient grip even on wet days. You need to push one button, and it will open fully without any delay.

The company offers a lifetime replacement warranty, which is rare. It just shows how confident they are in their product.

  • Durable, effective, high-quality product
  • Canopy material is mold and mildew resistant
  • Ergonomic holder with PU covering and the rubber grip is comfortable
  • Nylon sleeve is not adequate for the umbrella and does not fit properly

A durable and long-lasting golf umbrella suitable for all kinds of weather. Comfortable, rubberized grip and lightweight allow you to carry it easily without hurting your wrist or hand.

Canopy material is waterproof and dries quickly. Fiberglass and stainless steel are used in the frame's construction, and you will find it strong and stable.


Come sun or rain; you will be able to play golf without any problem, thanks to the Prospo golf umbrella. You get good UV protection of UPF 50 + with the silver coating on the inside, which can block almost ninety-nine percent of sun rays.

Simultaneously, its 210 T ultra-high density pongee fabric repels water and dries quickly to protect from heavy downpours. This makes for convenient storage as well because you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew.

Its canopy is very wide, and up to 3 people can be shielded under it. The diameter of the canopy is 62 inches, and it has a double vented design.

A straight, vertical handle with EVA non-slip foam grip is comfortable even for long periods. There is no strain on your wrists.

The main structure of the umbrella has a fiberglass body and eight ribs. The total weight of this product is 1.54 pounds. It is sturdy and stable yet, at the same time, easy to carry and use.

A double canopy makes it wind-proof as well. It will not flip in strong windy conditions.

This umbrella will shield you against rain, sun, wind, hail, or anything else that mother-nature can throw at you. With a push-button, it is very easy to open the umbrella.

The product is assembled with a one-year replacement guarantee and an 18-month warranty addressing issues with regard to the quality of the umbrella.

High quality and prompt customer service will take care of any problem and queries.

  • Top-quality UV, rain, and wind protection
  • 62 inches extra-large canopy for complete protection
  • Lightweight construction with fiberglass parts
  • Some of the plastic connectors are of bad quality and break easily

If you live in an area with unpredictable weather, then select this umbrella. Whatever be the weather, sunny, rainy, or windy, you will feel fully protected.

It is large enough to accommodate 2 adults, and if need be, three people can squeeze under it. Design and construction are top-class with its fiberglass body and ribs and double canopy.


Designed and created to be super resilient in all weather conditions, this EEZ-Y golf umbrella is ideal for golfers looking for protection while playing. It has an unbreakable, strong design and construction, thanks to the use of quality materials.

This folding umbrella is available in 9 attractive colors and has an extra-large 50-inch diameter canopy. When playing out on a golf course, you don’t want the umbrella to break or fly away in windy conditions.

This product is extremely lightweight at only 1.2 pounds, but it is more effective than many heavier umbrellas. Its lightness and folding feature make it very easy to carry.

You can fold it and keep it small up to the size of a mere 23 inches. A great solution to the problem of unreliable umbrellas which you may have used in the past, this product is meant to last for a long time.

Fiberglass and stainless steel are used in the frame that makes it one of the most durable and reliable umbrellas.

With just a press of a button on its handle, you will be able to open the umbrella smoothly. Once opened, it will not flip even in very windy weather.

A specially coated waterproof fabric canopy provides total protection from rain and keeps the umbrella in good condition even after many seasons.

The EVA foam ergonomic handle is well designed and very comfortable to hold even for a long time in wet conditions.

  • Features a vented dual canopy
  • Made with super water repellent fabric and EVA handle
  • Efficient customer service with an easy replacement policy
  • Though a premium product, it is slightly expensive

If you want to remain safe and dry while playing golf in bad weather, this golfing umbrella is a good option. It has a premium double canopy design and construction, which makes it one of the finest to pick amongst the best golf umbrellas.

With its size and waterproof material, it offers heavy-duty protection. Easy to use and sturdy with excellent customer service, this product is an excellent choice.


A classical stylish vented double canopy umbrella is an excellent choice for golfers who want protection from harsh weather. It has a timeless look with a black & white design. The TaylorMade logo is eye-catching in large white letters.

The manufacturers have used technology to its best in order to make it user friendly as well as durable. The WindPro technology allows the umbrella to withstand heavy winds and rain without flying away.

There is no way that the umbrella will break or bend even against the strongest of winds.

Its canopy is 68 inches wide, so it is easy to remain dry and keep your clubs dry as well. In fact, you can find space for a friend under the umbrella if you need to.

This windproof umbrella provides excellent protection as well as durability against very severe weather conditions. Thanks to its dual canopy design, wind can easily pass through without blowing away the umbrella.

Carrying an umbrella while walking to the next shot can be cumbersome. Having a lighter umbrella is always preferable, but then durability can become a concern.

Here you get both lightness and durability, thanks to the fiberglass body and 100 % nylon material canopy.

Moreover, the ergonomically designed gel handle is easy on the hands while offering a solid and comfortable grip, which is essential on a rainy day.

  • Strings are sturdy and hold the rod tips tightly
  • Large enough to cover you and your golf clubs
  • Easy to reach automatic release button
  • Some customers have complained about incorrect sizes

The TaylorMade golf umbrella combines style and functionality to give you a useful umbrella that can be used on the golf course. They come in different sizes to choose from according to your requirement.

The WindPro technology used in the umbrella makes it for a player to continue playing even in very windy or stormy conditions. Its 100% nylon construction helps to keep you dry while it rains.

An excellent umbrella for both on and off-course use!

How Heavy Should an Umbrella Base Be?

If you plan to use your golf umbrella in more ways, for example, electric trolleys, or even a push golf cart, you must get a good base for it. How heavy should the base be?

An excellent way to find out the correct weight for an umbrella base is to multiply the canopy's width by 10. For example, a 60 inch or 5 feet wide umbrella should have a minimum of a 50-pound base.

The larger your umbrella, the heavier your stand or base has to be. To provide the right amount of support, it is essential to select the right size and weight base.

Freestanding large umbrellas require heavier bases, while smaller ones that can be fixed through a hole on a table require lighter bases.

How To Carry a Golf Size Umbrella on Flights?

The T.S.A or the Transportation Security Administration permits golf umbrellas in both checked and carry-on baggage. However, the decision will rest with the specific airline you choose.

Most airlines allow only a small, compact golf umbrella to be carried in the luggage. If you can keep it in your hand luggage, then it is better.

On the other hand, if you carry it separately, some airlines will put them in the accessories category and allow you a specific number of items you can carry.

For bigger golf umbrellas, it will solely depend on the airline policies. Some will count it as a piece of luggage and only allow it to be carried in the luggage hold.

Final Thoughts

Do you now feel confident about buying a golf umbrella? They come with many features and have to pay attention to select the most suitable one.

There is no point in having an umbrella that does not protect you when the weather gets bad. Do your research and read golf umbrella reviews to understand all the features like size, material, ease of use, design, and construction carefully. There are many options available in the market, and if attention not paid, you may end up with a bad product.

If you don’t want your game to suffer or, even worse, come to a stop every time it rains, or there is bad weather, then you must put a little effort into finding the best golf umbrella. Harsh sun, rain, or winds will not be able to stop you from enjoying a round of golf.

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