10 Best Golf GPS Apps For iPhone – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Key Takeaways

The GolfLogix Golf GPS & Scorecard App is our top pick for the Best Golf GPS App For iPhone. With innovative features like 3D flyovers, putt line mapping, club tracking, and Apple Watch integration, GolfLogix provides everything you need to improve your game from tee to green. The intuitive design makes it easy to access the wealth of data to strategize and play each hole smarter.

Golfers today are spoiled for choice when it comes to golf GPS apps. With smartphones providing instant access to accurate yardages for every shot, gone are the days of guessing distances or pacing off yard markers.

Still, with so many options available, how do you know which app is right for your game?

In this article, we will explore the must-have golf GPS apps for 2024 that are revolutionizing the way golfers approach the game. We review apps that offer accurate course maps and stat tracking as well as ones that provide critical data right on your smartwatch, and we will break down the key features of the top apps on the market.

This article will help you identify the ideal GPS app(s) to lower your scores. With the right technology, you can step onto any course confident that you have the information needed to master every hole.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

ProductFeaturesOur Rating

How We Chose the Best GPS Apps for iPhone

Selecting the top golf GPS apps for iPhone required thorough hands-on testing. We personally evaluated each of the leading apps during actual rounds across various courses. This allowed us to assess critical factors like accuracy of distances, responsiveness, and ease of use while playing different holes under real conditions.

We analyzed how well yardages matched fixed on-course markers and other distance-measuring devices. Additionally, we gauged the apps’ abilities to provide strategic advice accounting for hazards and current pin positions.

Beyond personal testing, we also heavily weighed consumer reviews and ratings when compiling our rankings. We compared user feedback on the app stores to identify any major technical issues, lagging support, hidden fees, or other limitations noted by golfers for each app.

Between analyzing personal experience and synthesizing the wisdom of the crowds through reviews, we formulated comprehensive pros-cons profiles. Testing enabled spotlighting the standout strengths of each app while reviews validated findings from a broad spectrum of golfers. This rigorous approach ensures our picks deliver on providing dependable distances and excellent performance.

Our Top Golf GPS Apps for iPhone Picks

The following list contains our favorite golf GPS apps you can use on your iPhone. Many of these are also available for other systems, but our main focus will be on usability on IOS. Please bear in mind that except for our top pick, we are not providing any kind of order, as all the apps on the list are excellent for use with your smartphone.

    GolfLogix Golf GPS & Scorecard App

    golflogix golf gps
    Golf GPS + 3D Putts. Source

    GolfLogix stands out as the most powerful golf GPS app for iPhone. Packed with innovative features, it provides everything you need to improve your game. The app blends into your golfing routine with intuitive design and easy usage.

    The 3D flyover feature gives you a detailed visualization of each hole’s shape and elevation changes. You can strategize exactly how to play the hole based on your personal club distances. The app accounts for elevation with slope-adjusted “plays like” yardages, so you always choose the right club.

    The approach view and green mapping allow you to work on your approach shots. You can see where your shot will land and what effect the green’s breaks will have on your ball. For putting, the putt line feature is a game-changer. It shows the exact path your putt will travel, taking into account speed and break. You can sink more putts by knowing exactly where to aim.

    Of course, the app provides full GPS distances to any point on the course. The club tracking feature logs shot distances for each club so you can analyze your distances over time.

    With tournament-legal mode, you can use it for official competitive rounds. The scoring and stats give you a pro-level analysis of your performance. The Apple Watch integration keeps key yardages and stats handy with a quick glance at your wrist.

    You’ll find yourself strategizing and playing each hole smarter with the wealth of data GolfLogix provides. Lower scores are inevitable if you use the tools effectively. While simplistic in design, the intuitive interface makes it easy to access every feature.


    • Slope-adjusted “plays like” yardages
    • 3D flyovers of each hole
    • Putt line mapping
    • Apple Watch integration
    • Tournament legal mode
    • Club tracking shot distances


    • Monthly subscription required for full features

    For any golfer serious about improving their game, GolfLogix is hands down the most powerful golf GPS app available. The 3D visualization and mapping features revolutionize shot strategy and execution. This app will shed strokes off your scores if you utilize it properly. GolfLogix sits atop the field for the best golf GPS apps.

    18 Birdies Golf GPS Tracker

    Golf GPS Tracker. Source

    With over a million users and featured by Apple as the “best app for golfers,” 18Birdies packs a robust set of game-enhancing tools into an easy-to-use mobile platform.

    The app provides incredibly accurate GPS distances thanks to its integration of elevation, weather, and other dynamic factors. You can get a detailed aerial view of each green with virtual 3D mapping to read subtle breaks and determine the best approach. During your round, 18Birdies automatically tracks every shot you take, compiling the data into a digital scorecard and performance dashboard.

    One of the most useful features is the AI swing coach. By uploading a video of your swing, you get instant personalized feedback on flaws and step-by-step instructions for improving your technique. This is like having a pro instructor in your pocket at all times.

    You can also join a community of golfers within the app. Compare your stats against players of similar skill levels, create tournaments to compete against friends, and share content on the social feed.

    When it comes to expanding your skills as a golfer, 18Birdies sets the gold standard for GPS rangefinder apps. The combination of accurate yardages, 3D mapping, intelligent shot tracking, swing analysis, and social tools make this a must-have app for any golfer serious about lowering scores.


    • Incredibly accurate GPS distances
    • 3D aerial views of greens
    • Tracks and analyzes every shot
    • AI swing coach for instant feedback
    • Robust golf community and tournaments


    • Battery drain from constant GPS use

    For any golfer looking to shoot lower scores, 18Birdies packs an unrivaled set of game improvement features into an intuitive mobile platform. Compared to other golf GPS apps, it is a very comprehensive tool for on-course performance and off-course training.

    TAG Heuer Golf – GPS & 3D Maps 

    tag heuer
    GPS & 3D Maps. Source

    TAG Heuer Golf continues to excel as a very good tool to take your golf game to the next level. With innovation, precision, and passion at its core, this app is built by golfers for golfers.

    You can enjoy exclusive 3D maps of over 39,000 golf courses globally, providing unmatched visibility of hazards and greens. The app measures shot distances with impressive accuracy, allowing you to work on your game like a pro. You can easily track scores, get insights to improve, and receive real-time club recommendations based on your game data.

    Compatible with TAG Heuer Connected watches, or via premium subscription for Apple Watch users, TAG Heuer Golf puts robust on-course features right on your wrist. This includes interactive 2D maps, distances to hazards and greens, club suggestions, 4-player scorecards, shot tracking, and live in-round stats.


    • Comprehensive 3D course maps
    • Precise shot distance measurements
    • In-depth performance insights
    • Intuitive club recommendations
    • Multi-player scorecard and leaderboard


    • Premium subscription required for Apple Watch
    • Battery drain potential

    For golfers seeking more than just distances and scoring, TAG Heuer Golf provides a wealth of data and analysis to seriously improve your game. The precision and detail of this app make it a great option to access crucial course intel and post-round performance metrics. If you want to step up your golf game, TAG Heuer Golf has the tools to get you there.


    GHIN. Source

    GHIN is the official mobile app for golfers looking to track handicaps and post scores through the United States Golf Association’s Golf Handicap Information Network. With a 4.8-star rating and over 20,000 reviews on the App Store, this free app is a top choice for iPhone users needing golf GPS and handicap calculation capabilities.

    You’ll appreciate the ability to post full-round scores or keep track of stats hole-by-hole. The enhanced GPS features really set GHIN apart, providing heat maps for approach shots, break predictions for putts, and shot tracking. You can also view interactive course maps and get GPS distances right on your Apple Watch. For competitive golfers and/or group games, the golfer lookup feature makes it easy to follow friends’ progress and set up friendly wager matches.

    The app offers a great balance of information and usability. The stats tracking and handicap calculator integrate perfectly with the score posting features. You’ll never lose track of your driving accuracy, greens in regulation percentage, or current handicap index. The developers have maximized iOS capabilities as well – you can use your location in the background to show nearby courses, and Apple Watch integration means you can leave your phone in the bag.


    • Integrates scoring, stats tracking, and handicapping in one app
    • Provides excellent GPS and mapping for thousands of courses
    • Heatmaps and putt break predictions enhance advice on the course
    • Easy connectivity with friends for group games and matches
    • Optimized for Apple Watch and iOS location features


    • In-app purchases required for some advanced GPS features
    • Primarily useful for golfers with active GHIN handicaps

    For golfers who maintain an official GHIN handicap, this app is virtually unbeatable for both recreational and competitive play. The convenience of mobile score posting, stats analysis, and GPS distance data in one iOS app makes it easy to track progress over time. If you golf regularly and want an integrated digital experience, GHIN belongs on your iPhone.

    SwingU – Golf GPS & Scorecard App

    golf gps swingu
    Golf GPS & Scorecard. Source

    SwingU’s GPS app offers an unbeatable combination of accuracy, reliability, and value. With over 6 million users worldwide, it has earned its spot as a top-performing free golf app. For any golfer looking to improve their game through stats tracking and digital scorecards, SwingU is the obvious choice.

    The core GPS and scoring features of SwingU are free forever. Within seconds of opening the app, you’ll have precise yardages to greens, hazards, and multiple tiers on every hole. The easy-to-use digital scorecard automatically advances and can track stats like putts, penalties, etc. After just 3 rounds, you’ll get a free USGA-approved handicap.

    While the free version is fantastic on its own, upgrading unlocks a true digital caddie experience. SwingU Plus provides enhanced yardages adjusted for wind, slope, and elevation. It also gives personalized club recommendations based on your shot distances and conditions. With SwingU Plus, you’ll gain insights into your tendencies and performance through in-depth hole and game stats.

    For advanced golfers, SwingU Pro takes your game to the next level with strokes gained analysis, swing video lessons, and prescriptive range drills. It compares your performance across every facet of the game to your target handicap. With SwingU Pro, you’ll know exactly which part of your game to focus practice on.


    • Extremely accurate yardages on every course
    • Free version packed with core features
    • Personalized recommendations with Plus upgrade
    • Elite golfer analytics with Pro upgrade
    • Used by over 6 million golfers worldwide


    • The premium version is expensive

    SwingU is hands-down the most fully-featured, easy-to-use, and affordable golf GPS app available. With its unmatched worldwide course database and constantly improving technology, SwingU is a great option to go with.

    Bushnell Golf Mobile

    bushnell golf mobile
    Bushnell Golf. Source

    As one of the top golf GPS apps for iPhone, Bushnell Golf Mobile offers an impressive set of features to help improve your game. With access to over 38,000 courses worldwide, you can rely on its accurate GPS distances to the front, center, and back of every green. The app makes it easy to visualize each hole with animated flyovers. You can also plan your shots more strategically by placing movable layup points on the map.

    One of the app’s best advantages is its seamless integration with Bushnell’s industry-leading golf GPS and laser rangefinder products. It wirelessly updates course data on compatible devices while giving you additional statistics and round analysis. This creates a unified golf technology ecosystem geared toward helping you make better decisions on the course.

    The interface is intuitive and easy to use even for beginners. You get reliable GPS yardages at a glance without clutter or distractions. Tracking rounds is simple with automatic stat tracking for fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts per round. The review and analysis features help you identify strengths and weaknesses over time.


    • Access to over 38,000 courses worldwide
    • Accurate GPS distances to greens
    • Animated 3D flyovers of each hole
    • Wireless compatibility with Bushnell devices
    • Automatic round and stat tracking


    • Requires paid subscription for full features

    With its accuracy, intuitive interface, and seamless integration with Bushnell’s golf products, the Bushnell Golf Mobile app is one of the best solutions to improve your game. The wide course database, animated flyovers, and robust stat tracking combine to make this a top pick among golf GPS apps. If you want a unified golf technology ecosystem to build consistency on the course, Bushnell’s Golf Mobile is a great choice.

    Arccos Caddie Smart GPS APP

    arccos caddie
    Arccos Caddie App. Source

    Arccos Caddie is one of the most advanced golf GPS apps available for iPhone, providing unmatched insights to improve your game faster. By seamlessly syncing with Arccos smart sensors, it delivers automatic shot tracking and analysis not found in any other iPhone golf app.

    With Arccos Caddie’s AI-powered rangefinder, you get real-time yardages that account for wind, slope, temperature, and altitude. The caddie advice feature, developed with Microsoft, gives you optimal strategy and predicted outcomes for every shot. You’ll know exactly which club to use and where to aim.

    Arccos gives you smart distances for each club that are normalized for conditions, so you select the right club every time. The app also tracks your shots and provides strokes gained analytics to reveal strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.


    • Automatic shot tracking
    • AI-powered rangefinder with real-time adjustments
    • Caddie advice for optimal strategy on every hole
    • Smart normalized club distances for any conditions
    • Detailed strokes gained analytics


    • Requires sensors or grips for full functionality

    For any golfer serious about improving their game, Arccos Caddie’s unmatched insights and analysis make it a great choice among iPhone golf apps. The average user will lower their handicap by nearly 6 strokes in the first year. If you want to know your true strengths, eliminate weaknesses and play smarter golf, Arccos Caddie will get you there faster.

    Golf GPS Rangefinder & Scorecard

    golf gps rangefinder scorecard
    Golf GPS App. Source

    Golf GPS Rangefinder Scorecard is another excellent GPS and scoring app for serious golfers looking to improve their game. With its robust feature set, intuitive interface, and highly accurate GPS readings, this app is a good golf GPS rangefinder for iPhone users.

    Once downloaded, you can immediately access over 36,000 pre-loaded courses or create your own. The app uses both Apple and Google Maps to provide stunningly detailed views of each hole’s terrain and layout. As you play, the GPS tracks each shot’s distance down to the yard, providing much needed context that helps with club selection and strategy.

    The integrated digital scorecard enables you to easily track stats for the full foursome, including putts, greens in regulation, fairways hit, and penalties. The statistics are presented through 12 insightful charts that reveal trends over time. This level of detail helps pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. With stable connectivity and minimal battery drain, you can confidently use the app for all 18 holes without worry.

    Additional handy features include club recommendations based on tracked distances, score syncing across devices, and Apple Watch integration to view yardages and enter scores.


    • Extremely accurate GPS readings
    • Fully customizable course data
    • Detailed statistics and performance tracking
    • Intuitive, stable, and easy to use
    • Great battery life


    • Course images could be more high-res
    • The Apple Watch app is quite basic

    With unparalleled detail and customization, this golf GPS app provides the shot distances, statistics, and insights needed to analyze strengths and weaknesses to ultimately shoot lower scores.

    Golfshot – Swing ID Golf GPS + Watch App

    Golfshot. Source

    Golfshot continues to solidify itself as a premier golf GPS app for iPhone. With its latest update introducing Swing ID and enhancements to Auto Shot Tracking, Golfshot has raised the bar yet again for on-course performance tracking and analysis.

    Utilizing your Apple Watch, the app provides excellent shot tracking to map out each hole. The addition of Swing ID takes it a step further by giving you personalized swing metrics and visuals for every shot.

    You’ll also find best-in-class GPS distances to hazards and targets for over 45,000 courses worldwide. Scoring and statistics are a breeze with digital scorecards that sync across devices. For added visualization, take advantage of the unique Golfscape AR feature to view hole layouts in augmented reality.

    Golfshot checks all the boxes for the essentials, including handicap index tracking, voice assistance and 3D course flyovers. Upgrading to the Pro version unlocks premium features like auto strokes gained analysis, club recommendations based on your shot history, and full game editing ability for tracked rounds.


    • Powerful shot tracking with swing analysis
    • Excellent course database and GPS accuracy
    • Digital scorecards and accurate statistics
    • Innovative augmented reality view
    • Premium version adds valuable game insights


    • The pro version requires a paid subscription
    • Can be distracting if overused during round

    Golfshot is hands-down one of the best iPhone golf apps available today. The combination of traditional GPS features and cutting-edge shot tracking makes it an indispensable tool for your game.

    Hole19 Golf GPS

    Hole19. Source

    Hole19 Golf GPS is one of the best golf GPS apps available for iPhone. With over 2.8 million users worldwide, this popular mobile app provides precise GPS yardages, scoring, performance insights, and trend analysis to help improve your game.

    After testing the free version, it’s clear that Hole19 offers an accurate and easy-to-use rangefinder for measuring distances to hazards and targets on the course. The digital scorecard conveniently tracks your shots and scores while also letting you keep tabs on playing partners. With stable functionality across smartphones and the Apple Watch, Hole19 enables access to distances and input scores right from your wrist.

    Upgrading to Hole19 Premium unlocks additional game-enhancing features like shot tracking, handicap calculation, club recommendation, and advanced statistics for driving accuracy and putting performance. For anyone seeking meaningful insights to tailor their practice and understand weaknesses, the performance analytics and trendline graphs in Hole19 Premium deliver.


    • Accurate yardages to any point on 43,000+ courses
    • Easy scoring and stats tracking
    • Apple Watch integration
    • Social features to engage other golfers
    • Premium subscription provides shot tracking and trend analysis


    • Basic version lacks some key features
    • No iPad optimization

    With its huge global community, interactive leaderboards, and monthly challenges, Hole19 also appeals to the social side of golf. Overall, Hole19 Golf GPS earns its reputation as a complete mobile app for those seeking to know more and score less. The free version delivers solid basic features while Hole19 Premium provides the tools to truly analyze and improve your game.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Golf GPS App for Your iPhone

    With so many golf GPS apps available for iPhone, it can be tricky to determine which one is right for your needs. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing the best golf GPS app for your iPhone:


    The most important feature of any golf GPS app is precision and accuracy. The best apps use advanced GPS technology to provide exact yardages to greens, hazards, and other points of interest on the golf course.

    Look for apps that offer yardages within 1-yard of accuracy. Also, check reviews to see if any users report accuracy issues.

    Course Access

    You want an app with an extensive course database, ideally with most courses across the U.S. and internationally. The best apps provide access to 30,000+ courses.

    e6 connect course selection

    Check if your home course and other courses you play regularly are included. Additionally, look for apps that allow you to manually add new courses.

    Ease of Use

    The app should provide yardages in a clean, easy-to-read interface. It shouldn’t be cluttered with too many features. You want to be able to quickly glance at your iPhone and get the yardage info you need.

    The best apps require minimal taps and swipes to operate, which will allow you to focus more on the game instead of trying to figure out the data on the app.

    Personal Needs & Preferences

    Consider your specific needs. Do you want an app just for yardages or one with scoring, statistics, and other advanced features?

    If you’re a serious golfer, you’d better go for a more advanced app. Casual golfers, on the other hand, may want a simpler one.

    You should also check if the app has Apple Watch integration to easily check the yardages on your wrist.

    Free App Features Vs. Paid Subscriptions Bonuses

    golf gps app

    Many apps offer basic GPS distances for free but require a paid subscription for full access to all courses and features. Determine how often you golf and if paying for a subscription is worthwhile. Free versions may meet casual golfers’ needs.

    Furthermore, choose an app that offers the most features in its free version and more advanced features in its paid version.

    Price for Upgrades

    Paid subscriptions generally range from $10-$40+ per year. Check if there’s a discount for paying annually instead of monthly. Moreover, look for deals on upgraded packages, usually listed as Pro or Platinum versions, that bundle in more advanced features.

    By evaluating your needs in these areas, you can decide on the best golf GPS app for your iPhone. Taking some time to research options will ensure you choose an app that suits your golfing needs and budget.

    Final Thoughts

    For iPhone-toting golfers, our top picks unlock accurate yardages and hole maps right from your pocket. The reviewed apps will help you enhance every round with your iOS device.

    Core considerations are accuracy, course access, and ease of use – choose an app aligned with your needs. While balancing value, reviews spotlight the strengths of each app. For dynamic distances, shot tracking, and rich data, Golfshot leads the pack. For those seeking basic, dependable yardages, nothing beats SwingU. For a well-balanced app, our top pick – GolfLogix is a top recommendation.

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    Any of our 10 picks will empower your game through on-course insights. With the right golf GPS app, your iPhone provides peace of mind to attack each hole strategically.

    Let these apps guide the way to lower scores.

    Thanks for reading!


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