Best Callaway Irons of All Time – Tested & Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

The Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym Iron Set is our top pick for the Best Callaway Iron. It offers a unique blend of performance, power, and luxury, providing a transformative golfing experience for those willing to invest in their game.

When it comes to selecting a golf iron, Callaway is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry. Known for their commitment to innovation and quality, Callaway has been producing some of the best clubs on the market for over 25 years.

Callaway’s Irons are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative manufacturing process. With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Callaway has raised the bar in iron design.

In this article, we will dive into the world of Callaway irons and provide a comprehensive review of the best options available in 2024. Our team of experts has tested and analyzed various models to help you make an informed decision. From the innovative technologies employed by Callaway to the overall performance and feel of each iron, we’ll cover all the essential aspects to ensure you find the perfect fit for your game.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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How We Tested the Best Callaway Irons

To determine the best irons, we conducted rigorous testing in a controlled indoor environment. Our testing process involved using industry-standard equipment and a comprehensive set of metrics to evaluate each iron’s performance.

how we tested the best callaway irons

For testing, we utilized the FS GCQuad launch monitor, which provided precise data on ball flight, distance, and other important metrics. This advanced technology allowed us to analyze the performance of each iron with precision and detail.

To ensure consistency, we used the Srixon Z-Star golf ball, which is widely recognized for its performance and consistency. By using the same golf ball throughout our testing, we eliminated any variables that could impact the results. Please note that the Z-Star was included in our list of the Best Balls For Distance; they are amazing balls!

Through this thorough and controlled testing process, we were able to identify the best Callaway irons that deliver exceptional performance, distance, forgiveness, and overall playability.

The Best Callaway Irons: Detailed Reviews

Let’s now go through our reviews of the best Callaway irons. These can be considered the best in the entire industry as Callaway has become synonymous with excellent irons.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym Iron Set

    The 2023 Paradym Iron Set is a revolutionary product designed for right-handed golfers seeking a mix of distance, versatility, and premium feel. With its cutting-edge features and innovative design, this set delivers a performance that stands apart from traditional golf clubs.

    The key highlight of this set is the industry-leading A.I. face technology applied to the high-strength Forged 455 face. It enhances the club’s speed, launch angle, and spin consistency, offering a whole new experience of power and control.

    The set comprises between 5 (4 irons & PW) and 8 clubs (5 irons, PW, SW, AW), all engineered with Graphite shafts with stiff, regular and light flex configurations (your choice). You can go with steel shafts and save a little money, but we don’t recommend it, as you’ll be saving a mere $100.

    Another remarkable feature is the all-new Hollow Body design with Speed Frame construction. This feature stiffens the body and supports the Forged 455 Face Cup, stabilizing a thinner face for incredibly fast ball speeds.

    A noteworthy innovation in these irons is the inclusion of patented Urethane Microspheres. This feature gives the clubs an ultra-soft feel and premium sound that discerning players demand, providing an overall improved tactile and audio experience.

    To add to the long list of benefits, the dual tungsten weighting is precisely placed to improve speed on mis-hits, enhancing launch conditions, and providing forgiveness – the difference between hitting the green and coming up short.


    • Industry-leading A.I. Designed Forged 455 Face.
    • Innovative tech for more speed, higher launch, and increased spin consistency.
    • Hollow Body with Speed Frame Construction for faster ball speeds.
    • ultra-soft feel and premium sound through patented Urethane Microspheres.
    • The Dual Tungsten Weighting improves launch conditions and speed on mis-hits.
    • Versatile set configuration – choose the number of clubs, hand orientation, flex rating, and shaft material.


    • Higher price point.
    • The $100 difference between the graphite and steel shafts makes the latter a pointless option.

    Customer reviews for the Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym Iron Set have been largely positive, signifying a high level of satisfaction among users. Players particularly appreciate the power and control offered by the A.I. Designed Face and the comfort provided by the patented Urethane Microspheres.

    Overall, the Callaway Golf 2023 Paradym Iron Set offers a unique blend of performance, power, and luxury, providing a transformative golfing experience for those willing to invest in their game. As pointed out above, you pay an additional $100 to go with graphite shafts which are lighter and superior; that’s why we recommend going with graphite.

    Callaway Rogue ST Pro Set

    The Callaway Golf Rogue ST Pro Iron Set, crafted specifically for low-to-mid single-digit handicappers, delivers a balanced amalgamation of a player’s performance iron look and feel, coupled with the forgiveness and distance of a game improvement iron. This hybrid approach delivers a pleasing experience, combining the best of both worlds.

    The set integrates high-strength 450 steel with an A.I. designed Flash Face Cup. This is a pioneering move by Callaway in the industry. The synergy between the high-strength steel and the Face Cup offers enhanced ball speed and consistency in performance, a feature that most golfers highly value.

    Complementing the improved ball speed is the A.I. Face Optimization technology. It’s unique to each model and loft within the set, providing spin rate consistency across the face of the club. This technology gives the Rogue ST Pro Iron Set a controlled landing angle to help hold greens, while ensuring a high launch and COR (Coefficient of Restitution) – in simpler terms, the transfer of energy between the club head and ball at impact.

    The addition of precision tungsten weighting in the Rogue ST Pro irons is another well-regarded feature, offering improved launch conditions and enhanced speed across the face. It is worth noting that these clubs contain up to 48g of high-density tungsten, a significant increase over the previous MAVRIK line.

    The set is available for both right and left-handed players, with two shaft flex ratings: regular and stiff, two shaft materials: graphite & iron, and 4 through 7-club combinations.


    • Enhanced ball speed thanks to High strength 450 steel.
    • Hollow body construction for more forgiveness.
    • Precision tungsten weighting provides improved launch conditions.
    • Urethane microspheres offer enhanced sound and feel.
    • A.I. Face Optimization improves spin rate consistency.


    • A bit on the expensive side.

    While the technical specifications are undoubtedly impressive, the Callaway Golf Rogue ST Pro Iron Set also scores highly when it comes to tactile feedback and user experience. The patented urethane microspheres, pushed further up the face, deliver pure sound and feel, without compromising on ball speed.

    Callaway’s Rogue ST Pro Iron Set shines as a premium offering in the world of golf. Despite the higher price tag, the advanced features, excellent performance, and user-centric design make it a valuable addition to any serious golfer’s bag.

    Callaway Golf Paradym X Iron Set

    The Callaway Paradym X Irons have made a substantial impression in the golf world, especially for those seeking an enhanced experience on the green. With a strong foothold in the industry, Callaway consistently promises high-quality, performance-based equipment, and these irons are no exception.

    Infused with the brand’s sophisticated AI technology, the Paradym X irons optimize a high-strength Forged 455 face, delivering unrivaled power, increased speed, higher launch, and improved spin consistency. The innovative Hollow Body design, supplemented with Speed Frame construction, provides stiffness to the body, adding to the overall robustness and durability of these irons.

    The Callaway Paradym X Irons stand out with their distinctive rounded design, providing a comforting familiarity associated with the brand. The larger blade length and sole are especially beneficial for golfers looking for extra confidence during their shots. The navy colorway is a unique and stylish addition to the range, although the standard Paradym irons do retain a slightly more elegant design.

    The Paradym X irons’ performance is impressive, achieving an average carry distance of just under 169 yards with the 7 iron. Despite their strong lofts, these irons demonstrate a surprising consistency in distance coverage and spin rates. Their wider sole helps with turf interaction, offering forgiveness even for slightly heavy shots.

    However, these irons tend to favor full-out shots over half-shots, indicating a more simplistic approach to their functionality. While this might not be an issue for mid-high handicappers seeking improved launch and distance, it might be a point of concern for those desiring a nuanced performance.


    • Exceptional AI-optimized performance for increased speed and launch
    • Robust and durable
    • Larger blade length and sole
    • The unique navy colorway adds a touch of style
    • Suitable for mid-handicappers, promoting easy launch and distance


    • Might feel bulky for some due to its larger size

    The set is intended for players with a 12+ handicap range, and it offers superior forgiveness compared to other Paradym variants. It is good for game improvement and sports a tungsten weight of up to 79G.

    The Callaway Paradym X Irons offer a commendable combination of style, power, and performance, ideal for mid-high handicappers. Despite minor limitations, these irons deliver on their promise of enhanced performance, embodying a ‘Paradym shift’ in golfing experiences.

    Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max Iron Set

    An obvious choice for golfers seeking to up their game, The Rogue ST Max Iron Set provides excellent balance and combines several elements that dramatically enhance overall performance.

    Let’s start with how similar the ST Max set is to the ST Pro reviewed above. The two use the same technologies to provide the best performance possible. Both have a High Strength 450 A.I. Face Cup, Precision Tungsten Weighting and benefit greatly from the Urethane Microspheres to provide better launches and forgiveness.

    However, while the ST Pro is more geared toward player performance and is better for more skilled players, the ST Max is more forgiving and aims for better game improvement.

    The differences that set the ST Max from the ST Pro include a heavier 62G of tungsten weight, and moderate sole width and head shapes (as opposed to the Pro’s compact width and shape and lighter 48G weighting). These all contribute to making the ST Max set more forgiving and provide higher launches, eventually making it more suitable for players who need more forgiveness to help them launch the ball better and higher.

    In a nutshell, the ST Max is the most forgiving of the Rogue lineup; it builds on the same construction properties and technologies to offer more forgiveness than the other Rogue iron sets (with the Pro being the least forgiving and destined for the better players).


    • The most forgiving of the Rogue series of irons.
    • Superior ball speed and consistency
    • High launch and controlled landing angles
    • Improved launch conditions with precision tungsten weighting
    • Enhanced sound and pure feel


    • Requires a learning curve for optimal usage

    While the Rogue ST Max could be seen as an expensive investment for casual players, and some might find it requires a bit of a learning curve, these potential drawbacks are overshadowed by the myriad of benefits and improvements the set offers. If you are serious about your golf game and want to leverage advanced technology for superior play, this set is definitely worth considering.

    Callaway Golf Mavrik 22 Iron Set

    The Callaway MAVRIK 22 is an impressive iron set that embodies the quality and precision the brand is known for. With Artificial Intelligence at their core, the Mavrik Irons promise to provide an unparalleled experience for both professional and recreational golfers alike.

    At the forefront of the features is the innovative Flash Face Cup Technology, a marvel of engineering enabled by Artificial Intelligence. This technology aims to ensure fast ball speed across the face of the iron. For golfers, this means a more significant boost in distance, giving them an edge on the fairway.

    Another great feature is the urethane microspheres which absorb unwanted vibration, ensuring a pure feel for the player. In addition, these microspheres maximize the Coefficient of Restitution (COR) for incredible ball speed, further boosting the distance potential of each swing.

    The set includes a variety of irons, each with a custom tungsten-infused weight. This unique feature allows for the precise positioning of the center of gravity (CG) in each iron. The result is optimum launch and ball flight through the set, with strong lofts and player-preferred trajectory, spin rates, and launch angles.

    The set is available in many club configurations (5 to 9) for both righties and lefties, with graphite or steel shafts, and four flex ratings: Regular, stiff, light, and ladies.


    • Remarkable increase in ball speed and distance
    • Significant improvement in game performance
    • Quality and durability of the set
    • Optimal launch and ball flight
    • Excellent feel and sound due to urethane microspheres


    • Potentially over-complicated for beginners

    Despite the noted cons, the Callaway MAVRIK Iron set demonstrates its value as a high-quality equipment investment. It offers a unique blend of AI-driven design, fast ball speeds, and a feel that resonates with golf enthusiasts. If you are looking to improve your game, this iron set could certainly be a worthy addition to your bag. However, beginners might find it challenging to fully use the set’s features.

    Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set

    The Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set is the second most forgiving set in the Rugue ST series of irons (after the ST Max). It is clear that the design team at Callaway put great thought and ingenuity into crafting these irons, incorporating groundbreaking technology to enhance the golfer’s experience.

    You get the same mix of technologies as the ST Pro and ST Max reviewed above, namely the high strength 450 A.I. designed Flash Face Cup, A.I. Face Optimization, Urethane microspheres, etc. They all combine to provide a highly forgiving iron with great performance.

    What sets the Max OS apart is that it’s in the middle ground between the more Pro oriented ST Pro and the beginner-friendly ST Max, with a slight inclination toward the latter. It comes with up to 49G of high-density tungsten weight.

    the irons also sport an oversized club head and a wide sole for unmatched forgiveness and much higher launches than the other variants of the Rogue ST series. You’ll be able to achieve higher ball speeds and better consistency with these clubs.


    • Second most forgiving set in the Rogue ST series
    • The 450 A.I. designed Flash Face Cup enhances ball speed
    • Improved launch conditions with tungsten weights
    • Consistent spin rates
    • Excellent sound and feel
    • Suitable for mid-to-high handicap players


    • The oversized design might not be everyone’s cup of tee

    The Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set is a high-quality product with offers numerous benefits. It stands out for its innovative design, impressive technological integration, and the overall golfing experience it offers. Despite its design which may not appeal to all players, it is clear that this iron set can significantly enhance your performance on the green, making it a worthwhile investment.

    Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Iron Set

    Callaway’s Great Big Bertha Iron Set boasts of innovative technology and a unique design that caters to those seeking game-improvement solutions in their games. Made from lightweight forged Titanium and CP Titanium body, this set delivers power and performance akin to driver-class golf clubs.

    The patented Urethane Microsphere technology significantly enhance the feel of each shot, offering an exceptional blend of sound and feel, while also allowing maximum face flex for the highest ball speed. The AI-designed forged Titanium face further increases the consistency of each shot and provides improved speed. The Titanium face and body give a unique experience, combining the power of a driver with the precision of an iron.

    Callaway has done an excellent job incorporating Tungsten Speed Cartridge in the iron set. This feature, housing up to 145g of high-density tungsten, offers unparalleled speed and launch. It also brings forth the deepest center of gravity ever achieved in a Callaway iron, boosting forgiveness and overall performance.


    • High Forgiveness from Deep Center of Gravity
    • Exceptional Feel through Patented Urethane Microspheres
    • Lightweight Power with Forged Titanium Face
    • Increased Speed and Launch from Tungsten Speed Cartridge
    • Improved Consistency with AI-Designed Forged Titanium Face


    • Very high Price Point

    In conclusion, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Iron Set is a manifestation of Callaway’s commitment to innovation and superior performance. While its price and weight may be an issue for some golfers, the advanced technology and game-improvement features make it an attractive option for those looking to make a significant upgrade in their equipment.

    Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the high performance and technologically advanced features of the Big Bertha Iron Set.

    Callaway Golf 21 Apex Iron Set

    The Callaway Apex 21 Iron Set cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, giving enthusiasts an irreplaceable addition to their sports gear. Each club is individually designed with artificial intelligence to deliver fast ball speeds and improved spin consistency.

    These irons’ unique AI architecture results in high ball speeds and increased spin across the face. This, in turn, ensures impressive distance and pinpoint control, giving you an edge in the game.

    Furthermore, the Apex 21 Irons have incorporated Callaway’s Tungsten Energy Core for the first time. This results in a massive five times the tungsten of Apex 19, precisely positioning the Center of Gravity to promote outstanding launch throughout the set. It also offers more forgiveness on off-center shots, making these irons incredibly user-friendly.

    Forged from a 1025 mild carbon steel body, the Apex Irons are renowned for their pure feel. This feature, coupled with patented urethane microspheres, delivers exceptional sound and feel at impact, enhancing the player’s experience. The improved shaping further enhances the feel through the turf, providing a smooth, effortless swing.


    • Artificial intelligence used for better performance.
    • Increased forgiveness on off-center shots.
    • High ball speeds and spin robustness.
    • Superior forged performance and craftsmanship.
    • Exceptional sound and feel at impact.


    • Some customers reported that the irons had durability issues, compared to other models.

    The Callaway Apex 21 Iron Set offers a perfect blend of advanced technology and quality construction, providing golfers with an enhanced game experience. The irons’ features are designed to improve control and precision, while also offering forgiveness on off-center shots.

    Overall, the Apex 21 Iron Set seems to be a worthwhile investment for serious golfers looking to improve their game.

    Finding the Right Irons for Your Golf Game

    find the best golf irons

    There are a few key factors to consider to find the perfect irons for you. Distance, accuracy, and control are all important aspects to take into account. To ensure a proper fit for your swing, it is crucial to test the clubs in hand and with the help of a PGA professional.

    By testing irons, you can feel the club’s weight, balance, and grip, allowing you to assess how it feels in your hands. This hands-on experience is invaluable for determining which irons are most comfortable for you.

    Additionally, working with a PGA professional (coach, club fitter, etc.) can provide valuable insights into your swing mechanics and help identify any specific needs or areas for improvement. Their expertise can guide you toward the right irons to complement your swing and game.

    Iron Composition Considerations

    When choosing the best Callaway irons, there are several key considerations to keep in mind regarding their composition; pay attention to the following:

    Loft Profiles

    Different loft profiles can greatly impact your iron set. High-lofted irons provide greater shot height and stopping power, while low-lofted ones generate more distance. It is important to have a proper loft progression in your set to ensure proper distance gaps between clubs.

    Gap in Golf Bag

    Consider the clubs already in your bag and ensure that the new irons fill any distance gaps. By choosing the right lofts, you can create a set that covers all yardages, giving you optimal performance on the course.

    Cavity Back vs. Muscle Back

    Callaway offers both cavity back and muscle back irons. Cavity back irons are more forgiving and provide greater distance and forgiveness, making them ideal for beginners and mid-handicappers.

    Muscle back irons, on the other hand, offer greater control and workability for more advanced players. Choose the right option according to your skill level and/or needs.

    Mid-handicapper Features

    Mid-handicappers may look for irons that have a balance of forgiveness and control. Features such as a larger sweet spot, perimeter weighting, and advanced face technologies can help enhance forgiveness and consistency in iron shots.

    Bonus: How To Save On Callaway Irons

    Luckily, there are a few options that can help you get high-quality clubs at a lower price point.

    save money

    One option is to explore the official Callaway pre-owned site. Here, you can find a wide selection of pre-owned Callaway irons (and other types of clubs and goodies) that have been certified and condition checked by the company’s experts. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing clubs that meet Callaway’s high standards for cheaper prices.

    Another way to save on Callaway irons is by considering previous year’s models. While these clubs may not be the latest and greatest, they still offer excellent performance and can be found at a lower price. By opting for a previous year’s model, you’re able to get the same great Callaway quality while saving some money.

    For instance, instead of getting the 2023 Paradym set (reviewed here- top pick), you can save a bit of money by going with the 2022 Rogue ST Irons or 2021’s Apex iron set (again, both reviewed in this same article).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let’s now address some common questions about Callaway irons:

    Are Callaway irons good for beginners?

    Yes, Callaway irons are a great choice for beginners. The wide selection of models ensures that players of all abilities can find the right set to suit their needs. Cavity back models provide greater forgiveness and distance, making them ideal for beginner golfers.

    What is the difference between the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X Irons?

    Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the Paradym and Paradym X Irons:

    1. Forgiveness
    – Paradym: Offers excellent forgiveness on off-center hits, ensuring consistent shots even on mis-hits.
    – Paradym X: Takes forgiveness to the next level with an enhanced design that minimizes distance loss and provides extra forgiveness; so, we can consider the X as short for “extra forgiveness”.

    2. Sole Width:
    – Paradym: Features a wide sole design, resulting in improved turf interaction and preventing the club from digging into the ground.
    – Paradym X: Incorporates a wider sole compared to the Paradym, making it exceptionally forgiving for players who have a steeper angle of attack.

    3. Target Player Handicap:
    – Paradym: Ideal for mid- to high-handicap players, providing the forgiveness and playability needed to improve their game.
    – Paradym X: Specifically designed for high-handicap golfers seeking maximum forgiveness and distance.

    Do Any Pros Play Callaway Irons?

    Some notable professionals who use Callaway irons include Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, Sam Burns, Si Woo Kim, and Yuka Saso.
    These elite players have chosen specific models that cater to their individual playing styles and preferences. For example, Jon Rahm has been seen using the Callaway Apex TCB irons, which offer a combination of feel, precision, and shot-making capability. Xander Schauffele, on the other hand, utilizes the Callaway X Forged Utility irons, which provide excellent versatility and control.

    What Are The Easiest To Hit Callaway Irons?

    Here are the top 3 easiest Callaway irons for beginners:

    * Callaway Big Bertha B21: These irons are designed for maximum forgiveness and are the easiest to hit in the Callaway lineup. The Big Bertha B21 irons feature a low and deep center of gravity (CG), allowing for consistent high launches and optimal carry distance.
    * Callaway Rogue X: Another excellent option for easy-to-hit irons, the Rogue X are built to help golfers with slower swing speeds. They feature a wide sole and strong lofts, providing extra forgiveness and distance. The Rogue X irons are designed with Callaway’s Artificial Intelligence technology, which optimizes the clubhead’s performance.
    * Callaway Apex 21: The Apex 21 irons are known for their combination of forgiveness and playability. These clubs feature a wide sole, tungsten energy core, and urethane microspheres, which enhance forgiveness and deliver faster ball speeds. With the Apex 21 irons, you’ll enjoy consistent performance and the ability to shape your shots with ease.

    What handicap is Apex 21 irons?

    The Apex 21 irons are particularly well-suited for golfers in the mid-to-low handicap range.
    With a forged carbon steel construction, these irons provide a soft and responsive feel, allowing for greater control and precision in each shot. The tungsten weighting in the iron heads promotes a lower center of gravity, resulting in a higher launch angle and improved distance.
    For mid to low handicappers, the Apex 21 irons also deliver forgiveness and playability. The wider sole design enhances turf interaction, making it easier to achieve clean contact with the ball. Additionally, the minimal offset and compact blade shape offer workability and control for shaping shots.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, Callaway offers a diverse range of iron models that cater to the needs of various players. From game improvement irons like the Callaway Rogue and Apex 21, which provide forgiveness and faster ball speeds, to the more advanced options like the Rogue ST Pro and Blade irons for players seeking more shot control, there is a Callaway iron to match every golfer’s skill level.

    We hope that our guide helped make things clear when it comes to the best Callaway irons, and which skill level each set can be most beneficial for. The FAQ section also provided answers to questions you might have had about Callaway’s irons.

    For golfers with higher handicaps looking for extra forgiveness and playability, you can check out our guide on golf irons for high handicappers.

    If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

    Thanks for reading!


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