12 Best Golf Sunglasses as Of 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Recommended Golf Sunglass is the Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel. It features PolarizedPlus2 lens technology, enhancing colors and contrast for superior clarity on the course. The lightweight, comfortable frame and secure fit make it ideal for extended wear, while the Blue Hawaii mirror coating improves depth perception and detail visibility, giving golfers a competitive edge despite its premium price point.

Are you tired of squinting on the golf course, struggling to see your ball through the sun’s glare? Investing in a quality pair of golf sunglasses can revolutionize your game. Just as you carefully select your clubs, bag and shoes, your eyewear deserves the same attention. Crystal-clear vision is essential for optimal performance on the green.

In this article, we’ve compiled our top recommendations for the best golf sunglasses, drawing from years of expertise and extensive testing. We’ve done our best to bring you the most reliable and effective options available in 2024.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Our Recommendations for Golf Sunglasses

Our team of passionate golfers has tested dozens of sunglasses to come up with a list of the top choices that you can use on the course.

The following are our top selections based on our own testing, research, and experience:

    Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel – Best Overall

    Featuring Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology, these sunglasses go beyond simply protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays. The lenses actively boost colors and contrast, allowing you to see the little details of the fairways and greens with unparalleled clarity and definition.

    When you slide on the Kaiwi Channel frames, you’ll immediately notice the premium fit and feel. Constructed from lightweight injected nylon, they’re designed for long-lasting comfort even during extended rounds in the heat. The frames wrap around your face smoothly, providing ample coverage without feeling bulky. Non-slip rubber nose pads and temple tips ensure the sunglasses stay securely in place throughout your swing.

    But it’s when you step up to the tee box that the Kaiwi Channel really shines. The Blue Hawaii mirror coating on the lenses seems to make everything pop – you can easily distinguish the cuts and contours of the fairway, pick out the pin against the green and track your ball flight against the sky. The PolarizedPlus2 technology eliminates distracting glare off water hazards and bunker sand.


    • Best-in-class lens clarity and contrast
    • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
    • Excellent coverage and secure fit
    • Enhances depth perception and details
    • Stylish wraparound frames look great on and off-course


    • Premium price point
    • Mirror lens coating shows smudges and requires frequent cleaning

    While they require an investment, the optical advantages the Kaiwi Channel provides can genuinely improve your view and performance on the course. If you’re serious about the game and want to give yourself every possible edge, these sunglasses are more than worth the price of admission. Treat your eyes to the Maui Jim Kaiwi Channel – you’ll never look at the course the same way again.

    Oakley Encoder + Accessories – Best Premium Option

    The Oakley Encoder sunglasses are a top pick for serious golfers seeking premium performance eyewear on the course. These shades excel in both style and functionality, making them one of our strongly recommended golf sunglasses.

    The shades feel lightweight thanks to the durable O-Matter frame material. This allows you to wear them comfortably for a full 18 holes and beyond. The earsocks provide a secure fit, ensuring the sunglasses stay put during your swing.

    Most importantly, the Prizm lenses greatly enhance your golf vision. They offer 100% UV protection while enhancing color, contrast and detail. The golf-specific Prizm Dark Golf lenses make it easier to read greens and track the flight of your ball against blue skies or greenery. Subtle undulations and breaks become more apparent.

    One minor drawback is the 36mm lens width may be a tad narrow for those with larger faces. The semi-rimless design also sacrifices some coverage compared to full-rim shades. But these are small tradeoffs for the visual performance the Encoders deliver.

    As a nice bonus, this particular set includes an Oakley leash to keep the glasses secure and a Designer iWear care kit for cleaning and maintenance. At this premium price point, those value-adding accessories are appreciated.


    • Prizm lenses enhance golf-specific visuals
    • Durable, lightweight O-Matter frames
    • Comfortable earsocks for secure fit
    • Oakley leash included
    • Designer iWear care kit included


    • 36mm lens width may be narrow for some
    • Semi-rimless design sacrifices some coverage

    Overall, the Oakley Encoder sunglasses with Prizm Dark Golf lenses are an excellent choice for avid golfers wanting to upgrade their eyewear. The visual performance and comfort make them well worth the investment for those serious about the game.

    Callaway Sungear Kite – Best from Golf Brand

    Callaway’s Sungear Kite Polarized Sunglasses offer lightweight feel and snug fit, making them an ideal companion for long days on the course. The P2X polarized lens technology offers 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. This feature is essential for shielding your eyes from the sun’s intense glare and ensuring your vision remains sharp and focused on the green.

    The 8-base lens configuration provides extensive eye coverage, allowing in more beneficial light while improving depth perception. This design is particularly advantageous during critical shots where precise distance and terrain judgment are required. Additionally, the wrap-around style looks sleek and provides enhanced peripheral protection, which is a significant advantage when you’re out in the elements.

    Comfort is a major highlight of these sunglasses. The ultra-lightweight frames and adjustable nose pads ensure they stay comfortably in place, even during vigorous swings. This stability means you can focus on your game without the distraction of adjusting your eyewear.

    Included with the sunglasses are a lens cloth, a carry pouch and a hard case with a hanging clip. These accessories add value, making it easier to keep your sunglasses clean and protected when not in use. The hard case, in particular, is a thoughtful addition, offering robust protection that is convenient for travel and storage.


    • Superior polarization for clear vision.
    • Exceptional UV protection.
    • Lightweight and comfortable fit.
    • Extensive eye coverage.
    • Useful protective accessories included.


    • Wrap-around style may not fit all faces.

    The Callaway Sungear Kite Polarized Sunglasses earn their spot on our sunglasses list by combining advanced lens technology with practical comfort and protection. While they might come at a higher price, the investment pays off with their performance on the course, ensuring you play your best game with optimal visual clarity and comfort.

    Oakley Men’s Sutro – Best Cover & Protection

    The Oakley Sutro sunglasses deliver the superior clarity, contrast and eye protection that serious golfers demand out on the course. The rectangular, matte black frames feature Oakley’s signature sleek styling while still providing a secure and comfortable fit thanks to the inlayed core wire in the temples that allows for precise adjustability.

    Oakley’s Prizm lens technology is designed to enhance color, contrast and detail so you can read greens and gauge distances with pinpoint accuracy. These lenses especially excel in the low-to-medium light conditions often encountered during morning tee times or overcast days. With a light transmission of 30%, they strike an ideal balance between enhancing visibility and protecting your eyes.

    Speaking of protection, the Plutonite lenses block 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm. The lightweight Plutonite material also offers unmatched impact resistance.


    • Prizm Golf lenses amplify key details on the course
    • Excellent clarity and contrast in varying light conditions
    • Lightweight, durable and protective Plutonite lenses
    • Secure and adjustable fit for active play
    • Fog-resistant coating on the lenses


    • Rectangular frames won’t suit all face shapes
    • On the higher end of the price spectrum

    Oakley’s Sutro delivers the uncompromising performance, protection and style that avid golfers need to play their best. If you’re serious about your game, your eyes deserve the optical advantages that Prizm Golf provides. The Sutro combines those with Oakley’s premium frame construction and materials to give you a pair of sunglasses that will help you conquer the course in any condition.

    Nike Men’s Unrest Se – Best Old School Looks

    Nike Golf’s Unrest Se sunglasses are another top performer on our list. The matte squadron blue/deep pewter frame is sleek and stylish, while the grey lenses provide excellent visual clarity.

    What sets these shades apart is the Nike Max Optics lens technology. It provides precise visual information from all viewing angles, which is critical when lining up putts or tracking your ball flight. The optics are simply superb.

    The lightweight nylon frame is another big plus. It keeps the sunglasses comfortable, even during a 4+ hour round. There are no distracting pressure points or slippage. The cam hinges also allow the frames to snap securely into place.

    A few other nice touches are the inside temple branding and the fact that these are part of Nike’s Vision SB collection, blending fashion and sport-specific performance.


    • Spectacular visual clarity from Nike Max Optics
    • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
    • Stylish design that looks great on the course
    • Secure fit from cam hinges
    • Part of trendy Nike Vision SB collection


    • Nylon frame could be prone to damage if not careful

    The Nike Unrest Se is undoubtedly one of our recommended golf sunglasses this year. The visual enhancement provided by the premium optics is a true performance enhancer out on the links. If you’re a serious golfer looking to up your eyewear, these high-end performance shades are definitely worth considering. While not cheap, the advantages they provide could easily shave a few strokes off your scorecard.

    Ray-Ban CLUBMASTER – Best Unisex Old-School

    As a long-time golfer who has tried countless sunglasses on the course, you can trust that the Ray-Ban CLUBMASTER sunglasses are an excellent choice for golfers. The classic Clubmaster style offers a timeless look that works both on and off the links.

    The plastic frames are lightweight yet sturdy, allowing for comfortable all-day wear during long rounds. The glass lenses provide exceptional clarity and scratch resistance, compared to plastic lenses.

    The polarized lens option significantly reduces glare from water, sand and other reflective surfaces on the course. This allows you to clearly track the ball and read greens without straining your eyes. The lenses also offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.

    The Clubmaster’s slightly curved design provides good coverage while still allowing some airflow to prevent fogging. The adjustable nose pads allow for a customized fit on different face shapes. The sturdy metal hinges feel solid and the temples grip well without being too tight.

    While the 49-51mm lens width options work well for small to average-sized faces, those with very large heads may find the fit a bit snug. Though the glass lenses provide superior optics, they add a bit more weight compared to plastic.


    • Classic, stylish Clubmaster design
    • High-quality construction and materials
    • Polarized lenses reduce glare exceptionally well
    • 100% UV protection
    • Customizable fit with adjustable nose pads


    • Glass lenses add some extra weight
    • Size options may not work for very large faces

    Ray-Ban’s Clubmasters are an excellent choice for golfers. They provide high-quality polarized lenses, a comfortable fit and an iconic style. Their ability to reduce glare and provide clarity of vision really elevates them into our top recommended sunglasses. After testing them extensively on the course myself, I can confidently say they live up to their reputation as industry favorites.

    Oakley Men’s Portal X – Most Comfortable

    The Oakley Portal X sunglasses provide an exceptional golfing experience with their premium features and high-quality construction. These shades deliver on both performance and style on the course.

    The most impressive aspect of the Portal X is the Prizm Dark Golf lenses. These enhance contrast and color vibrancy, allowing you to clearly spot the subtle transitions between the fairway, rough and fringe. The improved visibility helps gauge distance more accurately so you can read the course better, even in bright conditions. The plastic lenses also provide 100% UV protection to shield your eyes.

    The frames are lightweight yet durable thanks to the O Matter material. This allows for all-day comfort, which is crucial during long rounds. The no-slip Unobtainium nose pads and ear socks keep the sunglasses securely in place, even if you work up a sweat. The rectangular shape provides ample coverage and complements most face shapes.

    Oakley’s patented High Definition Optics ensure crisp, razor-sharp vision from all angles. Color options allow you to choose a style that matches your golf attire and personal preferences. While designed for golf, the versatile Portal X works well for other sports and everyday wear, too.


    • Prizm Dark Golf lenses enhance course visibility
    • Lightweight O Matter frames for all-day comfort
    • Unobtainium grip keeps glasses in place
    • Patented HDO provides sharp optics at every angle
    • Versatile for golf and everyday use


    • On the higher end of the price spectrum

    The Oakley Portal X is among our top recommended golf sunglasses for good reason. The Prizm lenses, high-quality materials and thoughtful design touches make these a stellar choice for those aiming to up their game.

    Tifosi Crit Sport Sunglasses – Best Budget Option

    The Tifosi Crit sunglasses with Enliven Golf lenses feature shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that feature impressive technology. They are designed to enhance greens, blues and reds to provide superior color contrast on the course, allowing you to track the ball more easily.

    Thoughtful design elements make the Crit model extremely comfortable and functional. The vented lenses increase airflow to prevent fogging, so your vision stays crystal clear even on humid days. At only 31 grams, the durable Grilamid TR-90 frame is incredibly lightweight, allowing you to wear these for a full 18 holes and beyond without any discomfort. The hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pads are fully adjustable and actually increase their grip the more you sweat, so you don’t have to worry about the glasses slipping at a critical moment. Tifosi’s Glide technology also helps the frames slide on smoothly and stay put.


    • Enhanced greens, blues, reds for easier ball tracking
    • Vented, fog-resistant, shatterproof lenses
    • Ultra-lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
    • Adjustable, non-slip nose and ear pads
    • Includes hard case for protection


    • Wrapped style doesn’t fit well over prescription glasses

    The optical clarity and color enhancement provided by the Crit Enliven Golf lenses, combined with the high-performance yet comfortable frame design, explain why this Tifosi model earns such high marks. Consider adding these to your golf bag to help you see more birdies this season.

    Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Xl – Best Lightweight

    The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Xl sunglasses provide the ideal blend of style, performance and protection on the course. With their sleek black frames and grey lenses, these glasses offer a modern, sporty look while delivering the optical clarity and coverage you need.

    The highlight is Oakley’s high-definition optics. The lenses are engineered to maximize clarity and minimize distortion across the entire field of view. This allows you to see the contours of the green, track the ball’s flight and read putting lines with high precision. The grey lens tint is versatile for bright and variable light conditions commonly encountered on the course.

    Fit and comfort are equally impressive. The lightweight O-Matter frame material and Three-Point Fit system ensure the sunglasses stay securely in place, even after hours of wear and during your golf swing. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.

    These Oakleys also provide 100% protection against UVA, UVB and UVC. The 8.75 base lens curvature also delivers excellent side protection to block peripheral light and minimize squinting.


    • Razor-sharp optics for seeing all course details
    • Secure fit stays in place during full swing
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Excellent UV protection and coverage
    • Stylish sport design looks great on and off-course


    • Grey lenses not ideal for overcast conditions

    The premium optics, comfortable fit and stylish design make the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Xl a top pick for players who need high-performance sunglasses. While the price point is higher than some other options, the difference in optical quality and long-wearing comfort justify the investment.

    Maui Jim Men’s Huelo – Best Stylish Pick

    The Maui Jim Huelo Sport Sunglasses’ sleek design and advanced lens technology enhance both their functionality and style. The PolarizedPlus2 lens technology provides a vibrant and clear view of the course. This feature is particularly beneficial when tracking your ball in bright sunlight or reading greens with precision.

    The frames, constructed from lightweight injected nylon, ensure comfort during long rounds. You won’t feel any discomfort, even after wearing them for several hours, thanks to their ergonomic design. Additionally, the red mirror coating, known as Hawaii Lava, offers a stylish appearance while maintaining the exceptional clarity and color enhancement typical of Maui Jim lenses.

    The robust materials used make them resistant to the usual wear and tear associated with regular use. This durability is essential for golfers who spend a lot of time outdoors and need reliable gear. The medium fit is versatile and should comfortably fit most face shapes, providing a secure yet comfortable grip during active movements.


    • Excellent color enhancement and clarity.
    • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.
    • Significant reduction of glare.
    • Durable and robust materials.
    • Stylish red mirror coating.


    • High price point.
    • Limited color options.

    The combination of advanced lens technology and comfortable design in these glasses ensures that you can maintain your focus and performance on the course. The premium quality justifies the investment for those who desire the best in eyewear technology.

    SMITH Lowdown XL 2 – Best XL Model

    The SMITH Lowdown XL 2 sunglasses deliver the perfect mix of performance and style for your golf game. After trying these shades out on the course, they check all the boxes for what you want in a great pair of golf sunglasses.

    The generous coverage with the upsized XL 2 frame ensures a larger fit, which is ideal for those with bigger faces, ensuring no pinching at the temples. The rubber nose pads also keep the sunglasses comfortably in place, even as you start to work up a sweat.

    Smith’s ChromaPop polarized lenses provide excellent clarity, superior contrast and glare-cutting polarization. This allows you to read greens with confidence and track the ball against both bright skies and overcast conditions. The lens material is also impact and scratch-resistant.

    Sustainability is another plus, as the lightweight Evolve frames are constructed from bio-based materials. Thoughtful features like the AutoLock hinges for easy one-handed use round out a highly functional pair of sunglasses. A microfiber storage pouch is also included.


    • Extended coverage XL fit
    • Superb optical clarity with ChromaPop
    • Secure and comfortable rubber nose pads
    • Sustainable Evolve bio-based frame material
    • AutoLock hinges for one-handed use


    • No hard case included

    While the price tag approaches the premium end of the spectrum, the SMITH Lowdown XL 2 backs it up with best-in-class performance. The expansive field of vision, locked-in fit, and stunning lens quality make these a top pick if you’re looking for an edge on the course.

    KastKing Ellijay – Best Bifocal Option

    The KastKing Ellijay bifocal sunglasses feel very lightweight and comfortable, even after hours on the course. The Grilamid frames are extremely flexible and heat/UV resistant. Grippy nose and temple pads also keep them securely in place.

    Lens quality is outstanding. The polarized, oleophobic coated lenses provide incredible clarity while cutting glare and reflections. Colors look vibrant and true-to-life. Built-in magnification powers of 1.5x, 2.0x and 2.5x allow you to easily read fine print or examine your golf ball for scuffs, without the bifocal portion obtruding into your field of vision.

    Moreover, 100% UV protection guards your eyes from the sun’s rays. The wrap-around design offers full coverage and is ideal for bright, sunny conditions frequently encountered on the links. The smoke lens tint is versatile, working well in both bright sun and partial shade.


    • Lightweight, durable and very comfortable
    • Superb polarized lens clarity and glare reduction
    • Convenient bifocal magnification powers
    • 100% UV protection
    • Versatile smoke tint ideal for golf


    • Bifocal takes some initial adjustment
    • Snug fit may not suit extra wide faces

    The KastKing Ellijay bifocal sunglasses offer uncompromising optics, convenient reader magnification and all-day wearing comfort. At this price point, they represent an exceptional value compared to pricey golf-specific shades. If crystal-clear vision is a priority on the course, then these lenses deserve a spot in your golf bag.

    Buying guide – Crucial Factors to Consider while Choosing Golf Sunglasses

    With so many options on the market from top brands like Oakley, it can be challenging to know which pair of sunglasses is right for you. This detailed buying guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing golf sunglasses.

    Quality of the Lens

    The quality and technology of the lenses are the most critical factors in golf sunglasses. Look for lenses that provide 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Many top brands use proprietary lens technologies to enhance visual performance:

    • Oakley’s Prizm lenses fine-tune vision for specific environments, with golf-specific options like Prizm Golf and Prizm Dark Golf that improve contrast between shades of green to help you read the course.
    • Tifosi lenses are shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.
    • Maui Jim uses PolarizedPlus2 technology to boost colors and block glare.

    In general, the best golf lenses provide high-definition optics for sharp, clear vision. They may also be impact-resistant, anti-scratch and hydrophobic to repel water, oil and dust. Some, like the Oakley Portal X and Radar EV Path, are even designed to enhance contours and textures on the green.

    Tint, Colors & Purposes

    Golf Sunglass Lens

    Lens tints and colors can optimize your vision for different light conditions and course environments:

    • Brown/Amber: This color increases contrast and depth perception, making it great for variable light. It works well with green courses, making it a popular golf lens color.
    • Rose Copper enhances contrast on the green and filters out red/yellow undertones to help read greens and grain. It is ideal for putting.
    • Gray provides true color balance and is versatile for bright, sunny days. It also minimizes eye fatigue.
    • Green heightens contrast with blue skies and reduces glare. It is good for tracking balls against the sky.

    Some lenses, like Oakley’s Prizm line, leverage tint/contrast combinations for specific golf performance benefits. Consider your typical playing conditions and visual needs when selecting a lens tint. Many sunglasses, like the Tifosi Veloce and Oakley Half-Jacket 2.0, come with interchangeable lenses so you can swap tints based on the weather and your environment.

    Construction & Durability

    Golf sunglasses must withstand outdoor elements and rugged use. Frames should be lightweight yet sturdy, able to hold up to frequent wearing and storage in your bag. Common frame materials include the following:

    • Acetate: Durable plastic prized for its luster and color.
    • Grilamid TR90: Flexible, resilient nylon perfect for sports.
    • O-Matter: Oakley’s patented nylon-infused plastic that’s lightweight and stress-resistant.

    Frames may feature special rubberized components like Oakley’s Unobtainium to increase grip when you sweat. Lenses should be shatterproof polycarbonate at a minimum. The most durable golf sunglasses meet or exceed ANSI impact resistance standards.


    You won’t wear uncomfortable sunglasses for long, so prioritize fit and feel. Golf sunglasses should be so lightweight and pleasant you almost forget you’re wearing them. Frames should feel good in your hand – smooth, with no rough edges.

    Nose pads and temple arms are common comfort focal points. Adjustable nose pieces like Tifosi Veloce’s let you customize the fit. Oakley Portal X has tacky Unobtainium nose pads for a secure fit.

    Straight or curved temple arms relieve pressure on your head. Oakley Flak 2.0’s earsocks use Unobtainium for a no-slip grip.

    The best golf sunglasses almost vanish on your face for distraction-free play. Visit a pro shop to try on different pairs and assess the comfort before buying if you can. Look for models with satisfaction guarantees so you can exchange them if they don’t feel right on the course.


    Golf sunglasses Styles

    Golf sunglasses come in a range of styles to suit every taste, from sleek and modern to classically cool. While fashion is secondary to function, feeling confident and looking great in your shades can boost your mental game.

    Sporty frames have been popular in recent years, with many pros favoring single-lens shields or wraparounds for maximum coverage.

    Traditionalists may prefer classic frame shapes like aviators, wayfarers and rectangles. Vincero aims at fashion-forward golfers with its sophisticated Villa round frames. Vintage-inspired frames and novelty shapes are also available.

    Most importantly, choose a style you feel great wearing that fits your face shape and lifestyle. Many golf sunglasses transition seamlessly off-course for all-day wear.

    Before hitting the course, be sure to familiarize yourself with the course’s dress code. Different clubs may have varying regulations, and avoiding any potential fashion faux pas can ensure a smooth and enjoyable golfing experience.


    With golf sunglasses ranging from under $50 to over $200, your budget is an important consideration. While you generally get what you pay for in terms of quality and features, there are great values at every price point:

    Under $50

    Tifosi Swick and Veloce offer sports performance and even interchangeable lenses on a budget. You may sacrifice some lens clarity/contrast.


    Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak 2.0 deliver superior optics and durability. You get golf-specific lens tech and premium features for under $100.


    High-end frames like Oakley Portal X and Radar EV Path provide top-of-the-line contrast, clarity and coverage. Vincero’s The Villa is another luxurious fashion option.

    Over $200

    The priciest golf sunglasses have cutting-edge lens tech and ultra-premium materials. For instance, Oakley’s Mercenary is packed with contrast-enhancing features for the serious golfer.

    Consider how often you golf, your performance goals and general sunglass preferences when setting a budget. Investing in a quality, versatile pair with extended durability is often worthwhile.

    Final Thoughts

    As we’ve explored, the right pair of sunglasses can enhance your visual acuity, protect your eyes and potentially improve your performance.

    The best sunglasses for you will depend on your personal preferences, playing conditions and specific visual needs. Don’t forget to consider factors like lens tint, polarization, comfort, and durability when making your final decision.

    For golfers who wear corrective lenses, there’s another option to consider beyond sunglasses: prescription golf glasses. These specialized glasses are designed to optimize your vision on the course, enhancing your focus and improving your game.

    If you still have questions or comments, please leave them below.


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