12 Best Golf Skirts for Women – Reviews & Guide

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Key Takeaways

Our top pick for the Best Golf Skirt for Women is the JACK SMITH Active Athletic Skorts. Combining breathable, moisture-wicking fabric with a built-in shorts lining and convenient pockets, this versatile skirt offers maximum comfort and coverage for golf, tennis, or casual wear, while also providing UPF 50+ sun protection.

Why has the skort become an essential part of every female golfer’s wardrobe? Once seen primarily on professionals like Natalie Gulbis and Michelle Wie, this stylish yet practical garment has made its way into the daily attire of women golfers everywhere, reflecting a blend of comfort, style and utility that suits the modern athlete’s lifestyle.

The skort is more than just a trend; it embodies the perfect balance of form and function that today’s active ladies seek. Not too short but flattering enough, it allows for athletic prowess without sacrificing femininity.

In this article, we will review the top golf skorts you can buy today to help you choose the one that best suits your needs and personality. We will also provide a detailed buyer’s guide with things to consider while purchasing a new skort. Some frequently asked questions will also be answered to make sure you are well-equipped to make the best decision.

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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Golf Skirts Vs. Golf Skorts – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to ladies’ golf apparel, skirts and skorts are two popular choices that offer a combination of style and functionality on the course. While both options provide a feminine and fashionable look, there are some key differences between skirts and skorts that are worth considering when making your choice.

Golf skirts are the more traditional option, featuring a simple, streamlined design that typically falls above the knee. They offer a classic, feminine appearance and can be paired with coordinating tops or polo shirts for a polished look. Golf skirts often feature built-in shorts or compression shorts underneath for added coverage and comfort, ensuring that you can move freely and confidently throughout your swing.

On the other hand, golf skorts combine the appearance of a skirt with the practicality of shorts. Skorts feature a skirt overlay with built-in shorts underneath, providing the illusion of a skirt while offering the coverage and security of shorts. This design is particularly beneficial for golfers who prefer more freedom of movement and want to avoid any concerns about the skirt riding up during their swing. Skorts often feature longer inseams compared to the shorts in skirts, providing additional coverage and peace of mind.

Our Top Picks for Golf Skirts in 2024

The following is a list of golf skirts (and skorts) that our team has tested and reviewed in person. These reviews will provide all the information you need about our recommended products to choose the best one for your needs.

    JACK SMITH Active Athletic Skorts

    The JACK SMITH Women’s Exercise Skirt is a stylish and functional choice for your tennis, golf, or workout needs. The four-way stretch fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, ensuring maximum comfort during your activities. You’ll appreciate the secure two-layer design with built-in shorts underneath the skirt, providing coverage without being see-through.

    The convenient headphone cable hole allows easy access to your headphones while on the move. The mesh side pockets are also a great addition, providing a place to store your phone, keys or other small essentials. The skirt’s length of 15″-16″ offers ample coverage, making it suitable for various sports and casual wear.

    The skort’s versatility is a major advantage. You can easily transition from the tennis court or golf course to running errands or meeting friends for lunch. The fabric’s UPF 50+ protection also shields your skin from harmful UV rays during outdoor activities.


    • Breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric
    • Built-in shorts provide coverage and security
    • Convenient headphone cable hole and side pockets
    • Versatile design for sports and casual wear
    • UPF 50+ sun protection


    • Sizing may run slightly small
    • Fabric may be a bit thin for some preferences

    The JACK SMITH Women’s Exercise Skirt is an excellent choice for active women seeking a comfortable, functional and stylish skort. With its thoughtful features and versatile design, it’s no wonder this skort has earned the top spot on the list of the best golf skirts.

    SWING CONTROL Women’s Woven 17″ Golf Skort

    Woven Golf Skort
    Woven Golf Skort. Source

    The SWING CONTROL Women’s Woven 17″ Golf Skort has caught the attention of many female golfers, and for good reason. With its blend of style, functionality and comfort, this skort aims to elevate your golfing experience.

    The skort features a basic waistband, a 17″ length and four pockets for convenient storage. The stretch techno fabric ensures a comfortable fit and unrestricted movement during your swing. Plus, it’s made in Canada exclusively for PGA TOUR Superstore, adding a touch of exclusivity.

    With an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating from dozens of reviews, the skort has garnered praise for its stylish design, durability, versatility, lightweight feel, and slimming effect. These attributes align well with the criteria for top-performing golf skirts.


    • Stylish design that flatters various body types
    • Durable stretch techno fabric for long-lasting wear
    • Versatile for golf and casual occasions
    • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
    • Slimming effect that boosts confidence on the course


    • May run slightly large on the waist
    • Some may find the fabric heavier than preferred

    SWING CONTROL’s woven 17″ skort offers a compelling combination of style, performance and comfort. While it may have minor drawbacks for some, its overall positive reviews and features make it a strong contender among the best golf skirts for women. If you’re seeking a reliable and fashionable option for your golfing wardrobe, this skort is definitely worth considering.

    Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Skirt

    As a golf enthusiast, you understand the importance of comfort and style on the course. The Husnainna High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt offers both, making it a strong contender for your golfing wardrobe.

    Crafted from a blend of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, this skirt provides the perfect balance of durability and stretch. The high-waisted design paired with pleats creates a flattering silhouette while allowing ample range of motion during your swing. The built-in shorts feature two side pockets for convenient storage of tees, ball markers or even your phone in the back zipper pocket.

    The skirt’s versatility makes it suitable for golf as well as other athletic activities like tennis, workouts and hiking. The elastic closure ensures a comfortable, adjustable fit, accommodating various body types. Also, with a wide range of sizes and colors available, you can find the perfect match for your personal style.

    When it comes to care, the Husnainna skirt is machine washable, making maintenance a breeze. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, such as air drying and avoiding bleach, to preserve the fabric’s integrity.


    • Comfortable, stretchy fabric blend
    • Flattering high-waisted pleated design
    • Built-in shorts with pockets for convenience
    • Versatile for various athletic activities
    • Machine washable for easy care


    • May require line drying to maintain quality

    Husnainna’s High Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt is a well-crafted, stylish choice for golfers seeking comfort and functionality. With its thoughtful design, quality materials and versatile appeal, it’s no surprise that this skirt has earned a spot as a bestseller in women’s tennis skirts.

    KORALHY Women’s 20″ Knee Length Skorts

    When you’re looking for a versatile golf skirt that balances comfort with functionality, the KORALHY Women’s Knee Length Skirt is a commendable choice. Designed with a golfer’s needs in mind, this skort integrates several features that enhance performance and ease on the course. Its fabric composition—primarily polyester blended with spandex—offers a stretchy, breathable feel that moves with you, ensuring no restriction on your swings.

    One of the standout features of this skort is its adjustable inner waist cord, which provides a custom fit that’s both flattering and functional. The high-rise, wide waistband is another boon, lying flat against your skin without digging in, which is essential for comfort during prolonged play. Beneath the skirt, the flexible inner shorts layer serves dual purposes—it supports a wide range of motion and ensures you’re covered no matter the activity.

    Storage is plentiful and thoughtfully designed in this skort. It comes equipped with four pockets, which are perfect for storing any golf essentials. This is particularly beneficial for golfers who prefer to walk the course and need easy access to their gear without the bulk of a bag on every hole.


    • Adjustable inner waist cord for a snug fit
    • Flexible inner shorts enhance range of motion
    • High-rise, wide waistband for superior comfort
    • Four practical pockets for essential storage
    • Lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool


    • Fabric could be more breathable
    • Pockets could be deeper

    Overall, the KORALHY Women’s Knee Length Skort is another excellent choice for those looking for a blend of style, comfort and practicality. It will ensure that you can focus on your game in comfort and with confidence.

    M MOTEEPI Woman Golf Skirt

    This knee-length athletic skirt from M MOTEEPI caught my eye with its versatility both on and off the course. The outer skirt uses a lightweight polyester-spandex blend that moves with you, while the built-in mesh shorts underneath provide breathable support and modesty.

    The skort comes with five pockets in total. The two outer pockets are perfect for tees, markers or your glove. Inside the shorts you’ll find a cell phone pocket to keep you connected and a ball pocket for quick access. A hidden waistband pocket secures smaller items. However, a few customers noted the pockets can slightly alter the skirt’s silhouette when filled.

    Sizing runs true according to the provided chart, with the longer length hitting above the knee on most heights for ample coverage during your swing. The high-rise waistband includes an internal drawstring to customize the fit. While petite golfers may find the length a tad long, the 20″ length and side slits allow for unrestricted motion.

    Available in various prints and colors, this skort transitions seamlessly from the links to post-round drinks. The fabric washes well, maintaining its shape and vibrant color. Though not as moisture-wicking as some premium golf apparel, the quick-drying material is still a good and convenient choice.


    • Lightweight, stretchy fabric ensures comfort and mobility
    • Knee-length with built-in shorts for coverage and support
    • Ample pocket space for golf essentials and personal items
    • Attractive prints and colors suitable on and off-course
    • Machine washable for easy care


    • Pockets may slightly alter skirt’s drape when filled
    • May be a bit long for petite golfers

    The M MOTEEPI golf skort offers a solid combination of style, function and value for the recreational golfer. The longer length and inner shorts provide welcomed coverage and support, while the numerous pockets and fashionable prints add practicality and personality to your look. If you’re seeking an affordable, versatile skort to wear from the first tee to the 18th hole, this is a worthwhile option to consider.

    Stelle Women Golf Skort

    Our next pick- Stelle’s tennis/golf Skirt, is a great addition to your athletic wardrobe. When you slip into this skirt, you’ll immediately notice the buttery soft material that feels incredible against your skin. The high-waisted design not only provides a flattering modern look, but also offers support to your midsection, helping to create a slim silhouette.

    No more worrying about coverage or your skirt riding up during intense rallies with the built-in shorts liner, which keeps everything in place while still allowing for unrestricted movement. And speaking of movement, the nylon-spandex blend fabric is stretchy and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable even during long matches under the sun.

    Thoughtful details make this skirt a cut above the rest. Two side pockets are perfect for stashing a couple of spare balls or your phone. The pleated design adds a feminine touch while the 12-14 inch length (depending on size) strikes the right balance between flirty and sporty.

    Available in a range of fun colors and patterns like Ocean Breeze, Pastel Pickle and classic White or Black, there’s an option to suit every style and match any top. The size range from XS to XXL means almost any body type can find their perfect fit.


    • Super soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric
    • Flattering high waist with tummy control
    • Built-in shorts liner for coverage
    • Convenient side pockets
    • Cute pleated design


    • Runs a bit short, may want to size up for more length

    The Stelle skirt provides the perfect blend of performance, style and comfort for your athletic activity, be it tennis or golf. The quality construction and smart features make it an excellent value. Once you try it, you’ll want one in every color to keep your fits on point all season long.

    PGA TOUR APPAREL Woven Stretch Golf 17″ Skort

    Tailored Woven Stretch Golf Skort
    Woven Stretch Golf Skort. Source

    This skort combines functionality with a sleek design, offering an optimal blend of stretch fabric that moves with you as you swing. The choice of grey is versatile, seamlessly blending with other pieces in your golf wardrobe. At a length of 17 inches, it provides ample coverage while maintaining a chic look that respects the traditions of the game.

    This skort’s price positions it as a mid-range option in the market of golf skirts. Considering the durable woven fabric, this is definitely a wise investment for regular golfers. The size options cater to a broad range, ensuring most players can find a comfortable fit.

    Moreover, the tailored fit and stretchy material allow for full range of motion during your golf swings, and the professional look ensures you’re dressed for success on the green.

    The UPF 50 rating is another highly appreciated feature, guaranteeing the best protection against harmful UV rays during long rounds on the course.


    • Flexible fabric for easy movement
    • Neutral color for versatile styling
    • Suitable length for active wear
    • Mid-range price for premium quality
    • Wide range of sizes available
    • UPF 50 rating


    • Limited color options

    For those on the hunt for a reliable, stylish golf skirt that meets the demands of the sport, the Tailored Woven Stretch Golf 17″ Skort is a solid choice. It delivers not just in looks but in functionality, making it an essential part of any golfer’s wardrobe.

    Adidas Women’s 16 Inch Frill Golf Skort

    You’ll love the adidas Women’s 16 Inch Frill Golf Skort for your next round on the links. This skort is designed with the active female golfer in mind, offering both style and functionality. The soft, stretchy fabric moves with you through your swing while providing chlorine and UV resistance to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

    The regular fit strikes a comfortable balance between loose and snug, allowing unrestricted movement without feeling baggy. An elastic waistband provides a secure, comfortable fit that stays in place as you walk the course. Convenient pockets – two in the front and one in the back – provide ample storage for tees, ball markers and other small essentials.

    One cool feature is the built-in undershorts with grip tape at the leg hem. This prevents the shorts from riding up during active play, letting you focus on your game without distractions. As an eco-conscious bonus, the skort is made with high-performance recycled materials, including Parley Ocean Plastic.


    • Soft, stretchy fabric for comfort and mobility
    • UV and chlorine resistant material
    • Elastic waistband for secure fit
    • Convenient pockets for golf essentials
    • Undershorts with grip tape prevent riding up


    • Pocket placement may be unflattering on some figures
    • White color can be slightly see-through

    In terms of fit, the skort tends to run large, so consider sizing down for a better fit, especially if you’re between sizes. The 16″ length hits at a modest, appropriate spot for most heights. Available in classic golf colors like white, navy and burgundy, this Adidas golf skort will have you looking and playing your best.

    Callaway 17″ Opti-Dri Solid Golf Skort

    The Callaway Women’s 17″ Opti-Dri golf skort is a must-have for any serious female golfer looking to elevate her style and performance on the course. With its sleek design, premium materials, and innovative features, this skort will have you feeling confident and comfortable throughout the entire round.

    The skort’s Opti-Dri moisture-wicking technology will keep you dry and focused on your game, whether you’re playing in hot, humid conditions or caught in a light drizzle, this fabric works to transfer sweat away from your body. You’ll appreciate the enhanced breathability, especially during those long summer rounds.

    Another impressive aspect is the TrueSculpt slimming technology. The power mesh compression offers a snug yet gentle fit around your midsection, smoothing your shape and creating a flattering silhouette. This subtle shaping effect boosts your confidence without compromising your range of motion or comfort.

    The stretch fabric used in this skort provides exceptional flexibility, allowing you to move freely during your swing and when navigating the course. You won’t have to worry about feeling restricted or uncomfortable, even after hours of wear.


    • Opti-Dri moisture-wicking keeps you dry and comfortable
    • TrueSculpt slimming technology flatters your figure
    • Stretch fabric allows for unrestricted movement
    • Classic solid colors are versatile and stylish
    • Maintains shape and color well after washing


    • Some may find the slimming effect too subtle
    • Pockets could be more spacious

    Callaway’s 17″ Opti-Dri Solid Golf Skort is an excellent choice for female golfers seeking a perfect blend of performance, comfort and style. With its moisture-wicking fabric, slimming technology and stretch material, this skort will help you look and feel good on the course.

    Willit Women’s Golf Casual Skort

    The Willit Women’s Skorts offer a compelling combination of style, functionality and comfort. They feature a lightweight, stretchy nylon-spandex blend that ensures a full range of motion on the course while efficiently wicking moisture to keep you cool and dry.

    The built-in shorts provide the coverage and security you need to focus on your game, while the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treatment adds an extra layer of protection against the elements. With a zipper fly and dual snaps, the skort delivers a secure, comfortable fit that won’t distract you from your swing.

    The two front, two zippered back and concealed inside pockets provide ample storage for your essentials without compromising the streamlined design. The UPF 50 sun protection is another valuable addition, shielding your skin from harmful UV rays while on the links.


    • Moisture-wicking, stretchy fabric for comfort and mobility
    • Multiple pockets for convenient storage
    • UPF 50 sun protection for outdoor play
    • Versatile design suitable for various activities
    • Secure, comfortable fit with zipper and snaps


    • Nothing we could think of

    The Willit Women’s Skorts provide a well-rounded option for female golfers that can keep up with their game. With its thoughtful design, practical features and versatile appeal, this skort is a strong contender in the market, offering excellent value for its price point.

    Nike Women’s Regular Golf Skirt

    If you’re searching for a golf skirt that marries functionality with style, the Nike Club Skirt should definitely be on your radar. Crafted with a blend of 86% polyester and 14% spandex, this skirt offers the stretch and flexibility needed for the dynamic movements of golf. The inclusion of at least 75% recycled polyester fibers also makes this a more sustainable apparel choice, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.

    The inner shorts are seamlessly integrated with flat seams, which feel exceptionally smooth against your skin, eliminating any discomfort or distraction while playing. Additionally, the absence of a front seam on these shorts prevents them from riding up, maintaining a neat and tidy appearance throughout your game.

    The waistband is thoughtfully crafted to follow the natural contours of your body, ensuring that the fabric doesn’t pinch or pull as you move. This is particularly beneficial when you’re bending or stretching for those challenging shots. Moreover, the skirt’s lightweight fabric not only supports a wide range of motion but also includes pleats that enhance its aesthetic, allowing it to flow and flare gracefully.

    Functionality extends to storage as well, with a strategically placed low-profile pocket on the right side of the shorts. It’s angled slightly forward, making it incredibly easy to access your tees, markers or your scorecard. An additional zipper-free envelope pocket at the back offers a secure spot for items you need to keep close without the worry of losing them during your game.


    • Flat seams prevent skin irritation.
    • No front seam for a cleaner look.
    • Waistband contours to body shape.
    • Lightweight, stretchy fabric for mobility.
    • Convenient, easy-access pockets.


    • Limited color options available.

    This skirt’s thoughtful design details, from the comfort of its seams to the practicality of its pockets, make it an excellent choice for any golfer looking to mix performance and style. Its place among the best golf skirts for women is well deserved, providing a combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality that meets the specific needs of female golfers.

    PGA TOUR APPAREL Motion Flux Woven 17″ Skort

    Motion Flux Woven Skort
    Motion Flux Woven Skort. Source

    Last but not least, the PGA TOUR Apparel Motion Flux Woven Skort is a stylish and functional addition to your wardrobe. Crafted with a blend of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, this skort offers the perfect combination of comfort and flexibility on the course. The moisture-wicking DriFlux technology keeps you cool and dry, while the SunFlux UPF 50 protection shields your skin and keeps it safe.

    The sleek, flat-front design paired with a single welt pocket on the back provides a clean, modern look that easily transitions from the golf course to post-round activities. The back vent allows for unrestricted movement during your swing, ensuring optimal performance throughout your round.

    The Comfort Stretch Waistband moves with you, providing a secure and comfortable fit without sacrificing style. The Easy Care fabric maintains its smoothness wash after wash, making it a low-maintenance option for your golfing apparel rotation.


    • DriFlux moisture-wicking technology keeps you cool and dry
    • SunFlux UPF 50 protection shields skin from UV rays
    • Comfort Stretch Waistband provides a secure, comfortable fit
    • Versatile design easily transitions from course to post-round activities
    • Easy Care fabric maintains smoothness after washing


    • Limited color options may not suit all preferences
    • Slightly higher price point compared to some competitors

    The PGA TOUR Apparel 17″ skort is another top-performing choice with a great balance of style, comfort and functionality. With its moisture-wicking properties, sun protection and easy care fabric, this skort is well-equipped to handle the demands of the golf course while keeping you looking and feeling very comfortable.

    Buying Guide – Factors to Consider in Your Golf Skirt

    When shopping for the perfect golf skirt, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you find a comfortable, stylish and functional option that enhances your performance on the course.

    This comprehensive buying guide will go through each of these crucial factors, providing you with the knowledge and insights necessary to make an informed purchase decision.

    Material, Fit & Comfort

    When selecting a golf skirt, the material, fit, and overall comfort should be top priorities. Look for skirts made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as polyester or nylon blends that allow for ease of movement and temperature regulation. Stretchy materials like spandex or elastane can provide added flexibility and a more flattering fit.

    Consider skirts with a contoured waistband or an adjustable drawstring to ensure a secure and comfortable fit throughout your swing. Pay attention to customer reviews that mention the softness, durability and overall comfort of the skirt, as these firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights.

    Length & Dress Code

    Golf Skirt for Women

    The length of your golf skirt is not only a matter of personal style but also of practicality on the course. While some players prefer shorter skirts for maximum mobility, others may opt for a slightly longer length for added coverage and sun protection.

    Consider your height, body type and personal comfort level when deciding on the ideal skirt length. Many brands offer skirts in a range of lengths, from 14 to 20 inches, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your preferences. Keep in mind that some courses may have dress code requirements, so it’s essential to choose a skirt that adheres to these guidelines.

    To learn more about proper golf attire for women, check out our guide on golf dress code.


    Functional pockets are a must-have feature in any high-quality golf skirt. They provide a convenient place to store essential items like tees, ball markers and scorecards, keeping them easily accessible throughout your round.

    Look for skirts with deep, sturdy pockets that won’t sag or interfere with your swing. Some skirts even feature specialized pockets for specific items, such as a lined pocket for your phone or a hidden pocket for valuable belongings.

    Customer reviews can provide insights into the practicality and durability of a skirt’s pockets, so be sure to read through them carefully.

    Moisture-wicking properties

    Playing golf in hot, humid conditions can be challenging, making moisture-wicking properties a crucial factor to consider when choosing a golf skirt.

    Skirts with built-in moisture-wicking technology help draw sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your round. Look for skirts made from high-performance fabrics that are specifically designed to regulate body temperature and prevent moisture buildup.

    Many brands use proprietary technologies, such as Callaway’s Opti-Dri, Nike’s Dry-Fit or MNO’s CoolMax, which have proven effective in managing perspiration.

    Again, read customer reviews to gauge the effectiveness of a skirt’s moisture-wicking properties in real-world conditions, and consider investing in a skirt that will keep you cool and dry, even on the hottest days.

    UV Protection

    Golf Skirt UV Protection

    Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential when spending long hours on the course. Some golf skirts offer built-in UV protection, providing an extra layer of defense against sun damage.

    Look for skirts with a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating, which indicates the level of protection the fabric provides. A UPF rating of 30 or higher is considered excellent, blocking up to 98% of UV rays.

    Keep in mind that lighter colors and looser fits may provide less UV protection than darker, more tightly woven fabrics.

    However, for maximum sun protection, consider pairing your golf skirt with a UPF sun protection long sleeve golf shirt. These shirts are specifically designed to block UV rays and keep you cool and comfortable during your game.

    Price Point

    Golf skirts come in a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly options to high-end, designer pieces. When determining your budget, consider the frequency with which you play golf and the level of quality and features you require.

    While it may be tempting to opt for the least expensive option, investing in a well-made, durable skirt can provide better value in the long run.

    Look for skirts that offer a balance of quality materials, thoughtful design and affordable pricing. Keep an eye out for sales, promotions and off-season discounts to secure the best deals on top-performing golf skirts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section of the article, we will answer some commonly asked questions concerning golf skirts and skorts. The goal is to equip you with as much information as possible so you can make the right choice.

    What do women typically wear under golf skirts?

    Women often wear built-in shorts or “bike shorts” underneath their golf skirts for added coverage and comfort. Usually, those shorts are built-in when you choose a skort, eliminating the need to wear anything else under the skort.

    Why do women wear skirts for golf?

    Skirts provide female golfers with ease of movement, allowing for a freer swing. They also offer breathability and style compared to other options like trousers or chinos.

    Are tennis skirts and golf skirts the same?

    While golf skirts and tennis skirts share similarities, they have slight differences in design to cater to the specific requirements of each sport. Still, some skorts are versatile and made for use with both tennis and golf.

    What is the standard length for women’s golf skirts?

    According to most club regulations, the ideal length for golf skirts falls between 14 and 18 inches. However, some options, such as the KORALHY 20″ Women’s skirt, can reach longer lengths.

    Do golf skirts have to be tight?

    It’s not really a requirement, and golf skirts should not be overly tight, allowing for comfortable breathing room and ease of movement. Still, wearing a tighter skirt looks more stylish than opting for larger options.

    Is wearing skirts mandatory for female golfers?

    Female golfers can choose attire that makes them feel comfortable and allows for an unrestricted swing. However, it’s advisable to check with the course beforehand regarding any specific dress code policies.

    Final Thoughts

    Our comprehensive review of the 12 best golf skirts for women demonstrates the wide range of high-quality options available from reputable brands in the golf apparel industry.

    From classic designs to innovative features, there is a perfect skirt for every female golfer’s style, comfort and performance needs. By considering the crucial factors outlined in our buyer’s guide, you can confidently choose a golf skirt that will enhance your experience on the course.

    Whether you prioritize breathability, stretchability or a flattering silhouette, the skirts featured in this article offer a combination of fashion and function that will keep you looking and feeling your best during every round.

    Thanks for reading!


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