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What Is a Double Cross in Golf and How to Fix It?

Last updated: October 24, 2022
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Key Takeaways

Golf is more of a nerve game than physical activity. We have to be firm with our decisions taken to strike a type of shot. This article will help you to know more about the reasons and causes of the double cross in golf and also the ways to fix it.

We can totally understand what brought you here. Yes, you are experiencing the most unwanted double-cross in your golf game and having difficulty fixing it.

Golf, as someone said, is a game that keeps getting difficult for better and more experienced players. One such exceptional instance is when a double-cross occurs. It is one of the hindrances occurring even in a pro player's game.

It is not an exaggeration if we call Golf a separate field of science.  We can definitely grant a large part of the dictionary to this game only. The terms are in the hundreds if not in the thousands. From tee to green and birdie to an albatross, a putt or the face cup, from bogey to eagle, and so on and so forth. I am seriously thinking of coming up with all the terminologies in another article. Let's keep this article about some understanding of the double-cross in golf and how to fix it. 

What is a Double Cross in Golf?  

Even if you are a pro or an average player, someday, you would experience a repelling attitude from your golf ball flight, which just does not choose the target and lands in an opposite direction. That's when a double-cross in golf occurs. 

Golfer looking at his golf ball after completing a golf swing

This article will help you to know more about the reasons and causes of the double-cross and also the ways to fix it. Let's dig deeper for a better understanding of the term. 

We call a shot to double-cross in golf when we set the target of hitting either a fade or a draw but we actually hit the opposite shot. This is called a double-cross because after this bad shot two troubles welcome us; first, it goes against the original planning of playing a fade or draw, and secondly, the golfer gets in trouble on the other side of the golf course too. 

Example of a Double Cross

Theory always haunts me, it's the practical or a real-life example that makes me understand a concept. Let me take you a step further to understand this term in the game of golf better. 

So, let's suppose, you are a golfer and want to hit a fade. You take the easy way and just hit a shot by aiming your body to the left and keeping the club face slightly open at impact.

That's a story of a perfect fade but there comes the haunting part. You start taking the pressure of playing the fade smoothly and get nervous while reaching the golf ball. The creepy thought of 'what if I hit a slice' starts doing rounds around you and you hit a hook by flipping your wrists at the last moment and drop the idea of trusting the fade ball flight. This hook takes the golf ball out of the bounds, creating double problems. 

The result of flipping your wrists comes as the closed club face which ultimately makes the ball fly directly to the left. So, that one miss makes your game two times worse. 

The bad part of the story ends here. Now comes the complementary part. The players who know how to hit a fade or a draw are above-average golfers. They even know about wrist flipping and golf club angles. If seen from a half-glass-full perspective, a double-cross occurs to decent players of golf only.

What Causes the Double Cross in Golf?

Other than luck, we have brought to you a number of reasons for a double-cross in golf. These causes will be useful for you to correct your mistakes and play a wonderful shot in golf.

Decent Swing

Being a world's long drive champion is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes hours of practice and drills to be like Kyle Berkshire [1]. When average golf players attempt to hit such a shot that just smokes their golf ball, they usually get a double-cross on their shot. So, players need to swing easy during a shot and not chase the speed to dodge that double-cross.

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Misplaced Swing Path

Swing Path is another reason which takes your golf ball to the other side of the golf course-the side which was not intended for the shot. An outside-in swing encourages a fade or a slice while its opposite,  an inside-out swing path brings a draw or you may end up hooking your ball.

Extra Body Weight

Golfers who tend to slice their golf shots are more prone to losing their body balance at impact and usually fall back. This happens because the body and the club face remain open in the trial to shift their body weight forward. 

On the other hand, the habitual draw players experience a closed body and club face which consequently make the ball hook. This is the case with the wrong timing of shifting the body weight on their downswing.

The Club Face Position

A golf ball on a tee and a golf club on the golf course

With all of the above reasons, another cause of a Double Cross in Golf is the Club Face Position at the time of impact. It either gets closed or remains open at impact, causing the disaster. 

The Ball Position

A gold ball and a golf club on the grass

Golf is such a technical game that even the slightest wrong position of the golf ball will have an impact in bringing up a double-cross. 

A golf expert, Blackburn suggests positioning the golf ball to the front center in your stance to play the intended fade. However,  if you wish to make a draw shot, keep the ball slightly back in your stance.

Your Brain

A golfer thinking while holding a golf club

Last but not least,  our brain is no doubt the boss. Your thoughts while playing a golf game decide the fate of your score. The questions like, Where does the ball land? Will the club face remain open or close? The curve, the Swing, and all other factors work under the orders of your brain.

If you plan a shot, you will definitely play it successfully but if your thoughts get distracted and you change any of the above factors necessary for a perfect shot, you might end up on a double-cross. 

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How to Fix a Double Cross

For every problem, there's a solution. For trouble like a double-cross, expert golfers have come up with a number of ways to correct it. Here is a list of a number of ways you can learn to get rid of the double-cross. 

Correct Your Feet Position 

Feet position of a golfer preparing to take a shot

Do the drill of balancing your body weight at impact. So, if you want to strike a fade, put the weight on your back foot and lift your front foot at the time of hitting the ball. This position will keep your body open at impact and a successful fade will be the shot hit.

Work on the Body Rotation

A golfer just after performing a swing

Don't hesitate in moving your lower body to the maximum. If you stop your hips to rotate fully, you will end up in a hook due to a closed clubface.  Practicing this full-body rotation will help eradicate the problem of double-crossing in your golf game. 

Make Corrections in the Position of Your Clubface  

Once you fix your weight and rotation in your game, the next thing is to correct the angle of your clubface at impact.  This will decide the direction of the golf ball on the strike. A consistent relationship between the clubface and the swing path is suggested in order to break the streak of a double-cross. 

Some More Reasons to Avoid a Double Cross 

Other than the reasons stated above, some more indirect reasons are related to your mental conditions. This fact is endorsed by many above-average golfers. The mind game influences your golf game to the extent that you start losing your interest and confidence.  It is advised that one has to work on their trust in themselves. They must be confident in the shot they intend and must keep their positions intact. The moment they start doubting their alignment, they start doing amendments in their swing on reaching to the ball.

A double-cross can be overcome if the wrist angles are maintained properly. 

The fear of a double-cross, even before a shot, makes the wrists take the lead and influence the swing.


 It can be concluded that although a double-cross is a misfortune and a mishap, it can definitely be avoided and even eradicated in the players who are struggling with their fades and draws.  One should keep their trust intact in their abilities to hit the intended shot and also never impose a shot that they can not play at that moment.  The game gets better with practice and drill.


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