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A golf simulator package inside the basement of a house. Green textbox on the left contains the words
April 1, 2022

Indoor Golf Simulator Room Size: The Definitive 2023 Guide

You will need a minimum of 12 feet in room length. Ideally, a room depth of 15 feet is recommended if you have a wider backswing. The minimum room width for any given simulator set...
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A man swinging his golf club with the sky as a background. Green textbox on the right says
March 30, 2022

Golf Swing Tempo: Top Recommended Drills To Improve

Mastering your tempo means perfecting many things; for example, you must find your perfect grip pressure, relax, monitor your balance and transition, etc. You could also use our fa...
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hybrid and regular golf clubs in a golf bag on a golf cart with a green textbox that says
March 24, 2022

What Is a Hybrid Golf Club? The Ultimate Guide

A Hybrid is a golf club that combines the features of fairway woods and irons while outperforming both in terms of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. For an amateur, a hybrid can...
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golfer practicing and playing golf on his golf simulator with green textbox that says
March 22, 2022

How Does a Golf Simulator Work? Virtual Golf Investigated

A golf simulator includes a hitting area, also called the swing pad, positioned in front of the hitting net or screen. As you take the shot, a tracking device (called a launch moni...
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How Accurate Are Golf Simulators
February 17, 2022

How Accurate Are Golf Simulators?

Yes. Golf simulators are accurate. However, the level of accuracy depends on the package you get. A premium system that costs tens of thousands of dollars is expected to perform be...
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Do more dimples on a golf ball make it better
January 23, 2022

Do More Dimples on a Golf Ball Make It Better?

Generally speaking, dimple count ranges between 350 and 500. These improve aerodynamics and reduce resistance to the air mid-flight, but the number doesn't significantly affect...
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What Is a Handicap in Golf
December 30, 2021

What Is a Handicap in Golf? How Is It Calculated? Answers You Need

In golf, a handicap is simply the difference between the total golf course par and the average number of strokes a golfer plays in about 10 games. Par is the number of strokes a go...
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how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf
December 2, 2021

How Long Does It Take to Play 18 Holes of Golf?

The time needed to play 18 holes can reach 3-6 hours, depending on many factors, such as the number of players, their skill level and behavior, using a cart or walking, weather con...
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Is a golf simulator worth the benefits
October 25, 2021

Is a Golf Simulator Worth It? Surprising Benefits of Golf Simulators

Yes, a golf simulator is definitely worth the investment. It allows you to practice your favorite sport in the comfort of your home. No need to worry about the weather, traffic or ...
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