The 9 Best Electric Golf Caddies Of 2024

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Key Takeaways

The Super E Caddy Pro Electric Golf Cart is our top pick because it is lightweight, durable, and portable with long-lasting battery life. The Pro Remote Golf Trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without carrying a heavy bag for a more enjoyable game. It comes with handy accessories like a built-in cooler, seat, umbrella, and scorecard holders. The sturdy metal frame, oversize wheels, and high torque motors ensure stability on any terrain. While the 27 hole battery life could be better, the Super E Caddy remote cart is an excellent product that provides great value.

Using an electric golf caddy cart is a pleasant alternative to lugging your golf equipment around the five-mile course. 

Carrying a heavy bag of clubs can strain back and shoulder muscles, detracting from golf’s enjoyment. The added muscle exertion can also negatively affect a player’s swing, making it difficult to perform delicate putts or green-driving swings.

A non-powered pull cart is inferior to an electric-powered golf caddy, especially with remote control, because it, too, can cause forearm muscle straining.

We tested dozens of products to come up with this list of 10 of the best electric golf caddies, using criteria like budget, size, weight, battery type, etc. 

Make sure you read the article to choose the best one for you and avoid potential injury!

No time to read the whole article? No worries. We’ve done the work for you and compiled a list of the top performers.

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The 9 Best Electric Golf Caddies: Detailed Reviews

In addition to taking the weight of your heavy golf bag off your shoulders, an electric caddy’s motor eliminates all of the effort required to actually move the bag around the course. It helps carry your valuable golf accessories too.

Here are the top brands to consider if you’re looking to buy an electric golf caddy:

    Super E Caddy The Pro Wireless Remote Control Electric Golf Cart

    The Super E Caddy Pro Remote Golf Trolley gives you the freedom to walk the course without the burden of carrying your heavy bag, resulting in a more enjoyable and focused game.

    The cart comes with some very handy accessories, like a built-in cooler that can hold up to six cans of drinks, a surprisingly sturdy seat to take a break when not playing, as well as holders for your umbrella, scorecard, drink, tees, balls, etc.

    It is made of sturdy metal and uses bungee straps to keep your bag in place, a simple but very effective mechanism; and the oversize wheels, combined with the high torque twin motors and sealed gearbox (3 speeds), ensure the cart is stable and moves smoothly through any terrain.

    Once finished, you can easily fold the cart into a smaller size for easier storage and transport.

    The remote control has a good operation range of 75 yards and includes functions like forward, reverse, stop, right, left, set distances, and downhill braking.

    The Lithium Ion battery can last for 27 holes, which we believe is lower than the “magic mark” of 36 holes, and would mean recharging the battery every time you head to the course, or keeping a spare one (very easy to remove and replace). If you want to, the trolley can quickly turn into a manual push cart with the push of an unlock mechanism on the wheel.


    • 25.2 V, 10Ah 2000 mAh battery 
    • Multidirectional remote operation
    • High torque, quiet motor
    • 6 Pack Cooler included
    • Umbrella, tees, balls, and seat all built-in
    • All metal frame for better sturdiness and stability
    • Easy folding for storage
    • Comes in two colors: black and white


    • Solidly built unit
    • Reasonable price
    • Plenty of accessories included
    • The built-in chair can surprisingly hold a lot of weight
    • The large wheels do a great job preventing the caddy from tipping over
    • The freewheel function will be useful if you ever forget to recharge the battery before hitting the course


    • Battery life could have been better

    The Super E Caddy remote cart is an excellent product with many useful additions. It is also priced competitively and provides a very good price/quality balance.

    Using the good old bungee straps is another great idea because I believe they are the method that works best to secure your bag in place.

    Overall, it is a simply built, simple-to-use product packed with features that will satisfy anyone looking for a reliable electric golf caddy.

    Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Caddy

    The Bat-Caddy Golf X4R Sport Remote Control electric golf caddy is an excellent option for players in the market for an electric model of a pushcart, especially Due to health or injury-related reasons.

    The caddy golf X4R remote-controlled golf cart includes a free accessory kit (valued at $90), which includes a scorecard holder, a beverage holder and an umbrella holder.

    It comes with an adjustable grip, and a seat may be added for an additional cost.

    The X4R boasts an anti-slip front wheel assembly for improved control and a more stable ride on a variety of golf course terrains, as well as an outstanding rear-wheel-drive function.

    All of this is achieved through the 9 forward/reverse speeds of the motors and a downhill speed control mode. The caddy also has optional manual control.

    The lithium-ion battery of superior construction for longer life and more charges. You can choose between the standard lithium option or go with an advanced lithium battery with a 150-dollar price difference.

    You can also choose a sealed lead battery and save some money, but we recommend lithium, as it is a superior technology in terms of weight and performance. 


    • Fully Directional Remote-Control
    • Dual 200W quiet motors
    • 9 forward and reverse speeds
    • Downhill Speed Control
    • Optional manual control
    • Cruise Control with Speed Recall
    • Battery level indicator
    • Power-off freewheel
    • Auto-timed distance control
    • USB port
    • Oversized Anti-tip Wheel standard
    • Compatible with Caddy Seat
    • Basic Accessory Package (umbrella/scorecard/drink holder)


    • Simple to operate and provides wheel adjustment settings.
    • Includes speed adjustment.
    • There is no transmission lag between button presses in remote control mode.
    • The front tracking wheel of the cart is changeable.


    • Some accessories, like an umbrella, are not included.

    The X4R sport remote control cart set’s capacity to steer your clubs over the course with cruise control and sit when appropriate cannot be overstated for most golfers.

    Rear-wheel drive prevents your golf equipment from getting stuck on a hill or losing control in slick weather. 

    Motor-powered and speed-controllable, these electric golf carts are simple to operate. Golfers may now enjoy more practice and game time with less stress, owing to the convenience and features of this X4R sports cart.

    Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart

    Callaway is a well-known name in the golf industry. Since they produce some of the world’s best golf clubs, and rangefinders, you can rest assured that an electric golf caddy bearing their brand will be top-notch.

    Callaway’s remote-controlled electric golf caddy, the Traverse, is a strong performer at a reasonable price with no unnecessary extras.

    For the most part, the Traverse is an excellent choice if you’re a lover of Callaway golf equipment.


    • Remote Control  that can operate cart up to 75 yards away
    • Remote Functions  (left, right, forward, reverse, stop, and set distances)
    • Quiet and powerful 24V 90W high torque dual motors
    • Sealed motor housing and gearbox for quieter operation 
    • Folds  (for easy transportation and storage)
    • Aviation-grade aluminum frame (heavy-use durability)
    • Adjustable handle height for comfort
    • Elastic bag straps that secure the golf bag to the cart
    • Powerful 25.2v 10Ah lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 27 holes
    • Remote-controlled three speeds
    • Downhill braking,


    • High-torque Twin motors for plenty of power
    • Long battery life (27 holes)
    • Fully remote control operated
    • Adjustable handle height
    • Sturdy aluminum frame
    • Pretty quiet operation
    • 1-year warranty


    • The elastic cords don’t hold some bags securely
    • A bit expensive
    • Programming is a bit difficult

    The Callaway Traverse is awesome; during our tests, it functioned excellently in all the areas that mattered.

    With long battery life, simple controls, and the ability to play a full round of golf without straining our bodies, this was the ideal golf cart for us.

    The Callaway Traverse is an excellent option despite the price. We highly recommend it!

    Stewart Golf X9 Remote Golf Trolley

    As the X1 Remote, Stewart introduced the iconically-shaped trolley to the public in 2003, and the X3, X5, and X7 models followed before the ground-breaking X9 was introduced in 2014.

    The Stewart Golf X9 Remote Electric Trolley utilizes Bluetooth technology for simple operation from up to 54 yards away in all directions (left, right, forward, reverse, and cruise control).

    The result is that transmitting and receiving signals between the remote handset and the trolley is flawless.

    The trolley has an automatic follow mode while being used, and it can be folded nicely to the compact size of 12.55″ (H), 25.9″ (W) and 32.2″ (L) for easier storage and transportation.


    • 12v Lithium battery pack complete with soft case
    • Complete Remote Functionality
    • 54 yard-range with safety cut out
    • Rechargeable Lithium Handset


    • 3 different colors.
    • The handset/remote control is easy to get used to.
    • The manual control mode is very precise.
    • The follow mode is highly intuitive.
    • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
    • Has an emergency brake feature.


    • It may tip over a bit if a heavy bag is placed on it and is run at high speed.

    Overall, the Stewart X9 Follow Electric Cart is an excellent product because of its sleek design and convenient features. If you plan on playing regularly, the higher initial cost will be well worth it.

    In addition, the automatic functions allow the player to do what they actually want between holes, such as grabbing a drink or texting.

    The Stewart Golf X9 Follow is a terrific purchase for anyone searching for additional convenience and a solid return on their money.

    Motocaddy M7 DHC Electric Golf Caddy

    Motocaddy is a renowned golf cart and accessory brand established in the United Kingdom.

    The new M7 Remote Electric Caddy, an improvement to the original S7, has recently debuted on the North American market. Both consumers and critics have incredibly well-received the M7.

    You can preserve your energy for hitting shots by using the remote control to maneuver this battery-powered cart around the course.

    The remote is rechargeable and usable up to a range of 150 yards. It also has buttons to move the cart in all directions, in addition to pause, resume and emergency stop buttons.

    The caddy is two-step collapsible for easy transportation and storage. The handle is adjustable too, so you can choose the appropriate height for your comfort.


    • A motorized, compact and simple to fold golf caddy that follows your every command with the push of a button. 
    • Dimensions (L x W × H): 16.5 x 18.5 x 25.6 inches
    • Weighing in at 36.7 pounds
    • The lockable, rechargeable remote control handset can be neatly stowed on the frame of the caddy or in your pocket to prevent accidental button pressing.
    • The intuitive usage of buttons such as forward, left, right, reverse, pause, resume, and emergency stop makes navigating a breeze. 
    • 150-foot remote operation range.
    • Removable rear tire for added stability over difficult terrain to prevent tipping.
    • Downhill brake technology for consistent speeds as the caddy descends a steep hill.
    • Two-step folding method for simple storage and transit.
    • Robust, ergonomic and height-adjustable handle.


    • Easy to use
    • Very stable
    • Tons of features
    • Long battery life
    • Pairs perfectly with Motocaddy bags
    • Excellent accessories.


    • Sometimes, the display flickers for some reason.

    Designed to take advantage of the robust capabilities of the M-Series family of caddies, the M7 features improved dependability, a more efficient battery, and more intuitive handset controls as part of a comprehensive overhaul.

    Another great feature worth mentioning is that a single charge can have the battery power for 36 holes.

    The M7’s greatest advantages are its excellent controllability and its ability to fold up into a relatively small form.

    MGI ZIP Navigator Electric Golf Cart

    The MGI ZIP Navigator is a wildly popular remote-controlled electric golf caddy that has received outstanding reviews for its stability, dependability, user-friendliness, and overall quality.

    A high-tech, proprietary gyroscope that automatically keeps the trolley on a straight path is one of the biggest selling factors.

    Anti-deviation technology on the ZIP Navigator keeps the electric trolley on course no matter what terrain it travels on. The gyroscope will automatically adjust the direction of the device if it is knocked off course by hitting an item, divot, or any other irregularity.

    MGI patented this gyroscopic technology in 2001, and it has since been refined to be extremely efficient. This isn’t a standard function on most electric golf caddies.

    The caddy includes a powerful wheel setup: all-terrain rear wheels, a swiveling front wheel, and a compact, folding anti-tip fourth wheel for optimal convenience.


    • Using patented technology, a battery-powered, rechargeable golf caddy for an effortless, smooth ride on any terrain
    • The Gyroscope maintains the caddy’s path even in the most undulating terrain.
    • Full-directional remote control for left, right, forward, and reverse movement with speed regulation.
    • Automatic speed control engages when descending.
    • Other features include a self-leveling water holder, umbrella holder, multipurpose clip, and wheel coverings; (L x W x H): 31.5 x 23.2 x 40.9 inches; Weight: 34.96 kg


    • Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology for amazing stability and agility
    • Lighter and smaller than comparable caddies
    • Full remote directional control
    • 2-year warranty


    • Best suited to fit cart bags, and therefore not all stand/carry bags are compatible

    In order to fit the Zip Navigator in the trunk of a car and store it in a garage, MGI has skillfully engineered it to fold 25% smaller than other versions and with the rear wheels inverted.

    It is also incredibly easy to assemble in the parking lot because it folds up in one move.

    If you are looking for a remote electric trolley, the MGI Zip Navigator provides a remarkable overall solution.

    Alphard Golf Club Booster V2

    The Alphard Booster V2 motors are powerful enough to propel your golf bag up difficult inclines, and the hill descent control will ensure a safe descent.

    While traversing uneven terrain, the six-axis gyroscope helps keep the ride smooth. These are among the safest solutions available when paired with a high-quality cart.

    The Club Booster e-wheels can also be used in conjunction with the Alphard Omni Cart, meaning you receive a great deal for an electric pushcart for this class.

    The battery is sealed and the entire unit is weatherproof and water resistant, meaning that you can use it in any conditions, and a simple hose spray will be enough to clean it.

    Additionally, the battery is detachable, which means it can be easily replaced after years of use; it was tested and approved for a 500-charge cycle battery life. You may also keep a spare one to keep the fun going for a longer time!


    • Detachable battery
    • Gyro for tracking
    • Hill brake
    • Built-in Cruise control
    • Redesigned remote and locking mechanism
    • Remote on/off button
    • Smartphone app and Bluetooth connection


    • Transforms your pushcart into a smart caddy in seconds.
    • Works on many pushcart brands
    • Includes a set of wheelie bars


    • Tether doesn’t follow you as quickly

    Alphard’s mission is to make walking more fun for everyone, regardless of age or health, and with so many people already owning a pushcart, the Club Booster V2 is designed to achieve this purpose in style.

    Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 Electric Golf Caddy

    carttek gri 1500li v2

    Cart Tek’s best-selling electric golf cart has been the GRi-1500Li since 2015. A very high customer rating supports this based on hundreds of reviews. It has been tested and confirmed to work.

    Improved remote control, Slope Control, and updated wheels with billet aluminum hubs distinguish the GRi-1500Li V2 from its predecessor.


    • Newly designed, programmable remote control with wireless pairing and magnetic mount
    • A sturdy frame that contributes to dependable performance on almost any rough terrain or in any weather conditions.
    • Four factory speed settings, or program your own
    • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
    • Dual high torque motors and enclosed gearbox
    • Fully Adjustable handle: 37.5″ when level, 46″ max-height
    • Four color options are available. An umbrella holder, scorecard holder, and spacious drink holder are all provided free of charge.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Its battery is strong enough to last for long hours of use
    • Light and easy to maneuver
    •  If the battery dies, it can still be pushed around like a regular golf cart.
    • It goes up and down a hill with ease
    • It comes with a removable tread. You can easily replace it when it wears out.


    • The control buttons lack cue marks.
    • The light weight and short wheelbase may cause it to occasionally tip over.

    Cart-Tek’s GRI-1500Li V2 was a big hit with golf enthusiasts. A wider wheel stance would have improved stability and made this electric caddy ideal.

    Still, the long battery life, sturdy body, and user-friendly interface greatly make up for it.

    The variable speed control remembers your previous speed setting, allowing you to start and stop the caddy with ease.

    You should definitely opt for the Cart-Tek GRI-1500Li V2 if you’re looking for a reliable electric golf caddy.

    Foresight Sports ForeCaddy Smart Cart

    forecaddy smart follow remote control

    The ForeCaddy by Foresight Sports is manufactured by the same company responsible for some of the world’s most popular professional launch monitors like the GC2, GC3 and GCQuad. So, you can expect excellent quality from this product.

    The caddy comes with impressive functionality and has four modes of operation, including manual, power assist, remote, and a “follow” mode that utilizes Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication technology.

    The unit is operated by two powerful electric motors and the battery will hold a charge for over two rounds, so you can rest assured the caddy will assist you in any terrain and won’t unexpectedly run out of juice!


    • Frames with a lighter weight (35.98 lbs with Lithium-Ion Battery)
    • You may free up your hands because the cart follows you.
    •  One of the most cutting-edge electric golf carts currently available
    • Remote control (follow, power assist, and manual modes)
    • The quad-style wheelbase is ideal for hilly terrain.
    • 22.2V lithium-ion battery and a capacity of 14,000 milliampere
    • Battery life between 36 and 54 holes, depending on the course terrain
    • Ultra-wideband engineering (latest wireless technology) for a stable connection
    • Built-in Anti-Tip Wheel
    • Handle Height Adjustable
    • USB Port for Charging
    • Freewheel Mode
    • 1-year manufacturer warranty


    • The follow function is remarkable. Walking around the course without pushing or hauling is liberating.
    • The battery life is exceptional
    • The battery is straightforward to remove and install.
    • Including a phone holder and wireless charger is a welcome addition.


    • The power assist mode is merely okay due to speed inconsistency

    Using ForeCaddy’s Follow function is like having a personal robot caddie accompany you around the course.

    Foresight Sports is always updating the remote’s firmware to make it work better for consumers, and they do an excellent job at it.

    There is a reason why we chose it as the best hands-free caddy, as no other product comes close to how well the follow mode works in this one!

    Buyer Guide: Factors You Should Consider Before Investing In An Electric Golf Caddy

    For many people, owning a golf caddy is the ultimate luxury. Purchasing one does not have to be a long and drawn-out experience.

    The buying process can be simplified and made more efficient with the following guidelines:

    electric caddy guide

    Manual Vs. Remote Vs. Follow

    The pace and direction of manual electric caddies are regulated manually.

    As the name suggests, remote-control caddies can be operated wirelessly using a handset. The majority of remotes have four directions (forward, reverse, left, and right), and as a result of this enhanced technology, they tend to be a bit more expensive than manual models.

    Lastly, ‘follow’ models are intended to track your movements on the golf course via wireless connections, typically Bluetooth. Therefore, you do not need to run the caddy; it will simply accompany you everywhere you go.

    Choosing a type highly depends on your preferences and budget, as a follow caddy will provide more freedom and allow you to focus more on the game, but costs substantially higher than the other types.

    Your Budget

    electric caddies budgeting

    A budget is essential before making any purchase, and buying a golf caddy is no exception.

    Although you may not have a set budget, it is essential to have a price range within which to set the asking price. You will also want to ensure that the item you acquire offers good value.

    Many of the most desirable options cost close to $1,500 and above. But there are cheaper alternatives, some of which cost less than $600.

    Additionally, you should keep a watch on promotions for items, since Amazon will occasionally provide coupons or discounts.

    Furthermore, customer reviews are another excellent approach to examining your alternatives. So make sure you take them into consideration before finalizing the purchase.

    Compare all the products that fit your budget, and try to choose one that offers the most features and accessories possible.

    Size & Weight

    electric caddies sizes

    The caddy’s weight is one of the most crucial factors to consider.

    Typically, lighter carts are more prone to tipping over, although they are speedier and offer longer battery life.

    On the other hand, heavier models are more stable but also slower, with reduced battery operation time.

    There are other hauling concerns to take into account when purchasing a trolley. For instance, larger caddies are more difficult to transport for extended durations and load into a vehicle or store at home.

    You should also ensure that it folds up swiftly and fits in your trunk. As you age, does it make sense to carry a hefty bag and a cumbersome, difficult-to-assemble pushcart? Most likely not.

    For those looking to make their golfing experience more convenient, consider checking out our guide on the best golf bags for carts to find options that are both functional and easy to handle.

    Battery Type

    battery type

    With electric golf trolleys, either a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery or a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery will always be included.

    Each type of battery has its own pros and cons. Li-ion outperforms SLA in most cases, despite being considerably more expensive and making the caddy less stable because of its low weight. Lithium-ion batteries are far smaller than SLA batteries and last two to four times longer per charge.

    In the battery category, voltage (V) and amp-hours should also be considered (Ah). Typically, Li-ion batteries have higher voltage but lower Ah. It is essential that your electric golf caddy has sufficient amp-hours (Ah) to work dependably on hilly courses; in reality, most models do.

    It may be possible to convert some golf carts from SLA to Li-ion batteries, but we do not encourage attempting this.

    Motorization Power

    motor mechanism

    It is important to take note of the motor’s wattage rating while purchasing an electric golf caddy. Choose a caddy with a minimum rating of 175W; this will be plenty to get you around an 18-hole golf course.

    All of the caddy models described on this page have motors that exceed 175W. Clearly, a larger wattage will come with a higher price tag, especially considering that a higher wattage will require a more powerful battery.

    Final Verdict

    Using a golf cart while walking the course has advantages and can certainly improve your game. It keeps your blood moving, which results in the release of additional endorphins and maintains your top performance.

    And if you stroll with an electric pushcart, it means you receive enhanced performance benefits without exhausting yourself.

    Even with an electric cart, you might encounter unexpected rain showers. Being prepared for the elements is key to enjoying your round. For golfers who demand the best protection from wind and rain, we’ve compiled a guide to the best windproof and rainproof golf umbrellas.

    Enjoy the finest aspects of walking the course while avoiding the worst. 

    Go electric.


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