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Different types of golf clubs and their uses
September 29, 2022

Golf Club Types, Components, and Uses: A Complete Guide

Are you planning to start playing golf, or are you a seasoned player preparing for your next game? In both cases, picking the proper golf equipment (especially clubs) is essential to enhance your performance. In addition, using the right golf club for the appropriate condition can alter the way you play and get rid of […]

A golfer carrying his golf bag on one shoulder and holding another golf club in the other. Green textbox on the right contains the text
September 29, 2022

5-Wood Vs 3-Hybrid: Which One Should You Carry & Why

Club selection is the skill of selecting the appropriate club for the shot at hand. This needs consideration of trajectory, distance, spin, and roll. A player's yardages with each club in their bag must be known in order to select the proper club for the occasion. This article will explore 5-wood vs 3-hybrid as your next club selection.

hybrid and regular golf clubs in a golf bag on a golf cart with a green textbox that says
September 29, 2022

What Is a Hybrid Golf Club? The Ultimate Guide

There are occasions when you want a club that combines loft and length with a high degree of control on the golf course. Whether you're hitting out of the rough, playing off an odd lie, or attacking a tight fairway, you'll come into moments where you'll crave the greatest characteristics of both a fairway wood and an iron.
In this article, we'll explore what a hybrid golf club is and how it can help you achieve better play.

how to fix a hook in golf
September 28, 2022

How to Fix a Hook in Golf - Everything You Need to Know

Many beginner golfers suffer with the slice, while advanced golfers frequently battle with the hook. Golf is far more enjoyable from the fairway when your swing produces the maximum distance possible. Hooks and cuts decrease our total distance and increase the game's difficulty.

A golf ball travelling in the air towards a golf hole. Green text box on the right contains the text
September 28, 2022

7 Ways To Hit The Ball Farther

This guide will enable you to hit the ball flush regularly, extend your range by 20–30 yards or more, and improve your accuracy all at once. The tips are tried and tested by expert golfers.

A pyramid of golf balls placed on top of a golf hitting mat with green textbox on the right that contains the text
September 28, 2022

Types of Golf Balls and How to Choose The Best for Your Game - The Definitive Guide

With the numerous advancements that have taken place in golf ball technology in recent years, choosing the right types of golf balls can be advantageous for your game. With countless options available in the market, you will find the purchasing decision to be a complicated task. The selection process tends to become hazier when brands […]

How to Hold a Golf Club: The Proper Grip Explained
September 28, 2022

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly: The Proper Grip Explained

Your golf swing starts with your grip. If you are holding your golf club incorrectly, it can cause many problems for you during your swing. You may feel pain or discomfort in your hands, wrists or arms. This could lead to bad shots, missed putts and even injury. An incorrect golf grip is one of the most common bad habits that a lot of beginners and high handicappers have.
In this article, we will explore the golf grip thoroughly. We will explain what the proper golf grip is and how to hold a golf club properly.

A man swinging his golf club with the sky as a background. Green textbox on the right says
September 28, 2022

Golf Swing Tempo: Top Recommended Drills To Improve

To improve your golf swing, timing is crucial while hitting the ball, and certain components of your swing will influence whether you hit a good shot or a bad one.
If you are currently struggling with your swing tempo, this article is for you! Discover some tempo drills and tips that can help you improve your play.

Women practicing golf swing basics in golf course
September 28, 2022

Golf Swing Basics for Beginners: Master Your Golf Swing Like a Pro

Golf is a social game designed to keep people of various age groups entertained. From playing with your colleagues to spending the weekend with your friends, there are many benefits to playing golf (without even mentioning the mental and physical benefits it provides). In addition, with the ease of obtaining golf equipment today, anyone can […]

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